2 – Bill’s House

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Note: This happened shortly after the ending of “My Gym Teacher”, during the spring of tenth grade. Once again, names have been changed, but the characters and story are really what transpired, to the best of my recollection.


Bill was my best friend growing up; I started going to this school in the second grade, and ever since the third grade, we were nearly inseparable. Being two guys who entered our teens right at the turn of the millennium, we were always into Nintendo 64 and then X-Box a little after it came out. On the off-chance that we didn’t have anything to do on a weekend, or if we came home drunk or stoned from a party, we could quite often be found in his basement playing Halo. Bill’s basement was pretty ideal for hanging out in; he had a big screen TV (one of the old kinds, big and with an enormous caboose) and two really comfortable beanbag chairs to sit in. His basement also had a ping pong table, its own bathroom, and a pretty nice guest room that I occasionally got to crash in if his parents didn’t mind.

One night in April or May, we arrived home a house party that had been broken up by the police after a neighbour called to report excessive noise. We were pretty bummed out about the situation for a couple reasons. Not only did we have to leave all our alcohol at the girl’s house, but we had to leave without any girls either – neither of which was on our evening’s agenda. When we got to Bill’s house, we joked around with his little brother for a little bit before grabbing a six-pack and heading down to our usual boredom-zone. Loading Halo, we were completely consumed in what we were doing in a matter of seconds, and had essentially tuned out the world for probably over an hour.

We were starting to zone out entirely, and I was definitely starting to feel the alcohol wear my body down, when Bill’s sister stumbled into the house, knocking over the small table in the front hall of the house. Slightly stirred out of my daze, I made a typical snarky remark about how I should go make sure Lisa was ok, and see if she needed any of my personal assistance. Fortunately, Bill was used to guys taking pot shots at his sister and her reputation as a slut. As early as junior high, Lisa was widely known in our school for having slept with at least five different guys. It’s not every day that you have a best friend whose sister is that loose, and I was a little miffed how the opportunity to get with her had never arisen, even after I had started going to the gym.

“What are you two losers doing home?” We were greeted by Lisa’s slurred affection.

“Cops showed up,” Bill managed to mumble, as we were rampaging our way through the hardest difficulty of the game. “Considering the neighbourhood we live in, you’d think they’d have more important crimes to worry about than a few underage kids having a good time. What were you guys up to tonight?”

“Not much of anything, either. We were at a party until Ray had to leave because he broke curfew too many times. His parents won’t let him have the car out past midnight,” she explained.

I finally turned and realized that Lisa was leaning on her friend Charlotte for support – they were clearly hammered. My brief look had turned into a lingering stare, and it wasn’t until Bill shouted an obscenity that both of our characters had died. The image I had been staring at was one of pure carnal imagination. Before me stood Lisa at 5’3”, with her dimpled smile, green eyes, and brown hair with soft blonde highlights. Charlotte was no slouch either – she was on the track and volleyball teams and it definitely showed. Standing at about 5’11”, she had chestnut eyes to match her long, straight hair. The best thing about Charlotte, however, was that her legs seemed to go forever.

“I need to pass out soon,” I was roused from my trance as Bill mumbled his exhaustion.

Charlotte laughed, walking over to Bill and sitting down on top of him as though he were a chair.

“Poor baby is all tired”, she cooed at him, and wiggling her hips. It wasn’t uncommon for Lisa and her friends to tease us like this.

As Lisa stumbled towards me, I figured she was going to mimic her friend and begin to mock us for our failed evening of debauchery. After tripping a few times, she managed to finally approach my beanbag chair. As she was moving in to likely ape her friend, she fell and reached out to stop herself from taking a nosedive right into my groin. I quickly choked, stifling a groan, as her hand had landed right on my semi-erect penis.

“Goddamnit, Lisa,” Bill scolded – while he was used to his friends hitting on his sister, nothing had ever happened before, even by accident.

Quickly regaining her balance and composure, Lisa flipped her brother off before straddling me and trying to be what I had to guess was erotic. She was probably too drunk to realize that she was just lightly slapping my face with her hair, and not at all moving her hips.

Charlotte escort service burst into laughter at her friend’s poor pseudo-seduction tactics. “You’re such a slut,” she muttered as she rose from Bill, making sure to momentarily rest her tight ass inches from his face. “Come on, my mom is picking me up at eight in the morning.”

“My stuff is already in the guest room, Charlotte.” I had laid claim to the room earlier because I had assumed I would be bringing a girl home that evening.

“So get it out of there, asshole. That room is mine whenever I stay over, you know that.”

“I don’t mind sharing,” I chuckled. “Whether or not you’re in that room, I’m gonna be crashing there in a few minutes.”

“Whatever, nerd.” She shot me a death stare before her and Lisa began to fall up the steps out of the basement.

I leaned over to Bill who was already half-asleep. “Dude, I’m gonna go crash before she decides to come back down and throw my shit in the hall.”

“Alright, man. I’m gonna leave a note to see if we can maybe get waffles for breakfast or something.”

The last few beers I’d had since we got home from our misadventure had evidently gotten to me while I had been seated in the comfort of the beanbag chair. The room began to spin slowly, as I struggled to gain some sense of direction. Opting to crawl, a moment later I dragged myself into the bathroom to relieve myself before finally stripping to my boxers and making it to bed. I was out like a light within moments.

I awoke suddenly, very aware that I wasn’t alone anymore. The room was pitch black, as it had been when I passed out, and there was not even a hint of daylight behind the ground-level windows that the room contained. I was about to just loll back to sleep, when I caught the slightest sound of movement.

“Watch where the fuck you’re going,” I heard all of a sudden. The hushed tone had brought me to alertness immediately, despite my still slightly inebriated state.

“Shut up, or I’m gonna do this by myself,” a new voice responded. This was definitely Charlotte – despite being a whisper, her baritone voice was quite distinct.

“I don’t even know why you’re here. I’m the one who felt it,” the first voice said indignantly. This must have been Lisa.

“There’s no fucking way I’m passing up on this if it’s true, so you can just go fuck your brother for all I care,” Charlotte forcefully countered.

The voices and shuffling continued to get closer as I tried to piece together what the fuck was going on. At first thought, I assumed they were trying to screw with me in some fashion – probably drawing a dick on my face as is usually the case when parties get out of control.

“I can’t even make anything out. How are we supposed to do this?”

“Lisa. The more noise you make, the more likely he is to wake up. Shut up and help me roll him over – I think he’s on his stomach.”

While my panic at what was about to happen quickly increased, the next clue was a little too obvious for me to miss, even in my tipsy state.

“I’ll pull gently and you lift and turn, Lis. I wanna see if it’s even close to as big as you said it was.”

“He didn’t feel that hard, and he was probably already as big as Ray,” Lisa responded.

Finally cluing in that they were talking about my penis, I immediately began to think about how I could take advantage of the situation. As best as I could understand, they were simply going to just take a look to confirm their suspicions. I let myself become a crash-test dummy, pretending to be completely limp and unconscious.

As they turned me over I heard Lisa mumble something about light.

“If he wakes up and sees what we’re doing, we’re fucked. Leave it off,” Charlotte commanded.

I slowly felt my boxers being tugged down – no great feat seeing as I was not lifting my hips to help them at all. Finally, they had them far enough down that I could feel a slight chill in my now exposed package. I shivered and bit my tongue as I felt a hand slowly graze my flesh, looking for its prize.

“Lisa, give me your hand,” Charlotte instructed, the excitement in her voice easily detectable.

Suddenly, I felt enough fingers for two hands sensually making their way over my quickly hardening member.

“Jesus Christ, Lis. He’s way bigger than Ray.”

Deciding to see how far this situation was going, I let them continue to run their hands along my now hard cock. One hand was removed briefly, quickly returning damp and slightly sticky.

“What the fuck are you doing, Charlotte,” Lisa hissed.

“Relax, girl. He hasn’t woken up yet, he probably won’t at all.

“You’re gonna jerk him off while he sleeps?”

“I’d love to do more than that, but I don’t think I could just get right on top of him without him waking up,” Charlotte sighed. “Go turn the dimmer on the lights real low and then turn the lights on.”

I heard shuffling once independent escort dubai more, and acted even more comatose than before.

“Oh my God,” I heard Charlotte moan as she finally got to see what she was working with. “Lis, this has gotta be eight or nine inches!”

“I told you he was probably huge. Are you done yet? He could wake up any second.”

“You can’t tell me you don’t wanna fuck this cock right now. You’re such a slut, you’d probably beg him if he were awake.”

“Of course I wanna fuck it, but he’s Bill’s best friend. Bill would hate me if Rob started coming over to see me instead of him.”

“You don’t have to date him, dipshit.” Charlotte’s grip tightened as she began to slowly pump my cock with rhythm.

I fought natural temptation so hard at that moment to not begin thrusting into her hand. I heard her spit, and her second hand began to stroke my pulsing cock.

“What are you gonna do when he cums?” Lisa asked from the door.

“You mean if he cums. He’s so drunk he hasn’t even woken up yet, so he probably won’t cum for a long time.”

More shuffling, as Lisa made her way back to the bedside.

“I should get my phone out,” Charlotte whispered.

“What are you gonna do with a picture of a dick?”

“I dunno. Your brother said Rob hasn’t been getting any for a while now,” she mumbled, her brain trying to come up with a reasonable excuse for snapping a photo. “Maybe he could get with me.”

“And what about me? You wouldn’t even be down here if I hadn’t grabbed it earlier.”

“You grabbed it by accident, Lisa. Your drunk ass was about to give him an accidental blowjob the way you were falling.”

I felt third set of fingers gingerly stroking my engorged head, the sensations tingling all the way down to my balls. I decided now was the time to act.

Opening my eyes just enough to get a quick look at the scene, I saw Lisa to my left, Charlotte on my right, both toying my cock and completely oblivious to the idea that anyone could be watching it unfold, least of all me.

I quickly shot both of my hands out, catching both of their wrists and sitting upright.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” I demanded harshly, scaring the crap out of them.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Lisa squealed, trying to wiggle out of my grasp.

Interestingly, Charlotte’s free limb had continued to pump me. I looked over to her and noticed that she was staring directly at me.

“Look who’s finally up,” she taunted.

“I’ve been awake since you two came in here. I knew Lisa was a slut, but I had no idea you were both so hard for cock that you’d cum jerk off a guy who’s passed out.”

Lisa looked down in shame, starting to whimper slightly.

“Take it easy, Lisa. I won’t rat you out to your parents for being such a whore,” I reassured her.

“What about Bill?”

“I don’t see why the three of us can’t have some fun. Who needs to know,” I told her.

Letting go of Charlotte’s wrist, she quickly returned to pumping me with both hands. I took my newly freed hand and grabbed Lisa’s other wrist, pulling her towards me. Her conscience had clearly lost this battle as she moaned into my mouth as our tongues danced.

I grabbed Charlotte’s hand, motioning for her to join me, as I pulled Lisa’s head away from my own, guiding her towards my waiting cock. Charlotte bit my lip, her right hand still tightly gripping the base of my shaft, before she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Pulling away, I noticed her jealously staring at Lisa as she began to greedily suck me off.

“Hey,” I said, getting both of their attention. “Don’t you dare stop sucking, Lisa, but why am I the only one naked?”

Charlotte quickly ripped her clothes off, revealing her pert breasts, probably a large B cup. Holding Lisa’s head in place, I leaned over and grabbed Charlotte’s nipple into my mouth, sucking and then nibbling lightly, before clamping it between my teeth. I slapped her tit with my free hand as she pulled her panties off. She stood over me, letting me see her perfect ass for the first time, before she knelt down with one leg on either side of my head.

“Just because you caught us, doesn’t mean you’re in control,” she moaned, as my tongue gently lapped at her clit.

I felt Lisa remove herself from my penis, quickly replaced by Charlotte, leaning over to put us into a very hot sixty-nine. Reaching up, I pulled her cheeks apart to get a good look at her asshole while I tongued her pussy.

All of a sudden, I felt something new. My right nut had been vacuumed into a mouth, as my cock was still buried in Charlotte’s mouth. I wildly bucked my hips at the new sensation, before gaining control of my body and continuing to fuck Charlotte with my mouth.

“I’ve gotta have this in me,” I heard Lisa grunt from somewhere near the bottom of the bed.

Reluctantly, Charlotte separated her mouth from my cock, before I felt Escort Girl Dubai Lisa impale herself on it.

“Oh fuck,” she screamed, definitely way louder than was probably safe. Even though we were in the basement, enough noise would have woken someone for sure. She quickly began to lift her hips up, before crashing down onto my pelvis. I quickly met her speed, thrusting up every time I felt her reach the apex of her ascent, causing my cockhead to pound into her cervix. Her pussy was gripping me like it was trying to strangle the last breaths from within, as we fucked like a jackhammer.

Charlotte was playing Lisa’s nipples while this was going on, and was unaware of my next move. I pushed on the small of her back, making her lean forward some more, before pulling her back so her asshole rested right on top of my mouth. Spitting at the brown ring, I stabbed at her sphincter with my tongue, causing her to flail atop me. Unsure of whether she found this appealing, or was trying to escape, I continued my assault. Shoving my thumb in my mouth, I quickly pushed it into her trembling anus.

“Oh my fucking God, that feels so fucking good,” she moaned, biting her lip as her body started to get a little tighter.

Lifting her off of me, I grabbed Lisa, and rolled her onto her back, so her fatter breasts were flopping about while I continued to pound into her pussy. Continuing this for a moment, I noticed Charlotte on her hands and knees beside me, her ass just feet from my face. I quickly pulled out of Lisa’s hot pussy, and shoved myself into Charlotte’s surprisingly tight pussy in one thrust.

Grabbing Lisa’s face, I shoved four fingers into her mouth, which she readily accepted. Reaching over, I shoved them into her pussy or a few seconds, before returning them to her mouth. She wretched at first, before sucking them each, one at a time. I quickly put my thumb into her mouth, before leaning back and shoving it back into Charlotte’s slightly loosened asshole.

A low, guttural moan escaped Charlotte’s throat as her pussy began to convulse on my cock, clamping repeatedly as she came. Her juices seeped out around my cock as she screamed into the blankets, while I continued to push my thumb in and out of her slowly loosening asshole.

When she finally finished climaxing, her head still buried in the blankets, I grabbed Lisa’s head as I pulled it out of Charlotte’s abused pussy. Met with no resistance, I rose on the bed and dragged her to the edge of it on her back, before laying her down with her head over the side of the bed. Knowing what was coming, a wicked grin briefly spread over her lips before she opened wide and let me fuck her face.

She gagged a lot more than I had anticipated, spitting up a little on my dick. I grabbed her throat, and this time gently worked my cock into her mouth a few times, before gently pushing on her throat. Anticipating my cock, her throat slowly gave way, allowing my balls to start slapping her nose and eyes. Keeping my hand tightly on her throat, I felt my own hard cock pushing into it from outside as her face quickly became drenched with her own spit and my sweat.

Charlotte had fully recovered from her orgasm and had started flicking Lisa’s clit with her tongue. The moan Lisa emitted sent shockwaves up my cock, and I had to pull out to avoid coming right then. Lisa bit her lip, her face soaked with spit, sweat, and my precum, as I began to rub my cock all over her face.

I climbed back onto the bed, dragging her head with me. Sensing the shift in weight on the bed, Charlotte looked at me, then back at the exhausted Lisa. Grabbing Charlotte by the hips, I pulled her overtop of Lisa and forced her into a sixty-nine with her best friend. As Charlotte continued her task, Lisa’s legs temporarily shot together. Seconds later, they parted again as her pussy squirted her orgasm all over the bed.

“FUCK,” she wailed into Charlotte’s pussy.

I lifted Charlotte momentarily, to allow myself to plunge into her sweet velvet glove for a moment, dropping her back onto Lisa’s lapping tongue and lining my cock up with her asshole. Before she could protest, I shoved my cock halfway into her ass before being met with resistance.

Her cry muffled by Lisa’s knees, I slowly began to pump further and further into her asshole, until I was resting against her cheeks, all eight and a half inches deep inside the hottest hole I had ever felt. Charlotte began to meet my thrusts, pushing back slightly as I drove harder and harder into her ass. I could feel my balls start to boil again as Lisa exploded for a second time, flooding the bed once more. Feeling ready to burst, I quickly pulled out of Charlotte’s asshole before cumming all over her ass and Lisa’s face, adding to the mess. Charlotte quickly spun around, licking my cum off Lisa’s face, before sharing a passionate kiss with Lisa.

“Holy shit that was incredible,” I sighed, trying to catch my breath.

Pulling herself from Lisa, Charlotte uttered in agreement.

We were all strewn about the bed trying to regain our composure a little bit when all heard the distinct sound of a door being latched closed.

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