A Steeler visits Charleroi, PA

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Victor Strelsky at 26 had reached his dream of being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. His dad had begun promoting his football abilities in the eighth grade. He had a gift. He found the ball and the ball found him. Victor sailed through high school into college on his athletic abilities. Turning pro was the natural step in Victor’s career. There was just one glitch: Victor is gay and he knows well that gay doesn’t play well in the NFL. Victor has become the supreme actor, convincing himself that his dating is serious and his relationships with women can lead somewhere. Victor performs well in bed because he knows that hot gossip is a career builder. The more they talk, the more important he becomes.

However, a hollowness is always stinging at the core of his wanting to be himself… to be with another man and experience his deepest desires.

So it hits him out of the blue when another more seasoned player outs him in the locker room.

The locker room has emptied after practice, and only Lamar is finishing up as Victor is. Of course, there has been the conscious avoidance of looking too intensively at another player at any time despite the Olympian comradery.

Lamar begins, “I just want you to know you don’t have to play your game with me.”

“And just what do you mean by that?”

“You know what I mean by that. Image is one thing; the real person is another. Let’s just say that Lamar know what evil lurks in the heart of man.”

“I don’t have any evil lurking in my heart.”

“Oh, yes, you do. You have something that the league perceives as evil.”

“Like, what?”

“Like who you really want to go to bed with.”

“I fuck women. No big deal.”

“But that’s not what you really want. You want dick.”

“Fuckin’, man… forget talking that shit.”

“Like I said, you don’t have to defend yourself to me. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little, well, not so little secret: Charleroi… about

25 miles south. There’s an off the road, discrete adult bookstore with a regular who will make you shake, rattle, and roll. He’s old, not too much of a shape, bald, but he’s got a dick that will drive you wild. He’ll suck you like you’ve never been sucked in your life, and he’ll fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. I’m not saying you’d enjoy the experience or anything, but just thought you’d like to know. And don’t be surprised if you happen to run into another team member there, too. Just saying.”

“I fuck women.”

“Sure, you do.”

Lamar finishes dressing and filling his bag. Lamar disappears.

Victor has never had anybody speak to him that way before. He questions his every move since joining the Steelers. He knows he has done nothing differently than he has in the past, which has always masked his true interior self from the world, from those who may suspect he isn’t straight. He couldn’t argue with Lamar, but he wondered if Lamar has spread the word about him. He’d know the next time the team would be together. He’d gage their reactions to see what Lamar had done.

Despite the fear of being discovered¸ Victor couldn’t get the story and the directions that Lamar gave him out of his head. 25 miles away. Great cocksucker. The thought intrigued him. The thought kept running itself through his head. He knew he’d have some free time, and he’d drive a rental car so no one would recognize his distinct ride.

The next day the locker room and practice are fine. Victor feels no distance from his fellow players. Even Lamar plays it as the conversation had never occurred.

Victor keeps debating within himself whether or not to find this spot, this hidden den of the flesh and indulge himself there, hoping to meet the man Lamar described. That Saturday morning Victor finds himself inserting his credit card into the chip reader and signing for a silver gray sedan. He drives the car back to his apartment and changes into blue jeans and a flannel shirt. His athletic body defines the clothing. His full flaccid dick bulges comfortably against the denim.

The drive down to Charleroi gives Victor time to think, to think about what could happen, what hasn’t happened, literally, in years. Victor has risked nothing for his career, so he has stayed on the straight and narrow. This venture is the first time he is giving into his genuine desires.

At the same time Victor is driving his rental car to the place he hopes to find a sexual experience that will satisfy him, at least for a while, the lead supervisor at the glass factory is finding it convenient that the new order that is being filled is a rush job with extra, flexible hours. Lonnie keeps thinking of how he can give himself at least an hour at the bookstore. He trusts his second-in-command to close down and clean up for the evening, allowing him to leave early.

Lonnie thinks to spruce himself up a bit before making his stop at the bookstore. Looking in the men’s shower room’s mirrors, he sees a man in his sixties, who has stopped smoking and put on some weight. The luscious mamak escort head of wavy dark hair has long left him, but his central European features and the dick that hangs between his legs gives him an appeal that is ageless. He is a mature man, but a man, a pleasant man, a man one so rarely encounters. Like the Monk Rasputin, he is to be shared with the world. Lonnie, although married with a goodly number of children and grandchildren, feeds off the exchanges of strange male encounters.

He exists in a world in which sharing brings such a feeling of satisfaction, he cannot help himself from wanting to give himself and receive what the universe gives him in return. For Lonnie, sex is a tantric experience, a relationship with the universe in the form of another man, especially another man he can have sex with.

When Lonnie first came out to himself, it was with a construction worker the summer of his 18th year. The object of his affection was a young man of 26, built like a piece of sculpture and hung. Lonnie fixated on that man all his life. His dream fantasy to this moment is a 26 year old, solid as a rock gifted young man. Lonnie’s heart vibrates to that image… not that other men have not touched him deeply, and their images remain. They are another reality, an echo of the ages, as if the meeting were as profound as that between Jesus and John, or a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna. Those encounters were so rare they were less than all the fingers on one hand.

Lonnie puts the finishing touches on his clothing and leaves the factory. He slips into his car and slowly leaves the parking lot.

Victor who takes the afternoon driving around the town lets the sun set behind the range line before he pulls into the bookstore he has located hours before. His adrenalin is flowing. He sees four cars in the area and hopes one of them belongs to the mystery man, the man he has come to experience. Victor sits in his rental car debating whether or not he should go through with his plan. He sees some young guys, all teched out, enter the building. A couple guys come out and go to their respective cars and leave. Victor unbuttons his fly, exposing himself. He squeezes his dick and enjoys the response. He is so turned on by the possibilities and the dangers, he hardens immediately and the pre-cum starts flowing. He looks down as a car pulls into the lot. Maybe this is the man, he thinks. The man is in his thirties, well put together, but definitely not the man Lamar had described. Finally, after he almost makes himself cum and ruin the whole experience, Victor buttons up and decides to go inside. He pays his money and gets his stamp. He doesn’t remain long in the open area as he doesn’t want to be recognized by anyone. His eyes take a few moments to adjust to the darkness of the labyrinth.

Meanwhile, Lonnie drives carefully to the bookstore, parking around to the back side. He locks up, and enters the bookstore. He’s greeted warmly but minimally, as to keep the atmosphere from seeming to open or familiar. Lonnie pays his fee, gets his stamp, and proceeds, after looking around the open area and seeing no one, to the back to check out the booths. Victor decides to find a spot and station himself and let the rest of the men pass by.

Built when this factory town was union driven and thriving really well, the bookstore has two levels, being on the side of an embankment. There were nights back in day when the parking lot was overflowing, the men parked along the highway. Men were being their rawest selves. Booth sex led to sex in the hallways with hot sweaty workers jacking to a hot fuck scene happening right in front of them. A group of jackers segued into a sucker on his knees tasting all the hard dicks with his mouth and throat. The sucking became as hot as the fucking. Men reveled in the sweat, the unctuous smells of sex, the closeness and the affirmation of their manliness. Then the factories closed, and the bookstore survived because of its proximity to Pittsburg and the men there who wanted to have their time with another man, but wanted a certain amount of distance between their families and their desires.

Lonnie runs into a regular who immediately inveigles him into his booth where they both play for a while. Although these two men have had really hot exchanges, tonight lacks any real chemistry. The play ends without any resolution. Lonnie heads for the rest room to rinse out and gargle and wash his hands. Lonnie takes a leak and heads back into the mix. Victor is now part of that mix.

In the fairly large and complex hallways, Lonnie takes his time, looking into the booths with open doors. He rounds the corner and there stands Victor. Rushes of the deepest desire stimulated by his vision of Victor sweep over Lonnie. He sees his 26 year old mentor as if it were yesterday and the decades vanish in his mind and give Lonnie the knowledge that this dream is going to be his.

Lonnie stares at Victor. Victor stares back. Lonnie, to Victor, is like ankara masaj yapan escort any number of the other older guys trolling around for action. Yet something within Victor tingles and elicits an involuntary response. Victor still isn’t sure this man leaning against a booth and staring at him is the one Lamar told him about.

Lonnie approaches a little closer, keeping his eyes glued on Victor. Victor doesn’t meet Lonnie glance for glance, but Victor looks up from time to time to reassure himself he’s being checked out. Lonnie goes so far to squeeze his crotch and leave his hand there. Victor doesn’t move. Lonnie arranges his cock to maximum advantage, opens one of the booth’s doors, allowing the light from the flat screen to streak across his body. Lonnie lets Victor get his eyes full, then steps halfway into the booth, still squeezing himself. Victor remains glued to the wall even though he’s growing bigger and bigger, which he hopes the man cruising him will see.

Lonnie slides further into the booth leaving the door open, but not far enough to lose sight of Victor. Lonnie begins loosening his belt, allowing the buckle and the strap to fall apart leaving only the buttons of the 501’s to part before revealing Lonnie’s hot cock. Lonnie unbuttons the button of his waistband and steps completely into the booth, holding the door open. Lonnie has placed the time for movement into Victor’s court.

Victor eases himself closer to Lonnie’s booth so he never loses sight of Lonnie’s crotch. Lonnie smiles at Victor while continuing to unbutton his fly. Victor, at this point, decides if this isn’t the man Lamar told him about, he is the closest thing to it. Lonnie is now completely inside the booth, holding the door open with the edge of his left shoulder. Victor is standing across from the open door with a raging hard on. Lonnie smiles as he pulls his lengthy plump member out of his Levis and reveals it to Victor. Victor stares, hearing the words of Lamar echo in his head. Lonnie nods. Victor walks into the booth and falls to his knees as he hears Lonnie slide the latch to lock the door.

As Victor is about to take Lonnie’s dick in his mouth, Lonnie places his hand on Victor’s head to hold him back.

“Not so fast, my young stud,” Lonnie admonishes him. “Let’s take our time. Why don’t you start by simply wrapping your hand around my shaft and squeeze a little. Maybe jack a little.”

Victor, in a totally new world, follows Lonnie’s instructions. Victor feels Lonnie’s already stiff boner get even harder with each squeeze.

“I don’t want you to lick it until you have my pre-cum dripping out of my piss slit. I want to look at the effect you’re having on me. I want my pre-cum to drop to the floor before you taste it.”

Victor squeezes and jacks a little, not hard but with slow short strokes. He’s mesmerized by the perfect shape of the head and its color and its size. By the time the first drop of pre-cum appears as a pearl of great price, Victor is in a trance. He has no idea what will happen, but he wants to try everything. The drop of silver enlarges, and succumbing to gravity, begins its journey down to the underside of the purple head, and loses itself as falls to the floor.

Lonnie sees exactly what is happening. “Go ahead, but just use the tip of your tongue to lick some of my sincerity into your mouth. You’re such a hunk and you turn me on so easily. That’s why I want to enjoy the moment. OK. Give it a good lick and savor the pre-cum on your lips and your tongue. You can see you’ve got me dripping, so take as much as you want. Now put your lips on the head so the pre-cum goes directly into your mouth. Suck the pre-cum into your mouth and cover my head with your lips and mouth. Don’t work your tongue yet. Just hold my dripping head in your mouth and feel what you’re going to be sucking on.”

“Hold the shaft and suck the head. Use your tongue. Lick and suck. Let me know how much you’re liking it.”

Victor finds himself in seventh heaven. Lonnie’s juices are causing him to burst his Levis as he sucks and licks on Lonnie’s cock. The head seems to enlarge itself the more Victor plays with it. Victor is squeezing and jacking the fat shaft as he devours the head and its juices. It’s as if Victor is fulfilling a dream, a vision he has wished for whenever he jacks off. Victor stops for a moment and allows his lips to simply encircle the head just below the glans. His tongue moves inadvertently to the underside of Lonnie’s now super stiff erection. The tip of Victor’s tongue moves slowly up and down the hot spot. Victor moves his tongue from side to side, up and down, and then in circles. Victor has no real idea where his moves are coming from, but they seem so natural. Lonnie’s head and rock hard shaft are the total, unrestrained focus of Victor’s entire being.

“You’re liking sucking on Granddaddy, aren’t you?”

Victor pulls away, looks straight up into Lonnie’s eyes, locks his eyes on Lonnie’s and speaks with his total passion, mithatpaşa escort “Yes, sir.”

“Why don’t we let your weapon out of its prison? I think you’re hard and want to free yourself.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Stand up and show Granddaddy what you’ve got. Take off your shirt, too.”

Victor unbuttons his shirt and removes it, throwing it on a chair sitting in the corner of his room.

Lonnie reaches for the top button of Victor’s Levis and begins to open his fly. Lonnie rubs his fingers over the hard bulge yearning to be free, teasing the entrapped cock with squeezing and rubbing. Finally, Victor speaks,

“Take the fucker out. I’m bursting and hurting you’ve got me so hard.”

Lonnie loosens the next button, savoring and admiring the godlike physique of this athletic at the top of his game. The light hair surrounds his nipples which set on a pair of pecs most men could not achieve with the hardest work. The bare and hairless stomach ripples with muscles. The unblemished skin clings almost magically to the rack of abdominals underneath.

Another button loosens and is released.

Victor in a moment of heat reaches out to feel Lonnie’s chest and to find his nipples. When he rubs Lonnie’s chest, he feels the hard buttons he is eager to knead with his fingers. Lonnie is taken by the surprise of Victor’s reaching out.

“If you’re going to play with my nips, squeeze them hard and even twist ’em a little bit.”

With that comment the next to the last of the Levi button opens. Lonnie runs his fingers over Victor’s cock once again and finds the wet spot. Lonnie knows that Victor is leaking pre-cum and rubs the wet spot, teasing Victor, as Victor pinches and twists Lonnie’s nips.

“That’s it, son. Make us both as hard as we can get.”

Lonnie opens the fly and pulls down the flaps as Victor’s athletic cock snaps to attention, full, erect, and pulsing. Lonnie wraps his hand around Victor’s dick. He moves his fingers up under the shaft and takes the pre-cum in his fingers and covers the head.

Victor works Lonnie’s nips. He spits in both hands and rubs the hardened nipples soothingly. He pulls his fingers back to a point and pinches each nipple slowly.

“Hey, k**, I like to get there, but I don’t want to get there too fast. I don’t run into your kind of man every day. I can feel how turned on you are, so let’s enjoy the moment. I don’t have to be anywhere soon, so we’ve got plenty of time.”

Victor backs off a bit, feeling as if he has been reprimanded, but his cock in Lonnie’s hand remains stiff. Lonnie drops some spit onto Victor’s cock and carefully covers the cock with the natural lubricant, slippery and viscous, tender and enflaming.

“Go back to sucking on me, k**. Suck on Grampa and feel his dripping cock in your mouth. This time I want you get it as far back in your throat as you can. Going over the “hump” sets me to want to fuck and fuck as deep as I can go. Take it slowly. Yeah, that’s right, it just hit the back of your mouth. Now drop your jaw, stretch it out a bit and push your head forward and your throat will willingly open and allow my head to pass the blockade and feel your entire throat fucking my cock. You don’t have to keep it down there very long, but feel it open you up and then come back off it and catch your breath.”

For Victor, each suggestion vibed with his thoughts and desires. To suck a rock hard big dick sends chills through Victor’s body. He convulses as the cockhead splits open his throat and he feels the entire head expanding and exploding his entire being. Victor almost loses consciousness he holds the cock down his throat so long, savoring the feeling of fullness he has never felt in his entire life. Its’ a moment he seeks to capture, a feeling that makes him rapturous, almost in another world, a world of fantasy that flashes across his mind. He feels his being hit on the field. The cock he is ingesting is something he had no idea existed within him. The images of his life on the field keep exchanging themselves with the thunder in his throat and back and forth. Victor, about to gag uncontrollably, pulls back and feels the glans once more fill his mouth. His head is reeling and his throat is hurting in the most pleasant of ways. He pulls back and looks up into Lonnie’s eyes, “WOW!! Where did that shit come from?”

“You just need the right stimulus, k**. You know what I mean. You want to try it again.”

“Let me swallow a little and suck on you a little and then you can give it to me again. Man, I was blown away. I want you to take me there again. Man, the explosions. I didn’t know where they were coming from. I was here, there, and everywhere all at the same time.”

With that, Victor rises quickly and plants a kiss on Lonnie’s right nipple. The kiss becomes a labor of stimulation as Victor squeezes Lonnie’s cock. Victor moves quickly and vigorously to the left nipple, continuing to work Lonnie’s cock.

Lonnie finds Victor’s erection and begins stroking it. The two men are preparing themselves for the second round of Lonnie’s deep penetration.

Victor tweaks the right nipple with his hand as he sucks and nibbles the one in his mouth. Then without speaking, Victor drops to his knees, takes the shaft of Lonnie’s cock in his hand, and starts licking the head from every conceivable direction.

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