All because of my suisters panties

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My name is Joanne, but most people call me Jo, I live with my mum and dad and my , sister Jasmine, who is three years older than me

Let’s be honest right up front, I am a geek or maybe a nerd, I figure that I am adopted or something, cause my family are all attractive and I am just so plain, add to that that I was obviously way back in the queue when the breasts were being handed and my sister must have been in the first three, my dad calls mine bee stings, thanks dad that always helps!

I have never kissed a boy and when I talk, talk? More like stutter, to one I am convinced that I’ve got spinach in my teeth or am just cultivating a spot on my nose or something. This is especially true of my sister’s boyfriend, who is, in my opinion, the coolest guy in the universe and who makes me blush, just by glancing at me and he knows it as well. He is a demigod, 25 and “built” as they say. My parents are not keen on him though, mostly because he is a lot older than Jas.

Anyway, I’m getting off the point I guess. It was Friday night about a month ago, mum and dad were out, Jasmine was out and I was most defiantly in, I was watching some creepy film and hiding behind the cushion, wishing I had watched a Romcom instead , when the street door bell went and scared the pants off me. I looked through the peep hole and it was Jasmine and the demigod, I opened the door and it was pretty obvious that she was “as drunk as a skunk” as my dad would say. “Hey pumpkin” said Aaron, “I think we need to get her up to bed”

No way was I going let him sort her out or spend time in her bedroom, so I told him I would get her sorted and that he could go, he gave me a shrug and started to turn to go, “and please don’t call me pumpkin” I said, loads louder than I meant to, to that he blew me a kiss and replied “OK babe, won’t happen again” and he was gone.

I half carried, half pushed Jasmine up the stairs and got her into her room, she fell on the bed and I started to get her undressed, I was amazed when I loosed her bra, firstly because she had the most amazing breasts, if I had half that size I would be like be so happy, but the big thing is she had a nipple ring, my mum would kill her if she knew, next the skirt and then her panties, OMG they were like so messy, I held them up to my nose, didn’t smell like I do and there were globs of something at the crotch, boy cum! First I smelled it, then I touched it and then without even thinking, I smeared my finger through it and tasted it, salty sweet, not as musky as me but thicker.

“Jas, have you had sex”? I shouted at her “yep” she slurred, “Jesus Christ, shower, NOW!”
I manhandled izmit rus escort her into the shower and turned it on hot, she sat down with a bump and I started to clean her up. There is something pretty weird about jamming a finger into your big sister, trying to get her boyfriends gunk out of her, I quickly found that two fingers did the job somewhat better, “Jas, squeeze, we really need to get this stuff out of you”. She gave me a silly little smile and did as she had been told, I aimed the shower head, between her legs and washed her a bit more, then went back to the exploration of her innards.
I must admit, she was pretty neat down below, like well groomed, with a pretty little landing strip, unlike me with my bushy triangle, note to self, sort it out tomorrow.
It was about now that I realised she was beginning to enjoy this a bit too much, c’mon guys, I may be a nerd, but I think I can recognise the beginning of an orgasm, luckily it was about then that she did a giant hiccup and threw up, GROSS!
I washed her down again and pulled her out of the shower, leaning her against the wall, I handed her a toothbrush, “clean your teeth Jasmine” I ordered, bless her she tried, but if you have ever seen a drunk person trying to work a toothbrush, you will know how funny it looks. Like a pig with a musket, my dad would have said.
Somehow I got her into bed and with another hi cup, she conked out. My PJs were soaked and I had to get changed, but I noticed her dirty panties and decided to scoop them up, if my mum saw them in that state, there would be murder committed. I dumped my wet cloths in the laundry, but not her panties, which when I got back to my room, I hid in my backpack. I guess if I hadn’t done so, this would be the end of the story.
It was getting late and time for my bed, and probably my nightly ritual, well in fact defiantly my nighty ritual, for those of you without an imagination, I needed to “get off”, I have a terrible habit of masturbating at least twice a day, well, probably at least three times to be honest. I began to run my fingers over my clitty and was pretty surprised at just how wet I was, I was also extremely surprised at just how quick and powerful my orgasm was, “Oh Jo” I thought “ getting off because you had just fingered your sister!
I awoke much too early, so I had time for my morning ritual, When I had finished I sucked on my fingers for a while and mentally compared the taste of me and the boy cum that I had scrapped from her panties, Wow, I felt really horny and started touching myself again, first pinching my nipples, until they were hard and then pinching my clitty, until izmit escort it was even harder and of course I reached orgasm again, pretty powerful as well.
When I had calmed down a bit I took a shower and did the usual morning things and I also trimmed myself, pretty short, down there, then it was time to wake Jasmine.
“Hey Jas, wake up” I said as I shook her. “We need to talk”. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at me oddly, “Go away and let me sleep” she mumbled, “no” I responded, “we need to go to the chemist and get you a morning after pill, cause I am not ready to be an aunt just yet” she gave me a filthy look and said” I am on the pill you dummy”. I was a little taken aback by this news and I was also a little pissed off, “Then why the hell did you let me do go through all that stuff last night, why didn’t you tell me”? “Because my dear little sister, you seemed to be enjoying yourself and I thought it would make a change from doing it with your freaky little friend”, she replied with a smirk
My “freaky” little friend is called Alison, shortened to Ali, unless she is being told off, we have been friends forever, I have often worried why Jasmine dislikes her so much and came to the conclusion that even though Jasmine is pretty, that when Ali is in the same room, she makes Jas look ordinary and somewhat trashy. See Ali is just so attractive, lots of red hair, the bluest eyes, skin like porcelain and a bunch of cute little freckles across her nose; she also has an explosive giggle that has got us into trouble on more than one occasion, so I figured that Jas was just jealous, but seems that was not the real reason!
“Everyone knows you are gay for each other and are probably having sex when you are locked away in your bedrooms or on sleepovers” Jas continued. With that she threw back the duvet and got out of bed totally naked. My eyes were most defiantly drawn to her breasts, her nipples were erect and then I realised that she was watching me, watching her and I felt my face redden and fled the room with her laughter chasing after me.
I went to my room and slammed the door, probably harder than I meant, for the record, Autumn and I had never done anything to each other, oh when we were kids, our mums would sometimes throw us in the bath or shower together and I guess there was a little experimentation, but not since we had “grown up”, although we do hug when we meet. But the news that everyone thought we were” weird” for one another, came as quite a shock.

After breakfast I grabbed my backpack and my BMX and cycled round to Ali’s. Her parents are quite well off and she is an “only”, they live in a beautiful house and her kocaeli escort room is huge and has its own on suite, with a shower and a bathroom, she also has a MAC desktop and laptop, which makes my battered HP look like something from the stone age.

“Hey Jo cat” she said as she moved in for a hug, “hey back Ali cat” I whispered as I hugged her hard, we stashed my BMX in the garage and went to her room. Her PC and laptop were fired up and she was transferring some photos from her camera to her PC. Ali has a gift for taking pictures, she sees things through a viewfinder that no one else has noticed and she can even make me look good in a photo, trust me that is no way an easy thing to do. “You got a USB stick Jo” she asked “I can transfer some of these onto if you want”? , “Yeah, in the pocket of my backpack” I replied as I skimmed though her latest batch of photo’s
“Oh my god” she suddenly spluttered and I turned to see her holding up my sisters dirty panties, between her finger and thumb at head height. “What on earth do we have here”? I knew at once that she thought they were mine, the crotch was pretty crusty and as I did not want her thinking I had been with a boy, I told her about all the events of last night and this morning as I finished relating the story I added, “yeah so seems we are gay for one another Ali cat, how stupid is that”

She got a look on her face like I had slapped her and her eyes filled with tears, “Hey Ali, what’s wrong” , “nothing” she replied, “ we need to get going”

We rode our bikes up to Westerly, which is a country park about two miles away, It’s a pretty place, but you don’t want be there after dark as it is where all the couples go for sex in the car, probably where Jas and Aaron were bonking last night. The bluebells were just beginning to break out and once again I became Ali’s model, “sit like that, lay down on your front, now on your back” she commanded as she took frame after frame “don’t look at the camera, look past it, do a star jump, stick your tongue out”, I was getting hot and slipped my sweatshirt off and carried on posing in my tee shirt, after another ten minutes or so I plonked on the floor and just said “enough unless I get paid” . The payment was a massive ice cream with two chocolate flakes, the best bribe in the world.

We sat on the park bench licking our cornets when Ali suddenly burst out with “you know I love you don’t you”? “Of course I do Ali, and I love you right back” she pulled a face and then said, “No Jo, I mean I REALLY love you and I have since the day I first met you”. I turned my head to look at her and her face was all flushed. “What you mean like”? She just nodded. “What, like you want to go to bed with me and err, well you know”? I somehow stuttered out and once again she nodded, but this time with a big grin on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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