Angie’s Education Ch. 2

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Asian Anal

The next morning dawned bright and cool, the first touches of autumn air were drifting down from Canada. Tina awoke with her usual cheerfulness. She seemed totally unphased by the events of the previous evening. Of course, Angie was far too shy to broach the subject. So the days passed. Two weeks slipped by without discussion or repetition of that nights odd activities. On Thursday evening Tina packed her bags for a trip to her hometown. It was to be homecoming weekend at her high school and, as reigning Queen, it was necessary for her to present the tiara to this year’s winner. This all seemed a somewhat odd and silly tradition to the home schooled Angie. But, as her vivacious roommate told her tale after tale from the previous year’s festivities, Angie could not help but laugh and catch, at least in part, the spirit of the event.

Once Tina left early Friday morning, she took with her the temporary distraction of the homecoming. Angie fell into her routine of classes, workouts, and study. Friday night found her deep in her chemistry book when the library closing bell rang. Somewhat groggily, she arose from her study carol and made her way to the exit. Stopping for a bottle of water at the campus convenience store, she was once again reminded of how different her life was when compared to the lives of her fellow students. Dressed in party clothes, the half-drunk kids pressed about her as she paid for the water and headed for her dorm. Ahead of her she recognized a girl from her hall named Cindy.

Cindy was Japanese-American, Angie knew her fairly well, although, as was the case with all the girls in the dorm, they could hardly be called friends. Cindy’s dad, a former professional baseball player had met and married her mom while playing in Japan. While Angie knew next to nothing about sports, the story had seemed wonderfully romantic. Cindy was a gymnast on the college team. Not quite five feet tall, she had taken most of her physical features from her mother and her athletic skill from her dad.

For a moment, Angie considered calling out and walking the rest of the way to the dorm with Cindy. tandoğan escort However, Cindy was not walking alone. Beside her was a boy Angie thought she recognized as one of the star players on the college soccer team. D’vante Shields, a mixed-race kid from one of the tougher neighborhoods of Detroit. Angie had heard Cindy and Tina talk about him at one of the matches the girls had gone to together a week or so ago.

As the couple reached the girls’ dorm, Angie assumed they would say goodnight and part company. She was somewhat startled when D’vante opened the door for Cindy and they both entered the dorm. Boys could visit the “virgin-vault” bet never after 9:00 pm. While Angie was surprised by the ease with which Cindy broke the rule, she knew that boys did occasionally end up in the dorm late at night.

Following slowly behind the couple, Angie walked towards her dorm. As Cindy and her friend entered her room, Angie caught a glimpse of D’vante’s hand caressing Cindy’s rounded flank. Angie blinked slowly as the door closed, and then walked to the next door along the hall and opened her room. Setting her books on her desk she took a sip of water and kicked off her shoes. Reaching under her pillow she pulled out her medium length cotton nightgown. Angie could hear Cindy’s door open, and then close, perhaps D’vante was on his way out of the dorm. Flipping off the room light, Angie lit a small scented candle and began to undress. Watching herself in the large door mirror, she pulled her sweatshirt over her head and kicked off her jeans. She looked at her reflection for a long time. Her blonde hair hung along her shoulders, fair skin contrasting with the black jog bra and black cotton panties she wore. Turning slightly, she could see the many hours of running and swimming were paying off, no “freshman fifteen” for her. If anything, she had become more toned from her workouts and Spartan schedule. Slipping out of her underwear, she could feel her nipples harden as a cool evening breeze ruffled the curtains that covered her window. While her breasts were small, she had tunalı escort very large, long, dark pink nipples that caused her constant embarrassment. It seemed only the highly restrictive fabric of a sports bra would keep them from being obvious. Giving her reflection a final glimpse, she slipped on her nightgown and headed to the bathroom to freshen-up before bed.

She crossed the hall and opened the door to the large bathroom shared by all the girls on the hall. Walking past the stalls she could hear water running in the large open shower room. As she turned towards the sinks to brush her teeth, Angie could not help but glance into the open shower area. What she saw stopped her in mid-step. There, in “her” shower was D’vante Shields. His well-muscled body was wet, his caramel colored skin standing in sharp contrast to the light pink tiles of the shower wall behind him. But he was not alone. On her knees, in front of him, was Cindy. The Asian girl’s back was turned to Angie, but she could see her full round hips and strong thighs as she knelt in front of the boy. D’vante’s large hands were on Cindy’s head, fingers lost in the shiny wet blackness of her hair.

Even more shocking than the fact that that D’vante was in the shower was the fact he was looking right at Angie. With a wink and a little smirk of a smile he slowly pushed Cindy’s head back. As he did so, she turned her head slightly to the side but kept her eyes closed. From her mouth sprung his long thick dark cock. Angie watched in shocked silence as the Asian girl licked up and down its length. When D’vante winked at Angie again, she almost dropped her toothbrush. Turning quickly, she ran for her room.

Closing and locking the dorm room door behind her, Angie collapsed in shocked silence on her bed. Her mind was filled with the haunting images she had just witnessed. She could still see her friend on her knees, D’vante’s manhood standing straight out, the glistening of his skin, pulled tight over large muscles. Angie was shaking. The cool night air washed over her, and gradually the flush left her face. turangüneş escort Moaning softly, as she once again pictured the size of his hard cock, she rolled over and closed her eyes.

Sometime later, Angie was startled from her thoughts by sounds from outside her window. It took a few moments for her to realize the sounds were not actually from the ground below, but rather coming from the room next door. Cindy must have left her window open also. While at first the voices were muffled and indistinct, in time Angie found she could clearly make out what the couple was saying.

“mmm baby, you look so good…” she could hear D’vante say.

“I’m all yours ‘D’” purred Cindy in her slightly accented English.

“Climb up on the bed and let me give you what you want.” demanded D’vante softly.

Angie could hear soft moans and the boy’s deep laugh. After a few seconds Angie’s eyes flew open as she heard Cindy’s bed post strike the wall that separated the two girls’ rooms. A steady thumping ensued, as Angie could hear the moans increase in volume and intensity.

“mmm you are such a tight little slut” said D’vante.

“yes… yes… yes…” moaned Cindy.

“You want more of this big black dick, don’t you bitch?”

“yes baby, fuck me… harder” Cindy was almost crying.

“You like this nigger cock more than those preppy little white boys who try to get it on with you? Don’t you?”

“yes.. more… ‘D’… more… faster…”

Angie was flushed and shaking again, she had never experienced anything like this before. Without thinking what she was doing, she pulled her nightgown over her head and let her hands roam over her body as she listened to the couple fuck in the next room. She could hear the passion building and her fingers caressed her breasts and mound in time with the thumping of Cindy’s headboard against the wall.

“You want my cum on you, don’t you slut?”

“God yes ‘D’ pull out and cum on me.” Cindy cried.

As D’vante’s moans grew louder, Angie’s body began to shake in ways she had never experienced. Her entire being was pulsing. She could hear loud, wet splats followed by Cindy’s delighted squeal. Moaning softly, Angie experienced her first orgasm as she listened to the sounds of wet kisses and licks.

Closing her eyes, she imagined what Cindy must have experienced. With those warm thoughts filling her head, she slowly drifted to sleep.

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