Backyard Pool Ch. 08

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All characters are 18 years or older



When the doorbell rang, Ron was out in the back yard, sunning by the pool, while Amy was in the kitchen, preparing a snack. She glanced out the window and smiled, seeing her friend, Nicole, at the door. Then she gasped when she saw that there was a young man standing behind her. Quickly throwing on her robe, she went to the patio doors and called out to her brother, “Hey, Ron! Nicole’s here…and there’s somebody with her! Put something on!”

She hurried back to the front door and threw it open. “Hi, Nickie, c’mon in!” she greeted them with a welcoming smile.

“Hi, Amy,” Nicole said, stepping through the door. “This is my brother, Ryan. I hope you don’t mind that I invited him to come along with me.”

Amy’s eyes opened wide. “Oh! Uhhhh…no. Uhhh, not at all…” she stammered, flustered by the thought that her friend had brought her brother along with her after what had transpired there a few days before.

“Uhhh, nice to meet you, Ryan!” She smiled at the good-looking young man. He smiled back, nodding his head.

“Ryan is my twin brother that I told you about,” Nicole said, “obviously not identical!” She laughed at her own little joke.

Amy chuckled, noting their similarity, none the less.

“He just came home after graduating from an out-of-state, all guy technical high school. I felt sorry for him since he’s just been laying around the house with nothing to do, waiting to go away again to college in the fall. So I told him he should come along with me to a pool party. I mentioned how hot you were and he got all excited about it, after a year with no girls around!” She gently elbowed her brother and smiled mischievously.

The boy grimaced and his face reddened.

“Oh, yeah…well…that’s great!” Amy said, still a bit disconcerted. “Uhh…com’on out in the back. Ron’s out there by the pool.”

Amy led them outside and introduced Ryan to Ron. “Well, I was just preparing some snacks when you arrived,” Amy said. “I can make extra. Would you like to give me a hand, Nickie?”

As the two girls re-entered the house, Amy turned to her friend and urgently demanded, “Did you tell your brother what we did the other day?”

“Uhhh, no…not really,” Nicole answered. “I just told him what a good time we had here, and that he wouldn’t be sorry if he came along with me.”

“Does that mean you want us to do it all again…with your brother included?” Amy asked.

“Well…uhhh…” Nicole flushed, fidgeting nervously. She looked up at Amy. “You’re doing it with your brother!” she cried defensively.

Amy held her hands up. “I’m just trying to make sure what’s going on here. Have you ever done anything like that with him before?”

“No…never…” Nicole said. “We’re very close, as most twins are, but we’ve never done anything…uhh…sexual. We haven’t even seen each other naked since we were little kids.

“Ever since I got home from our get together the other day, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things we did. Oooooh…I’ve just been so horny all the time! I even began having strange thoughts about my own brother whenever I saw him!

“When I woke up this morning my pussy was so hot and wet that I just had to rub myself off, and while I was doing it, I found myself thinking about Ryan…and you guys…and then I thought about that magazine you showed me, especially the last section that had the two couples doing it all together!”

“Ohhh, wow…” Amy gasped, imagining what her friend was suggesting.

“There’s no problem with Ryan, is there?” Nicole asked, looking concerned. “He’s cute enough, isn’t he?”

Amy smiled. “Oh, yes! There’s certainly no problem there!” She thought for a moment, then said, “You’re sure you want to do this with your own brother?”

“Yes! I’m sure! Especially after having watching you and your brother doing it!” Nicole replied.

“But he doesn’t know anything about it, yet, right?”

“No he just thinks we’re here for a regular pool party. I didn’t quite know how to suggest to my own brother that we go to an orgy!”

“Yeah, I can see that that might be a strange suggestion to bring up, out of the blue,” Amy mused. “It sounds fun to me, though. I guess we’ll just have to see how things go,” she said, shrugging.

The girls finished making the snacks and took them out to the pool where the boys were sitting in the sun in their swim trunks discussing a recent baseball game. While Amy arranged the snacks, Nicole slipped off her sun-dress, revealing a very brief, string bikini.

Ryan’s eyes popped open in surprise as they followed his sister’s slim, sexy figure as she moved to sit down on a lounge chair.

Amy asked Ron to come into the house to help her with something.

“Ron!” Amy cried as soon as they were inside. “Nicole wants us to have a foursome güvenilir bahis with Ryan!”

Ron started. “Wha…really?” he asked, looking dazed. He scrunched up his face in thought for a moment, then he shrugged. “Fuck! It’s alright with me, I guess…if it’s alright with you.”

“I’m fine with it,” Amy assured him. “I just wanted to warn you first. Ryan doesn’t know anything about it, though.”

Ron smiled. “Wow…he’s sure in for a huge surprise!”

“So, do you think he’ll be cool with it?” Amy asked uncertainly.

“Hell, yes! He’s a guy, isn’t he?”

Ron went back out to the pool while Amy went to her room to put on a bikini before rejoining them. When she got back outside, she slipped off her robe and sat down on a chaise lounge.

As they talked and snacked, Amy surreptitiously checked out Ryan, just as she could sense that he was checking her out, as well. He was a bit taller and more muscular, than Ron and his hair was the same chestnut brown as his twin sister. Altogether, she found him to be quite satisfactorily attractive.

After a while, Amy decided she would try to get things started. She reached behind her back and unfastened her bikini top and let it slip off. Laying her head back, she raised her arms above her head, arching her back and stretching.

“Ahhhhh…” she sighed, as the sun caressed her now naked little titties. Through slitted eyelids, she saw Ryan staring, wide-eyed, at her exposed breasts, her nipples tautly erect.

Through her slightly open eyelids, Amy glanced over at Nicole and saw her smiling as she watched her brother stare at Amy’s lovely titties.

Seeing that Amy had taken the first big step, Nicole, too, unfastened her top and let it fall away.

Having eyes only for Amy at the moment, Ryan didn’t notice right away, but when he finally glanced over at his sister and saw that her breasts were now exposed as well, Amy had to stifle a giggle at the look she saw on the boy’s face as his eyes went back and forth between the two girls.

Amy allowed Ryan to feast his eyes on their lovely breasts for a time, then she sat up and got to her feet. Standing in front of the other three, she said, “I’m getting hot out here in the sun. I think I’ll go in for a swim.”

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her bikini bottom and slid it down over her smooth, slender thighs. Stepping out of it, she tossed it onto the lounge and stood there facing the others, totally nude. Ryan’s eyes opened wide and his mouth gaped in surprise as he stared at the girl’s beautiful, naked body.

“Oh, yeah…me, too,” Nicole said, following her friend’s lead. She stood up and, with a giggle and a wiggle, she slipped her bikini bottom off and tossed it aside. The two girls stood there a moment; one blond, one brunet, and both beautiful; with all their feminine charms on display. Then they turned and, hand in hand, ran to the edge of the pool, their lovely asses bouncing and jiggling, and jumped into the water.

Ryan looked over at Ron, a dazed look on his face.

Ron just smiled back at him. “They’re really hot, aren’t they?” he said.

After a few minutes, the girls climbed out of the pool and stood in front of Ryan. As he stared, wide-eyed, at the two naked girls, they reached out and took his hands, pulling him to his feet.

“C’mon, Ryan,” Amy said, “we want you to come swim with us!”

Ryan allowed them to lead him over to the side of the pool. He was about to dive in when Amy stopped him and said, “Hold it! Didn’t Nicole mention to you that our pool is a “Clothing is not an option” pool?”

Ryan’s face showed puzzlement as he tried to decipher this corruption of the more familiar “Clothing optional” swimming designation.

As the girls giggled at Ryan’s befuddlement, Ron stepped up to the edge of the pool, slipped off his swim trunks, and dove in.

“Oh!” Ryan gasped, nodding his head as he looked back and forth between the two girls as they stood there, watching him, expectantly. Then, as if he were complying with the inevitable, Ryan shrugged and slowly pushed his swim suit down and kicked it off.

The girls giggled with excitement as they eagerly checked out the boy’s equipment, only the second adult penis either of them had ever seen. After having these two beautiful girls prancing around naked in front of him, the boy’s cock was semi-tumescent, standing out above his dangling balls in a downward arc. Sun-deprived, Ryan’s penis was pink, rather than the rich, sun-bronzed tan of Ron’s organ, and the purple of its semi-engorged head contrasted more obviously with the pale, pinkish shaft than did Ron’s.

Embarrassed by his partial arousal, and fearful of what it portended if the girls continued their close inspection of his swelling organ, Ryan quickly dove into the pool.

The cool water dampened the acute effects of his arousal and allowed Ryan to relax and grow comfortable with their nudity as they played in the pool. As the group played with a large beach ball, güvenilir bahis siteleri he took frequent underwater forays to observe the girl’s lovely, naked bodies beneath the surface as they bounced the ball back and forth between themselves.

After a few minutes, Ron swam over to the broad concrete steps in the shallow end and sat back on the top step, supporting himself with his elbows, while laying his head back on the deck coping. His butt rested on the edge of the first step with his balls just touching the surface of the water. He looked out across the pool as the other three continued to bounce the ball around.

As he gazed down along his outstretched body, Ron felt a tingling in his loins and watched as his prick slowly rose between his thighs. After a few moments, his penis stood fully erect, pointing stiffly at the sky.

“Ahhhh…” Ron quietly sighed, clenching his buttocks and thrusting his hard-on upward, thinking about how good it felt to have a nice, solid erection, outdoors, with the warm sun shining down on it.

Nicole noticed Ron sitting on the steps and swam closer, soon followed by Amy. As the girls left the game, Ryan saw Ron, now laid out on the steps, his penis standing at full attention. He gasped in shock, knowing how embarrassed he had felt a few minutes before when his own semi-erection was seen by the girls. Now, there was Ron, comfortably at ease, with his penis proudly erect and on display for all to see.

The two girls sat on the lower step, flanking Ron on either side, gazing at his erect penis. Nicole turned her head and looked out at her brother who was standing in the shallow water a few feet away. She held out her hand and said, “C’mon up here, Ryan, and let us get a look at you, too.”

“Yeah,” Amy said, reaching out her hand, “c’mon, Ryan.”

Ryan raised his arms and grasped the girls’ hands, reluctantly allowing them to drag him up to the steps. Amy moved to the side, making room for Ryan to sit on the step next to Ron, settling him back on his elbows in the same manner. The girl’s sat on either side of the boys, their eyes going back and forth expectantly between Ron’s big, hard, sun-bronzed erection and Ryan’s small, pink, flaccid cock laying atop his tight scrotum.

Ryan nervously twitched, as he lay there under the girls’ close scrutiny, as well as the intimidating presence of Ron’s proudly standing erection, right there next to him.

Sensing the other boy’s discomfort, Ron nudged him with his elbow and said, “Don’t sweat it, man. Just relax and let it happen. I promise you, you’ll be glad you did!”

“Oh, yes…” Nicole purred softly, “just look at the reward you might receive…” She raised her hand and touched her fingertip to the underside of Ron’s rigid prick and tenderly caressed it. Then she gently wrapped her tiny hand around the boy’s thick, hard shaft and slowly pumped it up and down.

Ryan gasped and wriggled his butt nervously, his eyes locked on his sister’s pale little hand wrapped around Ron’s long, thick, bronzed shaft.

Nicole smiled at the look on her brother’s face as he watched her stroke Ron’s penis. “Oh, yes!” she said. “And then there might even be this!”

She leaned forward and lashed her tongue across the smooth, broad surface of Ron’s engorged cock-head while keeping her eyes on her brother’s face. She smiled wickedly at the wide-eyed shock she saw there. Now she touched her lips to the tip of Ron’s upthrust organ and sucked that big, rubbery knob into her mouth. Ron groaned and tensed his butt as she gently sucked on his swollen glans while she slid her hand up and down his throbbing shaft. She heard her brother make a gurgling sound and saw his body squirm. She looked at his cock and saw it twitch a few times, then begin to rise. She began bobbing her head up and down, sliding more and more of Ron’s long, hard cock in and out of her mouth.

Nicole felt the excitement stirring deep in her belly as she watched her brother’s penis grow longer and longer, surprisingly so, considering how it had begun. It straightened out, rose to the vertical, then arced over his abdomen, in a graceful curve.

Now it was Nicole’s turn to stare in wide-eyed wonder. Letting Ron’s cock slip from her mouth, she sat up and stared in awe at her brother’s erect penis.

“Ohhh, my god…” she gasped, amazed that her brother’s relatively puny appendage had been, in seconds, transformed into such an impressive organ. While, in fact, shorter than Ron’s eight-inch shaft, Ryan’s more slender organ made it appear to be quite long.

Amy, too, felt her heart jump up into her throat as she watched the boy’s rather small, flaccid penis rise to such an impressive extant. She felt the butterflies of excitement stirring deep in her belly as she stared at this, the second erect penis she had ever seen, comparing it to the first one she had ever seen, just a few inches away.

Oohing and aahing, the two girls eagerly examined the two erect penises, so prominently on display iddaa siteleri for them. Pointing out and commenting to each other, they compared and contrasted the two very different looking organs. One, long and thick, massive and powerful looking, was a sun-bronzed obelisk pointing straight up at the sky, capped with a huge helmet-shaped knob with a flared edge. The other was long and slender, more delicate looking, with a smooth, graceful, upward curve, exposing its underside to the sun overhead. Its shaft was pale and pink while its engorged glans was a contrasting purple. Not as bulbous as Ron’s cock-head, Ryan’s sleeker glans flared less around its edge, complementing its more slender shaft.

While the two girls were preoccupied by their observations, Ron nudged Ryan. When he turned to look at him, Ron smiled knowingly and said, “It’s pretty cool to have two beautiful chicks looking at your cock with such obvious interest, isn’t it?”

Ryan nodded. “Yeah, it sure is!”

“I told you, you didn’t have to be embarrassed to let them see you get a hard-on… and that you sure wouldn’t be sorry if you did,” Ron said. “Was I right or was I right?”

“Oh, you were right, alright,” Ryan replied, still smiling. Then he started. Looking back at his crotch, he saw that Amy had wrapped her hand around his long, slender shaft. Then he saw her reach over and wrap her other hand around Ron’s stiffly upthrust cock. After a moment, Nicole reached out and grasped Ron’s hard-on, too, then her brother’s with her other hand. There was plenty of room for both girls’ dainty little hands to grip the two boys’ long, stiff shafts, one above the other.

“Ohhhhh, shit…” Ryan groaned as the two girls tenderly stroked both boys’ cocks in unison.

“You ever have two girls stroke your cock before?” Ron asked.

“Well…uhhh” Ryan groaned, clenching his ass and thrusting his cock upward as the girls tenderly caressed it. “I…uhhh…actually, I never had even one girl stroke it before…not like this…wide-open, where you can see it and all! It’s not like having a girl just rubbing it through your pants!”

“Yeah, being able to watch them touch it is a big part of the thrill!” Ron said. “And these girls seem to have figured that out. The visual part of it. That’s why your sister started blowing me when she wanted to see you get a hard -on. And, sure enough, you popped right up there!”

“Yeah…seeing my own sister stick that big cock of yours in her mouth was pretty hot!”

“So you never had a chick directly touch your dick, before?” Ron asked. “You’re still a virgin then?”

Ryan started, then sheepishly admitted, “Uhhh…well…yes, I am. There’s not much chance for interaction with girls at an all-boys school like I was going to for the last year.”

Ron chuckled at the boy’s uncomfortable admission. “Hey, no judgement here, friend,” he said. “I was in the same boat as you until just a few days ago. “And I’ve even had a year of co-ed community college.”

“Ahhhhhhhh…” Ron groaned with pleasure, arching his body and thrusting his hard-on upward as the girl’s hands caressingly stroked it. “I feel like I’m in a whole new world, now.”

Amy pulled Ryan’s up-curved shaft downward toward her and began swirling her tongue around and around the head of the boy’s prick, then, after a few moments, slipped her lips over it and gently sucked as she caressed its smooth surface with her tongue.

“Ohhhhhh…shit….” Ryan groaned, his ass writhing against the concrete step.

“So, I assume this is your first blowjob, too, right?” Ron asked.

“Uhhh-huh…” Ryan gasped.

Nicole, taking her cue from Amy, took Ron’s big knob into her mouth. She dropped her hand from the boy’s shaft and cupped her fingers around his balls.

Amy, seeing what her friend had done, followed suit, releasing Ryan’s shaft and scooping up his balls. Now, both girls began bobbing their heads up and down, sliding several inches of the boy’s cocks in and out of their mouths and fondling their balls, while each held the other boy’s penis in place for the other girl.

“Ohhhhh…ohhhhh…ohhhhh.” Ryan moaned raggedly as he watched the two beautiful girls’ heads bob up and down, sliding the boys’ upthrust cocks in and out of their mouths.

“Pretty awesome, isn’t it?” Ron said, nudging the other boy again.

“Yeah…” Ryan grunted through gritted teeth.

Ron realized that the other boy was probably close to coming and figured he probably needed a distraction. “Have you ever had a close-up look at a girl’s pussy?” he asked.

“Noooo…” Ryan groaned, his butt writhing.

Ron put his hand on Amy’s head and stopped her. “Hey, sis,” he said, “come up here and give Ryan a look at that cute little cunt of yours. He’s never seen one before!”

Amy let Ryan’s cock slip out of her mouth and she smiled up at the boys. “Sure,” she said. She rose up from the water and stood on the step next to Ryan, rivulets of water running down her slender, young body, dripping from her pert, round breasts and taut, erect nipples. The sun glistened and glinted on droplets of water caught in the golden stands of her neat little pubic muff.

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