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My best friend and I are walking around the bathhouse kind of bored. Neither of us have gotten off yet. We tried, unsuccessfully, earlier to fuck this guy. He couldn”t take either of our dicks. We are best friends and both 100% top. Even if I were verse there is no way I could take his cock. It”s thick… literal beer can thick and thick from head to base. I”m almost as thick but have about an inch on him measuring about 8 inches and mine tapers and is thicker at the base. Together we like to tag team bottoms. That is how we met a few years ago. I was plowing this twink in the TV room and he came in and asked me if he could plow the kid”s throat. I loved the fact that he didn”t ask the kid and asked me instead. The kid looked worried about the size of his cock, but didn”t/couldn”t complain once he had it all shoved in. I liked this guy”s style.

Anyway, he always has issues fucking because he would basically bludgeon their holes. Yes, a select few this works for but not the majority. So, the setup is they slick his pole up with their mouth while I ease their hole open and lube up their hole with my seed. We both get a tight hole to fuck. It”s a win for both of us. The boys come looking for us when we are out, but we rarely repeat.

This shit was getting boring and we both needed to nut. We both heard someone getting it hard somewhere in the bathhouse. So, we walk around the bathhouse to pinpoint the location. I am pretty sure we find the room it”s happening in as the sounds are pretty loud. “Is that bitch crying?” I ask. He looks at me, grins and says, “I sure hope so.”

I knock on the door and ask, “Need any help?” The guy inside replies with “Nope, you can have the whore when I”m done coring his cunt out.” Perfect Alpha top response.

We proceed kocaeli escort to do a few more laps, it”s getting late and the crowd is thinning out. As we pass the door again my friend knocks this time. The door opens to a guy I”ve never seen before. He leaves the door open wide and we follow him inside. “You can have him when I”m finished.” He says while shoving his large cock inside him. We both let out a small gasp as we watched the entire length sink in. This was the hottest thing we had witnessed in months as he brutally assaulted his hole. This whore was going be perfect for spit roasting.

We both got hard watching him take all the abuse given. The guy roared “TAKE THIS FUCKING LOAD CUNT!” as he blasted his load inside. After he finished, he just smiled and said, “Have fun boys” and left as another guy came in.

The guy in the sling looked a bit dazed as I pressed my cock to his hole. He looked at me and said, “I need to take a brea…”. It was too late my friend was shoving his cock into his mouth. There was a look of disbelief across his face that I found amusing. He was here to get fucked and fucked he was going to get. With confidence I slammed it in and held it there. Still tight and juicy. His eyes were open wide and his attempt at screaming only gave pleasure to my friend who had only managed to force about half his cock down the guys throat.

“Well look here” I said as I pointed to his chest. My friend snickered. “He”s about to double that number.”

“I don”t think anyone has used his throat yet, it”s pretty tight.”

“I”m positive you can change that.” I smiled as I replied.

I kept fucking his hole. He was different than most of the bottoms we fuck. The guy before us should have left him sloppy and loose but I”ll be damned if he wasn”t still tight. This just made me want to kocaeli escort bayan fuck him harder. I could see he was having struggles taking all the cock in his throat. Every 30 seconds or so my friend would let him get a small gasp of air before he wedged his cock back in. He loves making them struggle and I love the way the struggle feels on my dick.

I start to really lay into him. No matter how hard I fuck him his walls stayed wrapped around my cock tightly. I grab onto his thighs and pull his entire body to the base of my cock causing my friends cock to pop out of his mouth. Eyes bugging out gasping for air he let out a raspy grunt. You could tell that this guy got more than he bargained for this evening.

A lot of whores do. They come here with some fantasy about getting fucked by 20 guys in one night. We can thank Dawson for that. In reality most of them get loaded up once or twice then go home and jerk off about it for the rest of their lives. That one night I got bred in the bathhouse…

Then there are the special ones. The ones where it changes them. Something shifts. They find that their true purpose was to have their cunt used by men. Real men.

My friend steps forward and lodges his cock in the guy”s throat. We look at each other and both know what to do next.

We both start pumping in unison towards each other stuffing him with cock on both ends. Each time we get a little more forceful. His ass ring feels virgin tight around my cock. I swear it feels like a second mouth sucking my dick.

My buddy is looking me directly in my eyes, he knows I am going to blow if I keep going at this rate. He has a mischievous glint in his eyes and plunges his cock in all the way and holds it there while I keep pounding away feeling my load slowly build.

The bottom starts moving izmit escort his arms around. He”s trying desperately to push my friend from him so he can breathe. My friend just grabs his arms pulls out his cock and lets him get a short gasp in and shoves it back and keeps it there.

Needless to say, he starts struggling as his air is depleted again and that just makes his hole work my cock. His hole is pulsating, and I am so close to blasting him full…then it happened. His cock jumped in his jockstrap and a spurt of cum came to the surface of the fabric. Nothing”s better than fucking a bottom that has an anal orgasm. That”s all it took for me to push all the way in to unload. I felt like I had lava spewing from my cock. I looked him in his eyes and could see he acknowledged each spurt. My friend pulled out leaving him struggling to get oxygen back in his system as I slowly pulled out my now deflating cock.

We then changed positions and he had a look of disbelief as I told him to clean my cock. Distracted by this my friend savagely shoved the entire length into him and in turn I did the same, stifling a scream from him.

My friend continued to fuck him like he was on a mission. I could see the desperation in his eyes. He needed to shoot his load.

My cock finally deflated, and I pulled it out of his mouth to be met with a chorus of grunts and groans from the bottom. I took stock of the room and realized that I forgot about the third guy in the room. He was standing just left of the door jerking a comically huge thick cock. There is no way a human being could fit that up in them unless they were into fisting.


My friend continues to hate fuck him, he is going to blow soon. If I hadn”t just emptied every last drop of cum from my nuts I would have gotten hard again. Then I hear is… a low grunt… it starts growing into a roar… He grabs the whores legs and shoves in as deep as he can and blows his wad. The guy in the slings eyes bug out. He can”t even make a sound. You can tell he is a broken man now…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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