Becoming a Cum Bunny Ch. 01

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My husband and I met when we were in high school. I was a bright-eyed virgin of 16 and he was a worldly 18-year old. We started innocently enough but by the time I turned 18, he had introduced me to the world of sex and very quickly after that, the fun of lingerie and dressing sexy and posing for his camera.

We progressed quickly into all matter of sexy attire and the way I looked and felt made me feel sexy and desirable, something I had never felt before. And, it made me tremendously horny. I was surprised at how it, but I loved the way I looked and felt with lingerie and sexy undergarments on. It ignited a fire in my young and inexperienced pussy.

Pantyhose that I wore as a young teenage woman gave way to stockings and garters when I was with Roger. The feeling of the stockings on my legs under a dress and how I looked without the dress were very addicting. He eagerly bought me a full array of colors and styles and both he and I were particularly turned on by back-seamed stockings. When I would wear them I felt like everyone who saw me knew that I was wearing stockings and the men would be fantasizing about how I looked without the dress.

Panties became a rarity when he and I would go out. I loved both how the air felt on my pussy and how naughty it made me feel. The thought of being naked under my skirt in a crowded bar, restaurant or theater or anywhere else made me excited and anxious to fuck. Having his hand slide up the inside of my thigh to that exposed portion just above my stocking tops set my pussy on fire. There were many times that he slid his hand up until he found my hard clit and dripping pussy. And many times that, in a bar or restaurant, he would lightly caress my clit under my skirt and bring me to orgasm right there.

We were in Kansas City for a weekend and out to a jazz club one weekend and of course, I was wearing a dress, stockings, garter and heels. Where we were sitting, there was a short wall to separate us from the row of lower tables between us and the stage. So, we had a little privacy below the table and Roger positioned himself between me and any prying eyes from others on our same level.

As the music and the alcohol worked their magic on my libido Roger slipped his hand up under my dress and massaged his way up the inside of my thigh over my stocking and then up to the bare thigh above. As the sexy music continued the waiter stopped by to ask if we wanted another drink. By now Roger had his hand placed so that his pinkie finger was brushing against my engorged clit.

I was in a little bit of a trance and was startled by the waiter. A fresh round of drinks were ordered as Roger slid his hand further up my skirt so that his hand was onto my pubic mound and his fingers on my lips and clit. Looking up at the waiter, I spread my legs a little to give him access to my very wet pussy. I slid down a little bit to better position my pussy for access.

Then the waiter appeared with our drinks. Before he could set them on the table, Roger slid a finger across my clit and into my dripping pussy.

I gasped and the waiter looked at me as he sat my drink in front of me.

“Everything ok?” The waiter inquired.

‘Yes, thank you. You startled me. I was paying attention to the music,” I replied, somewhat embarrassed.

Roger slide his finger deeper into my pussy.

I bit my lip.

“I hope you are enjoying yourself.” The waiter said with a smile.

Roger swirled his finger in my pussy.

“Oh yes. The music and drinks are wonderful.” I know that I was about 6 shades of red.

Roger moved his finger to my clit and I bit my lip again.

The waiter moved in a little closer. “I hope you have a great time tonight.”

Roger rubbed my clit while the waiter talked with me.

“Oh yes.” My voice was breathy and shaky and I was on the verge of orgasm. “I’m sure that I’m going to have a ball.”

Roger slid his fingers back into my cunt.

The waiter caught me glancing at his crotch. I flushed and my sweet hubby swirled his fingers.

“Enjoy yourself. I’ll be here to take care of you, if you like.” The waiter said with a smile again. I’m sure that he knew what was happening under the table.

My pussy started to convulse with him right there… I held my breath and turned toward the stage.

“Thank you.” I managed to say as I turned now heading toward full orgasm.

I bit my lip and my eyes rolled back and my body shuddered. I came hard as Roger fucked me with his fingers.

We sat for another hour and enjoyed the music with Roger’s fingers continuing to massage and play with my now soaking pussy until I got so horny that I needed to be fucked.

The waiter returned a couple of times and I’m sure he knew that Roger had his fingers in me. As he stood next to us looking down on me I could see that he was positioning himself so that he could look down my blouse and thus see Roger’s hand up under my skirt. I made it obvious as my gaze dropped from his eyes down ankara escort to the bulge in his pants which now was quite large. Knowing that he was turned on by me was and amazing jolt to my already heightened sexual state.

I leaned in close to Roger and said to him, “I need your cock.”

Roger replied slyly, “What?”

I said louder, “I need to fuck!” just as the music ended. It was obvious that everyone near us heard me.

He waived to the waiter and the crowd around us smiled and leered. I was quite embarrassed but my pussy was on a higher degree of fire now.

He dropped cash on the ticket to cover the ticket and an ample tip and said thank you to the waiter.

“Oh no, thank you two. I’ve enjoyed the show too.” The waiter said with a wink. “Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

As we walked out I could feel my juices dripping down the inside of my thighs. The cool evening air on my wet pussy was like a jolt of lightning to my clit.

When we reached the parking lot and our car I pulled Roger close and kissed him and unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard throbbing cock. He was wet with precum.

I broke our kiss and whispered to him, “Fuck me now.” And I turned around and pulled my skirt up and guided his cock to me. In an instant he pushed deep in me, burying himself up to his balls in my sloppy pussy. I let out a moan and he pulled all the way out.

“Fuck me now. I said with a little more insistence. He pushed deep in, burying his cock again.

“Oh… Yes…” I moaned

He stroked my pussy with his cock in long full strokes, pulling out until just the head spread my lips apart, then driving deep in me. Slow at first, but quickly speeding up as he was not going to last long.

I came quickly as well and as my pussy clenched around his cock he said he was cumming and pulled from me. I swirled around and dropped to my knees just in time for him to blow his first stream onto my face. It was so hot and thick. I wrapped my lips around him and he pumped three more shots into my mouth as I milked him and swallowed his cum. It was hot and thick and I milked him dry.

Some other patrons were coming out to the parking lot and I quickly got up and got my skirt situated and Roger let me into the passenger side of the car and quickly moved around to the driver’s side and got in. As we passed the patrons I noticed that it was a couple that was sitting next to us. I smiled as we passed them and the woman pointed at my face and smiled back.

As we pulled out of the parking lot I realized that the woman was pointing to the huge stream of cum on my face.

As our experimentation continued, wearing a bra became wearing a half-cup bra where my nipples were flush against my blouse and yet my breasts were nicely supported or going braless. My small but perky breasts would bounce when I walked and my nipples would get hard and sensitive. The soft material of my blouse or dress would rub against my nipples and stimulate them to no end. Just putting on my half-bra would make my pussy tingle.

It was the age of disco and thin polyester was all the rage. My dear hubby bought me a light blue thin polyester disco dress. I’d wear it, my stockings and garter, half-cup bra and heels and nothing else. I felt like I was naked in public and every evening out turned into a hot fuck somewhere along the way or back at my apartment or our hotel. Roger would dance with his hands massaging my nearly bare ass and I could feel his cock harden against my tummy. Both men and women would stare at my perky tits and hard nipples through the material thin enough that it outlined my full nipple and areola.

We’d stop in parks or parking lots or back alleys on the way home and I’d suck him off in the car or he’d bend me over the hood of the car and ram his cock into me until we both came.

I started to notice that more and more I wanted his cum on me when he came. I’d spin around in the alley and drop to my knees just in time to wrap my lips around his cock or jack it off onto my breasts and face or he’d pull out and paint my ass with his huge loads. I loved how it felt on my skin and how naughty I felt when I got home. Many times after getting to my apartment I would get undressed and then run my hands over the dry cum and finger my pussy after he left and cum harder than before.

When we got married, I wore white stockings, a white garter and a white half bra under my wedding dress and, of course, no panties. In the reception line I could feel my pussy getting wet just knowing that I was pantiless with all our friends and family there. The naughty feeling made me very horny and anxious.

In the elevator of the hotel Roger tried to get under the layer upon layer of my dress and we nearly got caught with my dress up. When we got to the room he pulled me over to the bed and stripped me out of my wedding gown. He didn’t know what I had been wearing under the dress and he instantly started to kiss and lick my body. I rolled over on mersin escort top of him in 69 and had an orgasm by his tongue as I sucked his cock. Even though we had been having sex for years, the sexual tension was amazing.

He was fucking me from behind and he grunted that he was cumming and I pulled from him and turned over and dropped to the floor just in time to watch a long stream of cum launch from the tip of his cock and spray all over my breasts, face and legs. He stood over me jacking his cock and a second and third shorter streams launched and landed in my mouth and on my face.

We went to bed just as we were that night, me in my stockings, garter and half bra and covered in his cum and him in his just his socks.

It wasn’t long before he talked me into shaving my pussy. I wasn’t so sure of myself to use a blade and shaving cream so I used my electric razor that I shaved my legs with. By the time I was clean, the buzzing had set me off on one orgasm already.

I came out of the bedroom in just my stockings and garter and heels to show my anxiously waiting husband. My pussy was dripping wet and my clit was so sensitive. I modeled my new look and the stockings and garter framed my pussy perfectly. As I walked and showed off I was getting more and more horny.

“Can I get a closer look?” He asked, almost begging. First I bent over in front of him to give him the rear view and then I sat down on the bed and I laid back and hoisted my legs high and spread them wide apart to give him a full view of my swollen lips that were oozing juice and a clit that was as big and hard as I’ve ever seen it.

I peeked up over my breasts and between my legs. “Like a taste?” I asked him. In an instant he was between my legs and had his tongue and mouth on me and I was cumming hard in his mouth in no time.

We were supposed to go out to dinner that night but we were both so turned on that we sucked and fucked all night long. The feeling of his cock on and in my bare pussy was unimaginably sexy. I could feel his skin, the slickness of his cock as it oozed precum, the heat of his head as it spread my lips and pushed deep into me. His pubic hair tickled my clit and lips. It was amazing!

As I rode him I could see my reflection in the mirror of the closet door, my bare cunt enveloping his hard shaft as I slid up and down on him. I was suddenly mesmerized, watching my pussy devour his cock all the way to his balls. My eyes were fixed and my motions started to mimic what I could do… I raised up until his head was spreading my bare lips and then I dropped down and rammed the full length of him into me up to his balls. I was making myself cum quickly by watching my pussy devour him.

As I was entertaining myself so much I didn’t pay attention to Roger’s reactions. I was so absorbed in watching my pussy that I didn’t know that he was very close. I raised up and pulled him all the way out so that I could see his head spreading my lips, then put my full weight down and drove him up to his balls.

Again… All the way out then full depth into me. I was close to cumming and completely absorbed in my own pleasure.



And then just as I dropped down and drove his cock up to his balls into me I felt him shudder and he grunted loudly. I could feel his cock erupting deep in me… Pulsing and emptying his balls deep in my cunt… My finger instinctively dropped to my clit and its motion on my clit sent me over the edge.

My eyes rolled back into my head as I came hard and long… still feeling him pulsing inside me.

I opened my eyes and looked into the mirror. His cock was deep up to the balls and there was thick white cum oozing from out of my pussy. It jump-started me and I started grinding my hips and watching as it oozed out more and more. Pretty soon I was cumming so hard I pushed his cock and the thick mixture of our cum out of my pussy.

The next night we were planning to go to a party and I shaved it down again and put my stockings and garter on and dressed leaving my panties off. The evening was a dinner party with friends at someone’s home and there I was getting into the car with the wind blowing on my shaved pussy.

I felt so sexy and very naughty.

As we sat and talked with friends, I thought about what they didn’t know – that my pussy was shaved clean and I had no panties on. Oh God, I felt naughty. If they only knew they would have all been shocked. I was such a goody-two-shoes and everyone thought that I was so innocent and naive. I caught Roger’s eye and I very carefully crossed and uncrossed my legs and he knew that I was thinking about my pussy. He smiled and winked at me. I uncrossed them again and crossed them slowly. The motion was squeezing my big lips and clit. I could feel that I was wet and my juices were running down the insides of my thighs.

Roger was grinning at me and I sensed that he was seeing something and I looked down and my nipples were hard as rocks under my dress. I quickly izle crossed my arms to cover up and shifted so that no one else would notice.

When we sat down for dinner I sat with my legs spread slightly under the table and could feel the breeze from the air conditioning flowing across my wet pussy. Roger slid his hand under the table discreetly and up the inside of my thigh running from my stocking up to the bare thigh above. I know that he wanted to feel my pussy and I wanted him to. But we were in very close contact with everyone else.

I felt so naughty…

After that, I never wore panties again under a dress, whether at work or out for the evening. And I haven’t to this day. I love the feeling…me dressed in a light flowing dress, stockings and garter and a bald pussy was and is unimaginably sexy. Roger has slid his hand under my skirt in restaurants, cabs, the car, wherever. And depending on where we were at he might slip a finger across my clit and I’d almost cum right there.

On one cab ride in DC he made me cum before we made it from National to our hotel. On a subway ride in Pittsburgh he pinned me standing against a seat and fucked me from behind while there were people at the other end of the car. It was all about easy access…

I felt so naughty… It turned me on so much.

Eventually he convinced me to be more daring in my outer dress, exploring with button-down skirts where I would unbutton as many as I was comfortable with. At first a couple of the lower buttons unbuttoned, showing off a little bit of leg. Eventually, I would unbutton more, showing off more leg. Then to the point where I would have only the top couple buttons done, which meant that I was showing off the tops of my stockings and sometimes my pussy as I walked or sat.

The public exposure made me incredibly horny. And Roger’s cock was always hard and ready always.

Eventually, I started wearing shirt dresses where I could unbutton the dress from both the top and the bottom, so that when I walked, the dress or skirt parted to give anyone a peek at the tops of my stockings or when we sat at the restaurant table, the waiter or waitress could get a peek down my top at my nipple held proudly by the half cup bra.

Each outing led to hot sex when we got home or back to our hotel. And when we couldn’t wait to get back to our hotel or home it would lead to quickie fucks in semi-public areas.

There wasn’t an evening when we were out of town that didn’t include me exposing to someone in some way whether showing off my stocking tops or giving a waiter a great view down my blouse. All making both of us tremendously horny.

Yet I had to keep my innocent appearance in our own town. When we traveled I would wear more and more daring attire. But when we were in our home town I was straight and innocent. I spent years perfecting my PTA-Mom appearance even if I was wearing stockings garter and no panties. No one knew that I had an exposure fetish.

When we traveled, Roger would buy me semi-sheer and sheer blouses to go with my button down skirts, so the half bra showed off my breasts all of the time. But being in the Midwest, there was a need for me to wear a blazer to keep from getting arrested. But, still the thrill of putting my breasts on display and a bald and available pussy underneath kept my sex drive in constant motion.

I would relish in letting my blazer fall open at the restaurant table to let Roger have a glimpse of my breasts and hard nipples knowing that his cum would boil in his balls and his cock would be hard through the entire dinner.

While at dinner in a particularly nice restaurant while in Kansas City on vacation, I realized that since I had not buttoned up the jacket, the waiter was getting a very nice view of my right nipple. I was wondering why he was standing in one certain spot and was giving us a great deal of attention to detail as he served us. I looked up to answer a question and realized that he was staring right down my front, so much he didn’t realize at first that he had gotten caught. An instant flush of sexual lust drove through my body.

I was hooked.

All through the rest of dinner, I gave the waiter more and more views of my breasts, at one point raising my hands above my shoulders as if to stretch in my seat, spreading my jacket wide and giving him and patron at a neighboring table a full view of my breasts proudly on display in my half-cup black bra, nipples hard as rocks and about the size of gumdrops. I stretched for a full four seconds while the waiter walked closer, only dropping my arms when he reached the table.

By now, he was openly smiling at me, acknowledging that he was enjoying the show as much as I was enjoying showing.

The effect on me was unparalleled. My nipples were hard enough that they almost hurt and my pussy was leaking massive amounts of juice. I looked over at my husband and the smile on his face told me that he approved. Of course he did, he was going to drive his hard cock deep into my silky smooth pussy as much as he could stand.

Roger settled up the bill with the waiter and before the waiter turned to leave, the waiter smiled at me and said, “Thank you for sharing. You made my day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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