Becoming Baby Girl (Part 1)

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Johnny Adams was a nervous skinny blond. He stood only five foot four and weighed only one hundred fifteen pounds. His hay colored hair, full lips and big blue eyes earned him the nickname Lady Johnny because of his frail, feminine features. He spent most of his time with the pretty girls in school, talking about fashion and boys. Because he was constantly bullied and teased by the boys, he had no male companionship in his High School years. At seventeen and a half years old, he couldn’t wait to put high school behind him.

Johnny was nervous as he walked through the halls at school. He wondered if anyone knew what he had done with Darnell and the other two men at his house over the weekend. Darnell was the school security guard. A twenty-two-year-old, six foot four, African American man. He was friendly, very handsome and he was there to keep the dregs of society away from the students. occasionally, he would walk a bullied student home after an incident.

It all started when he was bullied by the football team because he refused to shower. He was so upset that coach Boglin, the PE instructor, had the security guard walk him home. On the long walk through the park, Darnell asked Johnny a fun little riddle, “If my balls were resting on your chin, where would my cock be?”

Johnny knew the answer. He had heard the stories and the giggles from the girls, and everyone knew how desperately he wanted to try it. “I don’t know.” He answered shyly.

“Come on, I’ll show you. You want to find out, don’t you?” The security guard smiled as he led Johnny to the baseball diamond at the edge of the park.

Johnny allowed the man to lead him to the dark entrance of the diamonds dugout and followed him down the steps into the concrete block room under the bleachers. “Sit down here, and we can find out if my balls can reach your chin.” He pushed him lightly on the shoulder and Johnny obediently sat in front of the man and looked up into his smiling face.

Darnell pulled his fly down and pulled out his growing penis, offering it to Johnny. “Go ahead, put it in your mouth. Kiss it if you want.” He offered.

Johnny gazed with awe at the giant erection for a moment. His own penis was only two or three inches when erect, and this man’s dick must have been at least nine, and it was so very thick, he thought before taking the organ between his lips, I wonder if it will hurt when he pops my cherry?

He felt desperately horny from the act, and his own erection grew in his pants. Johnny sucked the cock eagerly, and Darnell gently said, “Yah, you like that, don’t you? Move your head around and use your tongue, like you’re jacking me off with your mouth.”

Johnny obeyed and soon, he could taste a sweet saltiness come from Darnell’s cock. Darnell suddenly pulled the wonderful organ from Johnny’s greedy lips and said, “Oh, shit. I’m gonna nut.” He stepped back and away, stroking himself, and his cock shot out a powerful stream of cum, followed by three lesser ejaculations.

Johnny’s body trembled with passion, and he didn’t want to stop, so he reached for Darnell’s hips, trying to get more of the wonderful organ. He took the deflating cock into his mouth and sucked on it, trying to make it hard again.

Darnell chuckled as he pulled away saying, “Your sprung on my black dick. Aren’t you boy? That’s all you get today, tomorrow I’ll walk you home again. Okay?” He tucked his cock back into his pants, stood Johnny up and kissed him deeply.

Johnny’s knees buckled, so Darnell helped him sit back down on the bench. “I’m sorry.” He said, “I’m so damn horny that my whole body is shaking.”

Darnell smiled, sweetly and caressed Johnny’s face. He kissed him gently and said, “It’s okay, it’s always like this the first time. I’m going to go take a leak in the men’s room, and you just sit here and compose yourself.” And he left Johnny alone for a moment.

Alone now, Johnny thought about how much he enjoyed sucking dick and the taste of his cum. He touched his lips and looked down at the ejaculate on the dirty, concrete floor and regretted not getting to taste more of it. He sighed and laughed at what a cock whore he had become in only moments. Just this afternoon, he was saying, ewe, I’ll never do that! while at lunch, giggling with the girls, and now, he couldn’t wait till tomorrow, so he could do it again. He laughed out loud, stood and brushed his pants off, and went out to wait for Darnell by the restroom entrance.

Darnell emerged from the restroom to find Johnny waiting for him. “There you are.” He said amiably, “You feel a little better now? Which way to your house?”

“Oh, it’s just down the street here.” He answered, pointing down the street. “The really dangerous part is this park. I’ve been jumped in this park a hundred times I bet. I even got beat up by a girl who said I’m going to hell for painting my nails. I can just imagine what she would have done if she knew we did that.” He gestured behind to the dugout and smiled cheerfully.

Darnell looked concerned, “Hey bro, you should have spoken up. We don’t tolerate bullying at our school.”

Johnny shrugged, “It’s no big deal. Listen, did I do it okay? Can we really do it again tomorrow?”

“Shit, yes we can, and twice on Sundays if you want.” Darnell smiled enthusiastically and started to walk towards his house.

Johnny walked in step with the man and said, “Darnell, would be okay if you didn’t pull it out when you’re getting your nut? Would you mind it if I could, like, suck it till you finished?” He looked down at his feet as he walked, and hugged his backpack, preparing for a beating.

Darnell answered, “Yah, we can do whatever you want, we can experiment and figure out what you like back at my place if you can get away.”

They kocaeli escort walked in silence for a short time and Johnny said, “Well, thanks for walking me home. I leave here at seven to go to school, but I can leave a little early if you want to meet me before class somewhere.”

Darnell smiled and, as he turned to walk away, he said, “Sounds good. I’ll be waiting in the dugout in the morning.”

“Hi Johnny, how was your weekend?” It was Bonnie Echos, one of the girls from his home economics class and lunch-mates. Bonnie, an Irish American girl, who was also a senior, with milky white skin, big dark, almost black eyes and a mane of shiny, black, curly hair. Bonnie enjoyed wearing high heels to school and she stood a good two inches taller than Johnny, and she looked down at him waiting for an answer.

“Oh, um, it was an okay weekend. I went camping with some friends.” He said, “How was your weekend?” He walked towards class with her in tow.

Bonnie knew the camping story was bullshit. She knew that Johnny’s idea of camping was motel 6, an ounce or two of weed, his makeup bag and collection of women’s clothing and underwear. “Did you have a glam night, and not invite me? I called your house to invite you to Lisa’s party and your mom gave me that lame story.” She wheedled him for the rest of the walk to class.

In class, Mrs. Eichenberger was teaching the class how to sew rayon fabric on the sewing machine. She held up a large swatch of cloth and said, “I know, it’s an orgy of colors, but it was free so, today you’ll be making scarves on your sewing machines.”

Johnny turned beet red, and Bonnie giggled at the word, “orgy”. Lance Gonzalez, the football teams’ quarterback, patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t let the dirty talk bother you, Johnny. It’s just a scarf.”

Bonnie suppressed a laugh and pinched Johnny, an arrangement they had to keep him flaccid around the quarterback. Johnny had a serious crush.

Class went on without incident, and as the throng of students were leaving the classroom, Bonnie casually said, “Lance, did you know that Johnny likes to go camping?” She put her arm around Johnny’s waist and pulled him to her.

Lance, a tall, graceful young man, paused as he looked back at the couple. “Really?” He asked in disbelief. “I can’t picture Johnny in a pup-tent, in a sleeping bag.” He smiled at her with a twinkle in his eye that made Johnny swoon.

Bonnie, wide eyed and in mock earnest said, “It’s true, he was gone all weekend on some fishing trip or something or the other.” She held Johnny tighter, making sure he couldn’t get away.

Johnny pulled away from her and said, “Fine. I didn’t go camping. My dad was on some business trip and my stepmom felt that I could use some me time to ground my chakras.”

Bonnie looked to Lance and back to Johnny. She took Johnny’s hands and said, “I knew it!”

“You ladies want to go camping this weekend?” Lance waited for an answer.

“Lance, I have never been camping in my life. I don’t know if I would be good company in the wilderness.” Johnny said.

“Don’t be silly, of course we can go.” Bonnie said. “Are we going to go fishing?”

Lance was thrilled. He was dying to bed the beautiful Bonnie Echos. Lance was a bit of a player, and had already slept with several of her friends, but Bonnie somehow eluded his masculine wiles. “Let’s just see how you like it first. If you enjoy an overnighter, we can plan a fishing trip for later. Fishing is a day trip.”

The week was done, and it was finally Friday afternoon, Johnny was talking with Darnell, the school security guard. “Hey daddy, I can’t come over this weekend, my girlfriend Bonnie got me roped into this camping trip. I really need to see you before I go. Is that okay, to just like, do it and split? I don’t want you to feel like I’m just using you for sex, I really love you.”

Darnell smiled and said, “Thats cool. We hardly spoke all week. I thought maybe last week was too much for you.”

Johnny’s face reddened and he showed his concern. “No daddy. I loved it.” He stepped closer and whispered, “Daddy, I hope we can party like that again sometimes.”

Darnell said, “Baby, I understand that you need to have your own time, and it makes our time more special. See you Sunday?”

Johnny blushed, and said, “Yes daddy. Um, daddy can I suck it before I have to go camping?”

Darnell smiled and said, “You know you can.” He led Johnny to a secluded corner of the park and gave Johnny his treat. “Damn Johnny, you were really hungry for a nut baby girl. Maybe we should get together more often so I can keep you happy. You know I want my baby girl satisfied, and if I don’t have enough dick, I’ll find you some more to keep you pleased.”

Out of breath, Johnny wiped his face with a Kleenex and said, “Really daddy? I was afraid to say that I totally loved last weekend and I kind of wanted to ask you if your friends can party with us again and maybe we can have a bucake party before you all fucked me. You know, like, maybe we an do it twice? Like, we can do it like in the pornos I showed you on my phone?” He felt like a whore for saying it, so he let the suggestion hang there without another word while he looked down at the ground.

Darnell laughed out loud as he said, “Johnny, you are a man’s dream come true. Of course, we can do that. I think it might be fun to upload our own videos on the amateur porn sites. Would you like to do something like that one day?”

Wide eyed and speechless, the trembling feeling came over Johnny while he contemplated acting out his fantasies on the internet. The thought somehow thrilled him. “I don’t know.” He answered shyly, “Daddy did you call me baby girl? Would you mind calling me that instead of Johnny?”

Darnell could darıca escort see his little friend’s hunger for sex, and he was getting another erection just watching Johnny tremble with lust. He wanted to party with him again, but he knew the boy needed his friends and other activities or he would become a burden on his time. “Baby girl, we can talk about it later. Go home and get ready for your camping trip. Have a good time, get some fresh air. It’s good for you.” He said, and together, they walked to Johnny’s house.

At five A.M., Bonnie was knocking at Johnny’s door. “Come on sleepy head, we have to be on the road by six!” She bellowed as she entered his room. She began packing clothes and toiletries into Johnny’s Victoria’s Secret backpack. She held up a baby blue thong that had a unicorn embroidered on it and teased, “You should wear this and maybe Lance will give you a little taste. I hear he’s a great fuck.”

Slightly annoyed at being woken up at five on a Saturday morning, Johnny mumbled, “No, you can borrow it. Maybe you’ll get lucky.”

Bonnie huffed, and said, “No thanks. I don’t want to be number seventeen on the captain Lance scoreboard. The man can’t keep a secret and by the end of first period, everyone on campus will know.”

Johnny stood up, stripped and put the thong on and pulled a baby blue tee shirt on. “It’s not a secret I’m gay, I might as well be comfortable.” He said as he pulled on a pair of cutoff shorts that were a bit too short and slipped on a pair of vans tennis shoes.

Bonnie looked at him incredulously. “It’s going to be hot; you’ll need to wear another long sleeve shirt over that, and I’m packing you a pair of jeans in case you get cold.”

At precisely six o’clock, a horn sounded signaling that Lance had arrived. They heard Johnny’s stepfathers voice, “Lance, how are you this morning?” Then Lance, “Great sir, I’m taking Johnny and Bonnie camping out by the lake this weekend. Want to join us? You can buy the beers.” They heard some laughing and some inaudible words then a tap tap, sounded on the door and Lance entered the room.

Bonnie greeted Lance with a smile, and said, “Hi Lance, is Johny’s dad coming? Is he going to get us beers?” Johny looked expectantly at Lance as well, thinking this trip might be getting a little bit better.

“No, sorry ladies. He’s got to clean the rain gutters this weekend, so we are on our own.” He said. Johnny rolled his eyes and Bonnie giggled. “What?” He asked, and Johnny, head down, left the room.

“He always says, I gota clean the gutters, when he’s going to have sex with Johnny’s mom” Bonnie said as she followed Johnny to Lance’s truck.

The drive to the lake was made in silence as Bonnie and Johnny dozed and in a few hours the trio arrived at the camping site and Lance directed them as they made camp. “Clear all the rocks and sticks from this area.” He made a perimeter with string and tent stakes and went back to his truck to unload the gear.

Bonnie and Johnny began their chore and Johnny was feeling at ease in the situation. “Huh, I guess Lance isn’t so bad after all. He’s kind of like coach Boglin, or your dad.” He said.

“What about your dad? Your dad doesn’t seem so bad either.” Bonnie said as she picked up a rock and threw it out of the circle. “Your dad is really sweet, and my dad says he’s really funny.”

Johnny scrapped a stubborn stone from the ground and said, “Yah, but he isn’t much older than us. My mom had me when she was fifteen, and her taste in men is like, thirties or late twenties. That and I can hear them going at it at night. It’s so embarrassing to face him in the morning after listening to their headboard slamming into the walls all night.” He stood straight and stretched to see what Lance was doing.

Bonnie made a face, “Well, duh. She’s barely what, thirty something? You can’t expect her to be a spinster at thirty. She is a bombshell, Johnny. My mother hates it when she shows up at school functions alone.” She called out to Lance, “Lance, we’re done digging rocks, what’s next?”

Lance handed the couple two blue bundles the size of a sleeping bag. “Lay this ground cover over the area that you just cleared and be sure to snap every snap or we’ll wake up cold and wet in the morning. What did you bring for breakfast? I’ll put it in the icebox.”

“I packed a Mexican chorizo, some cheese and a dozen eggs. It’s here in my backpack.” Johnny said, and he went to the truck to fetch his pack while Bonnie unrolled the ground cloth.

“I brought S’mores and wieners for dinner, what’s for lunch, I’m starved.” Lance asked Bonnie, who was the lunch designee.

Bonnie was struggling with the tarps and without looking up, she said, “I made club sandwiches. They’re in Johnny’s backpack. I brought a can of Pringles too, and some pop.”

Lance admired Bonnie’s bottom as she bent over to struggle with the tarp. “Let me help you with that.” He said as he moved in beside her. He knelt and began snapping the two side together and before long, they had the drop cloth down and the tent erected.

Johnny laid out a quilt and served them lunch and they ate in silence for a while, enjoying the outdoors and nature. The air had a clean pine scent, and the sky was a cloudless, pale blue, and Johnny was just dozing off when Bonnie said, “So, what do we do on a camping trip?”

Lance stood and held out his hand to help her up. “Now we are going on a nature hike to study the flora and the fauna.” He said.

Johnny didn’t move, instead he rolled his eyes and huffed, “nobody says that anymore, Lance. What are we really doing?”

“We’re going on a leisurely walk through the hiking trails and looking at the plants and wildlife. Maybe we’ll see a baby dear or a bunny rabbit.” He said. gölcük escort

Bonnie held out her hand. “Come on fuddy duddy, let’s go get closer to nature.” She said, and Johnny grudgingly got up and followed the two.

At dusk, Lance lit a fire in a stone fire ring and the party enjoyed a dinner of hotdogs, cantaloupe and orange soda.

Bonnie lit a flashlight and held it under her chin to tell a ghost story. “Once upon a time…” She began, and the evening went on with spooky stories and gossip about their classmates.

When it was time for bed, Bonnie took the middle and the boys were separated by her and soon Johnny was dozing, grateful for the end of a long day.

Bonnie felt what at first, she thought was Lance’s finger poking her bottom, but as it turned out, Lance had an erection that he wanted to share. “Bonnie, are you awake?” He whispered in her ear.

Bonnie was mortified. “Lance, No!” She hollered.

Lance shuffled closer to her and whispered, “Shh, you’ll wake up Johnny. Come on, a really quick one. I like you; I think you’re hot.”

Bonnie got out of the tent, and poked her head back in. “Give me the keys.” She said. “I’m sleeping in the truck.”

Johnny did his best to pretend to be asleep while he listened to Bonnie lose her temper. Things quieted down, and he was just falling back to sleep when he heard a whisper in his ear, “Johnny, are you asleep?” Then he felt his cock poke him in the small of his back.

He reached behind him and felt the thing. It was huge and, as much as he wanted it, he knew it would damage him if he didn’t have any lubrication. “Lance, you can’t put that thing inside of me without lube; it’s too big. You’ll hurt me.” He whispered, and he was about to offer him a blow job when Lance got up and said, “Be right back.”

Lance returned with a handful of mayonnaise packets from the evening supper. “How’s this? This is pretty greasy.” He said as he tore the corner off one of the silvery packets.

Johnny knew the thing was going to be wonderful, but he didn’t want to seem too eager and as he pulled his shorts off in the darkness of the tent, he unconvincingly protested. “Lance, I can just suck it if you want.” He said as he turned his back to him to accept his advances.

Lance scooted his body, so his enormous cock pressed against his back, and johnny felt the thing, now slick from the condiment, sliding along the crack of his ass as Lance probed for the opening.

Johnny reached behind and guided him to his awaiting sphincter, and as Lance pressed the head of his cock in, he gasped from the girth of the thing. “Fuck!” He whimpered. “It’s too big.” But Lance pressed forward until he was completely sheathed with Johnny’s ass hole despite Johnny’s protest.

“Shh, don’t worry, we’ll go slow.” He whispered into his ear as he gently began his fucking motion, and as Johnny got into the rhythm, he thrust his hips a little harder into his bottom and the rhythmic, slap-slap-slap sound was unmistakable to anyone who may have wondered near the camp site.

Lance was enormous and Johnny felt his cock stretch his ass wonderfully. He wished he had the opportunity to have tasted the delicious seed he was about to be bread with as he whimpered slightly as Lance plunged deeply into him, not because it was painful, but because he wanted him to fuck him harder, and finally the whimpers became pleading whimpers. “Harder, fuck me harder.” He begged.

Momentarily, Lance stiffened up as he exploded deep inside of him, and Johnny could feel Lance’s cock pulse as he delivered his wonderful seed into him. “Don’t move.” He whispered as he pulled out of him, and suddenly, Johnny felt himself being wiped clean by a rough feeling cloth. “Thanks dude, that was awesome.”

Lance had used a tee shirt to clean up, and Johnny thought, what a gentleman, as he reached down to pull up his shorts, and before he could button them, he heard Lance’s steady breathing and a soft snoring as he slept.

Johnny lay awake. I wonder if Lance is going to tell everyone that I let him fuck me, he thought and dozed off to sleep.

Johnny woke up just before dawn, and when he looked over at Lance, he was bottomless, and his cock was semi erect. Johnny smiled to himself and thought, morning wood. He whispered softly, “Lance, are you asleep?” He looked at the entrance to the tent and wondered if Bonnie was awake yet.

Playfully, he whispered, “Want a blow-job?” and leaned over and took his cock into his mouth. It tasted like mayonnaise, and he felt a slight tingle in his crotch as he recalled the amazing feeling of being impaled by the enormous cock that he was now fellating.

In moments, Lance became fully erect as Johnny sucked and licked the enormous member. He slapped himself on the face with it, and roused Lance. He moaned, “Dude, what the …”

Johnny smiled up at him, “Good morning.” he said, and he continued sucking and noisily lapping at his morning treat. He sucked his balls, one then the other, stroked it, and went back to sucking the bulbous head.

Lance leaned back, and grabbed a handful of his pillow, “Dude, I’m cumming.” he moaned as he began to unload into Johnny’s hungry mouth. He tried to pull out, but Johnny greedily sucked until Lance was completely spent.

Johnny felt him become limp, and when he was sure there was no more cum to be had, he released him, licked his balls, gently kissed the limp penis and smiled as he got to his knees to exit the tent. “I hope you liked it, Lance. I know you don’t want people to know, but you can fuck me whenever you need to or want to. I promise your secrets safe with me. I have to make breakfast.”

Lance stared at him with a goofy grin, “Dude, you swallowed all my chum.” he said, and Johnny said, “Of course I did; I wouldn’t waste one drop, unless you wanted to cum on my face or something like that.” He smiled happily and went out to prepare the breakfast he packed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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