Being Neighbourly

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Melanie had not expected him to be so compliant in meeting her needs.

She had thought that Josh would be appalled to have a woman of her age pursue him; she with her wrinkles and skinny legs; the indolent tumble of her breasts that she had been delighted to have him pay so much attention to; the somewhat voluptuous roundness of her belly. It all helped to make their love sessions only too pleasurable and for her to look forward to. Summer college leave could be filled by him attending to gardening tasks for her, and others in the neighbourhood. Josh had gone and told her that he was rushing around wondering how to get all of his holiday work done, arouse no suspicions with his parents, and then see to her.

“I’m the only one you look after in these ways, I hope?”

“I have nothing left for anyone after being here with you, Mel,” he had laughed the last time. She loved the intimacy of him calling her ‘Mel’ and had watched him get dressed. She knew that what he had confessed to was only the truth. What they had shared overwhelming them in drugging waves of pleasure. The horny, well-hung, young guy was learning all the time. He looked so youthful that who would suspect anything of them?

“So, when will I see you again?”

“Wreck me again, you mean?” he teased, leaning on the edge of the bed and kissing her. The fingers of one hand traced a path over her body and soon found the clammy heat where she had taken him.

“Yes, to do that too…” she smiled gripping his hand and keeping it to her skin.

“I’ll call you or send a text. I really can’t say except I can’t stay away from you. I’ll also have to buy some more rubbers…the box in your cabinet’s empty, all used up. You really are a wonder to me.’

It was all that she had wanted to hear. Melanie pushed from her mind how long these happy and lustful times with him would endure. It had been more, so far, than she had ever dared to hope would be brought to her and by a young guy who was a close neighbour. His folks worked so he could play away, and with her, in the reasonable certainty that no one would know.

‘Don’t forget to ring me!’ she called out as he was heard to clump down the stairs and the back door was slammed shut. The safety lock was on. No one would intrude upon her as she thought back on how casino siteleri it had all begun.


Josh checked his small van for the equipment he would need for the next job after a stop to meet prospect. The Carters were a couple so much older than Melanie. They at least still had each other. Melanie Taylor had been ditched some time ago; she hadn’t told him how long that was but how she’d stifled her cries, with a pillow as he found her, was the surest sign that it had been a while.

She did herself no favours by running down her ex, even though he had left her and just said he’d become bored with his life with her. Where he had gone, she had not said and he hadn’t pushed it either. What was it to him, except that she still had enough to please a guy, even as young as him?

Learning on the job had taken on a whole new meaning, but he was not the kind of guy to use her and Melanie knew how to take care of herself only too well.

She could smile some more and not give you the feeling that she was judging you, just as she must have done with her man, or ex. Her bod defied what he saw of other older women and her breasts still had that fleshy firmness that had made him want to kiss them over and over again that first time. Days had passed since he had agreed to work for her, cash in hand, and he’d agreed to do ever more in the garden or about the house.

The spontaneity of it happening had been a wonder to him. He’d soon discovered what was at work…in each of them and he’d fallen in with her ways. A passionate soul still lived in the woman he now thought of.

“I’m here for you,” he had told her, “and I can be company in any way you want…Melanie, or may I call you Mel?”

She’d known it then, that he had been the one to start what was to follow and not him conceding to her wants. Everything that followed, each of them drawn into the maelstrom, was ragingly pursued by two very willing and pleasure-seeking people who soon ditched all the rules.

No, she was no beauty like some he went with at college, but she was grateful and he took every moment with her in Melanie’s bed as a journey of wondering discovery.

Melanie had taken it slow when they had tumbled onto her bed, naked and eager; he kneeling beside her and stroking her güvenilir casino body from her ankles to her breasts, his fingers lingering at her sweet spot where his lips and tongue had tasted, probed and flickered as Melanie stroked his length and cupped his sac. He had bent to really taste her, Melanie’s hips bucking up to meet his tongue and mouth. She had moved to do the same for him, her moans becoming louder as he nibbled kisses to her slit and fingered her pink folds and gone deeper.

“You bring me on so…I’ll cum in your mouth,” he remembered telling her as she worked him in response to all that he had done for her.

“It’s been a while that’s happened to me, you wonder!” she had called out; the pillow, she had stifled her cries into, thrown aside as his fingers and tongue had brought her to a climax; her feet thrashing on the bed and her hands on his head to keep him to her until her body relaxed.

“And now these…your wonderful breasts.”

“Old and drooping…”

“Wonderful and your nipples so darn big and hard,” he’d said on bending to kiss and suck on them, his mouth wide and drawing over them in a slow tantalising caress as his tongue flickered on her nipples. He’d moved to kiss her face and mouth; buried his lips between her breasts and simply breathed in her heat as Melanie’s hands gripped his hips and made him move.

“In me…bring it all to me…bury it in me!” she had called out as she reached for his aching prick and guided it into her body, her hands moving quickly to grip his hips and really pull him down.

“Jeez… Mel… oh, Mel!” She had been tight, in spite of all that had gone before and to feel her walls grip him almost took him over the edge.

“It’s okay…go on! It doesn’t hurt…quite the opposite!”

She had arched her hips up to meet his entry and he had plumbed her, gone as deep as he could until his hips crashed against her and he felt Melanie’s fingers clawing his back. She aroused a rampant rush of furious tamping and easing like he’d never known before. Her hands clawed his back and nails scratched the base of his spine, making him plumb her just to get away from those touches.

“Josh…Josh…you wonder! How you find me!” she had yelled and reached again for that pillow to stifle her cries when his canlı casino kisses failed to do that.

“I want to be there!” he had groaned as she bucked her hips and met his downward, plumbing strokes, her body twitching as he found her deepest spot.

“I…I can’t stop them…you wonder! Find me…deep…do it hard!” Her hands had tugged on his hips before her legs wrapped his heaving body as he had felt her gush, words of encouragement mixed with obscenities that only urged him on. ‘I…I’m going to cum!’

Oh, how he’d lost it and blasted his load into her, this older woman claiming him like no other; her denial of these ways inflaming her senses, her actions and her responses.

“You won’t leave me with just this one memory, will you?” she had asked, just as she had done but moments ago.

“No, you’ve spoiled me and I want to see the beautiful woman in you again…”

He had left but not before he had seen the smile of satisfaction on her lips and the glow on Melanie’s skin. She had seen to it that only one session had wasted him. He’d have to learn to pace himself the next time, and for whoever claimed him as the weeks passed and his vacation ended.


He slowed to a stop and checked the name plate fixed to the top of the wroughtt iron driveway gates. He could just make it out as they had been left open. This place was certainly a step up from Melanie’s neat and tidy home, and the woman he saw, tending some roses, many years younger.

She smiled beautifully as her gardening gloves were taken off and clenched in one hand along with the secateurs she’d been using. He took in her cropped tan slacks, a floaty blouse and the sun in her hair. Why did he always wonder what they would ring to his sight and touch?

“Misses Margerison?” he asked on a broad smile.

“Yes, that’s me…but call me Annie.”

“Yes, fine…okay,” he nodded in reply, disconcerted that it should begin in these familiar ways. He soon held her wondering look upon him.

“Good, that’s ettled…”

His mop of hair remained a dishevelled mess and his bare arms and chest were there for her to see; his denim dungarees tidy and wouldn’t give away what he felt on seeing her; his work boots clumsy but an indisensable item of work gear. She’d wonder about his necklace of metal beads and whether he could be relied upon to do what she had asked him to consider when he had telephoned a couple of days ago.

“I’m Josh Morris…how can I be of help?”

“Let me show you the garden. The word is that you’re good at being neighbourly.”


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