Bi-curiously Experimenting Ch. 02

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The events that unfold in this article have not occurred in my life. I don’t know if they ever will.

Am I bi-sexual? This is a question I have long wondered. I have had some serious fantasies and even more vivid dreams from time to time about having various forms of sex with other men. Sometimes the dreams occur after having read and self- pleasured myself some of the Gay Male stories in .com. But not always. This is a continuing tale of how I could eventually find myself in a situation to find out.

Feel free to let me know whether or not you like it or not. Thank you all for the past comments, I really did appreciate them. Uhmm, and thanks for the many offers to make my fantasies cum true. Who knows, maybe it could happen**

The next morning, after we sucked each other off we both headed for the Convention Center. He needed to get his general session stuff together and I needed to touch base with the Labor Steward, Larry Wilcox. Larry and I hit it off pretty easily as he and I discussed my immediate labor needs and as well what I would need for the rest of the week. That morning, at about 10:30am I was too meet with the leads he was sending me so that we could hash out the schedule and what not.

The next few days were pretty hectic due to all of the set-up of the AV equipment and making sure all of the local AV techs were kept happy. Some knew what they were doing and others were typical neck down people that the local unions tend to send out. I was able to form quite a nucleus of the knowledgeable ones though so that the rest could learn the trade better. That’s always a plus.

each breakout room had a basic equipment load list of an LCD package (screen, skirt, LCD projector, projector table and skirt for it), an audio package (two wireless lavaliers, three wired mics (two aisle and one at the podium) and a mixer), and a notebook for their powerpoint or whatever. The guy they had assigned us as the computer tech really knew what he was doing. He even showed me some new tweaks and I ain’t no slouch when it comes to computers. He also was just right for me to think of him as some serious eye candy. If I hadn’t been so new to the world of bi-sexuality I might have tried something. There did seem to be an interesting gleam in his eyes a few times. He was brother to Larry Wilcox and his name was Chad.

Chad had blond hair, kind of short and eyes that really interesting purple looking color. He had a really nice build and on the first days when the crew was ok to wear jeans, his package looked pretty significant and….well, let’s just say it looked scrumptious even to a newbie like me. Everytime he came around I found reasons to talk shop with him. We hit it off real well. It is unfortunate that we didn’t have a chance to do more than chat on that show, he was really hot. I am also pretty sure that he caught me staring at his cock a few times.

Anyway, Lee was just as busy for much the same reasons. It’s a toss up who had the more critical project to work on. His General Session would form the entire center piece to this whole show. bahis şirketleri Mine would merely be a side note, but it would be a pretty significant side note.

Finally we happened to have a day where our downtime schedules matched. We both took showers and then began the long walk down Nicolette Mall looking for a place to eat. We ended up in this mid-scale diner place and just had burgers and fries. One thing they had that I love to have are homemade vanilla shakes made with real homemade ice cream. Yummm!! My taste buds nearly had their own orgasm right then and there.

After we were through we headed on down a side street that led us to the next street over. Man, this street was hopping. Lots of activity going on here. We saw one little hole in the wall place that was an adult theater so we went in. It was actually in decent shape and clean too. We finally decided on a flick. I am sure each of us was thinking that we could be back in our room taking care of some business but instead we just kept on going in. The movie was called “The Switch Is On”. It was kinda hokey with some very bad acting, but the plot was ok. The star of the movie had one of the worst hairdos I have ever seen. But the sex scenes were pretty hot and I have to tell you, he had a very nice looking cock.

Just from checking his out my own cock got very hard. I looked over and Lee was having the same problem. We both kind of looked around and realized that the theater was pretty empty. There just weren’t that many people there. So, we very surreptitiously got our cocks out of our jeans and began stroking them. I looked over at Lee’s and it looked so good I just had to stroke it a little. So, I reached over and replaced his hand with mine and began stroking up and down. Damn this was HOT. It felt so solid and yet soft to the touch at the same time. His pre-cum was oozing out all over my hand so, after a quick look around to see who was watching I leaned over and cleaned off the head of his cock. He just moaned and put his hand on the back of my head keeping it there.

So, as I stroked him up and down I also swirled my tongue around the head of his cock taking care to make sure that I hit that spot right below the head. Every time I did he kind of lifted out of his seat. I kind of looked out of the corner of my eye and I could see on the screen that there was a hot blonde guy blowing the other guy with the nice looking cock as he ate out the blonde guy’s wife. Talk about a hot scene. Even though my own hardon was pretty cramped due the angles I was at, it was still rock solid. Lee started mumbling something. I couldn’t quite make it out. He kept getting a little more insistent and finally it dawned on me. He was saying he was about to cum over and over and his body movements were getting more and more frantic and jerky. I just kept his cock in my mouth. I mean, what else could I have done. I got him all worked up like this and where was the cum supposed to go? All over his pants. Besides, I wanted to taste his hot delicious cream again.

Finally he jammed my face down on his cock, forcing it a little bahis firmaları deeper in my mouth. His body just froze after that. All it took was one more swirl of my tongue around the head of his cock and he exploded his cum into my mouth. I guess because I was ready for it this time, I was able to get it all in and swallow it. Tasting it as it slid across my tongue and down my throat made me crave even more. When he got to the end his whole body just kind of relaxed and melted into the seat he was sitting in.

I let go of his cock and waited for him to regain control of his breathing. I saw a little bit more cum out of the tip of his cock and leaned over and slurped it in. He jumped a small bit, but then was still again. I realized that we had an audience and looked up and there was a seedy looking guy standing there in the row behind us stroking his own cock.

He said, “Wow, that was some show. Wanna do me too?”

Taking in all of him at a glance and realizing that A.) He was a seedy looking guy so who knows if he has some kind of disease or something and B.) His cock looked so small I would have a hard time finding it and finally C.) Uhmmm, HELL NO. I just replied, “No Thanks. We have an early call time tomorrow.”

I stood up and stuffed my cock into my pants. Then I zipped up. Lee was doing the same. We headed for the door. As we got close the door opened up and someone left. In the light that came through I would almost swear that the guy who walked out was Sam, the owner of the AV Company we were working for on this one. When we got out there whoever it was nowhere to be seen so I just shrugged it off and forgot about it.

We headed back to the hotel where we just crashed out hard. The next day was a dark day for Lee. Meaning that the General Session wasn’t running at all. He had a few morning rehearsals and that was it. So, at about lunchtime he came to see me in the temporary office/storeroom I had at the hotel. All of my union crew had left for their mandatory lunch break so it was just him and me.

He asked me, “Do you have the key to that door” and indicating at the doors to the storeroom? I replied, “Yeah, why?”

He just said, “Why don’t you lock it so we can continue where we left off last night.” I was up and over there locking the doors before he could finish what he was saying. He just laughed at my eagerness. I put a piece of gaff tape on the peepholes and made sure the back hall door was also locked as well.

He pulled me close to him, got on his knees in front of me and unbuttoned my pants and began nibbling on my hardening cock through my boxer briefs and even sucking on it a little bit too. It didn’t take long before I was as hard as a rock. His head went down a little further and he lightly nibbled on my balls. It felt like heaven.

After a few minutes he pulled my briefs down and just gazed at my hard cock. Then he reached up and began to lightly stroke it. His lips and tongue went down to my balls and he just barely grazed them. It felt like one of the most erotic things I have ever felt in my life. He teased me like kaçak bahis siteleri that for several minutes until finally he pulled my cock down and just filled his mouth with it. Swirling his tongue around the head of my cock, he began plunging up and down on it while simultaneously pulling my and pushing my hips back and forth. He was basically fucking his own mouth and using my body and cock to do it with.

I put my hands on his head and began sawing back and forth into his hot wet mouth. I was face fucking him like the cockslut he evidently wanted to be. He was loving it too. Saliva and precum began coating his chin and every time my balls hit it they made a slapping sound. I could tell it wasn’t going to take long before I blew my load down his throat.

He wiped his finger in the trail of saliva and reached around and began playing with my asshole. I instinctively tightened up before I knew what he was doing and then I loosened up. He shoved his finger deep into my asshole and started fucking me. All the while he also began a suction with his lips locked around the head of my cock. I felt like he was literally trying to suck my cum out of my balls. Then he shoved a second finger in my ass and one of them started hitting my prostrate and that’s all it took for me to totally lose it. I did my best to be quiet about it, but I wasn’t too sure just how successful I was at it when I exploded deep into his mouth. It had to be the very best cum I had ever had. The world just kind of went away for awhile.

I stood there leaning against one of my storage tables (thank God it didn’t fall over with all that gear on it) totally drained. I had zero energy left. My pants were around my ankles and my cock was slowly but surely going back down while dribbling what little bit of cum I had left in me. Lee leaned over and gobbled it up and just sat there on his haunches looking up at me. Cum and drool all over his chin. He smiled and said, “That’s for the other night at the theater.”

I just kind of nodded. Speech was still beyond me at that particular moment in time. I heard the door handles rattle and then someone was calling me on the radio to come open the storeroom as they needed something. That snapped me back to reality and I began getting all straightened up. Lee did the same. We left by the back door and went thru some back hallway areas until we wound up back in the main hallway area and I went back and let the techs in. Lee went on up to the room. He said he was going to catch up on some sleep.

Unfortunately, that was the last time we were able to get together and explore this new (new to me anyway) avenue of sexuality. My part of the show ended two days before his did and I flew out earlier. I would always remember the first time I had sex with another man. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. All my fantasies came true that week. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it again or not now that I had fulfilled my desires, but I did know that I really liked doing it. Actually, I kind of liked being a cockslut. Just like in some of the .com stories.

**I may one day find out if this the way it goes and feels and experiences. I may not. Who knows. All I know is that today, right now, I wish to. I hope that yall enjoyed sharing my fantasy with me. I may continue this fantasy another time.**

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