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Blue Water Boys � By Finn Lewis



I”m taking a break from New York Dreams due to a lack of motivation and feedback so I”ve decided to try something new that”s been rolling around in my head for probably a year or more. It”s a different style, written in the first person and follows an older man who finds love in the unlikeliest of places. There will be less backstory, less detail and each chapter will span months instead of hours or days. I hope you enjoy this new fantasy of mine because that”s all it is � pure fantasy. I”ve never really liked Fortnite and I am not a fan of Mac `n” Cheese.


This story will comprise of three chapters, each one introducing multiple new characters set in different locations.


If you”d like to offer feedback you can email me at ail


So, without further ado, please let me introduce Aleksander, a (maybe) ten year old boy from Odesa, Ukraine. My apologies to anyone who is familiar with Odesa; I”ve taken a bit of artistic license with the location and relied solely on Google translate for the few sentences and words spoken in Ukrainian.


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I was forty seven years old the first time I fucked a boy and I didn”t even know his real name. And how clich� is this; he ended up living with me for six years.


He told me his name was Dany the day I met him and it wasn”t until a week later he confessed he”d made it up. His real name is Aleksander, but Dany was the name I called him the first few days I knew him. After I”d buried my cock in his ass and come inside him I reluctantly slipped from his hole holding the latex sheath in place and lowered him back down onto the bed. I rolled naked onto my side facing him with my head propped up in my hand, and as I caught my breath I gently ran the tips of my fingers up and down between his barely defined breasts feeling my cock softening against his thigh. I tickled down to his stomach and peeled the used condom off turning it inside out and dropped it onto the floor all the while studying his face watching me. He turned his head on the pillow with just a hint of a smile and I remember thinking that under other circumstances I might have fallen in love with him. As it turned out, those circumstances were playing out right in front of me but I didn”t know it at the time. At first I”d taken him to be about ten or eleven, but once he”d showered all the grime off and I got a good look at him naked I realized he was probably younger than I”d thought. Nine maybe? Or a very young ten. Whatever his age, he was a very hot sexy little boy. His flat chest swelled only slightly with the shallow curve of his breasts that just one of my hands could cover almost completely and centered between them where two tiny pale pink nipples that I”d flicked my tongue over and suckled only a short while ago before I”d fucked him. His waist narrowed at the sides and his stomach was flat and his red-blonde hair had been left to grow out to flop down over his forehead but left his big expressive dark brown eyes uncovered. A thin sheen of sweat prickled the skin of his flushed face as he looked at me and for a few moments nothing was said until he took in a deep breath and spoke quietly from only a few inches away. His English was halting and heavily accented by his native Ukrainian tongue, but there was no mistaking his very satisfied smile after he”d shuddered through three orgasms within the last hour and a half. The first two had been in my mouth and the second by his own hand masturbating his erect three inches as I fucked him standing at the end of the bed with his head and shoulders the only parts of him still on the mattress. Both had been dry of course; he was far too young to be firing anything but blanks just yet.


“You like first time fucking boy?” He asked and I nodded my head. I”d told him I”d never fucked a boy and he”d looked surprised, and then he”d smiled sweetly telling me he”d teach me how. I hadn”t lasted long once I was buried deep inside him. Five minutes maybe? Probably less. I didn”t know anything could feel as good as a young boy”s hot hole clenching down around my cock as I”d moved in and out of him. I”d unloaded inside him into the condom he”d made me wear, grunting and thrusting with my fingers and thumbs digging into the soft flesh of his hips and pelvis holding his waist up off the bed watching him masturbate himself to another toe curling dry orgasm. When he came back the following day I lasted at least twice as long fucking him doggy style from behind. Of course it helped I”d jacked off in the shower an hour before he turned up knocking on the glass window at the aft door smiling at me, and in less than five minutes he was bare assed naked on my bed with his bone hard three inch dick back in my mouth.


Perhaps I should start from the beginning and tell you how it all started and how Alek came to live with me on my yacht. I”m fifty-five now and can honestly say I”ve had the pleasure of knowing more than just a few boys in the last eight years, and I”ve got Alek to thank for it all because, well, quite frankly, once I”d tasted that forbidden fruit there was no way I”d ever settle for just one. Most I knew only briefly, a few hours or a day or two at most, but Alek and Lucas were two of my first boys and they have become very special to me. Alek lived with me for six years and even though he”s moved on we still keep in contact. Once or twice a year we”ll arrange to meet up somewhere around the world and it”s good to see him so happy and enjoying a life far removed from where he came from. Six months ago he introduced us to his newest of a long line of girlfriends when we met up again back in Odessa. He always was the charmer that one and the girls always flocked to him. Lucas came into our lives about three years after I met Alek although he only spent a few weeks with us at a time for the first couple years until his dad got full custody of him. Since then he”s spent four or five months a year with Alek and I while his sister stayed with his dad on his yacht doing all the same things Alek and Lucas did with me. I can hear him up on deck right now with Sebastian doing cannon-balls off the side waiting for me to join them. Seb is eight but he”s about to turn nine in a few days, and for his birthday he”s been pestering me to finally pop his cherry which I”m very much looking forward to. I”ve wanted to fuck the little guy from the very first day I met him but I”ve got this odd notion in my head a boy should be at least nine before he takes a dick up his ass. He”s going to be so tight I”m hard now just thinking about it. Unfortunately Lucas” dad”s arriving tomorrow and he”s supposed to be taking him for a couple weeks so he won”t be there to celebrate the occasion with us. It”s a shame really, because I know he has a thing for younger boys especially now that he has a few wispy hairs around his cock and actually has something to give them. Maybe I”ll ask his dad if he can postpone leaving for a couple days so he can be there. I know he really wants to get his nearly five incher in Seb”s ass. He”s been doing a lot of the prep work the last few weeks using his fingers and toys and sucking the little guy off so many times you”d think he get bored of it but he doesn”t. I can”t leave the room for five minutes before Seb”ll be squealing through another dry orgasm. If his dad agrees to stay I think I”ll surprise him and let him be the one to take Seb”s virginity. God knows I”ve taken a few myself so I can be generous.


Anyway, I”m getting way ahead of myself here and telling you about what”s going on now rather than how it all started.


For as long as I can remember I”ve always been sexually attracted to boys. Young, hairless, preteen boys to be precise; but I”d hid that part of me away so deep inside and never done anything about it my whole life. Not even looking at illegal underage porn in fear of being caught and exposed for the world to despise. I never married, never had a relationship that lasted more than a couple weeks at most and I could count on one hand how many times I”d actually had sex with another person. My hand became my longed for release and I never knew what I was missing out on until I met Alek. Work was my life and I was pretty fucking good at it too. Or maybe it was because it was the only thing that mattered to me that I succeeded. I paid off my mortgage and spent little of what was left, saving every cent I could with only one goal in mind.


My yacht. That was my dream. I”d spent over ten years at sea as a younger man working on super yachts for the rich and famous and the notion of living on my own away from society and the world appealed to me. I often saw the Blue Water Cruisers in ports around the world and the people that lived on them before being offered a position in L.A. heading the department that placed deck officers aboard these floating oases. There were whole families with young children as well as single people like me, and both young and older couples all choosing a nomadic lifestyle on the water living their lives the way they wanted by their own rules. It was a romantic idea, but not one that I thought would actually become a reality for me.


Until it was.


At forty one years old, and not quite believing I was actually doing this, I began what was to be a four year build. `Ghost” was a 75 foot bare aluminium motor yacht with a large 24 foot Great Room on the top deck and accommodation and living spaces below along with the engine room and other utilities. She was my pride and joy even if she did lack the classic lines of a luxury yacht. I wasn”t out to impress anyone so she was built with functionality in mind. She only has two sleeping cabins, and much of the below deck is taken up with as large a living space as I could get away with. The Great Room houses the helm and galley and spacious couches that boast a 180 degree panoramic view outside. She wouldn”t be winning any beauty contests, but she”s sturdy and built for open water crossings.


Nine years ago I quit my job and sold my house and left the U.S. behind. My first destination was our southern neighbours in Mexico and other South American countries where I spent a year getting used to living on board and staying a few weeks or months in each country in various cities. Mostly I looked at the boys wishing for what I thought could never be. If only I”d known then what I do now, all because I hadn”t recognized the signs or known where to look for such things, but I would go back and enjoy what I”d missed out on. The only difference being I wouldn”t be alone. Alek taught me how to find them. Once you knew, it didn”t matter what city or country you were in because they were easy to spot if you knew what to look for. Boys who had sex with men. Some were free, most weren”t. I made my way through the Panama Canal and undertook my first ever solo crossing across the Atlantic which took me almost a month. That was the only crossings I”ve ever made on my own. A few months later while crossing a different sea I found out the Captain”s chair was, quite unintentionally, the perfect height to fuck a boy with his head and shoulders slouched down into the seat, his ass hanging over the edge and his legs draped over the armrests as the boat gracefully sliced through the open water. With the waves slapping against the hull and the wind howling outside, it is one of my fondest memories of mine and Alek”s first open water crossing together somewhere in the Arabian Sea. We fucked. We made love. He was good at it too. I figured he”d probably had more sex than I had when I first met him but, as it turned out, I was wrong on that count. It wasn”t very often men came looking for boys which is why he”d been surprised when I”d pointed at him instead of the girl he was trying to pimp out. Even so, I found out he”d still sucked his first adult cock at only seven years old and sold his virginity at eight for a thousand Hryvnia. It cost me three thousand about a year and a half later. He got fifteen thousand out of me over the next five days, but I never had to pay for sex with him ever again and he stopped insisting I use a condom after the second week. I didn”t find out until three weeks later that he”d only been with four other men and the last one had been at least six months before he met me. After the second week of coming to my yacht every day Alek simply stayed on board and spent the nights in my bed instead of going back to wherever it was that he lived. One day he left the yacht without me and an hour later he came back with an even younger boy who Alek said liked men and wanted me to fuck him as well. His name was Mykola and of course I wasn”t going to turn him down because, well, he was sexy as fuck and really young too. Younger than Alek. I paid more for him than I had for Alek because they told me he was a virgin but I knew that wasn”t true. No boy as young as he was takes a cock for the first time that easily and with so little prep required. I let them think I believed him and it wasn”t the only time he joined us. He”d never admit it but I got the distinct impression that Alek used me as an excuse just to get into his younger friend”s pants and fuck him as well.


The first time I saw Alek I”d already been in Odesa for a few weeks and I paid him little attention. There were better looking and more scantily dressed local and tourist boys to ogle as they walked past my table where I”d spent the last two hours nursing my coffee pretending to be engrossed in my phone. It was late in the afternoon and I was sat outside one of the many caf�”s close to the marina when I saw him. He”d appeared out of nowhere on the other side of the cobbled street about thirty or forty feet away with a girl at his side and my interest lasted only a few moments before moving on in search for the next pretty boy to fantasize about. Our eyes met for a second before I moved on, but they came back to him only to find him still looking my way. He was leaning against a rose tinted stone building and the girl beside him looked a year or two younger than he was. She appeared bored or impatient bitting her nails and I guessed her to be about seven or eight year”s old maybe? I can never tell. A slight movement drew my attention back to him and he did something I really hadn”t expected. I wasn”t looking for it, hadn”t planned it, didn”t even think such a thing was possible, but he tilted his head indicating with his eyes toward the girl and held his hands up to waist height, one curled into a fist with a hole at the center and the other fucking his finger in and out. He pointed at the girl beside him and raised his eyebrows silently asking if I wanted to fuck her and then held both hands pointing down spreading all ten fingers and thumbs outwards before closing them into a fist and repeating the gesture, but with only one hand this time. That”s what it would cost to fuck the girl if I wanted to; fifteen hundred Hryvnia. Little did he know I had no interest whatsoever in fucking her since little girls did absolutely nothing for me. Little boys however, most certainly did.


I gave him a very subtle shake of the head no but kept my mouth smiling showing my apparent amusement at his outrageous suggestion, while inside my mind was a turmoil of conflicting emotions and my heart was suddenly pounding in my chest. If he was pimping out a younger sister or just some other street kid was he for sale too? Would he flip me the birdie or set his older friends on me if I made even the slightest indication it was him I was actually interested in? Being gay in Eastern Europe wasn”t as widely accepted as it is in the West, and while I”d initially written him off as not worthy of a second glance in favor of checking out the cuter looking tourist boys, the merest hint of the possibility had my modestly average sized six inch cock growing in my shorts. It was hard to tell if he was cute or what was hidden under the well-worn and tatty clothes he wore, but now that I was paying him much more attention he stood up straighter and puffed his chest out a little as if to prove the girl standing next to him was his to sell. I could, however, tell he was probably very slim and slender under the too-big t-shirt and the gaping hole around his throat revealed the hollow of his collar bones protruding out beneath his smooth creamy white skin. He probably didn”t get enough to eat. Finally after a few seconds holding his eyes I nodded my head in his direction not believing what I was doing. Hidden under the small round table in front of me I mimicked his actions pushing my index finger in and out of my closed fist and then pointed at him nodding my head just once. His chin lowered to his chest keeping his eyes looking my way, and with his eyebrows creasing on his forehead in surprise he put his pointed finger dead center on his own chest silently mouthing `Ya?” and I nodded. A sly one sided grin slowly formed on his lips and he nodded his head slowly up and down in response and held his hands at his crotch, but this time he flashed all ten fingers and thumbs twice before pausing, judging just how far he could fleece me and then spread them again. Three thousand Kryvnia; twice what the girl cost. He waited for my reaction and it almost seemed as though he was nervous, like he”d pushed his luck too far asking for that much, but the way I saw it, it was worth it. Three thousand Kryvnia was just over a hundred US dollars, far less than most whores in L.A. cost and he probably needed it more than I did. That, and the fact that I might actually fuck a boy, a very young looking boy who was probably as smooth and hairless as the day he was born made my mind up for me in about three seconds flat. I nodded back sealing the deal with my heart at least 120 in my chest. How did these things work? Did I just get up and follow him somewhere or did he follow me? Would he come with me to my yacht moored a few minutes” walk away at the marina or was I expected to pay for a room in some sordid pay-by-the-hour establishment? I didn”t even know where one was but I figured he probably did. He lent down to the girl beside him and whispered something in her ear. She looked up at him and across at me and nodded, then went back to watching the crowd walk by as if nothing was out of the ordinary.


I waited, unsure of what to do next when he cocked his head to the side and started walking away towards the corner of a narrow alley indicating with his hand that I should follow. Feeling exposed and incredibly nervous about all the things that could go wrong, the least of which would see me spending the rest of my life in an Eastern European prison, I fished out some notes from my wallet for the coffee leaving it under the saucer and checked that I had at least three thousand Kryvnia still in there. I left my almost-finished coffee on the table and stood up making sure my white, loosely buttoned summer shirt covered my crotch to hide the evidence of my growing arousal. He was barefoot and his well-worn and frayed jeans scrapped the sidewalk where he stopped for a few seconds looking back at me to make sure I was following and then he disappeared around the corner cocking his head one more time grinning at me. I really had no idea how old he was, but I figured him to be about ten judging by his height. The top of his head would”ve barely reached a few inches below most people”s chins as they strolled down the street completely oblivious that this boy had just sold himself to a man for sex without a single word being said between them. I hesitantly rounded the corner of the alley looking for him and saw he”d kept going, about thirty feet away and waiting for me to follow. He pointed at a wrought iron gate between two buildings he was standing next to and nodded his head making sure I”d seen before stepping inside. I had no idea if this was where he lived or if it was just where men went with the girls to take what they”d paid for, and a part of me wanted to turn around and walk away rather than face the ugly reality of what must surely be a hopeless, desperate act by a boy so young. Yet my instincts and the way he”d grinned at me when I”d propositioned him told me this boy actually wanted what I”d offered. If I went down there I was in all likelihood going to have sex with a very young preteen boy, and if I didn”t, I”d probably regret it for the rest of my life always wondering what might have been.


So, feeling like every window above me hid prying eyes knowing exactly where I was going and why and with whom, I walked down the slightly sloped alleyway towards the wrought iron gate. Behind the stone archway was a small courtyard and he stood at the center facing me as I came through with a smile on his face. How could he look so calm when my heart was hammering in my chest? I stopped a few feet away and I saw his eyes quickly glance down and then back up giving me the once over apparently deciding I wasn”t horribly ugly or repulsive. As I said, I was forty seven when I first met Alek so I wasn”t as toned or fit as I”d been even ten years ago. I was going bald, so I shaved my head and face and about once a week I also shaved my balls, as well as keeping my pubic hair trimmed pretty short. It was a personal preference and had nothing to do with what other people thought or liked since it was a very rare thing that anyone else ever got to see them. My stomach is still flat but it”s been slowly turning soft the last few years along with the four pack I once had. I”m okay looking I guess but I don”t usually turn any heads.


The boy glanced to his right at an open door and then back at me. “You have room or want here?” He asked. He was asking if I wanted to fuck him here, in the room he”d indicated, or if I wanted to take him someplace else like my hotel. “You pay for room here. It”s extra. Five hundred for hour.”


His voice was soft and unbroken and at only a few feet away I could see the color of his eyes. They were big and bright and radiant, and not at all what I expected. For whatever reason I thought a kid who sold his body to strangers for money would have sad, world-weary eyes but his weren”t. His eyebrows were the same red-blonde as his hair and his nose was small, curving in at the bridge between his eyes and underneath the layer of street dust and grime his skin looked flawless and smooth. I know now that he was as gorgeous as I thought he might be under all that dirt, but at the time I didn”t know whether it was just my imagination running away with me knowing what I was about to do. But he sure as hell looked sexy as fuck standing there in his oversized t-shirt and ripped jeans waiting for my answer. Finally I found my voice.


“I have a yacht. Maybe we could go there instead?” I asked glancing into the room at the stained bare mattress on a metal framed bed. I had absolutely no desire to use that room or that bed. It was dirty and it would feel like exactly how it was. I was paying him to let me fuck him, but using that room would somehow take away some of what I was hoping for. Not that I had any idea what that really was.


I turned back to him seeing him mentally translating what I”d said. “You have boat? We go there?” He asked pointing in the general direction of the marina. I nodded. It was a ten minute walk away and we”d have to go down the Potemkin Stairs in plain view of every single person along the way, and I”d be escorting a very young boy to my yacht. It was the middle of summer and the marina was busy with tourists and locals alike and I definitely didn”t want to attract attention which he most definitely would.


“Walk behind me okay? But not too close.” I said trying to keep my instructions simple wondering how much he actually understood.


“No one care.” He grinned. “You fuck me, no Politsiya.”


Jesus Christ… God, I was already getting hard imagining his smooth young body naked on my bed on his back, holding his legs up offering me his ass, but hearing him talk about me fucking him like it was no big deal had me leaking in my briefs. “Come on then.” I said wanting to get him alone as soon as possible. Fuck. I was actually going to live out my life long fantasy. I just hoped I wouldn”t come too quickly before I”d even gotten inside him.


“One hour.” He held up a finger.


I shook my head raising my eyebrows. “For three thousand, I get three hours. Deal?”


“Two hours.” He was a hustler alright.


I breathed in deep. “Okay. Two hours.” He smiled and held out his hand to shake. I think I probably lost that round and, as it turned out, his English was a lot better than he let on. But, before we shook on it I added, “Starting when we get there.”


“Yes. We go now?” Jesus his hand was so soft and so small in mine.


He strode past me completely ignoring my instructions to walk behind and led me through streets I didn”t recognize. Stupid of me I know. He could”ve been leading me into a trap but I wasn”t exactly thinking clearly at that point.


“You are American?” He asked as I came up beside him having to tilt his head way back to look at my face. I could see down the loose opening of his t-shirt at his throat and the bare skin of his boyishly smooth breasts. He really was very fucking sexy and I really couldn”t wait to roam my hands all over his body exploring every inch of a boy for the first time in my life.


“Uh-huh.” I said tearing my eyes away. “From New York but I lived in L.A.”


“Los Angeles? Kruto.” I smiled down at him. In the three weeks I”d been in the Ukraine I”d picked up a few of their slang words so I knew the kid was suitably impressed.


“What”s your name sweetie pie?”


“Name?” He asked pointing it finger at his chest. God he had beautiful eyes. I nodded again. “Dany.” He said after a short pause and then pointed at me. “You?”




The silence between us resumed as we made our way down the stairs and navigated across the street to the marina. Walking down its long length I felt more and more nervous the closer we got to Ghost. There were at least a dozen other yachts tied up as well as a fair number of smaller boats and I could tell he was excited to find out which one was mine. I was just as eager to show him but I imagined my excitement was for a very different reason. I couldn”t help steeling glances at him but I was also hyper aware of everyone else there thinking they all knew why I was taking such a young boy back to my yacht. Ghost was tied up with her bow out, meaning that we”d be boarding via the six foot retractable diving platform at the stern. I slowed putting a hand on his shoulder to turn him when we got to my berth. Apart from shaking his hand it was the first time I”d touched him and even though I wasn”t a big man, his shoulder felt very small under my palm.


When he realized this was my yacht his head turned up to me and his face was a mix of surprise and awe at the same time. “Your boat?”


“MmHmm…” I smiled. “Ghost.”


“It big.” He said. It was true. Ghost was larger than most live aboard yachts and even though I”d designed her for functionality rather than looks, she was still impressive.

I stepped over onto the platform and turned holding my hand out for him to take and when he did, his was almost swallowed up by mine. He jumped across and I gripped his small hand tightly, purposefully pulling him so that he stumbled into me and that”s when I got a good whiff of his smell. He didn”t stink, but he was definitely ripe enough that I assumed he hadn”t bathed in a few days and I could smell the musty odour of his clothes. They were unwashed and grubby as if they were the only ones he owned. Perhaps they were. From under my chin he twisted his head to the side and looked up at me with a grin knowing I”d pulled him to me on purpose.


“Have you ever been on a yacht before?” I asked. I noticed he hadn”t moved away and he still held my hand when he shook his head.


“Nemaye… No.”


“I”ll show you around, and then you can take a shower okay?” I asked nodding my head at him letting him know it wasn”t really a question. I didn”t want to offend him, but if I was going to suck his dick and maybe even eat his ass out there was no way I was doing that without him taking a shower first.


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“Yes. We do at same time?”


We do at same time? Hell yeah! “Yeah, if you”d like.” I said leading him by the hand up the transom stairs to the upper desk where the rigid inflatable boat was stowed on the starboard side. With my back to him I quickly adjusted my chubbing cock to a more comfortable position knowing that as soon as I gave him a quick tour I”d be getting naked with a boy and taking a shower with him where I knew I sure as fuck wouldn”t be keeping my hands to myself. I wondered if he was cut like I was. I had no idea if it was normal for Ukrainian boys to get the snip when they were babies or if they were left intact. I like cut dicks, but I loved the fantasy of nibbling the foreskin of an uncut boy”s hairless little cock and peeling it back over his tiny glans with my lips exposing it to my swirling tongue. God I was so fucking hot for this little kid.


As I”ve said, Ghost wasn”t luxurious with brass or gold trim and marble benchtops but she was nicely appointed. Closing the weathertight door behind us aft of the Great Room, the U shaped galley was on the port side with a recycled birch countertop, wet weather lockers on starboard followed by the stairs down to the lower deck. In front was the helm complete with Captain”s chair and on the port side in front of the galley was a large wrap around couch and table. Two comfortable reclining chairs filled up the rest of the space while leaving enough room to move about. Of course Alek was drawn to the helm and the various screens making up the NAV/COM station as well as all the knobs and buttons and levers. I nodded my head when he looked up at me and he jumped into the Captain”s chair gripping the thrust lever in one hand and holding himself forward with the other on the armrest. Ghost doesn”t have a wheel to navigate, instead it”s all done by autopilot or a small directional lever when needing to take manual control. The one thing I hadn”t skimped on was NAV/COMS and electrical. Ghost was completely self-sufficient with solar panels and a desalination plant in the engine room to produce fresh water. The only thing I was fully dependant on was food since the engines were a hybrid diesel/electric and unless I was running low on power I hardly ever used any fuel.


I gave him a whole half minute before turning the chair towards me and cocked my head to let him know I had other plans for him other than playing ship”s Captain. “You wanna see downstairs?” I asked eagerly anticipating seeing the kid naked. By the time we came back up I would finally know what it was like to bury my cock in a boy”s ass and fuck him until I came inside him.


“Where you sleep?”


“Yeah… And fuck little boys like you.” I said with my voice shaking a just a bit. He noticed. I think he could tell I was nervous. Or excited. Or both.


I led him back to the stairs holding onto his hand and stopped, letting him go down first following close behind where they opened up into the multipurpose living and TV room. The ceiling was low with only eighteen inches between it and the top of my head, but there was a good three foot clearance above Alek”s. Two small rectangular portholes on each side provided some natural light into the enclosed space and Alek pulled away from my hand towards the 50″ flat screen TV mounted on the forward bulkhead. Directly in front was a comfortable L shaped chase lounge and small coffee table and along the starboard side was a long desk and chair with my computer and monitors. This was where I worked when I had to put a few hours in every other day, but otherwise it was where I relaxed watching a movie or the latest series on Netflix. Or where I”d occasionally watch a young twink getting banged by an older man with surround sound and masturbate while imagining scenarios of a young preteen boy finding himself down here with me. Behind us, the corridor that led to the engine room was fairly wide with storage under the stairs and doors to the guest cabin and bathroom complete with shower and head. My cabin was forward of the living space with a built in queen bed on one side and a two seater couch on the other. Just in front of the couch was another small desk with a wall mounted screen showing the important navigational systems like the radar as well as speed and heading. An audible alert would sound if any vessel or hazard came within 20 nautical miles when Ghost was on autopilot and, let me tell you, there is no sleeping through that. My bathroom was forward through a short center corridor with wardrobes either side and contained a toilet and basin and a tiled shower with glass door that was a little larger than the other one but it would still be very intimate with the two of us. I couldn”t fucking wait.


Alek turned away from the large TV peeking into my cabin through the gap in the door and gave me a look that I would never have believed a kid his age was capable of. He knew why he was here and I think he might”ve even looked forward to what we were about to do. It was an odd feeling looking him in the eyes knowing I was going to fuck him and I felt my growing cock pushing at the front of my shorts. He glanced down at it and smiled. “We shower now?”


I nodded giving him a smile as well. “Yeah… In here.” I said pushing the door open for him to enter before following him in. His too-big t-shirt hung loosely over his shoulders and fell down over his ass, but I was sure it was going to be the most perfect little butt imaginable and I really wanted to see him naked. He glanced over at the bed and then back up at me with a shy smile on his cute face knowing that was where I”d more than likely be fucking him. And he was right too. I would be.


There was an awkward few seconds while I tried to calm my nerves and beating heart not quite sure how to get things moving in the right direction. More than anything I wanted to undress him myself, slowly revealing his preteen body and roaming my hands all over him feeling what I knew would be exquisitely soft silky skin. I wanted to feel the small lump in his jeans under my hand and kneel down in front of him as I opened his fly lowering them to his feet and take him into my mouth. It was a potent fantasy to suck a young pubescent boy”s hairless cock and make him come, but before I made a move he turned looking at the closed door of the bathroom pointing.


“In there?” He asked and I nodded. “Yeah.”


“You come?”


I stood there like an idiot, four feet away from the one thing I”d longed for my whole life wondering if he knew just how much I wanted him. You come? You bet your fucking ass I”m gonna come. All the way inside you buddy. He must have sensed my nervousness because he looked at me, waiting for me to do something and then his face changed.


“You not fucked boy before?”


God, it was that obvious. I shook my head. “No.”


He smiled. “I show you.” I watched spellbound as he pulled his t-shirt up by the neck lifting it over his head exposing his flat slender stomach and developing chest before dropping it to the side leaving him naked from the waist up. His jeans were tight and hugged his hips like a glove showing absolutely nothing in front but I thought he was the most beautiful boy I”d ever seen. His waist was narrow and curved inwards and my cock literally twitched seeing the duel grooves either side of his abdomen leading down under his jeans. Fuck I wanted to touch him there. The two tiny pinpricks of his nipples that I”d glimpsed earlier down his t-shirt were surrounded by small pale circles only slightly darker than the rest of his creamy white skin, and the swell of his breasts was barely noticeable on his otherwise flat chest. “Now you.” He nodded his head once at my own buttoned up shirt.


I hadn”t even gotten four buttons undone when he slowly stepped towards me reaching out to the last two and undid them letting my loose white shirt fall open. He lowered his hand and brushed the back of his fingers along the length of my straining cock trapped inside my briefs looking down at it and then craned his head up to meet my eyes. The top of his head barely reached above my chest and all I could think of was leaning down to kiss him on his lips and tasting his mouth. One of his hands pulled at my shirt while the other stayed where it was rubbing up and down my erection and without conscious thought I yanked it off my shoulders letting it fall off behind me. I was no longer as toned as I used to be, and being in my mid-forties I had a soft stomach with a little overhang at the sides and my chest hair had a smattering of grey, but that didn”t seem to bother Alek one little bit. Both hands went to the button of my shorts just above the prominent bulge of my rock hard cock and his little fingers and thumbs fluttered over my aching glans underneath as he struggled to snap it open making it jump in response. His head turned down to see and suddenly I felt relief as the pressure came off and the zipper was lowered to the hilt. They fell to the floor around my feet and I was left standing there in front of him wearing only my black boxer briefs with the unmistakable evidence of an adult erection pulling the stretchy material taut. I placed a hand on his naked shoulder feeling the sharp protrusions of his bones underneath slowly lowering the other down his arm to his thin wrist and moaned out loud when I felt the heat of his palm through my briefs. His fingers and thumb curled around my solid shaft level with his sternum but they were obstructed by the stretchy material, and even if they weren”t they wouldn”t”ve touched on the other side. I felt the tickle of pre being slowly forced out, seeping from my glans and saw the dark circle forming where the head of my cock pushed against my briefs and Alek ran the pad of his thumb over it, right where it joined my shaft making me shiver in sexual need. He reached up with his other hand to the waistband and was about to pull it out over my aching cock when I stopped him holding his wrist in place.


He looked up at me, his hand and fingers still wrapped around me with a frown. “It”s your turn to take your pants off. I want to see you.” I said and he smiled. “Then we can get in the shower okay?”


“Yes.” I didn”t know if he was agreeing to letting me take his jeans off or getting into the shower or both. Probably both. Truth be told I was a little hesitant in showing him my cock thinking he”d compare it with the dozens or hundreds of other men I imagined he”d been with, so the delay was a bit of a relief if I was honest and besides, I really did want to undo his jeans just like he”d done with my shorts. I wanted to take them off leaving him completely naked, his bald crotch and hard preteen dick exposed and I very much wanted to kneel down in front of him and take him into my mouth.


I felt his grip loosen around my cock and let go as I turned him towards the bathroom stepping out of my shorts with both hands on his bony shoulders walking close behind. I couldn”t help steeling a glance down his back to his narrow waist and the jeans that hugged him there. His ass, no longer hidden under his t-shirt was full and rounded and looked so small compared to my body behind him. I could hardly believe I was going to fuck him. I didn”t bother closing the door; instead I reached across and opened the clear glass panel to the shower and turned the hot water on as he turned around again to face me standing only two feet away.


Would he pull away if I tried to kiss him? I had no idea if he was gay or if he only sold himself to men because he had to. Straight boys didn”t kiss other boys or men, and if he shied away I”d know he was only doing this for the money and I”d rather believe he was doing it because he wanted to so I didn”t try. The fly of his jeans were too low for me to reach comfortably so I did the only thing I could. I got down on my knees in front of him with my face above his belly button looking down at it. It was neither an innie or an outie. There was a whirl of skin surrounding it with a concave depression, and the knotted bump at the center was flush with his flat stomach looking sexy as fuck. There was a clear outline of muscle up the center of his stomach just underneath the surface and his skin looked so smooth and soft as silk. I brought both hands up to his waist trailing the back of my fingers along the band of his jeans almost reverently wanting to see what they hid. He sucked in a breath, his stomach caving in and I felt him squirm at the touch and I looked up seeing him staring back down at me as if he couldn”t believe I wanted to do to him what he”d done to me.


“Is this okay?” I asked and he nodded. Keeping my eyes turned up I slowly lowered a hand, pressing into his crotch and feeling the soft lump of his sex under my palm through his jeans. Jesus he felt so small. Looking down again I brought both hands up to his button fly and twisted it open then pinched the bronze zipper between my fingers and thumb and pulled it all the way down to its stop. Underneath I could see his underwear from between the flaps where they dug into his waist hiding what I was sure would be a very smooth and hairless groin. With my hands at his sides I pulled down on his jeans lowering them over his hips keeping my eyes locked on his little bulge as it was revealed to me. His faded light blue underwear had seen far better days and were far too small for him. The waistband was stretched tight and coming away at the seams in places and when his jeans fell to the floor at his feet I got a whiff of his crotch smell. This wasn”t a boy who bathed often and who”d probably worn the same clothes for days on end, but fuck he was a sexy little thing standing there naked except for the old fashioned Y front underwear. But even despite the odour coming from his groin, the long expanse of his creamy white skin between his belly button and the tight band of his underwear beckoned me to touch him there. I had to see him.


I didn”t ask this time. I reached back up with my hands, my palms flat either side of his hips and hooked a couple fingers and thumbs into the waistband and slowly pushed them down bunching them above his small package exposing the absolute smooth baldness of his mound. I slipped all four fingers of each hand inside the band of his underwear feeling the heat of his flesh and the firm muscle of his ass checks as I slid them down further, and that was when I got my first look at his preteen cock and balls from less than half a foot away. He was cut, and he was smaller than I”d expected. His slim ivory cock was an inch and a half of stunning beauty jutting out from his hairless groin above the plump twin orbs of his balls separated by a crinkled bead running up the middle and, as I stared, I watched it harden to a full three inches until it pointed directly up at me. I could see a dozen tiny blue veins just underneath the surface of the almost translucent skin of his shaft stretching along his short length up to the thin red ring of his scar and the lavender bullet shaped tip of his glans. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life and all I could think was how much I wanted to take him into my mouth, but I really didn”t want the first boy”s cock I sucked to taste of stale piss and vinegar. Hell, I had no idea if another man had sucked him or blown his load coating his hairless junk in cum before me and I had no desire to find out. But I did reach up with a single finger and ran it along the top side of his short length from stem to tip making it jump and looked up at him.


He grinned down at me with his arms at his side. “I see you now?”


“Yes.” I nodded and sat back on my heels glancing down once again at his hard little dick before standing up bringing my obscenely stretched briefs level with his stomach and turning at the waist to open the shower door. Before I”d gotten it all the way open his fingers were digging underneath the waistband of my briefs pulling them out and dragging them down over my engorged cock freeing it from its cloth covered prison to bounce up and down pointing at his chest. I pushed them down to my knees knowing he was staring right at my cock and his head came closer, turning them inside out as he pulled them down further and bending over slightly bringing his face so close I could feel his warm breath making my sticky glans throb in response. He stood up straight again when they dropped to my feet and his small soft hand curled around my shaft below the flared dark hued head and I instinctively pushed forward into it.


“Suck?” He asked twisting his head to look up at me.


God I wanted him to. I really did. But I knew I”d come in his mouth in about a minute if he did and I wanted so much more than just a quick blow job. “No…” I groaned stopping him with a hand around his wrist. “I want to suck you first.”


The expression on his face would”ve been amusing if I wasn”t so fucking horny. He clearly hadn”t expected me to want to suck him and the corners of his mouth turned up grinning as he reached down to his own hard little prong and pinched it between his fingers and thumb below the glans. He was rock hard, his three inch cock almost vertical pointing up over his bald mound which I”d soon come to know was a trait of a lot of young preteen boys. Just to make sure he understood he let go of my cock and poked a finger at his own little nail. “You want suck me?”


“Yes.” I smiled nodding. “But not until we get you cleaned up and smelling a bit better.” I don”t think he got the part about smelling better but the look on his face told me he sure as hell understood he was about to get his dick sucked.


The steam was building up in the small enclosure from the now hot water raining down from the shower head so I turned on the extractor fan and the overhead light as well, looking back at the boy”s slim naked body. “Hop in.” I said. He reached out with a hand first to test the temperature and then stepped over the lip of the shower under the hot spray turning to face me. The ends of his red-blonde hair darkened and clung to his neck with the water splashing on his shoulders and running down over his chest and stomach in meandering rivulets to stream around his hard little cock and the tight pouch of his balls. He watched me watching him and tilted his head back into the water lifting both hands to his hair wetting it and I was drawn to the hairless caves of his smooth pits. When he closed his eyes against the water I envisioned pressing myself up against him and kissing his soft full red lips, and he”d open up allowing me to slide my tongue inside his mouth. He rubbed the water from his face and opened his eyes again beckoning me with his hand to join him in the shower. “Come.”


He moved aside to make room and I closed the clear glass door behind me. I couldn”t believe how hard I was. Very seldom did my cock point anywhere close to upwards, but this boy had me so turned on with the prospect if fucking him that it was doing just that, and I looked again at his lips wanting to kiss him. My heart was pounding in my ears when I lifted a hand to his face and stepped close in the confined space with my glans sliding sideways above his belly button and lent down using my fingers at the back of his head to pull him towards me. For a second I though he was going to let me, but he quickly turned away shaking his head. “Nemaye… No.” He mumbled glancing up at me.


So he probably wasn”t gay and was only doing this for the money. I was disappointed but not completely surprised. I mean, how likely was it that the first kid who propositioned me would turn out to be a budding little gay boy who liked men. Not very. “Sorry.” I whispered moving my nose up to his wet hair and grazing my lips over his forehead.


“You still suck me?” He asked as if he thought by refusing to kiss me I wouldn”t.


“Yes.” I whispered winking down at him and smiled letting go of his neck and reached behind him to pump two squirts of coconut body wash from a bottle secured in the inbuilt shelving into my palm. I felt his hard little dick poking my thigh and brought my hands to his back pressing myself against him. He turned the side of his face into my chest letting me caress him, massaging the soap into his shoulder blades and lower, slowly humping into the soft tender skin of his stomach and then turned him to face away from me. I refilled my palms with body wash and with one arm over his shoulder and the other around his side I pulled Alek against me again squashing my balls into the top of his ass where it curved into his lower back and my rock hard cock strained upwards as I worked my hands in circles on his chest and stomach. I roamed his sides and arms and under his pits washing the grime and dirt off him before reaching down, sliding over the silken skin of his hairless navel and bare pubic mound. Hooking my thumb around the root of his erection I curled my fingers up into the spongy orbs of his plump little balls feeling how soft and smooth they were with the two tiny little jellybeans inside moving around with my fingers. He moaned then, pushing his flat chest out and pressing the back of his head into me as he widened his stance giving me unfetted access to grope and fondle his sex. I held him at the hip as I squeezed and pulled him back into my achingly hard cock, lowering my face to nuzzle into his wet hair and closed my hand into a fist around his three inches slowly jacking him off making sure I washed away any trace of other men or day”s old stale piss and funk. My hand found its way from his hip to his navel, sliding up over the silky smoothness of his skin to his chest and nipples rolling one and then the other under my fingers loving every inch of his sexy as fuck little body as I could reach. God he had me so close already I knew it wouldn”t take much for me to blow my load up his back before I”d even had a chance to get his dick in my mouth, so I let go of him and reached for the shampoo. It was strawberry scented and he let me massage it into his scalp under my nose with his eyes closed and ass pushing back between my thighs teasing the root of my rock hard cock pressed against the outward curve of his cheeks. I lent him forward, bent at the waist to rinse his hair out under the falling water and ground my aching prick into his cleft just once before quickly turning him around to face me again. His hand went straight to my cock wrapping around it and I had to pull him off in fear he”d make me come far too soon.


“You suck me now?”


“In a minute buddy…” I said wanting to make sure his asshole was clean as well. I had every intention of licking him there and eating him out, but more importantly I needed to let the impending orgasm I”d felt boiling up deep under my balls to recede. With another pool of body wash in my palms I lowered myself down onto my knees sliding my hands around to his ass digging my fingers into his cheeks and pried them apart. I slipped my middle finger between them finding his hole and circled it, lightly tapping him on his seemingly far too small fissure feeling the heat of it on my pad. His hard little cock strained upwards to my chin as I leant forward kissing and licking the skin of his belly, slowly crouching down and lowering my head trailing my tongue around the boy”s button to his bald mound and finally to the crease between his thigh and balls. I ran the length of my index finger up and down over his hole as I turned my head and opened my mouth around the whole of his plump little balls with the short pole of his cock sliding up under my eye beside my nose. His hands came to my head with his chin on his chest looking down watching me and his mouth opened, his eyebrows arching on his forehead when I pushed my middle finger into him reaching as far as I could. God he was so fucking hot in there and really fucking tight too. I felt his ring contract around my finger and his cock twitched on my face and that was when I let his balls slip from my mouth and grazed my lips up his short length to his tiny glans and took him all the way down to his soft hairless mound. For the first time in my life I had a very young boy”s hard little cock in my mouth and it felt and tasted so fucking good. I”d read stories and fantasized about it, but nothing could have ever prepared me for how hot and hard and how soft it felt all at the same time. I had to purse my lips like I was sucking on my own finger and I only needed to move my head back and forth two inches from his bullet shaped glans to bury my face into his groin as I slowly slid my finger in and out of his hole. He laid both hands on my shaved head and his hairless mound came forward as he began moving with me, his diamond hard dick sliding so easily in and out of my mouth and over my tongue. He pushed his ass back onto my finger swallowing it up to my fist and then squashed his balls against my chin burying himself as deeply as he could in my mouth. I sucked in my cheeks and curled my tongue around his three inches pistoning back and forth letting my middle finger slip from inside him bringing my pointer alongside stretching his hole open. Somewhere in there I”d read about finding a boy”s immature prostate and pressing in on a hard little nub a few inches deep, but for the life of me, as hard as I tried to find it nothing I did seemed to have any effect. I so wanted a boy as young as Alek to orgasm in my mouth and to hear the kid moan and shudder, his little dick twitching and his balls pulling up tight in dry climax, that not even my own raging need could”ve stopped me from bringing him off.


I eased my two fingers from his clinching hole and pulled off his short little dick long enough to quickly check for any sign of residue and, finding none, I held him in my lips slowly circling his glans with my tongue. Taking hold of his hips again, my thumbs at the front pressing into the soft sleek skin either side of his groin and my fingers digging into his cheeks, I sank down his three inch length to the smooth hairless root of his cock and began pushing and pulling his slender preteen groin into my face showing him how I wanted him to fuck himself with my mouth. The bones of his narrow hips pressed into my palms as I flicked my tongue underneath his tiny glans making him squirm and shudder above me and I heard the first of many high pitched stuttered moans in a language I didn”t understand. My own cock was rock fucking hard but I dare not touch it in fear of exploding all over myself and the shower floor and instead focused on the taste and feel of a young boy”s slender three inches. I”d sucked dick before. I knew what I was doing and how to give pleasure yet those had been much bigger and at least eight or nine years older. Alek was my first boy and I knew without a doubt that this is what I”d crave for as long as I lived. His hands pressed down on the back of my head and I twisted it to the side squashing my nose into the crease of his thigh sucking in my cheeks and massaging his cock with my tongue each time he pushed in and I could tell he was getting close. The muscles of his stomach tensed and relaxed showing off his firm flat belly and his breathing was short and shallow in an almost continuous string of guttural moans speaking in his native tongue. Some words I recognized, most I could only guess at but it was clear he was on the verge. He groaned loudly smashing his hairless mound against my face pulling me against him with his cock trapped between my tongue and the roof of my mouth and stayed there, his whole body rigid and tense and I finally knew what it meant to give a boy such mind blowing pleasure. His hard three inches literally jumped in my mouth and he rose up on the balls of his feet as his hips jerked, curling his body over me crushing his stomach into my forehead and wrapping his arms around me as he came in waves of crashing orgasm. I felt every pulsing throb, every twitch and quivering vibration of his preteen cock held within my mouth and I savored every fucking second of it for as long as it lasted. There was no taste, no little squirt of sweet gooey boy cum or even the barest hint of a watery emission. He was completely and utterly dry and I loved him for it. I breathed in the scent of his groin feeling his cock twitch and judder, slowing to once every couple of seconds and then longer until it finally adana escort stopped and he let out a long held giggling and very satisfied breath above me. The sound of a young preteen boy”s voice only moments after orgasm was something I will never forget or would ever tire of hearing.


“Ebaaat”…” He groaned in a loud whisper as he uncoiled himself from me and stood upright keeping his dick buried in my mouth. I didn”t want to let it go, but when he pushed my head back looking down at me he smiled watching as it slipped from between my lips and sprang up hard as a fucking rock. I swallowed my saliva tasting him still and looked up at his flushed face and wide open eyes, his chest rising and falling and he licked his lips breathing hard.


“Good?” I asked lightly tracing my fingers over the smooth satiny skin of his hairless mound and around his cock to his balls tickling him underneath. His cock jerked in response.


He ginned looking down at me. “Tak… Yes.”




“Yes.” He nodded and reached down to hold himself between his thumb and two fingers at the root of his dick squeezing it. I looked too and lowered my mouth to catch his arrow tip in my lips caressing it softly with a feather touch. I”d woken up this morning with absolutely no idea I”d be blessed with being able to do something so erotic or so freely to a boy of only nine or ten years old, and this was only the beginning. I was going to fuck him if I didn”t come all over myself first.


“C”mon…” I said leaning away from him with my hands still on his hips and got up off my knees sliding the tips of my fingers up the curve of his waist and around to his swelling chest. His tiny nipples were erect and sharp under my thumbs and my cock strained upwards only an inch from touching his stomach. “It”ll be comfier on the bed.”


I opened the shower door and let him out first glancing down at the boy”s round naked creamy white ass and the crease between his cheeks hiding the small tight hole that I was going to fuck. All six inches of my cock was going in there and if I was lucky I wouldn”t blow my wad in the first minute. We dried ourselves casting glances at each other from under our towels, both of us remaining hard the entire time and the anticipation I felt watching him and seeing his sexy preteen body as he moved grew by the second. I could see the faint outlines of his ribs under his smooth pale white skin drawing me to his tiny erect nipples that I wanted to flick with my tongue and everywhere else I could get to. He was slim and slender and unlike me, he was so fucking hot.


“You”re a very sexy little boy Dany.” I said having no idea then that it wasn”t his real name.


He dropped his towel and grabbed me by the hand pulling me out of the bathroom towards my bed. “You suck again now yes? Then me suck?”


“Yes.” I followed, letting him lead me to my own bed but I pulled him to a stop and turned him around looking down at him making sure he heard what I said next. “And then I”m going to fuck you.”


“In my…” He eyes searched for the word. “Dupu? My…” He pointed with a finger behind himself.


“In your ass, yes.”


He looked unsure for a second before nodding his head. “Okay. But you use condom.”


I really didn”t want to. I wanted to feel every inch as I pushed through the tight ring of his hole and buried my cock deep inside his heat. Wearing a condom would rob me some of that pleasure, but it was either that or miss out on fucking him. “Sure kid. Whatever you say.” Thank God I still had a few in my bedside drawer along with a squeezy bottle of lube.


When I didn”t move he looked up at me expectantly. “You get now. Show me.”


I didn”t really have a choice. Even though I”d paid for him he was still in charge and all it took was a few steps to my bedside drawers to pull out a strip of condoms and rip one off. I also grabbed the lube and dropped it on the bed knowing I was going to need it and stood in front of him again holding the sealed square for him to see. “Okay?”




“Good.” I winked.


The back of his thigs were against the bed and I placed both hands on his shoulders gently pushing him down so he sat on the end, his face now level with my raging hard cock. He licked his lips knowing what was coming and I watched, imagining them parting to graze across my wet sticky head and slide over the crown of my glans taking me into his mouth. I didn”t need to wait long as he lifted a hand wrapping his fingers around my thick solid shaft a half inch from touching his thumb on the other side and lent forward. His mouth opened and he took in a slow breath just before his soft wet lips closed half way down my glazed head and sensuously pulled back with the slightest of suction imaginable. They came together at the tip where he twirled his tongue before smacking his lips and swallowing the taste of my pre looking up at me with his big dark brown eyes and my glans folding his bottom lip. My hand combed through his damp hair at the back of his head and he let me pull him forward again opening his mouth and I slid three inches inside over the soft velvety cushion of his tongue.


“Fuuuuuck…” I moaned looking down watching a nine or ten year old boy taking my cock into his mouth for the very first time in my life. I was so fucking turned on and hard as fucking steel and it felt so fucking good. I couldn”t help it, I put the slightest of pressure on the back of his head and another inch disappeared into his mouth sliding the head of my cock to the back of his tongue. His breath cascaded over my trimmed pubes through his nose and I held him there luxuriating in the boy”s hot mouth and then eased off the pressure and let him pull back. My other hand went to his head as well and pushed him back down, instinctively moving my hips forward a little feeling him trying to relax and take five of my six inches to the back of his mouth. I left my hands on his head but I didn”t need to direct him, he did that all on his own. His free hand came up to cup my balls into his palm while he held me around my shaft slowly jacking me and sucked back and forth soaking my cock in a wet sheen of his saliva. I think he thought if he got me off in his mouth I wouldn”t fuck him since he hadn”t looked all that keen on the idea and his tongue undulated along my length when he sucked me in and flicked right on the most sensitive spot underneath as he withdrew. He hadn”t wanted to kiss me and I was fairly sure he wasn”t gay, so taking an adult cock up his ass probably didn”t appeal, but my God he knew how to use his mouth. I”d had a grand total of four guys suck my cock up until then and I can honestly say it was the best fucking blow job I”d ever experienced. His tongue was in constant motion and he slid back and forth twisting his head lathering my cock in spit occasionally pulling off completely to lick up the side of my shaft looking up at me with a smile on his lips. Fuck, maybe he actually was gay.


I was biting my own lip and wanted to close my eyes at the exquisite feeling of a boy”s mouth on me but I didn”t. The sight of him cresting my glans again and sliding down five inches was enough to make me moan out loud. “Nghhhh… Fuck that feels so good little man. See if you can get the whole thing in there.”


He tried. He really did. His hand flattened on my short trimmed pubes and his nose touched his fingers taking my cock down to the root and gagged, slurping noisily back up and panting through his nose looking pleased with himself. He did that two more times over the next few minutes but when he sensed I was getting close with my hands beginning to push and pull his head back and forth he backed off and took his mouth off me. Looking up he licked his lips and swallowed.


“You suck me now?” He asked and I could see his erect boyhood pointing straight up from between his spread legs and his hand in his lap diddling with it. I had no idea if he”d stopped on purpose knowing that once a guy got off he”d probably lose interest for a while and he”d more than likely miss out on the second blow job he”d been promised.


“Yeah…” I sighed taking a deep breath disappointed I”d not come in his mouth but thankful that I hadn”t. I really, really wanted to fuck this boy. “Lay back.”


He did, leaning back on his elbows showing off his slim preteen body to me with a single thin fold of skin bisecting his belly button and spreading his legs apart hanging over the side of the bed at the knees. His rigid little cock pointed up at his face, the red ring of his circumcision taut and his rounded balls hanging a little looser now after the shower, but they were still those of a young boy years away from reaching puberty. My dripping wet cock pulsed at the sight of his hairless taint and he watched as I dropped to my knees putting both hands on his thighs and running them up to his hips leaning in over him. “God you”re a hot little fucker aren”t you…?”


I knew he wouldn”t let me kiss him but I could still lick and touch every other part of him. He was mine for another seventy five minutes and I was sure as hell going to get my monies worth. I ignored his dick, pushing my luck and trying for his mouth but he turned away as I”d expected him to so I detoured, nuzzling into his throat as if that”s where I”d been headed all along shuffling forward on my knees between his wide open legs. My hands explored, roaming up and down his sides lost in the silky smoothness of his skin under my palms as I kissed and licked and sucked at his throat which he so kindly surrendered when he tiled his head back and to the side. He smelt of coconut soap and strawberry shampoo but he tasted like innocence, even though I knew he wasn”t. I”d never had sex with a kid so it took me a bit by surprise at just how soft and tender his skin was below his throat as I moved down, trailing my lips and tongue over a slightly swelling breast to an erect nipple and nipped it with my teeth. Alek hissed out a breath and pushed up into me wanting more. One of my hands rounded his hip coming between us to take his dick in my thumb and fingers slowly tracing them up and down while the other tweaked his excited nub on the other side. I kissed and licked my way down his stomach getting closer and closer to his sex, poking my tongue into his belly button only briefly before descending upon it. Using my two fingers underneath I lifted his three inches of granite hardness to my lips and buried my face between his legs using my tongue to scoop his balls in at the same time.


“Ahhhhgghhhh…” He giggled with his mouth hanging open watching me and lifted a leg putting his foot on the mattress and letting his knee sag wide open. As much as I was focused on his rigid cock in my mouth I realized his hole was only a few inches below and all it would take to get at it was to push his other leg out as well. I stroked a hand over his thigh to his knee at the edge of the bed and gripped him from underneath, lifting it and pushing it to the side spreading his cheeks apart forcing him to lower himself onto his back on the bed. I let his cock slip from my lips and looked down under his balls to the swollen bulge of his taint and there, between the shallow ravine of his crease was the pink circle of his anus. Fuck, it had to be the most beautiful thing I”d ever seen. I grabbed his other leg under the knee and pushed it back, now using both hands to spread his legs up and apart rolling his ass up to my face. The clean soapy scent of his hole wafted up as I lent in with his full rounded balls in front of my eyes held snugly in his rounded pouch drawing me forward. I licked his taint first, tickling him with the tip of my tongue smiling to myself at the sound he made and then dipped down over the taut ridge of skin to taste a preteen boy”s hole for the first time. It tingled the tip of my tongue and had a lightly metallic flavor that tasted a bit like liquorish, and I heard Alek suck in a breath and moan when I lapped at the pink center of his depression making him shiver. His tight ring contracted and closed as he tensed the muscles in his groin and then it suddenly bloomed out when he pushed and a quarter inch of my tongue felt the heat of his hole opening up for me. Again, I”d read so many stories describing a boy”s hole as puckered or wrinkled but Alek”s was none of those. He was as smooth there and as perfectly supple as anywhere else and it was with some ease that I speared my tongue and pushed in wriggling it like an eel making him squirm and giggle out loud once again.


I lifted up from his ass looking between his legs to see him with his head up looking back at me. “You like?” I asked raising my eyebrows smiling.


“Yes.” He replied quietly nodding. “Again.”


Who was I to deny him? I”d happily feast on his hole for as long as he wanted me to and besides, I”d read you needed to stretch and open a boy”s anus with your fingers before fucking him. Not that I wanted to stretch him too much though because what I desired most was to feel his slick greasy ring gripping me like a vice as I sank all the way into him until I was balls deep.


I felt the pressure come off my hands and realized he”d taken his own knees in his hands leaving me to run mine down his thighs to his ass and cup his cheeks in my palms. With my thumbs crawling inwards I dug in pulling them apart opening the tiny iris of his pink hole and lowered my face tickling and circling and probing with my tongue, dipping into the small crimson oval cave of his anus and pushing in. I lapped and sucked and wriggled into him, soaking his hole with spit and then rose up on my knees to his balls pulling them into my mouth. I”d already gathered enough pre from my own dripping cock as lube and slipped two fingers up under my chin pressing them together and pushing in. He made a noise above me when the thickest part of my second knuckles eased through his elastic lips and stretched his inner muscle open allowing them to sink into the hot spongy void of his bowels. I rolled his tiny jellybean balls around in his sack chasing them with my tongue as I pressed my fisted hand against his ass swirling my fingers inside him and withdrew only to slide back in scissoring them apart. Hoping like fuck everything I”d read about a little boy”s prostate wasn”t complete bullshit I twisted my hand with my palm up curling my fingers towards the base of his cock under his balls searching for it. I found the hardened root of his cock and moved up with my mouth to his glans and sucked him in whole, all the way to the base as I reached in further with my fingers. I knew I”d found it when his whole body jerked suddenly and he sucked in a loud stuttered breath letting it all out in a low throaty groan and his cock jumped in my mouth. The tight grip of his ring clamped down strangling my fingers and I smiled around his crayon sized little pole knowing I”d hit my mark with my lips pressing into the softness of his bare pubic mound purposefully squashing his balls with my chin. I corkscrewed my hand sliding back and pushed in again, angling my fingers upward and flicked my tongue up underneath his taut glans making sure to graze them over the spongy mass of his immature prostate. His diamond hard three inches quivered, strumming on my tongue held firmly in my caved in cheeks as I pressed a thumb into the swollen bulge of his taint directly over the root of his erection. With only the slightest of pressure I compressed his prostate between my thumb and two fingers inside and he gave a short sharp moan in his high pitched preteen voice, the band of his inner muscle contracting, clamping down on my fingers in a death grip. If it felt this good on my fingers I could only imagine it doing the same thing grasping around the shaft of my cock buried inside him and the sounds of a young hairless preteen boy approaching his second orgasm made me so God damned hot to fuck him.


He let go of his legs putting both feet on my shoulders with his knees wide apart, my face between his creamy smooth thighs sucking hard up and down on his three inch little cock forcing my fingers apart and rotating them stretching him ready for my cock. As inexperienced as I was with boys, even I could tell he was close again and all it took was another gentle massage of his tiny prostate with my thumb and fingers working him from both inside and out combined with my lips sliding up and down his short length to get him there. My free hand was laid flat on his stomach caressing him when I felt him go rigid and try to push up with his hips into my face with a gurgling strangled cry coming from above me. His hands pressed down on the top of my head and his dick turned to stone three seconds before the first mighty jolt. I felt it in his ass, his tight ring clamping down on my fingers and then the contraction under my thumb pressing in on his taint was like a pulse of heat before his cock lurched and trembled for at least fifteen long glorious seconds and his stuttered little boy moans turned to a very satisfied giggle and panting breath. He put both hands behind his head and lifted it up with his chin on his chest looking down and grinned at me as I took hold of his dick at the base and eased my mouth off it and very slowly withdrew my fingers from his ass.


It was my turn now. I knew it, my cock knew it, and he sure as hell knew it too. “You fuck me now?” He asked through his laboured breath. His face was flushed and his red-blonde hair was matted down on his forehead but he was smiling.


“Yes.” I said looking up at him from between his legs with his glans on my lips. He was breathing hard and his chest rose and fell as if he”d just run a half mile. “I fuck you now.”


The lube and the unopened square containing the condom lay on the bed at Alek”s side and as I stood I reached out for the lube hoping he wouldn”t notice I”d left the condom where it was. He put both feet down on mattress with his legs splayed wide open, his hard three inches as stiff and rigid as ever and he looked down at my wet glistening six inches and back up at my face. I was so fucking turned on I knew I”d only last a few minutes at the most once I was in him if I even got that far before blowing my load. I had no idea if he”d be relieved or disappointed. At the time I didn”t actually think he was gay and that he probably didn”t relish taking an adult cock up his ass, but I”d paid for it, so as long as he didn”t back out on our deal I was going to fuck him.


“Condom.” He said snatching up the silver square and holding it out to me. Resigned to my fate of fucking a boy for the first time and having to wear a rubber knowing it would dull the incredible sensations of his silken glove, I took it from him. Thankfully it was Ultra-thin so I didn”t imagine I”d be missing out on too much. Two weeks later I”d find out just how wrong I was; fucking him bare and coating his bowels in cum was a bazillion times better.


I moved forward reaching down over his thighs to his hips lifting just enough to drag him back about a half foot until his ass was at the edge of the bed and then streched over him to grab a pillow. He lifted his head as I pulled it underneath and his legs came up, bending at the knee either side of my body as I moved in between them. My cock hovered over his sex as I tore open the silver packet and dropped it to the floor looking down at the boy I was about to fuck more turned-on than I”d ever been before. He was so young and completely smooth from the neck down and his sexy as fuck preteen body was everything I”d ever dreamt of.


“Like this?” Alek asked looking up at me reaching out to his knees spreading them wide and pulling back opening himself up for me to take what I most wanted.


“Fuck yeah… Just like that buddy.” I said barely above a whisper holding the rubber latex sheath by the tip over my aching glans and eagerly rolled it down my granite six inches all the way to my trimmed pubes and shaved balls. He watched me squeeze a generous pool of lube onto my fingers and rub them together and I felt him push out when I reached down and touched them to his hole. There was little doubt he”d done this before and my two fingers easily breached the tight seal curling his ring inwards as they pushed through the inner muscle into the warm moist void beyond. His mouth opened and his eyebrows arched as I slid the thickest part of my fingers into him squeezing more lube where they entered and withdrew only to push straight back in. I smeared the lube around his hole getting him slick, ready to take my straining cock and then pulled out holding my hand under my latex sheathed shaft dribbling a pool of lube over it into my palm and wrapped my fist around it. Coated in lube my hand glided up and down three times before I dropped the bottle to the bed and lent in over him holding myself up with a hand at the side of his shoulder looking down at his very young and smooth preteen body laid beneath me.


“You ready?” I asked. He knew what I meant and nodded his head letting go of his knees splaying his legs wide with his feet circling around my lower back. I looked down between us with my hand around my cock holding it poised an inch from touching his tiny little cave and was pleased to see his own dick was still hard pointing up his navel to his face. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. How hard should I push? Should I shove it all in in one go or go slow like I”d read in all those stories? Could I even get it all the way in a nine or ten year old boy? In my lust fuelled fog I don”t actually recall making a conscious decision; but within the span of two heartbeats I felt my glans compressing against his hole as I held it straight and then he relaxed, or pushed out, or both. I felt the slick rubbery band of his ring open and swallow the head of my cock into his succulent moist heat but he tensed, griping me tightly as I looked down seeing a part of myself inside a boy for the very first time in my life. God I was so fucking hard. All I wanted was to sink into him but I looked up at his face when the fingernails of one hand dug into my forearm and I could see him visibly trying to will himself to relax again. I felt it, and looking into his eyes I pressed forward a half inch prying open his sphincter as he let out a quiet groan scrunching his eyes closed and sucked in both his bottom and upper lips between his teeth. I held still and waited, looking down seeing at least three and a half inches still to go and that his dick had shrunk to half the size of only a minute ago to lying limply over his hairless mound.


I felt a series of tiny futters around the head of my cock imbedded in his ass and the death grip he had me in subsided. He opened his eyes giving a subtle nod of his head telling me it was okay to keep going. I really wanted to but waited another ten seconds, mostly to let my rising orgasm fade before very slowly adding pressure and pushing forward again feeling the strong band of his sphincter rolling down the length of my shaft.


“Fuuuuck…” I moaned. The delicate membrane of his cannel yielded and morphed around my cock surrounding it in a mushy heat as I fully sank into him clawing at his thigh now that I no longer needed to guide my cock home and pressed the hollow of my groin against his upturned cheeks. God he was so fucking hot inside. Even through the latex glove I could still feel it.


I opened my eyes not even realizing I”d closed them looking down at him almost overwhelmed that I was actually in a nine or ten year old preteen boy”s ass and how fucking good it felt. Without giving up even a half inch I let the pressure off and then pushed forward again flattening his cheeks and watched his face. Tiny pinpricks of sweat dotted his upper lip and under his eyes and his cheeks were flushed a light red and his eyebrows arched again feeling all six inches of my cock strain further into him. The corners of his mouth turned up in a forced smile and I pulled back a whole inch, slowly sliding back in watching him. I did it again, two inches this time as his lips parted staring back up at me and he let out a quiet moan with his slowly expelling breath. The fifth time I did it, pulling out nearly four inches and sinking back into his succulent depths he shifted on the bed into a more comfortable position crossing his feet behind my back unwittingly angling my cock in a direct line to his root and prostate. Maybe he was gay and liked a cock inside him, because when I looked down again his three inch boner had regained its full hard length. I was still holding myself up with one hand on the mattress and the other digging my fingers into his hip and thigh slowly rocking my waist sliding back and forth into the gripping furnace of his hole. I knew he felt me grazing over the spongy lump of his prostate when his face lit up and he sucked in a sudden breath letting it out in a drawn out staccato as he reached for his own cock and grasped it between his thumb and two fingers jacking himself off. Despite not wanting to wear a condom I was grateful for it. I was sure I”d have already come without it and I wanted this to last for as long as possible even though that would prove to be no more than five minutes at most. Using his hip as leverage I pushed off the bed and stood, holding him around the waist with both hands and lifted him leaving only his head and shoulders on the mattress so I was looking down his body to his face. I used him like a fleshlight fucking in an out of his ass watching him jack his three inch cock and feeling the smooth supple softness of his skin under my hands. I was aiming for his balls every time I sank in all the way to the root and he gasped and moaned, his eyebrows arching and mouth hanging open as his lightweight body rocked back and forth held up in the air. Jesus I was close. I stretched both thumbs down under his balls and pressed in fucking him harder and harder holding him in place pulling nearly all the way out until only my glans remained and driving home again. I was watching my slick latex covered cock emerge and sink back in over and over.


“Ahhhhhhhhh…” He groaned in a stuttered cry of overwhelming pleasure. I knew then what it felt like to have my cock buried balls deep in a boy”s ass when he came. The muscle inside strangled my shaft two inches from the base in clamping waves which I could clearly see and feel from the outside, his swollen taint pulsating in time just below his small hairless balls pulling up into a single round globe. Seeing his stiff three inch cock pulsing in climax sent me over the edge right alongside him.


“Jesus Christ… Ohhhh fuck kid, I”m gonna come in you.” I groaned digging my fingers into his tender flesh and held him to me as the burn started deep in my groin under my balls. It built quickly and I felt my cock swell and expand inside as I closed my eyes, my mouth opening in exquisite ecstasy shoving hard and deep with my hands wrapped around his thin bony hips. The three seconds before the first thrilling rush of orgasm hit stretched out like an eternity, my balls tightening in my sack and pulling upwards ready to explode in spine tingling euphoria and then it hit me. I stabbed into him and my cock lurched with a seemingly continuous flow of semen forcing its way up my shaft shooting out of my burning lips into the condom I wore. Its warmth spread and surrounded me adding to the already all-consuming heat of Alek”s silken flesh and my cock pulsed again and again unloading a lifetime of pent up sexual frustration. I ground my crotch against his ass holding him tight jerking and convulsing through at least a half dozen powerful jolts savoring the slow gradual decline until the last weak pulse oozed out and I finally opened my eyes. Alek”s chin was on his chest, his body bent with just his head and shoulders on the mattress looking up at me with his legs still around my waist and smiled.


I licked my suddenly dry lips and panted heavily standing at the end of the bed with my cock still inside him and holding him by his hips luxuriating in the waning of my orgasm. Already I was thinking about next time and I smiled back easing him down holding the condom in place on my cock so it came out with me. There was only a little murky smear but otherwise it was mostly clean when I slipped adıyaman escort out and I rolled onto my side facing him on the bed with my head in my hand. I couldn”t believe I”d just fucked him and I slowly trailed my fingertips from his chest down to his hairless mound and circled there tickling my way back up as I caught my breath. My cock lost its rigid firmness shrinking in on itself so on the next pass down his preteen body I slipped the condom off and tossed it to the floor behind me. We both heard it land full of my cum and he turned to me smiling.


“You like first time fucking boy?”


I nodded. “Yes… And I”d really like to do it again.”


“You want again now?” He asked briefly looking down at my softening cock against his thigh.


“I wish.” I smiled laughing quietly. “Can you come back tomorrow?”


“Tomorrow? Yes.” He nodded and then the hustler returned. “Same price.”


He could”ve asked for twice that and I would”ve happily paid it. “Same price.” I agreed. “How old are you by the way?”


“How old?” He asked and then shrugged his shoulders. “Ten… I think.”


“You think?” How does a kid not know how old he is? “What do you mean?”


“I turn ten but not know when.”


“You don”t know when your birthday is?” Shit… I might”ve just fucked a nine year old. He shook his head leaving me at a loss for words and I glanced at the clock on the bedside table. I still had 50 minutes until my two hours were up but decided I probably couldn”t come again that soon so I offered him food instead. He cleaned up in the bathroom and then joined me upstairs in the galley dressed back in his torn and filthy clothes and we chatted as best we could with his broken English. It was then he told me his parents were both dead and he slept in the small room he”d first taken me to and that it was his job to pimp out the girls and collect payment from the men who bought them. When I asked if he fucked them too he shook his head but was quick to tell me he did stuff with the other boys which, of course, perked my interest and I probed him for details. He stayed thirty minutes longer than his allotted time and I fed him ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches with Coke, but eventually I had to pay him and follow him out to the pier to watch him leave. He turned once and waved and I stood there until I lost sight of him very much looking forward to his return the next day.


I stayed in Odesa a lot longer than I”d planned which will come as no surprise. Alek showed up around lunch time every day for two weeks and I feed him and then we”d go downstairs to my cabin where he”d shower. Sometimes I joined him, sometimes not, preferring him to crawl up onto my bed naked with his three inch cock erect and a look of anticipation in his eyes. He”d either straddle my chest aiming his dick to my lips or I”d flip him over onto his back kissing my way down to his groin tickling his hairless mound with my tongue before bringing him to orgasm with my mouth. I loved his smooth young preteen body and I explored every inch from his throat to his armpits, eating his ass and wriggling my tongue into his hot little hole and surpling his small balls into my mouth before I”d fuck him. But he resolutely refused to kiss me when I tried, turning his head away again and again and shaking his head no. He stayed two hours the first few days but that increased to three and then four when he discovered my Netflix account. I washed his clothes after the fourth day taking note of his size and then surprised him with new jeans and a few slim fitting t-shirts that I knew he”d look hot as fuck in. I also got him four pairs of colored boxer brief underwear as well as tennis shoes and threw all the old stuff away. Nearing the end of the second week I bought a new Play Station 5 with duel controls and hooked it up to the large flat screen in the living space below deck and he was brimming with excitement when he saw it. He stayed and I ordered in pizza since we were both far too engrossed in Fortnite and Call of Duty for me to cook. Of course I had to suck him off again knelt in front of him sat completely naked in the beanbag leaning back with me between his legs. He paused his game only when he got close and came in my mouth and then went straight back to it finishing the level he was on. The little shit didn”t even ask if I needed to get off one more time before he left. But it was all good. I”d cum three times that day already so I wasn”t complaining.


I didn”t fuck him every day. He was surprisingly skilled at sucking cock and I came in his mouth often enough when we were giving his ass a rest, but he always spat it out rather than swallowing. I didn”t mind. Not much anyway. At least he wasn”t making me wear a condom for that as well and he”d stopped asking me for money after the fifth day which was also the same day he confessed his real name. About two and a half weeks into what was soon becoming our routine he paused his game and looked at me watching him. It was later than usual and beginning to darken outside. I”d made us Mac `n” Cheese after I”d fucked him sat in the chase lounge with him on my lap, legs splayed wide facing away from me as I thrust up into him and masturbated his hard three inches and squeezed his small hairless balls.


“Can I stay here tonight?” He asked. His English was improving little by little. “With you?”


I didn”t say anything. I just nodded my head and smiled and he went back to his game. When we went to bed I was reaching into the drawer for a rubber when he stopped me. “No. I want you fuck me without.”


We made love that night and I came inside him properly for the first time. His legs were up and his feet were on my back as I moved on top of him feeling every inch of his clenching sheath and painted his bowels with cum. A couple days later he left for an hour, returning with a brown haired boy who looked about a year younger than he was and, with obvious excitement, they went below to play video games. Of course I followed. Alek told me his name was Mykola and how he knew him and said he couldn”t speak any English. They were friends of a sort, the younger boy being the son of the man who profited from the girls and the small cramped rooms they shared. From the outset it was obvious to me why Alek had brought him here and he kept whispering in his ear as he played his game until he just got up and knelt in front of Mykola on the beanbag pulling his shorts down and off and swallowed his stiff little two and a half inch dick right down to the root. The younger boy twisted his head to look at me grinning and then dropped the controller to the floor leaning back into the beanbag spreading his legs giving Alek all the room he needed.


“Nate… Come suck him too.” Alek said coming off and then went back down sucking Mykola”s boy nail into his mouth. Getting down onto my knees and crawling over to the beanbag next to him Alek moved to the other side holding his two and a half inch dick up for me. I raised my eyebrows at the boy silently asking his permission and he nodded his head as I ran my palm up his inner thigh to his small rounded balls and lent down flicking my tongue over the tiny glans before pursing my lips and buried my face into his groin. They whispered above me in their native language and I felt Alek pushing my head back from Mykola”s lap.


“He is virgin. You fuck him now? Four thousand.” The kid earned it too. I doubted very much he was virgin, but his award winning acting stills almost made me believe it.


A week later, lying naked in bed exhausted after a prolonged marathon of sex with an energetic and horny little boy, I asked Alek if he wanted to take Ghost out on a quick three day hop to the Med. He literally squealed with excitement bouncing up and down on his stomach next to me and without thinking about it he kissed me on the lips. It was only fleeting and he quickly hid his face into the pillow. Why he was suddenly so shy I have no idea, but apparently it was okay to suck cock and lick an asshole but kissing was embarrassing.


I rolled onto my side towards him and stroked my hand up his back still feeling his soft sweet lips on mine and whispered into his ear. “That was nice. I don”t mind if you want to kiss me some more.”


“It”s gay.” I heard his muffled voice say from the pillow. I had to supress a laugh.


“It was still nice. I liked it… Hey, you wanna ask Mykola if he wants to come with us?” I asked and his head popped up off the pillow grinning.


Neither of them had ever even left Odesa let alone travelled to another country. I wasn”t too concerned about customs and passports since they were very rarely checked upon arrival and only really required for extended stays. I planned on visiting Santorini for a day and scoped out a couple other close by islands that looked secluded enough for what I wanted. I”d had to keep our playtime confined to indoors either in my cabin or the TV room below decks and the idea of being able to fuck both boys out in the open really appealed to me. They went absolutely berserk in Santorini exploring every street and alleyway they could find. We ate and shopped and in the evening I took them to an outdoor restaurant; something I don”t think either of them had ever experienced before. Back aboard Ghost the two of them dragged me downstairs and I fucked Mykola for the second time while he sucked Alek and then we traded places until both boys had gotten off twice. I couldn”t get enough of Mykola”s little hairless dick and his sexy as fuck body had me blowing my load into Alek”s mouth only twenty minutes after my last orgasm. The little guy made the cutest gurgling sounds when he came and he had a habit of clamping his thighs around my head at his peak. We spent the next two days in the sheltered cove of a small island nearby. Ghost has a shallow draft so I could get her pretty close to shore and the water only came up to my chest when I hopped off the dive platform at the stern. The boys attached themselves to me, one in front and the other clinging onto my back as I waded ashore. The sand was white and fine under our feet and we built sandcastles and swam naked in the crystal clear water groping and fondling each other and at night made a bonfire casting their preteen bodies in an orange glow. The first night we climbed back aboard Ghost and watched a movie before Alek pulled Mykola and I by the arms to the cabin and into bed. I was treated to watching Alek fuck his friend kneeling behind him while I laid back into the headboard with my legs spread and came in the younger boy”s mouth. He didn”t spit it out like Alek did though and swallowed it all. The second night we simply stayed on the beach cooking fish over the fire and found a grassy spot a little ways inland for an hour. I”d learnt to always pack lube in my day bag so I was prepared when Mykola straddled my waist holding himself up with his arms on my raised knees and sank down onto my cock. Alek stood over me facing him and pushed his three inches into Mykola”s mouth holding his head and fucked his face while I thrust up into him. I fondled his hard little cock and squashed his puny balls to his groin roaming my hands up and around his waist and hips pushing him down onto me flattening his cheeks and reaching as far inside him as I could. I came hard that night and flooded his guts in semen until it ran out of him down my cock and into my trimmed pubes. Alek pushed him off me onto his back and climbed over into a classic sixty-nine sucking his dick and humping down into his face at the same time. They both came with me watching from close by on my side and then we refilled the fire on the beach and slept under the stars.


We returned to Odesa and said goodbye to Mykola even though it wouldn”t be the last time I saw him. Alek stayed with me.


I began thinking about having to leave and it filled me with dread. I couldn”t stay here but I didn”t want to leave him either. I was falling in love with him and couldn”t imagine him not coming with me when I left. I broached the subject with him one night about two weeks after our trip with Mykola. I sat him down on the couch in the great room surrounded by the 180 degree view and took his hand.


“You know I”m going to have to leave at some point don”t you?” I asked. “I can”t stay here forever.”


He looked at me with such sad eyes it almost broke my heart. It”d been six weeks since I”d first met him and nearly four weeks of sleeping next to him every single night and I wondered if it would”ve been a kindness if I”d refused him to return that first day and never seen him again rather than showing him affection and letting him stay.


“I know…” He said looking down at his feet. “I will miss you.”


I”d been thinking about his for a few days but really had no idea how to go about it. “Would you come with me if you could? Live here with me forever?”


He looked up uncertain. “Yes.” It was said barely about a whisper. “I want to go with you.”


“It might be years before we come back.” I warned him. He”d be leaving his friends, but he”d also be leaving his old life behind and all that entailed. He wouldn”t have to have sex with anyone he didn”t want to.


“I want to go with you.” He repeated.


It took weeks and a lot of money, not least of which was the `fee” of buying Alek”s future earnings from those that claimed to own it. I met Mykola”s father with Alek at my side and explained what we wanted. We met him three times over the next week or so and every time I wondered if he knew I was fucking his not-even-ten-year-old son. Mykola had spent the previous night with Alek and me as he did so often now, and it”d been only a couple hours since I”d had my cock in his tight little ass and came inside him. The required `fee” for releasing Alek from his prospective earnings amounted to highway robbery but it was easy to haggle him down to less than half what he”d asked. The next part, the thing we really needed, would be expensive no matter which way we came at it. Funnily enough, people like Mykola”s father who did illegal things like selling children for sex knew other people who also did illegal things; like procuring fake birth certificates and passports. Three months after first meeting him, Alek and I became father and son sharing the same surname. On a whim we decided his new birthday would be the day after I”d met him. When he asked me why I”d not picked the day we met, I grinned at him and winked.


“Because I want to be able to say I fucked you when you were nine.” So I”ve got a thing for single digits. Sue me.


His grasp of English and his understanding of the mind of a forty seven year old lover of young boys had improved exponentially over the last couple months. He smiled down at me holding himself up with his hands on the bed either side of my head propped up on a pillow, his legs bent underneath straddling my hips with his three inch dick poking at my navel. Mine was squashed up under his balls as I roamed my hands down his back to his ass and I felt him lowering his chest to mine bringing his face closer. At first I thought he was moving down to my chest and nipples on his way to suck my rock hard cock, but I suddenly realized he was going to kiss me.


The tip of his small pink tongue came out sliding along his lips wetting them as he turned his head slightly and then I felt his breath on my face. His lips parted and he lent down touching them lightly to my own and held there slowly opening his mouth and pressing in harder. I”m sure I moaned into his mouth at how soft and delicate they were capturing his upper lip within my own feeling his warm moist breath on my face. His kiss was surprisingly sensual and erotic as fuck. We”d had sex at least four or five dozen times in the three months since I”d walked him to my yacht so I don”t know why I was surprised. I knew he was a very tactile boy and his lips grazed over mine barely even touching but it soon turned to so much more. My hand came up to comb through his red-blonde hair pulling him down and I opened my mouth, my head turning into him and my tongue came forward to brush across his lip. He jerked back but I held onto him until he relaxed and I did it again venturing a little further sliding over his front teeth. His taste was sweet and intoxicating and I desperately needed to be in him as I kissed my boy like a lover does for the very first time. The tip of his own small tongue ventured forward and he giggled when it touched mine with his hot steamy breath washing over me. I felt his smile, his mouth pressed against my own and my tongue delved in finding his and flicked it making his eyes widen in surprise.


I let the pressure off from the back of his head and pulled away touching my forehead to his looking him in the eyes from only two inches apart. “I need to fuck you Alek. Like this.”


He nodded breathing into my face and licked his lips. I could see it in his dark brown eyes, the smouldering need to fuck and get off. He was so hard and his smooth young preteen body felt so good as I stroked both hands down his back, cupping his cheeks in my palms before moving to the back of his thighs pulling them wider around my hips.


“Can you reach the lube Tsutsenya?” I asked. I”d started calling him that a while ago and it literally means `puppy”. He smiled but I couldn”t see it, not that I needed to. He liked me calling him that. I kissed his shoulder when he leant over to the bedside table to grab the bottle that was always there and I nuzzled into his throat. I loved how soft and tender his skin was there and how fucking good he smelt.


He sat up on me, his proud little boner pointing up over his bare mound to his navel and his balls pulled up tight into a single round globe flipping the lid of the lube and squirting it into his hand. Grinning down at me the whole time he reached behind readying himself and then I felt his hand wrap around my shaft pulling it up from underneath the arch of his thighs to lie between the valley of his cheeks. I”m not sure I needed much lube since I was oozing like a motherfucker already, but his hand curled firmly around my cock stroking down and back up coating me in a slick film at the same time as he poured lube onto my navel up to my belly button and smeared it in. He reached out with his other hand to one of my own and brought it to his erect three inch dick as he rose up onto his knees and arched his back touching his hole to my straining glans. Mentally drinking in his sexy as fuck preteen body straddling my waist from his stiff little hairless cock between his legs to his flat slender stomach and chest I couldn”t fathom how I”d nearly passed him over as not hot enough to linger on for even a brief moment. This newly ten year old boy was not only hot, he was incredibly sensual and loved what we did together. I put both hands on his hips where they melded into his thighs with my thumbs pointed inwards digging into his soft flesh either side of his hairless mound pushing him back feeling the tight elastic ring of his hole relax and I slipped inside him. He groaned, his eyes closing as he slowly lowered himself into my lap leaning forward with a hand on my chest and the other coming off my cock now that it no longer needed to be held in place. I eased him down the rest of the way until I was buried to the hilt, my trimmed pubic hair tickling his balls and slid a hand up his side under his arm bringing him forward. Holding him by the back of his neck I pulled his mouth down to mine once again and kissed him with his blonde hair falling around my face like a thousand tiny feathers. His breath was hot and his lips were wet and soft as his mouth opened allowing my tongue to graze over them and snake inside feeling his own coming forward. We breathed into each other”s open mouths and I gently bit his lip kneading his ass with my other hand and planted my feet on the mattress behind him to slowly push up into him at the same time as he began rocking back and forth fucking himself on me. His rock hard three inch cock rubbed against my navel as the sweet taste of his saliva blended with my own aided by his small pink tongue circling mine. I closed my lips sucking it into my mouth as I strained upwards sliding in and out of his slick yielding hole feeling the grip of his muscle on my shaft and moaned.


No longer needing to hold his head to kiss him I grabbed both hips in my hands and began pushing and pulling him back and forth on top of me in time with my thrusts, fucking him a little harder and faster each time I bottomed out in him. I understood now why he”d covered my navel in lube; his rigid little boy cock rubbed against me as he moved getting himself off at the same time as my cock slid back and forth through the tight seal of his hole reaching in deep and withdrawing almost fully only to sink right back in. He let out quiet little whimpers of pleasure into my mouth every time I pushed all the way into him and for a boy who”d never kissed anyone like this he was surprisingly very good at it.


“Vazhche…” He groaned into my mouth. “Ebat” mene syl”nishe…” God I loved it when he reverted to his native tongue and even though I had absolutely no idea what he was saying, his high pitched voice laced with such sexual need was a huge fucking turn on.


I did exactly what he”d asked of me even though I hadn”t understood a single word except `Ebat”. I knew what that meant. I held him tight around his hips and ass right where they joined his legs knelt down either side of my waist and pushed him back hard into my groin thrusting up into him at the same time never once letting his open mouth leave mine pulling him back up to do it again and again. He was close. He ground his three inch cock and balls into my navel humping back and forth fucking himself onto my cock just as much as I was drilling into his hole. His panting breath cascading down the side of my face quickened with needy groans and the short whimpering moans of a horny little preteen boy, and then he came. He actually bit my lip as his whole body went rigid and his toes curled, the sudden clamping of his muscle around me feeling like a rubber band strangling my shaft and his mouth opened wide against mine. His eyes were closed tight in ecstasy as he gurgled through his dry preteen climax, his throbbing little dick spasming between us as I pulled him up until the head of my cock tugged at his band and slammed him back down, driving my full six inches all the way inside. It took little more than thirty seconds of hard full length fucking for me to flood his guts with hot ropey semen after he came. I lifted my hips and held there pushing him onto the pulsating cock buried in his ass with his body angled down into me, my tongue filling his mouth and my own strained voice lost within.


I don”t know what changed that day for him to kiss me like he had, but I suspect for the first time in his life he felt loved and cared for now that we shared the same name and that I wasn”t going to send him away. Whatever the reason, he was generous with his kisses seeking them out whenever he could often catching me off guard and usually they resulted with my mouth around his hard three inches and getting him off. I didn”t always feel the need to come but I was always happy to oblige him his pleasure. We shared a last night with Mykola on board Ghost and said a tearful goodbye to him and Odesa for who knew how long. Over the next couple months he proved to be a fantastic first mate as we made our way around European cities like Venice and Rome, Cannes, Marseille, Barcelona, Lisbon, Calais, Rotterdam and Amsterdam and Copenhagen. He soaked up everything there was to know about maintaining and piloting a yacht like a sponge and I got to see firsthand how smart he actually was. It was in Calais that he taught me to recognise the signs a boy gave off to announce his availability. Olivier wasn”t a street kid who sold himself for money, but he did prove to be extremely easy to seduce. He was eleven and blonde and I had my suspicions about him from the first time I talked to him. He was in all likelihood a budding little gay boy and more than just a little bit effeminate. But it was the sexy as fuck French accent that did it for me. I couldn”t resist.


After a very enjoyable few days in Calais we sailed south back into the Med and through the Suez cannel intending to make our way across the Arabian Sea to Asia, but we got a bit side tracked. I let Alek pilot Ghost into Ismailia half way through the Suez only taking over for the last five minutes navigating her into her berth. He”d become very adept at it and relished every chance he got to take control both in and out of bed. I had no particular attraction to Arabian boys but it would”ve been criminal not to stop in Egypt to see the pyramids. We ended up staying three weeks sailing the Nile with our very own personal guide on board visiting places I”d never even heard of. His name was Youssef and he was very attentive to all our needs, and at only thirteen years old his cum was sweet and tasted so fucking good. He was also the first boy who wanted to fuck me and I let him. It”d been a while but he went slow enough at first and then he was rabbit fucking my ass as hard as I”d fucked him. Of course Alek was right there to receive the fruits of Youssef”s labor into his mouth and down his throat. He”d long ago stopped spitting it out and swallowed it all.


So that”s it. That”s how Alek came to live on board Ghost with me. We spent six years together and I miss him every day but I”m so proud of him. I enrolled him in an online home-schooling program and for the last few years he studied so hard earning his masters ticket and when he turned sixteen he was offered a job as third officer on board a super yacht. I might have had something to do with that since I still know a few people in the business and I have absolutely no doubt he”ll make Captain before he”s thirty. I”ve still got Lucas who just turned thirteen a few months ago and now little eight year old Seb to fill the void that he left behind in my heart. Seb was Alek”s idea. He was on leave so we went back to the Ukraine last year where he found another boy who needed a shot at a half-decent life rather than growing up on the streets in a world that wasn”t kind to kids like them. I guess he thought I needed to replace him but no one could ever do that and I told him so. I love Alek and Lucas and Seb unconditionally each for their own reasons and none of them could possibly replace the other.


Speaking of which, I should go and see what they”re up to since it”s gotten very quiet all of a sudden. I left them dive bombing off the side naked but I”m guessing they”ve found something far more interesting to do. We”re back in the Caribbean hidden away in a tiny inlet of a small island, but I can”t risk someone seeing us from another boat if they happened by so I”ll bring it indoors. Lucas” dad will be arriving tomorrow so he”ll be spending a couple weeks with him after nearly two months with us until we met up again in Mexico on our way down to Brazil. In the meantime Seb and I will head to the Bahamas for a couple days for his birthday.


That reminds me. I”ll tell you about one of Alek”s online friends and how he wanted us to meet him and his dad in Miami. I really didn”t want to put Alek”s fake passport to the test trying to enter the States so instead we agreed to meet up in Nassau. They arrived a few days before us and we were treated to some pretty hot views of their hotel room via skype. I”ll tell you about that later and how it all came about but I”ve got more important things to do right now, like a couple horny little nine and thirteen year old boys calling for me to join them.


When I”m done I”ll pick up where I left off if they haven”t sapped me of all my strength by then. I”ll leave it up to you to tell me which you”d like to hear more about; Thirteen year old Youssef and his five inch cock on the cusp of puberty with a dozen or so fine wispy hairs and his sweet cream or, would you prefer more detail about how Alek and I seduced Olivier, the still hairless eleven year old effeminate budding little gay boy we met in Calais? Although to be fair, saying we seduced him would be a bit of an exaggeration. He didn”t take much convincing considering he was only wearing a speedo and a short crop-top t-shirt tied at the waist with the words `Love Me” in sparkly pink across the front and was very clearly in need of a good fucking.


Your choice.

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