Caged! Pt. 01

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Big Dicks

My wife and I are both in our early forties. Carrie was hot in college where we met. Not only was she was a sexy girlfriend but also dependable and good friend. We graduated together and both of us found good jobs. Once we saw that we were financially secure we got married, bought a house and had three kids.

With the kids and good life Carrie put on about 70 pounds of weight. Although she still had a pretty face with rich luxurious hair, perfect white teeth and nice smooth skin I was repelled by her girth and rolls of flesh.

Carrie remained a good friend to me and a great mother to our kids but I stopped having sex with her. I just wasn’t attracted to her any more. I started seeing a younger woman named Jennifer, who worked with me and would have sexual encounters with her a few times a week. The fatter Carrie became it seemed the hornier I got!

It had been about half a year since I started my affair with Jennifer and had completely stopped having sex with my wife. It was lunchtime so Jennifer and I decided to stop at my house to have a quickie in the living room before a sales pitch that was to take place close by. Boy, were we surprised by Carrie entering in the middle!

It turned out that she had a headache so she left work early to sleep it off. Jennifer apologized, got dressed quickly and made a beeline for the car. I tried to talk with Carrie but she just yelled at me and cried so I too went out to the car and proceeded to the sales pitch with Jennifer.

When I got home that evening the atmosphere was ice. Once the kids were put to bed Carrie called me into the bedroom for a talk. She told me that she missed the good sex that we used to have and would not stay married to me if I was having sex with other women and not her. She told me that I am a good husband, father and provider for the family. She could give up on the sex to keep me around but would not tolerate me having sex with other women. I agreed and told her that I did not want to leave my family that I love very much.

Carrie then surprised me by producing a metal cock cage male chastity devise! She told me that she understood that I am not attracted to her with all the weight she put on. She said that I would have to wear it always if I wanted to stay married to her. The only time that she would take it off would be for sex with taksim escort each other.

I reluctantly agreed and pulled down my pants and underwear. Carrie attached a round metal ring around my balls and cock. She then slid a small metal cage over my cock and locked it into the metal ring. My balls hung out but my cock was trapped and already starting to get hard! However soon it was being squeezed by the metal bars of the cage and could not get bigger than a semi firm state.

Man this cage was such a tease! It almost felt like someone was constantly holding onto my balls! It felt good but was frustrating and humiliating too. Carrie then told me that if I ever wanted to have sex with her I was just to tell her and she would take it off.

The next day at work Jennifer told me that she felt so bad about what we had put Carrie through. She then put an end to our affair. We remain good friends but there is no sexual play between us anymore.

As the week ended and the weekend passed I was starting to get so horny! I did not feel like sex with my fat wife but the constant tugging of that cage on my balls had me going wild with urges!

I could never have sex with a woman caged. What was I to do?

On Tuesday I stopped at an adult book store on the way home from work to see if maybe I could cum while in the cage. I entered a booth and began watching a good flick. I could rub my pee slit and the underside of the crown between the bars of the cage. My cock got semi stiff but just could not get more than a quarter of its usual size. It felt good but I would never be able to cum this way.

I just sat there rubbing my pee slit and wondering about my sexual future when a cock was put through a hole in the side of the booth. Its owner asked me to suck it! I don’t know what possessed me but I reached over and grabbed it. It felt amazing! Warm and velvety soft, so I went down to my knees, leaned forward and took the head into my mouth.

It was as if I just found Jesus! It felt heavenly! The humiliation of being on my knees on a dirty floor with a man’s cock in my mouth just felt right! But not only did it feel right in the spiritual sense, it tasted good and filled my mouth so nicely. I kept thinking about a baby with a pacifier.

I started sucking on that cock and bobbing my head up and down on it. kadıköy escort I was really getting into it and I put my hand to the wall and grabbed the guys nuts. He really liked it and started moaning. They felt so soft and warm. I was really enjoying the whole experience.

The underside of this cock was so smooth and I could not stop lavishing it with my tongue! His head was so hard but yet spongy that it felt great every time that it hit the back of my throat. I worked that cock with a passion and did not spit it out when I felt it starting to swell. I knew he was cuming but it just felt so right in my mouth that I continued sucking on it and collected all his cum. I was surprised because it tasted good in a bitter kind of way, like a hoppy beer does.

When he finished spurting and started going soft I kept a good hold of his balls, took my mouth off his cock and swallowed down the load. It was great and I felt proud of myself. I had tons of precum oozing out of my caged cock, and a good hold on his balls not allowing him to remove his cock from the hole. I put it back into my mouth again and just loved it with my tongue. The guy pulled out quickly telling me that it was too sensitive. I understood.

Man was I horny! It was getting late so I wiped up my precum with my fingers and licked them clean. My cock was straining at the bars and I had never been so horny in my life! I got dressed and went home.

I had a good dinner with my family, we laughed and Carrie even smiled at me. My cock was semi hard the whole time and I was dying for release. Once the kids went to bed I told Carrie that I wanted to have sex with her. She smiled and pulled me into our bedroom.

We both got undressed but she would not open my cage with the key that she wore around her neck. She told me that she needed to cum and that she wanted me to go down on her like I used to before the kids were born. I was repulsed but so damn horny that I did not have a choice, and agreed.

Carrie laid back on the bed and I got between her thighs for the first time in years. Her pussy smelled as good as it used too and I started teasing it. I gently licked the creases where her pelvis turned into her thighs. I nuzzled her slit with my nose and then started long slow gentle licks up the length of her slit. She moaned and halkalı escort bayan I felt good that I was giving her much deserved pleasure. Soon I was extending my tongue deep into her folds and flicking her clit. Carrie clamped down on my head with her massive thighs. My head was trapped in the crotch of a fat woman. My whole world at that point was her pussy and I was horny as hell!

I felt Carrie’s thighs and body convulse and shiver as she had her first orgasm with me in over a year! I kept sucking on her clit and she convulsed again and again. She had a lot of frustration from lack of sex stored in her and just came again and again for over five minutes!

Finally, Carrie calmed down and released my head from the vicelike grip of her thighs. I kept on thinking that even though her mounds of flesh don’t look good they don’t feel bad wrapped around my head. I just laid between her thighs gently licking her folds as she regained her composure and her breathing returned to normal.

After a few minutes, Carrie sat up and removed the chain with the key from around her neck. I had been caged for almost a week and would fuck anything including a whale right now I was so horny!

She unlocked the padlock and removed the ring that went around my balls and cock. It was hard for her to take of the cage though because my cock was straining to get hard and the bars of the cage were almost cutting into my hardening cock.

Once it was off Carrie pushed me onto my back and quickly mounted my rock hard cock. I was so horny that it felt almost as good as when I lost my virginity. It did not take me long to cum and she knew when I had finished.

Carrie was not done yet though. She laid down on top of me. Her weight did not let me escape. I was feeling kind of revolted now that I had cum. She grabbed my head with her hands and started making out with me. There was nothing I could do. She was just too heavy for me to get away from so I played along and stated kissing her back. Her lips were so fat that they were soft and I really got into it. Soon my cock started coming back to life and Carrie started riding me again.

With all of her built up horniness and my previous huge load of spunk, her pussy was so smooth, soft and just swampy wet. It felt great and I lasted a good 15 minutes this time. I also realized that her rolls of fat, although they weren’t nice to look at felt great! I felt like I was just melting into her.

After I came I guess I dozed off. I awoke to my alarm clock the next morning and found that my dry cum encrusted cock was once again caged!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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