Can A Straight Boy Be Turned Ch. 03

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Dripping Pussy

Friday March 27th

A couple of weeks had passed since the Joe incident. Things had changed even if I didn’t want to confess it for myself. I had watched gay porn this week. I had never done that before. I had thought about Joe and got aroused, switched on my computer and watched gay porn, but only one time!

After I had watched gay porn I felt so ashamed. Why does a completely straight guy look at gay porn? I tried to convince myself that I was just curious of how it looked. I had been really confused about these things the past few weeks. I love hot chicks! I’ve always been heterosexual, what is wrong with me!? This is all Joe’s fault! He has somehow tricked me into thinking about stuff like this I tried to convince myself. It really wasn’t logic, but I had to.

After I had masturbated to gay porn I promised myself I’d never watch anything like that again. I have to get these gay thoughts out from my mind.

Later that evening I had dinner with my parents and they told me they’ve got some news.

“You remember Karen’s husband Joseph right?” My mom asked me.

I was devastated and confused by that question. Why is she bringing up Joe? Please God don’t tell me she knows something?

“Yes” I replied with a weak voice while swallowing a dry piece of potato.

“Well Karen and Joseph have had some problems these past few months”.

“Oh” I replied. It doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with me?!

“Well Karen threw Joseph out on Wednesday. He’s been sleeping at a hotel these past few nights.” My dad jumped into the discussion.

“So we invited him over here tonight” My mom suddenly says.

What the hell I thought. Joe here in this house, under the same roof as me!? What the hell can I do or say. I can’t say no to my parents. That would be VERY suspicious.

“Okay” I said trying to play it cool. Like I had a choice?

“As Bree’s room is empty we thought he could sleep there. And let him stay over until he can find a place. He’s gonna arrive later today”.

Me: “Fine”

This can’t be real I thought. I finished up my food and headed up to my room and lay down in my bed. This is a nightmare. It will be the most awkward moment of my life.

Couple hours later I heard the doorbell ring. I walked out from my room and down the stairs. I would have liked to stay in my room and lock the door but I don’t want to behave suspiciously in front of my parents. I have to act like everything is “normal”.

There he was in the door opening greeted by my parents. After a few handshakes he notices me standing on a stair.

“You remember Michael right?” Dad asks of Joe.

“Oh yes, I met you once here last year I think it was?!” He answered with a happier tone.

I nodded as I agreed with him. I’m glad he’s playing along and we’re like two strangers. A few minutes later Dad went upstairs with Joe to show himBree’s room.

I didn’t say a word to Joe the whole evening and neither did he, which was actually part of the deal we made. But I guess we have to say something sooner or later so it wouldn’t look too weird!? The clock was getting late so I decided to go to sleep. After I had brushed my teeth in the upstairs bathroom I walked into my room and closed the door. I stood still for a moment beside the door and decided to lock it. I felt a little bit unsettled knowing Joe was in the room next to me so I thought it was best to lock my door. I don’t know if there’s any reason for it, feels like Joe will finally let me be.

Saturday March 28th

Saturday morning we all had breakfast and everything was what I would call normal. At the breakfast table Joe and dad talked mostly about sports and stuff, which annoyed my Mom a little I could tell while I read the newspaper.

After the breakfast Joe went out and was away the whole day. In the afternoon I called Nick; he was going on some trip with an old friend of his. After that I called Joshua; he was going to meet that Cindy chick he met a few weeks ago at Bell’Amore. So it seems like I’ll have to stay home tonight.

Later that evening Joe came back. I overheard him telling Dad he had to do some work stuff at his office the whole day.

Dad told us he had heated up our sauna. That was his weekly routine, getting to the sauna with my mom at 8 o’clock on a Saturday. I hadn’t been in our sauna in a few months so I thought it would be relaxing to finally go. I’m usually with my friends getting drunk this time of the week.

Suddenly it struck me that mom and dad are probably gonna go together to the sauna and Joe will then probably join me!? Fuck. That will never happen. I’ll just have to pass.

It was almost 8 o’clock.

I sat with Joe in the living room coach watching some idiotic TV-show when my dad walks into the room. There was a, what I would call a suspicious looking space between us as I sat on the far left and he on the far right side of the coach.

“C’mon guys, time to go the sauna. Lisa’s fatih escort skipping the sauna tonight so it’ll be just us boys.”

“Oh, okay then!” Joe answered while getting up from the couch.

Well I guess that’s fine for me too so I got up from the coach without saying anything and walked after them to the sauna. I should be “safe” now when dad’s with us. But nothing has indicated that Joe would try any “funny” business lately.

In the bathroom I quickly removed my clothes and put a towel around me and went into the sauna. We had a small sauna so three people would be max capacity I’d say… or four skinny people. Joe came in next with his white towel he had borrowed from my dad and sat next to me. I felt a little bit claustrophobic as there was a wooden railing in front of me and Joe only 7 inches beside me. After that dad joined us.

20 minutes later.

“That’s enough for me, I’ll hit the shower.” Dad said as he stood up and walked out of the sauna.

I had planned to leave the sauna first. In face I was just about to leave. Well I’ll guess I’ll wait until Dad has finished up. It felt uncomfortable to sit here alone with Joe with just a towel around my private parts. But he has kept his promise and hasn’t spoken directly to me these past two days so I guess I can trust him now.

I heard dad close the shower and was probably leaving the bathroom soon. A minute later he was done and I heard the bathroom door close and he left.

Now’s my turn I thought. I’m gonna get up take a quick shower and then I’m out. But in the same second Joe took off his towel and revealed his cock. Felt like I was in a small shock as I looked at it. It was half erect and shiny from all the sweat. I noticed Joe was leaning back against the wall with his eyes closed. Why the hell did he do that I wondered as I sat there still looking at his big cock once again?

A few seconds later he grabbed his cock and dragged the foreskin back very slowly. I couldn’t help myself but to look what he was doing. He lifted his left leg up on the wooden railing. I was now unable to walk past him without moving his leg.

I felt really uncomfortable but I also somehow enjoyed watching as his big cock grew by each stroke. A minute later I could see he was rock hard and he was now jerking himself at a faster phase. He was still having his eyes closed and started to moan a little. I noticed that I had a small erection so I closed my legs together so I could hide it better.

I had again found myself in a mind twisting situation I couldn’t control. I wanted to run out from the sauna but also just wanted to stay and watch.

A minute later he was jerking pretty fast and his moans indicated that he was pretty close to orgasm. He had also taken a more comfortable position while leaning against the wall with his upper back. I had a pretty difficult time hiding my erection between my legs as this situation had made me horny against my will.

All of a sudden he grabbed me by my neck and dragged me sideways against him. He didn’t use much strength. I more or less just followed his command. I fell sideways with my head on his sweaty stomach. He immediately released my neck. A huge cock was now looking straight at me and was probably about to shoot a big load of hot cum.

I should get up and run out from the sauna. I should lye still and open my mouth. I should leave right now. My mind was spinning.

Is it my unconsciousness that is in control of this situation? It felt like I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. I noticed that I opened my mouth automatically. Why did I do that? I had no idea but somehow it felt like I was craving his cum, and I wanted to taste it. At the same time I felt that my erected cock slipped up between my legs.

Maybe Joe saw my erected cock as it only took couple of seconds and he started shooting cum. The first load went straight in to the back of my mouth as I closed my eyes. He continued shooting his cum all over my face. I felt it on my forehead, nose, cheeks, left eye and in my mouth. Oh my God what a big load. It was so warm on my face and in my mouth. After he had shot all his cum I swallowed it without hesitation, and it tasted good. Why did I just swallow his load, he didn’t even tell me to?

Only half minute after his orgasm he lifted my head up and I got myself back sitting. He didn’t even look at me or say anything while getting up. He walked right out of the sauna and into the shower.

That made me feel cheap but it also somehow excited me. I swiped the cum out of my left eye. Looking at my cum filled finger I decided to put it in my mouth and suck it dry.

Joe showered fast and I heard him walk out of the bathroom.

I really wanted to jerk myself off, but it would somehow feel wrong. I’m not allowed to be horny because of this I convinced myself. I jumped into the shower and made sure I didn’t have any cum left on my face. As I stood in the shower I felt like crying, but I didn’t. It felt like I didn’t know myself anymore, and that was scary. I had done etiler escort things I would have never imagined doing. I had swallowed cum, and I liked it. I couldn’t stop thinking of Joe’s cock. It was so big and beautiful. I couldn’t stop thinking of how his cock smells. It smells good. It makes me horny and hard.

Stop! I said to myself in my mind. I have to stop thinking about those things. I just have to…

Later that evening Joe didn’t give me a single look. It was like nothing had happened. We were all watching a movie in the living room but I had a hard time concentrating, I had no idea what the movie was about. I couldn’t help myself but to think about what had happened in the sauna. I tried to forget about it, but it was pointless. I had the images of his cock right in front of me as his cock was shooting his cum right in my face in the sauna. I got hornier by the minute and decided to go upstairs.

“I’m getting tired, so I think I’ll go to sleep” I said.

“Already? Maybe the sauna exhausted you” Mom replied with a little smile.

“Probably” I said. Thinking about what happened in the sauna. But that’s not what my mom meant!

I went upstairs to my room and locked the door. I took of my clothes and lifted up my blanket. With a big surprise I found something under my blanket that wasn’t supposed to be there.

There was a small box laying there. Behind the transparent plastic that surrounded the box there was a black colored butt plug. It instantly hit me that it must’ve been Joe that had put it there. I stared at the plug for a minute and decided to put it in my drawer which had a lock. A butt plug is something I don’t want my parents to find! I’ll have to throw it away tomorrow. Why the hell would I want a butt plug? He’s just fucking with me. After that I crawled under my blanket.

A few minutes of trying to think about other stuff my mind wondered back to the butt plug. Why the hell did he put it here? That’s like a gay thing, or cool if you’re a woman or something.

I was horny and had a half erection and seeing a butt plug in my bed made it even worse. I just have to masturbate!

I started jerking off. I was rock hard as I couldn’t help myself thinking about Joe’s big cock and his big warm and sticky cum load I had swallowed. But I also had a hard time forgetting about the butt plug. After a few minutes I couldn’t help the temptation. I unlocked my drawer and took out the butt plug box. I tried to quietly open the butt plug box but the plastic cover was pretty noisy. I finally got it from the box and jumped back to bed.

Without really thinking about it I placed to plug into my mouth and started to suck on it. I got an image of Joe’s cock in my mind. I wonder how it would be to suck him off?

A couple minutes later of jerking and sucking I took the butt plug from my mouth and reached it for my butthole. I had never had anything inserted there before, so I have no idea why I’m doing this now? It felt like I just had to put it there. I lifted up my legs and felt the wet but plug against my butthole. I started teasing the hole as I jerked myself off. I pushed slowly and suddenly I felt it go inside. I was surprised how easily it slipped in and how good it felt. It felt so tight even though the butt plug wasn’t that big. I moved the butt plug a little bit inside me. The more I did it the better it felt. I was only able to do it for a minute until I felt myself cuming uncontrollably. The cum was shooting on my stomach, chest and face. This was the first time I had let myself shoot my own cum intentionally on my face. I licked around my mouth to get a little taste of my own cum. That orgasm was insanely powerful. I just stared at the ceiling a few minutes as the orgasm faded off.

I can’t walk to the bathroom with a butt plug in my hand to clean it off, so I decided to put it back into the drawer. Then I wiped myself clean with toilet paper I had stashed and jumped back to bed. I had just sucked a butt plug and inserted it in my butthole? I started to feel ashamed and confused. I’m straight as they come I still told myself! I haven’t really done anything that gay yet, have I? I haven’t fucked or been fucked by a guy, so I guess I’m still straight I convinced myself.

Sunday March 29th

I woke up and felt ashamed that I had masturbated with a butt plug while thinking of a large cock. The image of Joe’s huge cock disappeared when my Mom shouted that the breakfast was ready.

We all four sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Joe still treated me like I was thin air, not a single look. I tried to read the newspaper but my thoughts were elsewhere.

“Me and Dan are gonna go buy groceries for the week, anyone else care to join?” Mom asked of us.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll pass. I have to take care of some important work at the office”.

“On a Sunday?” Mom asked surprisingly.

“Yeah, you know… money never sleeps.” Joe said with a little smirk on his face.

“That’s true” Dad replied beşiktaş escort with a little smile.

Everyone left the kitchen table except me. I continued reading the newspaper. I was now able to concentrate on the reading as Joe had gone upstairs.

About 20 minutes later I noticed Mom and Dad putting on their jackets.

“Michael, anything specific you want from the store?” Dad asked.

“Nah, I’m good”

It must have been almost an hour I read the newspaper. I just realized that I was alone with Joe in the house. I closed the newspaper, got up from the kitchen chair and headed upstairs. As I walked towards my room I saw Joe in the bathroom with the door wide open. It seemed like he had just showered as he only had the towel around him and his hair was still wet. He was brushing his teeth as he looked right in the mirror. I kept my eyes on Joe all the way to my room and when I was just a few feet from the bathroom door I stopped.

“Why did you do that to me yesterday?” I suddenly found myself asking.

“What do you mean? I thought we should never speak to each other again, wasn’t that the deal?” He asked with a weird smile.

“Well yeah… You know what you did. In the sauna!”

“Me masturbating in the sauna?” He said after he had washed the toothpaste off his mouth.

“Yes” I answered while walking in to the bathroom.

“I didn’t do that to you, I did it for myself. It was you who just sat there drooling while looking at my cock.” He said as he leaned back against the sink.

“No I didn’t. You pushed me down.” I tried to sound serious while I sat down on the toilet seat.

“You just sat there for minutes and looked at me when you had the chance to leave. I just guided you down on my stomach as I knew that’s the place you wanted to be in.”

“That’s not true at all”

“You just stayed down there ’cause you knew I was gonna shoot cum. And you just waited to get that big load in that dirty mouth of yours, didn’t you?”

“No, stop” I said as I started to realize that he was probably telling the truth but I just didn’t want to realize it. And my penis was also reacting to it by growing in my pants.

“Did you like the butt plug I gave you?”

“No, and what the hell was that about?!”

“Did you like having it in your tight little ass?”

“What he hell, I did no such thing!” I lied hoping he would believe me.

“Ok, then you can give it back to me right away?”

I just realized that I haven’t had the time today to wash the butt plug clean so I’m surely busted now.

“Well…” I tried to figure out something smart to say when I got interrupted.

“I heard you opening the butt plug box yesterday. Only one reason you’d do that… because you wanted that butt plug in your ass while masturbating, didn’t you?”

“Leave me alone” I said as I stood up and was about to walk out of the bathroom. I felt defeated and ashamed.

“Not so fast” He said as he stopped me with his hand against my chest. While his other hand reached down on my crotch.

“What do we have here? Even this conversation got you hard boy” He said laughing.

I felt my cheeks getting red and embarrassed. I knew I had a boner and was horny even if I didn’t want to. I just couldn’t help myself.

“Sit down” He commanded as he softly pushed me back.

I sat down on the toilet looking down on the floor embarrassed. I suddenly noticed his towel falling down on the floor. When I took a look up there it was again; his big veiny half erected cock.

“If you can resist this cock for three… nah… two minute I’ll let you walk out that door.” He said with a pleasing voice while walking towards my face with that monster. He stopped when that big cock was 2 inches from my face.

I looked to the side and I realized that it was difficult. I wanted to turn my head and look at his beautiful big cock.

“Hey! Look at it. Seconds don’t count if you’re looking away” He commanded.

I turned my head. There it was right in front of me. I inspected the big shiny mushroom head of his; it was so good looking. His skin on his shaft was smooth but veiny. I could feel that I had a full erection in my pants and had a really hard time resisting that cock. I didn’t know what I wanted with that majestic cock. I was drawn to it without control. It had gotten one inch from my face and noticed that I took a deep breath of cock into my nose. It smelled so heavenly. Why am I doing this, I just can’t help myself?

“One minute to go boy” He said and moved closer.

He didn’t move much but his mushroom head toughed my left cheek. As it did I closed my eyes and moved my nose over his cock and smelled his nectar. I couldn’t stop and started to move my nose around his head and shaft. I realized that I had also opened my mouth to give up a little moan.

“Smell my big balls boy” He commanded with a whispering voice as he grabbed his cock and lifted it up against his stomach.

Without any objection I dived with my face against his big balls. They were so big that they covered half my face as they were hanging so low. It smelled so good and I had to give up a moan. I then realized he dropped his large cock on my forehead. My face was buried in cock and balls and I loved it.

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