Caught by Flatmate

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Thanks to Motomaverick for editing.

The story, characters, names and incidents are totally fictitious and it is not intended to insult or defame of any country, religion, caste, sub caste, society, family or even any person (living or deceased), if any similarity could be found in the story and the real life then it will be surely just a coincidence only. The fiction work is also not designed to encourage or change anyone’s interest or point of view. The illustration is limited to thoroughly entertainment purpose.

The fictitious story is totally based on the BDSM, femdom, humiliation, feminization and other kinks. So, if the reader feel any kind of disgust then, please put an end to further reading.


My name is Armaan, a 25 year old young man. I do not know when it was actually started, but I am addicted to femdom and bdsm pornography, not limited to only videos, but more towards the detailed stories as well the captioned pictures. I always made sure that no one would come to know about this sexual interest, but something happened to me on that day and after it.

After completing my graduation, I came here to pursue my post-graduation in an alien cultured country. In my opinion, if I want to live my fantasy then, the country is ideal for me, as it is not the socialized country like my own, but practically I could not gather courage to live my imagination.

After finishing my post-graduation, I needed to move to another state for my job prospects, and I also needed to look for accommodation, because I was not able to stay in hotel for long time due to cost. Meanwhile, I came across an advertisement, which said someone was looking for the flat mate, and to my surprise the person was a girl named Sara, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I immediately came to meet her, when I reached there at appointed time, I rang the bell and the girl opened the door.

Armaan: Hi, I am Armaan and you must be Sara, right?

Sara (with welcome smiled): Yeah, you are right Armaan, I am Sara. Please come in.

Armaan: Thanks Sara.

I came with her and she asked me to take a sit and she also sat on the chair which was front of me. After sitting I noticed her as she looked almost same as my age, looked very innocent and cute by face, of course body figure was pretty cool, not very skinny, and not considered the healthy one as well. She wore the beautiful yellow knee length dress and flip-flops on her feet with very lovely hair style, overall I could think she is one of my fantasied mistress, but I immediately left the fantasy and came to reality.

Armaan: So, you are looking for the roommate.

Sara: No Armaan, I am looking for the flat mate, as you can see the apartment is one bed room. I was living with another girl, but due to her job, she needed to move to another city, the rent is bit high, so I am looking for the one, with whom, I can share my rent. Honestly speaking, I do not want to share my room, so if you are interested then you need to stay in the hall.

I was thinking, if I needed to stay in the hall, then my privacy would be interrupted, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to live with a girl. I accepted the offer. I could see a weird smile on her face, but I could not understand it, in fact, though, the smile was bit weird to me, but still looked very lovely on her face.

I talked to her regarding the rent and usage of the amenities and utilities, everything looked good to me, and if not, still I would accept the offer.

Finally, the deal was settled and I felt the dream would come true soon.

Armaan: How soon I can move in?

Sara: You can move in today itself, not a problem.

So, I immediately moved in with Sara.

Initial days were going good, usually normal. She provided me the second key of the main door, helped me to be familiar with the environment and surroundings. We shared our chores like cooking, cleaning etc. Except during my working hours, I usually saw femdom porn, but now I had restrictions. as either I needed to do my part of chores or if it’s Sara’s turn then she made me to compromise my privacy by working in kitchen, as it was open area kitchen. Now I had very limited time to see porn and masturbate except weekend, where I could find plenty of time through awake till late night and in the afternoon, but still I needed to be very careful and be ready to catch the chances, but my strategy didn’t last long.

Sara: Armaan, coming Friday, if you’re going to make dinner, please make for yourself only, as I’m going with my friends, so I will not be going to take dinner.

She told me about Friday, so I was very happy that I was going to be alone at home, but I needed to make sure and so I needed detailed information.

Armaan: Oh great, you will surely enjoy with your friends. BTW when are you planning to come back?

Sara: Not sure, but mostly I am not going to come back on Friday night, mostly Saturday late morning

It’s a music to my ears and I was in seventh heaven.

Armaan: No, I am just asking about Saturday lunch.

Sara: afyon escort Yeah I remember, it will be my turn, but I will manage it, you don’t need to worry about it.

Armaan: Oh come on, take a chill pill, I will make that lunch as well, don’t worry.

Sara: Oh Armaan, you’re so sweet.

I wanted, she would come home as late as possible.

And finally Friday came. I came back to home at 6:30 in the evening, I saw Sara there, and she was looking very ravishing like my fantasy goddess, she wore a red above the knee dress, with high heel sandals, suitable make-up, in short thoroughly a goddess of whom I wanted to worship. I came out from my fantasy and realized, so I was bit surprised and prayed for not cancelling her plan.

Armaan: Sara, you’re here, you said you’re going with your friends.

Sara: Yeah, I am about to leave, my friend will join me at the metro station and her roommate will join us directly at the restaurant.

Armaan: Of course. So it will be the girls’ night-out (teasing her)?

Sara: Oh come on, what girls’ night-out. Just a small get together and will have fun.

Armaan: Yeah, you girls will surely enjoy your time.

I was thinking, in fact, I was going to enjoy myself more than them.

Sara left and I saw her going through window, the door she already locked, so I didn’t need to worry about it, I immediately removed my clothes, make myself thoroughly naked and started opening different femdom porn sites. I masturbated 4 times, but still didn’t satisfy. It was one o’clock at night, I again wanted to masturbate one more time, I again started to surf femdom pics with captions, meanwhile, I saw one pic, which reminded me Sara, and then I wanted to masturbate while imagining her, but I couldn’t, so I went to bathroom for finding her stuff, if I would be lucky and I was, I saw Sara’s laundry basket there and her dirty clothes in it. I found out her blue thong and then I recalled, what she wore in the evening. She wore red knee length dress, in which, anyone could easily see her curvy body, and she also wore the high heel and her purse. I was under influence of the femdom porn captions and Sara’s look in the evening, I just imagined her as my mistress and put her dirty thong on my face and I started masturbating with loudly speaking the femdom captions as I knew, no one is in the house. I took almost 40-45 minutes in the bathroom, and finally, I reached at the orgasm, I came out from the bathroom almost exhausted after completing my fifth masturbation of the evening. My penis was thoroughly shrunk. I stretched my shoulder and then what I saw, I could not believe my eyes.

Sara ,seating on the couch, and froze my blood due to seeing, put my laptop on her lap, her cell was in her hand facing the camera towards me and before I could do anything she took my pic. I immediately put both of my hands on my shrunk penis, my eyes almost popped out, I still could not believe, what was going on.

Sara: You already missed the boat Armaan, oops, I should say slave Armaan.

She just laughed out loud.

I use the word “slave Armaan” in the bathroom, that means she was hearing. I could not say anything.

Sara: So slave Armaan, kneel down.

I didn’t do that and tried to cover up the situation.

Armaan: SSSara, yyyou’re hhhere.

She stood up and came very close to me and gave me a hard slap with her right hand on my left cheek. I was almost crying. She almost slapped me one more time, but I was immediately on my knee.

Sara: Good boy, while patting on my head like patting little puppy. Now put your hands behind your head.

I was just thinking but recalled her hard slap and I immediately put my hands behind my head.

Sara: Very good boy, again patting my head.

She thoroughly inspected me, of course from distance but took a round around me, I was totally exposed, and so, she was laughing at me. She stopped and stood in front me, I wanted to know, how she came back within the time but, I could not see at her and my eyes were just at the ground only.

Sara: Good, your eyes must not look at me but my feet only, now kiss the feet of your superior.

I was totally defeated, but imaging kissing the feet of any girl felt awesome, but in reality it’s actually too much humiliated, I slowly looked at her and received one harder slap. Now I was actually crying and kissing her feet.

Sara: I thought, you already completed your slave training from internet, but I think, I need to train you.

She laughed very loudly, and she then went to the couch and sat like the princess, which I usually saw in the femdom pics.

I couldn’t get courage to confess, but actually I wanted her to be my Goddess, as she sat like a Goddess, and wearing the clothes like Goddess, which I usually saw in the femdom pics, she is still in the same look except the high heel as she removed it and put in the shoe closet.

Sara: Be on your four and come to me.

I could not understand how to handle the situation.

Armaan: Sara please…

She agrı escort stopped me in between in her stern voice.

Sara: Shut your mouth and come to me first.

I didn’t have any option and so I did it.

Sara: Good slave, here I can see slave is licking girls’ feet, don’t you want it?

I looked at her, but could not answer. Tears were still rolling down from my eyes.

Sara: Oh sweety, why are you crying, don’t you want it? hhuuunnn? I know you want it. So do it.

Armaan: Please let me explain.

Sara: First do as I say, then I will listen.

She gave me some hope and so I did, I am already on my fours. She showed me her sole of feet. I could not get courage to lick, yet.

Sara: Ok, I’ll give you some favor, close your eyes first.

Again I did, in the hope of completing of licking her sole, I would then explain her, and she might allow me to go.

I closed my eyes, and I could feel and smell her feet, she guided me to lick her feet, I could taste her sweat and smell her feet. Once, she was satisfied, then she told me.

Sara: Ok slave, now open your eyes and come close to me on your fours and then sit like the slave and I am sure, you know that.

I saw it in so many femdom pics, slave’s seating position be like, bend the feet from the knee in a way that the soles of the feet touch the ass cheeks. For males, the penis and the balls are clearly visible in that situation. I sat like that. She again patted on my head and wiped my tears from my cheeks and again patted my head. She then told me in sarcasm,

Sara: yours one are very big, hunnn?

She again laughed. I could not find the courage neither to look at her nor to answer her. My eyes were still full of tears.

Sara: Why are you crying, honey?

Armaan: Please, let me go, Sara.

Sara: You are doing the same mistake again and again, so I think, I need to punish you.

I looked at her in shock.

Sara: Anyways, while doing masturbating in the bathroom, what did you call me?

She looked at me.

I was in a big horror that means, she knew, I put her thong on my face and calling her Goddess, while masturbating.

Armaan: Actually, I said GGGoddess

Sara: Who Goddess?

Armaan: GG..Goddess SSS…Sara.

Sara: Good boy, so call me same way, whenever, you will approach me from now onwards.

I looked at her in a way to plea for mercy.

Sara: As I say, I will listen to you, but first me only.

Armaan: Yes Goddess Sara (in defeated voice).

Sara: Very good boy. Now remember this, and you might avoid punishment.

She’s taunting me and laughing at me.

Sara: Anyways, now you can tell me your excuses.

I was bit relieved, as at least, she was going to listen to me.

I started to tell her,

Armaan: Sara…

She gave me a stern look and interrupted me

Sara: Don’t you understand or you really want to get punishment?

Armaan: I am sorry Goddess Sara.

Sara: Now, it’s better, but still you own punishment, which I will give you later.

I was still in the confusion, that she’s just playing or she’s taking it seriously, if she’s serious then I would be in big trouble, but still, I had a hope, she would understand me, so I again started to tell her.

Armaan: Goddess Sara,

Initially I wanted to feel her, that I really felt guilty about what, I did that evening.

Armaan: I really apologize, for what I did.

Sara: And, what did you do, so you want to apologize about?

It looked, she wanted to humiliate me, through made me to speak the embarrassing act, what I did.

Armaan: Goddess Sara, what I did in the bathroom.

Sara: That’s what I am asking, what did you do?

Armaan: I…I masturbate.

Sara: You need to have training about how to answer any question, particularly to your Goddess. Okay, now, if you want to say something to me, then say properly and answer me with proper explanation, otherwise, I am not at all interested in listening you. So let’s start from today evening, once I left the house, and you need to make sure with every details.

I felt like, I wanted to die from embarrassment, as I was going to say about my private life, while being naked, in front of a girl, who was one year younger than me, under her dominance.

Armaan: I… I started with my email, as I have account of the private emails.

Sara: Hmmm, what’s the password, as I can see you’re logged in, so I am able to see the email id?

I was in horror, but I knew, I didn’t have any option, except to give her password.

Armaan: Armaan123.

Sara: Seriously, are you that much lazy to even don’t care to make your password properly? Anyways, that’s ok. Let me logout and login again.

I was going to realize, that I was already in a big trouble, she’s not in a mood to leave me.

Sara: hmm, I’m able to login, good slave, so now I think you realize that you don’t have any option, next.

Armaan: Then, I’m logged in to Fetlife.

Sara: Hmm… I can see, that’s akdere escort the second tab. Let me guess the password is same, I’m sure you did not put much effort to make a password for other account.

I just nodded. She was actually smiling through my humiliation.

Sara: I know it. So, I can see your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr account, and of course, all have same password, right?

Again I nodded.

Sara: Lazy pervert slave (She enjoyed). Okay next?

Armaan: Then, I started to see the femdom pics and read their captions.

I saw, Sara was little laughing at me.

Sara: So, how are the captions?

Armaan: Goddess, they’re good.

Sara: just good?

Armaan: I mean, they’re awesome.

Sara: You’re seriously so pervert. I can see the pics with captions, damn, it’s about feet licking, pussy worshiping, riming, oh my god (she’s laughing), then girls humiliate boys, and other kinks, so you actually like it, right?

I again needed to lose the eye contact and looked at the ground, of course couldn’t answer her.

Sara: No answer. Hmmm… But at least no “Nos”, hmm that means you like it, slave.

Honestly, even when Sara called me “Slave” I also liked it, but I couldn’t gather courage to confess it.

Sara: Okay, so while reading the captions and seeing the pics, you masturbated, right?

Armaan: Y…Yes Goddess.

Sara: That means, you like it, otherwise you can’t masturbate and immediately you should close the websites. If you like it, then you should have guts to accept it, which shows that you don’t have even guts.

Honestly, while she was humiliating me, secretly I liked it, and I wanted to confess it, but I couldn’t do that, but my penis had guts and it indicated Sara.

Sara: Look even right now, your small penis accepts the truth, and it throws out the pre cum, but you, such a pervert, don’t have courage to accept the truth.

I was humiliated more and more, I just fantasized about it, but never thought about having humiliation in front of the younger girl, in fact any girl.

Sara: So until that, you didn’t masturbate?

Armaan: AAA…actually, while reading those caption, I…I actually I did that.

Sara: I said with details, and you shouldn’t make me to wait.

Armaan: I apologize Goddess, I masturbated while reading it, and I came while reading.

Sara laughed at me so loudly.

Sara: Damn, you came in your bed only, you didn’t even realize and care to go to bathroom! Damn. So that means, you made the whole room dirty?

Armaan: No Goddess, not at all.

Sara: How can it be possible?

Armaan: I put the paper towel just above my… my thing.

I couldn’t say the word “Penis”.

Sara: Just above what?

I saw, she was laughing.

Armaan: My… My penis.

Sara again laughed at me.

Sara: Puppy, it’s not called penis, you saw those many pics, and you don’t know, what the size of actual penis? Your size is too small, what it said?

She was looking for some pics.

Sara: Here you go, it’s called tiny dick.

She again laughed out loud. I was getting more and more humiliation, and she wanted to enjoy each and every moment of humiliating me, and never wanted to miss any opportunity of my humiliation.

Sara (after she tried to stop her laugh): But tell me one thing, of course, this isn’t your first time, then what you usually do, while masturbating? Always use paper towel?

Armaan: No Goddess.

Sara: then? I never saw you to bring your laptop in bathroom?

Armaan: I use my mobile, when I used bathroom.

Sara: Dirty pervert. BTW, you said WHEN! So what otherwise?

Armaan (I just realized, I used when): Goddess, I mean, I just do that way only.

Sara: Look slave, don’t try to fix it, I clearly heard, you used “when”, you already did so many mistakes, and you deserve to be punished, don’t make the punishment more severe, or you actually want it?

Armaan (I skipped my heart beat): No Goddess, please don’t.

Sara: Then tell me the truth only. As I am sure, you can’t take the risk to become nude, while masturbating, particularly, when I was home, is it? And, don’t try to tell me, you don’t do it usually (in her stern voice)

Armaan: I do it here only.

Sara gave me stern look.

Armaan: Without removing my clothes.

Sara laughed again.

Sara: Damn, I didn’t see you changing your clothes, do you usually?

Armaan (With degradation): No Goddess.

Sara: Damn, you’re such a gross, you just stay in your messy clothes?

Armaan: Yes Goddess.

Sara: You know what, you’re like a person, who thoroughly needs to be under control. And I will make it sure.

I couldn’t say any word, but I was in big fear.

Sara: Ok, then continue.

Armaan: Goddess, I masturbated 4 times.

Sara (She’s in big shock): Oh my God, 4 times. I can’t believe it. You were that much aroused after reading those captions!

Again, I couldn’t say a single word.

Sara: Answer me (in her stern voice).

Armaan: After 3rd time, I was tired, but I wanted to see more and more captioned pics and videos.

Sara: Can’t believe it, and you went to bathroom for 5th time?

Armaan: Yes Goddess.

Sara: And, what’s your encouragement?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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