Cheater Gets the Trophy

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The Cheater Gets the Trophy

Macie was awakened by a low humming sound nearby that morning, her husband Paolo fast asleep beside her in bed. She plucked her phone from the desk next to them and saw that she’d missed a call from her neighbor down the road. Slipping from bed, she snuck into the hallway to return Renae’s call.

She instantly pressed redial when the door clicked shut behind her and the moment she heard the ringing stop, asked “Renae? Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, everything’s great. Greg just left for work and I’m feeling pretty damn horny,” she answered confidently, “How soon can you get here?”

Macie blushed right away then quietly answered back, “I don’t know Renae. My husband got in really late either last night or early this morning but I’m not sure how long he’s going to need to sleep,”.

Still poised, Renae promised, “I’ll do anything you want. I’ll even do that thing to your pussy on the stairs that you like so much,”.

Blushing again, Macie bit her lower lip and whispered “Ok. I’ll see what I can do,”.

On her tip-toes, she walks back into the bedroom, quietly and carefully shutting the door behind her, then stepped to her husband’s side of the bed, crouched down, and whispered “Hey honey, I’m going to make some coffee then I have errands to run today, alright?” His response is to grumble as he grabs the pillow beside him to cover his and bury his face in his pillow, mumbling “Fine, just go,”.

With that, Macie went down to the kitchen, started a new pot of brew and ran upstairs to change her wardrobe in the meantime.

Stepping into her walk-in closet, Macie walks to that special drawer in the back full of outfits exclusively for Renae’s eyes. Having found just the right one, she pulled at her black nylon stockings to make sure everything looked just right, threw on her red and brown designer houndstooth trench coat, and heads back down to the kitchen.

Pouring the fresh coffee in a mug, she grabbed her keys and trotted out to her convertible.


Eight minutes later she’s hardly stepped through the door before Renae has her slammed and pinned against the wall, the two kissing, moaning, and groping like mad! “Ohmigod I’m so fucking glad you’re here!” Her partner exclaims in a brief gasp. “Mmmhmggt” Macie uttered in their kiss. “Come here,” Renae instructed, leading her woman by the hand to the first set of steps so they could continue. The click-clack of their high-heeled, red soled shoes on the marble floor somehow managed to turn Macie on even more before being spun around and sat on the steps, a gorgeous woman untying her black satin house robe to reveal a very gorgeous bombshell body with very Hispanic tan skin in very hot black lace lingerie staring her down.

Renae practically pounced on her vixen the moment she was ‘undressed’. The two engage in a very lively, almost violent looking make out session, kissing like wild creatures, pulling at each other’s clothes. They paused only to stand, Macie then was posed against the front of the railing where they resumed. She dropped her head back as her partner dove deep into her ample cleavage. Ranae then crouches, unclipping her woman’s stocking from her garter belt and yanking down that thong.

Starting off gently to build up the anticipation, she moved her lips and tongue over the shuddering thighs. Macie emitting a sensual tune of soft moans and whimpers. Renae took a quick peek at the lemonade pink sex between them and the rouge fault line between them. The frisky cunt was a thing of pure erotic beauty, her outer lips puffed just so, forming an alluring mound, the inners swollen with arousal and distended bahis şirketleri at the edges.

With drool already pooling in her mouth, Ranae stood and turned her partner yet again, bending her onto the rail, very slowly unzipping the slinky corset top. She worked it down and off Macie as her partner happily stepped out of the garment at her feet.

Excited as fuck now, an extreme storm of lust built inside her as Renae kneaded, groped, and fondled that scrumptious ass. She kissed it a few times before taking a couple of love-bites Macie whimpers like music in the air. The mere sight, the smooth curve, and subtle warmth of that butt are an ass-lover’s fantasy!

The second she parts those cheeks, Renae threw herself right in, shaking her head and giving her vixen’s incredible puckered anus a kiss. She blatantly moans as the silky warm ass cheeks settle and enfold her.

Saying that ass was worshipped would be a massive understatement. With her tongue flattened, Renae licked up and down the crack, slowing to sample Macie’s hole. According to her whimpers, sighs, gasps, and moans, she was loving her ass being eaten. Her partner pulls back just some, parted those another inch wider, then pressed her tongue inside. Macie’s reaction was a superbly low hum-groan, followed by “Ohmi…yes my fucking ass,” as her arm slides up the rail and her head rested against the chilled metal.

Starting with slow in-and-out probes, Renae royally fucks that hole. The surrounding muscle released the tension, allowing easier penetration. A few minutes pass and she got her entire tongue in, Macie’s sounds at the highest level of passion and volume. She grabbed hysterically at the railing for stability, her mind-blown and her legs weakened by the fantastic sensations erupting in her body!

The next thing either of them knew, they women were sitting at the base of the steps, Renae somehow topless and commando, whilst they hum and moans.

“How are you feeling?” Renae coos, softly running a finger over her beau’s jawline.

“Good,” Macie replied, a finger tracing invisible lines on her partner’s stomach.

“Mmmmhhmmmm…do you need anything?”

“Mmmm…some hot tea would be nice,”.

“Tea? Ok, let’s go to the kitchen,” the mumbled to each other as their kissing grew slow, “Follow me,”.

“Anywhere,” she answered, softly placing her hand in Renae’s and letting her partner guide them to the kitchen.

Sitting in the cute little breakfast nook, Macie is tossed a large flannel shirt from the nearby laundry space. “It’s my husband’s, but I just know it will look way hotter on you,” Renae explained, filling the kettle and setting it on the stove. “We don’t want you getting too cold, right? Although I wouldn’t mind if those sexy marble nipples…” she smacked her lips, making a *POP* noise, shooting a blushing Macie a wink.

It takes only a few short minutes before the tea is ready, Renae bringing a tray with both their mugs and croissants to the table. “A little treat for you babe,” she muttered, tenderly caressing Marcie’s boobs, kissing her from behind for a moment before taking her own seat.

Nervously giggling, Marcie asked “Are you sure your husband won’t mind that I’m wearing his shirt?” pulling at the too long sleeves.

“His shirt? First: I don’t fucking care what he thinks, and I was right; you look way better in it than he does,” Renae said with confidence.

“Don’t you ever feel bad? Cheating on him like this?”

“Hell no,” she answered in disbelief, “He and I both know he only married me so he could have a smoking hot trophy wife. Besides, he knows I’m lesbian anyhow; his family took me in after I told my parents I was gay, bahis firmaları and they kicked me out. We did the ‘couple’ thing for a while, put on a show for everybody, which then just turned into friends with benefits, then just, well, benefits,” then she paused for a minute and asks, “Why? Do you?”

“Not really, I guess. I mean, my husband doesn’t really appreciate me, or care for that matter,” she said, then let her eyes drop noticeably to the set of naked breasts in front of her and mentioned, “Come to think of it, I feel quite neglected lately,”.

“Oh do you?” Renae questioned, her tone of her voice telling that she was playing along with her vixen’s ploy. She leaned closer to Macie, putting a hand on the side of her neck and tenderly drew her in for a deep lustful kiss, then whispers as they part “You always have my full attention,”.

“I have to admit,” Macie began, as they continue rubbing and touching one another, “I do wish I was more ‘you’ sometimes…”. Renae lunged in for another hungry kiss, standing but careful not to break their lip-lock when she rounded her partner’s chair, pulling Macie’s top wide open and exposing those gorgeous melons. They two breathed deep labored breaths whilst she groped those lovely D-cups. Unable to resist each other, the girls entangled their lips and tongues, Macie’s tits on fire as they’re grabbed and rubbed and melded.

Renae then pulled her friend’s chair back from the table just so, a hand pressed Macie back into her seat when she began to stand. Grabbing both legs, she spread them far apart, leaning down and engulfing a particularly distended, beautiful nipple.

That wonderful pair of fudge-brown eyes closed, and she groaned deeply as her jezebel worked meticulously over her aroused flesh, sucking on the tumid nipple, rolling her tongue wetly over the bumpy surface around it. Macie raised her chest, pushing her breast further into her partner’s mouth, her hand landing on the back of her broad’s head to encourage the suckling. She moaned “…so sensitive…” as they practically throbbed of exhilaration.

Moving down her body, Renae’s hands kept busy on her breasts while her mouth worked its magic on that fit torso. Macie’s reaction was automatic, her body arching up, her stomach muscles tensing and relaxing. She moaned when she was kissed and licked on her belly, Renae’s tongue assessing the indentation of her navel before she tore off her own ‘jacket’ and the girls shared a lewd, bare embrace. Hands caressed and groped, lips wrestled and craved, tongues flew blindly through their inseparable mouths as their bodies shamelessly move and rub together and against each other.

Wrapping her thumbs into the side straps, Renae stretched her vixen’s panties up as far as they’d go. She then stretched the now thin strip between Macie’s legs, her luscious puffy lips spilling out and hugging the cloth. Before either women can blink, a very hungry, very amorous mouth has covered it, severely breathing in the scent of arousal promise of essence de Macie flavor.

Filled with nothing but pure desire, Renae jerked off her partner’s hips. Macie quietly mumbles “Oh yes. Yes yes yes,” as she raised her hips from the chair to aid in the stripping of her last article of clothing. In mere seconds they hit the floor, displaying the smooth, shaven treasure of damp, warm, aroused pussy!

Shoving them to her face, Renae greatly inhaled every ounce of anticipation from the garment before using it to swipe those pouty lips up and down. Macie tensed and moaned again in response – a response that intensified as she licked like a wounded baby animal, whispering a steady chorus of “Yes…yes…yes…” as her mistress kaçak bahis siteleri continued.

She licked her ladylove softly, slowly, her tongue sliding delicately over her opening, exploring every little nook and cranny of her fleshy petals. Macie was making quiet pleasure sounds, even emitting a few ardent sounds as she was touched in just the right way. Her noises remained at that level, until Renae swirled boldly into her entrance, and she couldn’t suppress a loud “Ffffffffffuck me!!” She moaned aloud as bae shook her open mouth side-to-side, her tongue hanging out, in a blur amongst those wanton lips. “Yes baby! Please! Keep fucking me just like that! Yes!” was all the reinforcement needed for Renae to carry on, the hand holding the back of her head just acting as bonus praise!

After several very squirmy, writhing minutes, Macie leaned forward, pulled her partner from her sex and launched them into a very sensual marathon of passionate kissing. A handful of aphrodisiacal kisses in, something in Renea’s own sensuality told her it was time to move things to the bedroom!

Macie abruptly stood, without a word and put out a hand for Renae, taking off for the master. Throwing herself onto the bed she instantly scrambled into position with her head on the edge, flipping her hair out from under her and letting it waterfall off the side. She licked her lips in anticipation as Renae got into position, recalling just how good her urges tasted.

In one quick motion Renae turned around and knelt over her vixen’s face, her wet pussy just inches above the parted lips. Taking a moment to properly position herself, the arches of her feet rested on her ladylove’s shoulders and mildly wiggling until the most of her mistress’ face was covered by her tenacious ass.

The instant Macie’s lips make contact with the moistened pair, she licked the wetness clean, becoming more and more addicted to the flavors and the reactions she had caused. Reaching up, her thumb and index framed and teased the incredible breasts whilst she continued!

Positioning made it almost hopeless for Renae’s clitoris to be reached, let alone roused, but that was never even a worry for her partner. Any and every time Macie plunged in, that taste, her smell, the quivering became so much more important than breathing! “Oh! Oh yes! Ooh keep going! Oooh fuck! Oh yes! Oh SHIT! Oooh! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Make me fucking cum! Oh!” Renae cried in higher and higher pitches as a very large orgasm grew closer by the second! “FUCK! Keep going! Yes! Don’t fucking stop!” she scream in best Minnie Mouse voice when when crash lands, bursting into amazing, unbelievable, impeccable, exquisite sensations coursing through every part of her body!

As told, Macie kept up the licking, having some mercy and slowing just a tad, as Renae reclaimed her normal self and gathered her senses. Whilst doing so, neither of them heard the cell phone vibrating on the nightstand.

Backing herself up and leaning down, Renae and Macie took up yet another round of lewd, passion-packed mouth choreograph until Macie says “I think when my mouth was eating your amazing pussy, your phone was ringing, Bae”

“Whaaat?” she says, doubtfully as she reaches for her phone beside the bed.

“Ugh,” she declares, reading the text as Macie rubbed her back “It’s my dumb husband sweetums. He’s getting off early from work”. Turning back to Macie on the bed, softly caressing her wonderous breasts she told, “Such a drag…You know what? You should probably get out of here. I’ll walk you out hon,”.

Confused, Macie asked “But wait, I though you said you didn’t care what he thought?”

“I don’t,” she answered, touching Macie’s smooth cheek, “But I know you do and I know he’d have no hesitation telling your husband,”.

“Oh,” Macie answered, disappointed, “Are you going to call me again?”

“Yeah. Tomorrow,” she giggles as they lean into one another to kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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