Cheering up Lyndsey

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Reminder: This story, as well as all characters in it, are real. However, all names including my own have been changed for privacy, and likewise with the names of the towns in this story. Also, ALL characters within this story are now above 18 years old and have been for a few years.


Today’s tale will make a fairly big jump in time from the last one, which took place right before my senior year of high school. Before getting into it, though, it’s probably best doing some catching up, which does include a bit of a recap from last time.

Bristal and I dated all through our senior year in high school and for most of our freshman year in college. I went on a soccer scholarship to the university located about a twenty minute drive northwest of the lake near Smithville, where Kat’s family owns a lake house. I had desperately wanted to go to a D. I college to play, but I deemed Georgia State and Georgia Southern, along with many other suitors, to be too far from home, and all but one of those that were close enough did not have men’s soccer programs. Title IX may give female athletes more opportunity at the college level, but only after fucking me and the rest of the guys who play my sport in the ass- and the fact we have to compete with foreign guys for roster spots just makes it worse. The place I took my talents to was one of the rare schools that had both football and men’s soccer to offer. I redshirted the first year there.

Bristal, however, went on a soccer scholarship of her own well to the south, a school in Valdosta. The distance put a bit of a strain on our relationship, but the real damage was done by differences in both personalities that just couldn’t be dealt with or changed- although we had both tried very hard to make it work. Then Bristal’s mom died not long after the New Year, crushing her emotionally; our relationship soured even worse following the funeral, ending after Spring Break.

As we would both discuss at a later time, this threw both of us into a deep depression that took months to recover from, although somehow we both managed to maintain good academic standing. Bristal, however, quit playing college soccer after freshman year.

As noted last time as well, we would rebuild our broken bridges just before we both started junior year of college, reaffirming our friendship and spending a few nights in each other’s arms as commemoration, before agreeing that our friendship would not go beyond that to the physical and/or romantic levels ever again. Yes, it’s disappointing that we’re no longer screwing, but the both of us are really just happy to be friends again.

Now that the recap is done, here’s the catching up. Brent and Devin accepted football scholarships to the same university I went to. Brent and I were roommates every year, he majored in engineering, while I chose history. Additionally, Heather, who was a year younger than us and so graduated high school at the end of our college freshman year, would likewise join us there (freshly single as she moved in, mind) and made it on the dance team. Chassidy, meanwhile, received a scholarship to be a cheerleader, again at our college. Kat, on the other hand, took her juicy ass to Duke University.

Those friends who’d chosen the same college as me proved to be a big help in guiding me out of my depression, as would some of the guys on the soccer team. They ensured that, when I wasn’t busy with classes, studying, or soccer, I was with at least one of them doing something fun: paintball, laser tag, go-karts, trips to the lake with the permission of Kat’s parents before the spring semester ended, and with Kat herself once summer “break” (we all had work, you know) began, those sort of things.

For the most part, Chassidy and Heather kept the comfort that they provided limited to the emotional realm. However, during finals’ week that spring, Chassidy and I did spend a night together, during which I once again had full license to dominate her: as she’d later admit, the reason why she had made a move on me was due to her growing sexual frustration, having last been fucked after senior prom. Heather didn’t step that far until right before Thanksgiving break in my second year of college. By that time, I had just finished recovering and was at long last myself again. So, at this point we rekindled our fuck buddy status after a two year hiatus. Same thing with Chassidy, as she didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

I did hook up with a total of four random girls over the course of my second, third, and fourth years, girls who hadn’t gone to the same high school as I did. These events are most easily summarized as I walk into a bar and woo a college girl who happened to be there, take her to my dorm for some hot sex, and she’d be gone by the time I woke up the next day. Although I’d see a couple of them every now and then on campus, the most we’d ever do is share an appreciative smile as we walked past each other.

Today’s story took place in my fifth and final year in college. kartal sarışın escort By this time, Heather had calmed down considerably from how she’d been in high school and her freshman year of college, no longer partying very often, only occasionally getting drunk, and not sleeping around as much. She had broken up with Chad right before she started classes, and did have sex with a couple of other guys by the end of that first year. After that, though, it was just a random one night stand in her junior year, and once or twice a month or so she’d spend the night with me. Chassidy, on the other hand, added two guys to her body count during these years, but continued her trysts with me as often as possible, as I “have the biggest.”

However, as they both were able to tell during the first couple of months in the fall semester, I began to desire a freshman girl on the soccer team, Lyndsey, who stands about 5′ 3. For those who are familiar with Amberleigh West, Lyndsey looks quite like her, with brown eyes and hair that trails to her rib cage. Lyndsey also has A cup sized breasts, nice legs, incredible abs, and a pretty ample booty for one so petite.

Lyndsey also just happened to have graduated back in May from the same high school I did four years prior. We were both acquainted with one another before she started her classes, as our school’s former soccer players have a tradition of returning to watch as many games as we can once the season starts, at least for the duration of our college careers. So we would be some of the loudest supporters in the stands, shouting encouragement and what to do next as though we were out there again ourselves! After the game, we’d go down to talk to Coach as well as the players. As such, me and Lyndsey are both pretty familiar with each other.

We’ve grown closer since the college season started shortly after the fall semester began, especially since we were both taking the first psychology class together. Even though the men’s and women’s teams practice separately and normally take different buses on the way to road games, both programs tend to hang out a lot when possible, and we always stick around to watch each other’s games. As the season wore on, me and Lyndsey would speak more often.

Just one problem for me in getting her in my bed. She’s taken. Her boyfriend, Dustin, also goes to college here, also went to the same high school I did, and he’s also in that same psychology class me and Lyndsey are in. He’d been on the high school’s soccer team his freshman year (my senior year), but didn’t return after that season ended. I definitely wasn’t intimidated by him- Dustin’s about 5′ 8 with brown hair and eyes like me, and is pretty skinny and weak physically, as opposed to me being 6′ 2 or so and fairly built- but we did know each other kinda well, and as we’d been on the same sports team without hating each other’s guts, taking the girl he’s been dating for well over three years does count as a violation against the bro code. So it seemed that I had no hope of taking her.

However, in late October, it came to pass that the bro code no longer needed to be taken into consideration.

One Saturday afternoon, we had a double-header match against an Alabama college at our home field. The guys’ game was first, kicking off at 1 o’clock. I scored twice, but we lost 3-2 in overtime. Then the girls took the field, and ours won 3-1. Lyndsey had already established herself as a starting midfielder, and essentially quarterbacked the offense, assisting two of the team’s goals in this game.

I’d been sitting with the rest of the guys’ team in the stands. Brent and Devin were there with me, having also watched my game, as it was a bye week for the football team. Normally, Dustin sits with us and his older brother Ashton, who’d graduated the same year as Heather and Kat, and was the starting goalie on the guys’ team. However, today he was nowhere to be seen. He had been acting a bit odd lately, something Lyndsey had been quick to observe. Him missing out on his girlfriend’s match just makes it even odder.

After the game ended, we walked back to our hall, Brent and Devin went back to the dorms. I got a shower, making sure to get out quick as Brent would be taking his long-time girlfriend, Claire, on a dinner and movie date tonight, and he needed to get prepped for that; apparently they’re heading down to the lake to spend the night as well at Claire’s family lake house. Once out, I picked up my book bag and went to the stairway leading up to the third floor- me and the guys are on the second- as me and Heather had to study for an exam in our last chemistry class in our college careers (what fun) coming up on Monday. Needless to say, we’d also be getting one or two sessions in for “anatomy.” Her three roommates, who all worked the same shift at whatever their place of work was at the time, will be gone until nearly eleven; not that they ever minded how loud Heather gets when I come over for a visit while they are kartal anal escort in from class and work.

Before getting into my visit to Heather’s room, let me describe the dorm hall we were in, which is reserved for those designated as juniors and seniors. Think of a ‘plus’ sign, that’s how it looks from a bird’s eye view. The west and east wings are occupied by guys, while the girls stay in the north and south wings. The dorm me and Brent share are located on the west wing, Devin’s room being a couple doors down towards the center from us. Heather’s room is in the north; Chassidy lives in the south wing.

The center area is a roomy entrance hall/lounge/living room where most people hang out at during free time. The entry doors are located to the southeast and -west and northeast and -west, while several stairways and elevators indent each wall leading to the personal rooms. There’s a total of three floors in the building, and each one has a landing from which I can see down to the lounge area on the first floor, with walkways that connects each the western hallway to the northern and southern ones.

I take the stairway located on the western landing up to the third floor, then cross the walkway connecting west with north and head down to the far end, where Heather’s room is.

Along the way, I get a text from none other than Lyndsey.

“Was Dustin at the game?”

I answer. “No, not like him to miss out on watching you play.”

“Ugh. No one seems to know where he is, and no one else saw him at the game either.”

A second later, she continues. “He won’t text or call me back.”

I can’t help but shake my head. ‘Way to be a dick to your own girl, Dustin,’ I think to myself.

“I’ll let you know if I see him. And tell him you’re looking for him.” I doubt I’ll see him, though. I’ll be spending the next couple hours or so with Heather, although I may head over to the gamer hall next to the basketball gym; it’s the only place the college lets us play video games-yeah, dumb rule- and Dalton’s normally there for a while after dinner. But Lyndsey knows that, too. Odds on she’s already checked there at least once. I come to a half in front of Heather’s doorway and knock.

Heather answers the door pretty quick, wearing a pink shirt- and clearly no bra- along with black yoga pants. She cut her hair, tied up in a pony tail at the moment, not long after graduating high school and since then has kept it roughly shoulder length. She smiles as usual and we greet each other with a hug. I smell a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen in her suite-style dorm; she’s been cooking.

“Come in, you. I know you love chili, so I cooked some for us to eat while we’re studying,” she says, grabbing me by the shirt and pulling me in.

I go over to the stove where the pot of chili is, steam leaking out from under the cover, and I take a deep whiff, my stomach begins growling in response. Oh, I love that smell. To make it better, I can tell just by the smell that she’s cooked it just like Mother does: just one of many benefits from Heather and I being best friends for well over a decade now.

“Heather, you’re the best,” I say in a content fashion, turning back around and pulling her back to me. She smiles and kisses me on the cheek appreciatively. She then breaks away and grabs a couple bowls out of a cabinet and fills them both up while I place my bag on the counter next to her chem notes. Heather hands me a spoon and full bowl, then we head over to the couch to eat and watch TV (a rerun of “Vikings”) while also talking about the game.

“Wish I could’ve gone to watch. I didn’t get off work until about maybe halfway through the second half. Seems like I always miss the games you ball out in,” Heather says after taking a huge bite (girl can eat).

“I didn’t really ‘ball out,’ both goals came off rebounds. That Scottish dude had me on lockdown for just about the entirety of the game,” I reply with a shrug. “But Lyndsey, on the other hand, I’m just surprised that she didn’t score.”

“Oh, yeah, I almost forgot about your little crush Lyndsey,” Heather says with a smirk, reaching over and pinching my cheek. I swat her hand away.

“How many times, Heather? She’s not a crush. Just a girl I’d like to fuck. Too bad she’s taken.”

“Alright, Scott, I know. I’m sure you’re gonna need to find another back up fuck buddy when Chassidy graduates in December,” she laughs. Thank heaven she’s not a jealous kind of girl; if anything, she seems to be very encouraging whenever she notices a girl has caught my eye. “Take it easy, I was just joking.”

I stop and look away from the TV at her. “Since when did you start telling me to “take it easy” on you?” I can’t help but grin.

We both laugh and get back to finishing off our food.

“By the way, Scott,” Heather pipes up again. “By the way she’s talking, Chassidy may want you to knock her up.” I just barely avoid choking on my chili: what the hell? “She said it kartal sınırsız escort in a joking way last night as we were walking back over from Kappa, but we know her. She’s not one to be joking over such a serious matter.”

“Uh, why? Why would she even think that?” I ask her, but Heather only shrugs in answer. She seems to find the startled look on my face to be highly amusing.

Heather talks through a mouthful of chili. “And you thought I was impulsive! That statement of her’s came out of nowhere!”

“Well,” I say. “I guess now’s a good time as any to finally start training her to accept facials, instead of just staying inside her.” I don’t really like the idea of knocking any girl up at the moment. If she’s serious about this, either Chassidy can go find another guy to play the role of sperm donor (she’d find plenty of willing/unwitting idiots around here who’d help), or she can wait for another year or so, then I MIGHT be willing to impregnate her. Or not.

I knew I’d turned her into a freak after popping her cherry, but this is ridiculous.

After eating we go back to the counter and get to studying, which lasts for the better part of an hour and a half. By that time, I’ve got a pounding headache from the concentration. I’m dead horrible at chemistry, but Heather is pretty decent at it, hence (partially) why I’m here. When we do finish up, Heather briefly disappears to the bathroom as I turn around on my stool before coming back with something in her hand.

“Here, Scott,” she says. She straddles me and pops an Advil in my mouth. I gratefully accept it and grab onto Heather’s tail. I lean back against the counter (a bit uncomfortable), and we share a long kiss.

When we break apart, she whispers in my ear. “Come to bed, so I can fuck you like Lyndsey never could.” I’d been pretty hard already, but this really gets me to rise. I get a better grip on her ass and stand up. She wraps those legs worthy of a goddess around me and I carry her down the little hallway to my right and into her bedroom.

I jump onto her bed, lay Heather down and tug her shirt off, then proceed to absolutely assail her perky little breasts with my hands and mouth. Within seconds, the mood ramps up from steamy to frantically rabid. Heather starts digging her fingers into my back while grinding her crotch on mine. Suddenly, she flips me onto my back and straddles me again, pulls my shirt off, then begins running her hands all up and down my torso as we continue to make out.

After a little while longer, Heather leans back and undoes my pants, then pulls them and my boxers clean off of me at the same time. With a sly smile, she takes a firm hold of my erect boner with both of her hands and slowly strokes it.

“Ohhhhh,” I groan, involuntarily raising my hips as she handles me. “C’mon, Heather, blow me.” As much as I enjoy her hand jobs, my cock is demanding to be buried deep in Heather’s mouth and pussy.

She complies, gently puffing out cool blasts of air out of her mouth onto my dick, from the balls to the tip, before licking all the way back down and taking each testicle into her mouth, jolting me with pleasure. Heather then gets to sucking me off ravenously, using her teeth to bite down on me from the get go. Several minutes pass, with Heather hardly taking a break as she blows me.

Just as I’m about to bust in her mouth, she seems to sense this and stands up on the bed. Slowly turning in circles on the spot and swaying her hips around seductively, she then teases taking her yoga pants off without doing so, flashing her black panties and radiant smile as she goes. This beautiful girl finally does let her clothes fall off, exposing her hairless ladyhood that, like Chassidy’s, has over the years become as familiar to me as the back of my hand.

Heather squats down, grabs my manhood, strokes it twice as she lines it up with her pussy, then slides down onto me. “Ooh, yeah,” she breathes, then gives a little gasp as I thrust up into her. Once she takes every last inch of me into her, she starts going up and down, painstakingly slow at first, then faster and faster. Both of us begin panting hard for air, which is made harder since we both keep moaning and grunting forcefully with our exertions.

I sit up and wrap my arms around Heather tightly, bringing her to a stop. She sits down on me all the way and squeezes onto me, and we share a quick kiss before I lay her on her back again. I grab her feet and bring them up, then rest her calves on my shoulders as I stroke back into her. After just a few slow but forceful thrusts, Heather’s legs start to shiver and shake in earnest. She also tosses her head back after quick glances down at our love organs’ carousel, her moans getting louder and louder, and she runs her hands through her hair frequently, sometimes reaching down to stroke her clit. I have to cover her mouth with my hand: while Heather’s roommates don’t care one bit about us getting our rocks off, her neighbors have made noise complaints once or twice.

Pretty soon, Heather cums. Her legs seize up and she undergoes a series of involuntary pelvic thrusts as primal instinct takes her body over. She also grabs onto my hand that covers her mouth with both her own and gives out a muffled spastic squeal as her eyes roll back into her head for a moment. She eventually goes limp.

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