Crack Addict Ch. 03

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It had been a while since my “corporate” episode and if you read the last installment, you know that I’m referring to the luscious cheeks of Ms. Stetson. She eventually got tired of me jacking off using her massive cheeks and had nixed the affair and my firm’s account. As a result, I found myself “laid off” and working at a temp firm.

The “Itch” had gotten worse than ever and I was in danger of becoming a serial masturbator. I found that I was worse off than before. Scott, my friend at the temp firm and a fellow chubby chaser (Although not afflicted with “crack addiction like me) had advised me on several occasions to use the services of a prostitute. But, I just couldn’t get over the stigma that comes with being a “john”.

So, I just dealt with it and tried my best to keep my not so secret fetish under control though I eventually did go online and contact a hooker and the results were a little less than stellar. I had the misfortune to pick the fattest, ugliest broad you could find on the net with absolutely zero asses. I had to threaten to call the cops just to get her out of my place. This should have cured me but the next night images of Marsha and Ms. Stetson’s massive butts danced in my head and played havoc in my boxers. One day while Scott and I were sitting at this outside cafe eyeballing chubby chicks he came up with an idea regarding my situation.

“Maybe you should try a club.”


“A size acceptance club for big women.”


“Doofus, it’s a place where fat chicks hang out and party. There are lots of horny chicks there.”

“I’m not into fat chicks, I’m into phat chicks.”

“Same difference.”

“No, Phat Chicks are thick and voluptuous, ripe massive deep butts and Fat chicks are just fat.”

“Whatever man, I’m going on Friday and you can tag along if you want.”

I was disturbed that he just dismissed my assertion regarding my proclivity, but none the less I found myself tagging along like a puppy dog. We drove over to Long Beach and parked in the parking lot of a huge strip mall.

“Where’s the club?”

“Just across the parking lot on the other side of the mall.”

“Too cheap for valet parking?”

“Man, shut up, you never park in front of a fat chick club. Somebody might see you coming out.”

“Do bahçelievler escort you tell the chicks you pick up about this philosophy?”

“Of course not dumbass. Are we gonna run our mouths all night or are we gonna go get you laid buddy?”

“No, I’m just curious as to how you get the women to walk all the way over here.”

“When a BBW wants to get laid, she will go anywhere. Once, I even got laid in a dumpster.”

“That’s special.” I replied smarmily.

The club which I can’t name for legal reasons was unassumingly inside a storefront pub. Looked like any old bar from the outside but once we got inside there were wall to wall BIG WOMEN and when I say big, I mean BIG! Most of the women were sporting the shapes of beach balls and other geometric shapes I don’t care to mention at this time. All of the decent and half way decent women had swarms of men around them in unyielding phalanxes. Scott was living it up dancing badly to some 50 cent rap song called “In da Club”. (That song needs to be laid to rest with a shotgun.) I navigated the floor and went to the bar where I began to down a record number of Heinekens when fate struck.

“Fucked up huh?”

I looked over to find an unassuming school teacher type staring me in the face. She looked like a petite redhead housewife in a plain white blouse and long black skirt.

“Excuse me?”

“I was just saying that it’s a shame how people put themselves out there when they’re desperate.”

“You’re here.”

“With friends, and I’d like to point out that you’re here too.”

“With friends too.”

We both laughed. Her name was Debra and her story was that she was coming out of a bad relationship and some of her friends had drug her to the club (Her friends were all rather large). She was in fact a therapist and the thought did cross my mind to bear my soul to her regarding my proclivity. However I still wanted to get laid and I didn’t know how she would take the fact that I was at the club to exploit overweight women.

“Got something on your mind?”


“Wanna share?”

“No because you’re a therapist and I don’t want to be analyzed. At least not yet.”

“Don’t worry, I’m off the clock.”

I gave her some bullshit about breaking bakırköy escort up with a girlfriend.

“Does making up stories make you feel better about having a big girl fetish?”

“I’m not -…”

“You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a BBW fetish.”

I was red faced.

“I’m here with a friend.” I pointed to Scott out on the dance floor dirty dancing with three women so large he was partially obscured from my sight.

“Right.” Debra smirked and rolled her eyes in disbelief.

“No, really, I can bring him over here if you don’t believe me.”

She just stared at me with a “get real” expression written across her features.

“Excuse me.”

I found my way to the men’s room for a quick retreat from the truth. What was I becoming? Maybe I really was a degenerate who needed help.

“Sorry, I tend to unnerve people unintentionally.”

Debra had followed me into the men’s restroom. It was a bold move on her part. I was impressed and one other occupant a rail thin guy that I could have sworn was DJ Qualls ran out of the men’s room with his pecker hanging from his pants.

“I’m sorry; I should’ve known that you’d see through the bull given your profession.”

“Well I got five minutes.” She kicked open a stall door and stepped inside crooking her finger at me. I obliged.

“I have a crack fetish.”

“You’re a drug addict?”

“No … far from it.”

I explained my predicament to Debra in no uncertain terms and with extreme clarity.

“So there you have it … I’m a perv right?”


Before I could voice a rebuttal she had grabbed my crotch and was massaging it vigorously. I was flabbergasted and aroused as all get out. She began jerking my cock through my slacks with a fervor I had seldom seen before from other women I’d banged and haven’t since. Debra had somehow gotten my engorged cock out and had her sweaty palm around the shaft jerking it viciously.

“I’m so fucking hot right now!!!” She sounded almost like she was in pain as I began massaging her breasts which were considerably larger than I’d expected. She ripped a few of her buttons exposing bubbly melons and tan freckled flesh spilling over from an elaborately detailed lacey bra. balgat escort I helped her rip one of her double d’s from the lacy material. She had pulled my throbbing member into the neon light of the restroom and was alternately sucking on my member and beating it against her boob in frenzy. She ripped the other breast free from her blouse exposing a perfect tanned set of knockers at least 36DD by my estimate.

“Fuck my tits!!” I obliged and began fucking the shit out of her juicy and surprisingly sweaty knockers. She locked her fingers together trapping my cock in her heated tit-meat and began working her torso up and down my length while I held onto the stall for dear life.

“Imagine that my fat titties are big juicy ass you fuckin perv!!!” She sounded almost like she was hyperventilating and I could see visible drool on her thin lips.

My head was swimming in animal lust and this went on for about ten minutes before it became apparent I wasn’t going to come from her titfuck.

“Fuck it, come get it! ” Debra quickly stood up in the cramped stall and turned her back to me while hiking up her skirt at the same time.

“You want it … come take it!!” She had a suprisingly meaty and wide ass. Her stark white butt cheeks enflamed me as I pushed my cock into the crevice of her ass and pussy lips. I openly drooled as I deep tissue fucked Debra’s pussy lips and ass cheeks simultaneously

“I want you to come on my wide ass!! You hear me weirdo? I want that hot messy, sticky cum all over my white ass!!


That was all it took as i sprayed the small of her lower back with at least a shower of hot cum. She was waving her big, squarish looking butt around and moaning as I completely drained my balls all over her lower back and cheeks. The thick liquid ended up running down her cheeks and dripping to the floor.

“That was really good. Say, can you fuck like regular or does it always have to be the ass thing?”

“No, I’m capable of having vanilla sex as good as the next guy.” She laughed at my compliment and grabbed the back of my head shoving her face into mine. We tongue kissed for what seemed like hours while she jerked out whatever was left in my balls. Debra cleaned up oblivious to the male patrons in the men’s room and told me to meet her at the bar like nothing happened. I did as she said and found myself alone at the bar. Scott was in a nearby booth making out with a woman so huge; she could only marginally be considered a human being.

Crack Addict still, I knew I would have to find some way to end this obsession of mine.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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