Daddy , Grandma

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


It was January, 1951 just shortly after my mother had passed away. My grandmother, my mother’s mother, lived with us as she had for the past four years. Daddy was subsidized each month by grandma’s brothers to make sure she was safe and was also being ‘dried out’. No one in this story is under the age of twenty.

I, a naive twenty year old, wasn’t quite certain what was going on with daddy and grandma but I knew something was. She was paying more attention to her looks, was dressing better in nicer clothes, and seemed quite happy in spite of losing her only child just a few weeks previous.

One morning I went in daddy’s bedroom shortly after he had left for work and found a pair of sheer black briefs sticking out from under the edge of the bed. I was curious as to why a pair of women’s briefs would be in daddy’s bedroom so I picked them up and examined them. I looked them over carefully and discovered the gusset was wet and sticky with semen. I carefully put them back as I found them and left his bedroom.

I went into his bedroom a little while later and discovered the black briefs were no longer there. So i went to the bathroom and looked in the clothes hamper. Sure enough. They were right on top of the pile. It must have been my grandmother, Agnes, who put them there. But why? Did she get fucked by daddy? I guessed I would have to pay more attention to them in the next few days.

I took a little closer look in the clothes hamper and also found another pair of sheer briefs. This pair also had the gusset covered with dry semen.

What the fuck was going on. I asked myself.

The next morning I woke up earlier than usual and positioned myself so I could see who was in daddy’s bedroom. Sure enough. Agnes comes walking out of his bedroom dressed in a waltz length housecoat with her legs already in sheer dark brown nylons. She immediately headed right for her bedroom. I could see her nylons were a Havana pattern and were black heels and seams. She must be wearing a garter girdle, I thought. Her stockings were pulled up nice and tight on her legs.

I just stayed in my position and about ten minutes later daddy came out of his bedroom dressed and ready to leave for work. He didn’t see me as he left the house. When I was certain he was gone, I went into his bedroom and found not only another pair of sheer black briefs, but also a pair of sheer black nylons and a black garter belt lying on his bed.

I decided to confront Agnes when she came out of her room and had a cup of coffee with me. I didn’t have to wait long because I had barely plugged the coffee pot in when she appeared in the doorway of the kitchen still wearing the same clothing I had seen her in a few minutes before.

“Hi grandma.” I said. “The coffee will be done perking in a few minutes. You look really nice this morning.” Then i saw a pair of navy blue nylon briefs folded up in her hand.

“Oh. I didn’t know you were already up.” she said. “You usually stay in bed later than this.”

She slipped the briefs in a pocket of her dressing gown and asked me if I had a cigarette.

I gave her a cigarette from my pack and lit it for her. As I did so, the belt on her robe came undone allowing the robe to open up in front. Then I saw her teats encased in a sheer white cut out bra allowing the nipples and aureole to show. She also had on a pair of sheer black Directoire knickers through which I could see her stocking tops and garter straps.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t have the belt very tight. I hope you’re not offended.” she said.

“Not at all.” I replied. “In fact, I rather like seeing you in your lingerie. How many straps do you have holding your stockings up?”

“Eight.” she replied. “Your daddy thinks stockings need to have six or eight straps to help keep the seams straight.”

“When did you start fucking him?” I asked.

The question caught her a little off guard and she hesitated a moment before answering “About a week ago.” she replied. “Your father is a young man and still has sexual needs. He told me he would provide me with some lovely lingerie, make sure I got a permanent once in awhile, and also provide me with a little alcohol if I would fuck him and suck his cock for him. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. He has a rather unique cock in that when it gets hard, it isn’t sticking straight out in front of him. It curves upward like a scimitar. That causes it to reach places in my cunt I never knew a cock could reach.”

“Does he enjoy having you suck him off?” I asked.

“Yes. Now I really need to pee pee. Let’s go out on the side porch and you can pull my knickers down and I’ll spread my legs apart and you can watch me pee pee.” she said.

We went out onto the side porch and Agnes stopped and spread her legs apart slightly so I could slip her DK’s down her legs. As I got them down to the welt of her stockings I noticed the welt beşevler escort was not the same color as her stockings, but was black like her heels and seams. Somewhat unusual, as most stocking manufacturers dye the welt the same color as the leg of the stockings. I continued to slip her DK’s down until she could step out of them. When I looked at her belly and cunt I was confronted with a forest of salt and pepper pubic hair that was quite thick. I reached up with my right hand and ran my fingers through it.

“Oh. You may play with my pussy hair darling. Your daddy enjoys doing that to me too. You may even slip your finger in my slit and find my fuck button and play with that too.” Agnes said.

She spread her cunt lips open and the pee began dribbling out of her urethra. Suddenly, the telephone hanging on the kitchen wall was ringing. Did I go answer it and miss Agnes pissing or did I ignore it hoping whoever was calling would call back?

I let it ring four times, then decided I’d best answer it even though her pee stream was flying out onto the sidewalk about four feet. In our small community of four thousand people, we had to be careful when talking on the phone as all calls went through the switchboard and the operator could hear every word spoken. Gossip got around our town pretty quickly.

It was daddy and he wanted to know what I was doing and what Agnes was doing. I told him I was watching her as she watered the lawn. He wanted to know how the hose was working and I told him just fine. She had it on spray and was sending a stream about four feet in front of her. He told me she was to do what I thought needed to be done and he would be home around noon for lunch.

I hung up the receiver and went back out on the porch.

“You took long enough to get back out here.” Agnes said. “I’m almost finished peeing now. You can feel my wet cunt if you like or lick my pussy.”

I told her we would go back in the house and I would put her on the table and eat her wet hairy cunt. I got her on the table, spread her stocking clad legs apart, spread her thick hairy cunt lips open, and found her distended pee hole. I began by sucking on her pee hole, then trying to stick my tongue in it. I did manage to get the tip of it in but would need to open it even further with a speculum in order to insert my tongue or even my cock in it.

As I was sucking her pee hole, Agnes gave a little grunt and suddenly I had a little piss in my mouth.

“You fucking bitch.” I told her. “I didn’t necessarily want a drink. I just wanted to tickle your pee hole. Now, I may need to punish you for that by giving you a good fucking with my cock.”

“I don’t think that would be punishing me sweetie. I think I’d enjoy having your prick inside my cunt and having you spurt some of your pollen inside me. Besides that, when daddy comes home for lunch this noon, he will want me to immediately give him a blow job and let him spurt all his warm creamy seed in my mouth like a good whore. Why don’t you be in your bedroom right above us and you can watch the entire thing through your floor vent.”

“I think I’ll do that although I’m sure he’ll want to know where I am.” I told her.

“I’ll tell him you left about 11:30 and were going to be gone awhile.” she said.

I chewed on her clit a little bit then tried to stick my tongue in her pee hole. I couldn’t get it in too far so I began sucking on it. I soon got another drink of her pee. I stopped and told her I would fuck her later if she wanted me to. Then I just went upstairs to my bedroom to wait to watch her suck daddy’s cock when he came home for lunch.

My bedroom had no direct heat to it, so there was a small rectangular opening cut in the floor that allowed heat from the main floor of the house to rise and pass through this opening to give my bedroom some warm air in the winter. Looking down, I could see the eating area of the kitchen directly below me. When I laid down on the floor and looked through the grated opening, I could see Agnes sitting at the kitchen table almost directly below me.

She had put her robe back on but that was all. Her Directoire knickers were draped over the back of a chair drying out and she already had daddy’s lunch on the table. When he came into the kitchen though the back door a few minutes later he already had his trousers off as well as his boxers too, but that he also was wearing a black six strap garter belt with sheer black stockings being held up by the garters. His cock was already erect and he walked right to where Agnes was sitting.

She quickly opened her mouth and engulfed his uncut peter in her mouth and began sucking him. As she sucked his cock, she also gently fondled his scrotum encouraging him to blast his nuts off in her mouth.

After about a minute, I heard him tell her “Alright you fucking whore. Here it comes.” upon which she opened her mouth and he proceeded to shoot five or six ropes of thick semen directly beylikdüzü escort into her wide open mouth. When he finished shooting his semen into her mouth, she closed her lips over his cock and continued sucking it to assure herself she got all his pollen. She then let loose of his cock and it fell down between his legs just touching the tops of his black stockings.

“Did that feel good Master?” she asked. “I still have some semen in my mouth. Your nuts must have been full of it because it is nice and creamy and tastes good to me. Now eat your lunch so you will have strength to go back to work this afternoon. Then when you come home for the day, I’ll be ready to have you fuck me with your cock.”

I watched in amazement from my bedroom upstairs as she had covered almost all of his uncut prick with her mouth and had proceeded to suck his cock causing him to blast his nuts off in her mouth in a very short period of time. He must have had lots of semen because it even ran out the corners of her mouth and down onto the nipples of her teats.

“I’ll eat my lunch, then before I go back to work, I’m going to drench you with a bladder full of warm yellow pee. You’ll be saturated so you will need to shower and change clothes before I come home later this afternoon. I’m bringing my red headed girl friend with me and she’ll be spending the night, so you may impose upon John to take care of your sexual needs.”

They ate lunch then moved out of my view to go out on the side porch. When they came back inside about two minutes later, Agnes was drenched with daddy’s pee. Her hair was wet, her bra was soaked and her garter belt and stockings also appeared to be soaked.

“You look like a cheap whore Agnes.” daddy said. “Let John take care of you this afternoon and get a shower and fresh clothes on. I think he needs to call your beautician and schedule you for a permanent. It might be a good idea to also have him call your pedicurist and have a pedicure so your toe nails are nice and smooth. He’s bi so he may want you to suck his cock when he’s finished. I’ll have Barbara here for dinner and John can play with you.”

Daddy then pulled his boxers and pants back on, tucked his shirt in his pants and headed out the door to go back to work.

I went down to the kitchen and Agnes was sitting on a chair looking a little disheveled.

“I think I need to take you upstairs and get these wet clothes off of you, give you a shower, and maybe even fuck you this afternoon.” I said. “Maybe you might even want to see my prick and decide you want to suck me off. So get up and let’s go up to your room and get you undressed.”

We went up the stairs and I noticed that not only did she have a real forest of hair around her cunt lips. It extended down the inside of her thighs about five or six inches. When we got to her room I asked her about it.

“I’ve always had that growth of hair. Because of it I could never wear a two piece swim suit because all that hair would show. I never wanted to shave it off either. I didn’t know any other woman that had the same problem I have.” she replied.

As she stood there I reached up and unhooked her cut out bra letting her big teats fall to her chest.

“Do you want to suckle my nipples?” she asked. “Your daddy likes to nurse me because my nipples are so long and also fat. He likes to latch onto them like he is nursing on me. He really wants me to becomes a Hucow. Do you know what a Hucow is?”

“I’m not sure but I can guess that perhaps it is a woman who is hooked up to a milking machine and has her teats milked.” I replied.

“You guessed correctly.” she said. “He thinks I would look good having my teats milked. Then he could also fuck me while I was hooked up to the machine. I’m not certain I want to do it, but I’m leaning in the right direction.”

“I think you would look very good with your nipples hooked up to the suction cups and having them pulled like a cow being milked. He not only could fuck you, but you could also be sucking a cock at the same time too.” I replied. “I think I might enjoy watching you getting milked. Now let me play with your hairy cunt and give you a nice pee shower before I wash your body.”

I unhooked her stockings from the garters and they just began to fall down her hairy legs. I slipped her garter girdle down over her hips and let it fall to the floor. All her lingerie would need to be laundered as all of it was wet.

“Now pull my shorts and boxers off me and you can play with my prick. If you need to pee, I’ll let you pee on me once we get in the shower. Then I’m going to have you lie down and piss all over you without pulling my anteater foreskin back. You’ll love seeing my pee flowing out the foreskin and all over you.” I told her.

We headed for the bathroom and I stepped into the shower and laid down. “Now straddle me and spread your fucking cunt lips open so I can see your distended pee hole.” bilecik escort I said “I’m ready for you to piss all over me Agnes. anytime you’re ready let it go.”

I heard the unmistakable hissing sound followed quickly by dribbles of pee coming from her urethra. Then the flood began and she pissed all over my chest, then my cock, then my nuts, She finally came to a halt and lowered her cunt to my face so I could lick the excess pee off her hairy labial lips.

“Now let me stand up and you lie down on the towel. I’m going to drench you because I really have to piss. But I want you to be sure and get some in your mouth too. I’m not going to pull my foreskin back, so you can watch it flow out of my cock without seeing the head of it.”

She laid down on the already wet towel and I just aimed my peter at her long nipples and began pissing. I sprayed pee on her teats, her belly, then her hairy cunt. Finally I told her to open her mouth and get a drink then to suck my cock when I stopped peeing, but not to suck me off. I would want to fuck her later in the day.”

She took a drink as I finished then pushed my long foreskin back and began sucking me. She cleaned the piss off the head of my cock then sucked me some more until I got a semi erection.

“That’s enough Agnes.” I told her. “Now put your shower cap on so we can lather each other up. I have a very unusual piece of soap you will love. It is nine inches long and shaped like an erect cock and I’m going to wash your cunt with it. You may just use regular soap to wash my cock and nuts.” I told her.

I had found some soap shaped like a cock in a magazine not long ago. It was nine inches long and had a plastic handle on the end of it so it didn’t slip out of your hand when it got wet. It was shaped like a circumcised cock and had a rather prominent head on it. I knew she would enjoy having it slipped inside her old cunt and being fucked with it as I washed her. I had purchased about nine or ten of them, so I had a good supply.

She laid back on the wet towel and I told her to pull her labial lips open. As soon as she did, I slipped the soap cock up her cunt and shoved it all the way in till it must have hit her cervix.

“Oh. that feels good.” she said. “It feels like a real cock except it isn’t warm like a real one is. But fuck me with it and get my cunt all nice and clean. I’ll probably want you to eat my pussy when we get finished showering.”

I continued to fuck her with the soap when all of a sudden she said. Shove it in my cunt and leave it there. I’m going to climax. I’ll make it nice and slippery. Then take it out so we can shower.”

I left the cock soap in her cunt and she shuddered then stopped. I took the soap out and helped her stand up. when she stood up she began pissing in the shower. I put my hand under her hairy cunt and began playing with her.

“Oh you big motherfucker.” she said. “It feels so good to have my cunt played with and for you to enjoy pissing games with me. Now let me soap your prick and the rest of your body, then we’ll dry off and you can eat my pussy.”

We soaped each other, rinsed off, then dried each other. Agnes fondled my nuts very carefully, then told me she was going to slip on a fresh garter belt and stockings. I told her I would love watching her do that.

We went to her bedroom and she reached into her lingerie drawer and pulled out a lavender colored eight strap garter belt then a pair of chocolate brown full fashioned nylons with a New York heel pattern in black thread. Then she took out a sheer lavender nursing bra.

“Will these items do darling? Will I make your cock get nice and hard if I slip into these? Your daddy like seeing my nipples peeking out of the bra cups. That way he can nurse on them without having to take my bra off. Will you want to nurse my nipples too if I wear this?”Agnes asked.

“I think they are lovely grandma. I will surely want to nurse your big fat nipples too. Are you going to put on a pair of Directoires too or go ‘Commando’ this afternoon?” I replied.

“I think I’ll go ‘commando’ for you then you can see my hairy cunt when I sit with my legs apart or you can put your hand on it when I pee” she replied. “Now hold my garter belt open while I step into it, then I’ll sit down and put my stockings on and you can fasten a couple of the garters. Then, I’ll let my teats fall into the cups and you can fasten it for me.”

She stood up and I helped her step into her garter belt and helped her inch it up to her waist. We got it aligned so the garters were in the right places. Then she sat down on her dressing table bench and carefully folded one stocking down, slipped it on, and slowly pulled it up her leg checking to make sure the seam was straight. She hooked the front and near side garters. The she folded the second stocking and did the same thing.

“Now you fasten the backside garters and the rear garters but don’t fasten any in the keyhole because that will cause it to run and these are new nylons.” she told me.

I fastened the two garters on each stocking and made sure her seams were nice and straight. She then picked up a nursing bra and had me slip her arms through the straps and hook it in the back. It had five eye hooks to fasten so it was going to hold her big teats comfortably.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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