Danielle Gets a Visit

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Female Ejaculation

“ok so, your grandparents house…3 days..that means, saturday?”

“Yes Daniel, saturday, and you better be there!”

“Dont worry Danielle, ill be there.”

“ok, well i have to go to work. i love you.”

“I love you too sweetheart. Bye”


Danielle was at her grandparents house, for the whole summer. They rent out cottages, and there was an open week for one of the cottages. Daniel decided that since its been so long, he’d come up, and rent the cottage for that open week.

3 days passed, and finally, it was the day he’d arrive. She waited for him at the end of the driveway. She was wearing a blue plaid skirt, a low cut blue shirt, and she had her converse shoes on. He finally drove down the driveway, and he stopped his car as he approached her, and jumped out. She started giggling, and tears formed in her eyes. he ran to her, and picked her up, swinging her around in circles. She lifted her hands above her head, leaned her head back and laughed.

They were in their own little world, and he laughed too, and smiled, as he swing her around in his arms. He put her down, and they hugged. He squeezed her tight, and she felt so secure, that nothing in the world could ever hurt her as long as she’s with him. She looked up as he hugged her, and looked deep into his eyes. Then, they both tilted their heads, closed their eyes, and kissed for what seemed like only 3 seconds, but was nearly 10 minutes. they couldnt get enough of eachother when they were together. it was very rare that they were with eachother, so they were going to make casino siteleri the best of it. She helped him set up his things in the cottage, and finally they were done. She said that she had to go to bed in the main house, because her grandparents insisted on her being in by 9:00. It was ten of, so she left. She grinned on her way out, because already she was planning her escape.

It was 11:00, and Danielle was still awake. She had put a “school girl” outfit on. Short red plaid skirt, a white pressed button down shirt, and her hair was in pigtails. Innocent was what she was goin for. She made sure everyone was asleep, and she easily snuck out. the door to the cottage is never locked, and stealthly, she walked in without a noise. she knew the cottages like the back of her hand, and avoided every noise. She got to the main bedroom, and found Daniel sleeping there. He was laying on his back, and she decided to wake him up. In a little bit more of a different way than tapping him awake.

She slid under the covers, and started rubbing his balls, and gently licking them. His cock grew hard in an instant, and he started moaning in his sleep as she licked the very tip of his cock. She then suddenly deepthroated it,and started sucking hard. this woke Daniel up, and he moaned extremely loud upon his awakening. He said “OH MY GOD! THIS IS THE BEST WAKE UP CALL IVE EVER GOTTEN!” she continued giving him head until he finally came. He stared at her, shocked in amazment. He didnt expect this at all, and from then on, he would cherish her even more. He put her güvenilir casino on her back, and started unbuttoning her shirt. With one swift movement, he slid off her bra, then slid off his own shirt, over his head. She spread her legs a bit, and he started rubing her clit with his first finger. She moaned softly, then, unexpectidly, he inserted two fingers from his other hand, into her already wet pussy. he had his palm facing up, and he pushed slowly in and out.

He then curled his fingers up, hitting one of her spots, and she arched her back and screamed. he knew exactly where to hit her. 3 times he curled his fingers against her spot, and finally, she came. Her cum spilling out of her pussy like a kettle of hot water being pourn. he leaned over, and licked her up nice and dry, and crawled on top of her. She was going to say something, but he put his finger on her mouth to hush her, and then inserted his hot, hard, cock in her hot throbbing pussy. He started gently riding back and forth, making the sensation of want fill her more than what thought possible. She started rubbing her clit, and moaning loudly as he rocked back and forth. She started bucking her hips against his cock, wanting to feel him deeper in her pussy.

He warned her, and said to hold onto something, and she did. She grabbed hold of the sheets, and he started thrusting and banging her so hard, she was screaming out in pleasure. she was grasping onto the sheets, and arching her back at the same time, as he fucked her as hard and as fast as he could. she started pushing into canlı casino him as he pushed into her, making it even harder. She couldnt take it anymore, and came again. this almost made him cum, but he wanted to hold it, to make it more amazing later.

He stopped, and let her rest a minute, then, she climbed on top of him, and with her pussy, she started rubbing her juices into his chest, making him hotter than ever. She then slid her hot wet pussy down to his cock, and let only the very tip of his cock enter her pussy hole. He thrust slightly, but she pulled back in time so that it wouldnt go in. She made him close his eyes, and about 10 seconds later, she shoved his cock into her. She leaned over all the way, with his cock still in her. her breasts were completely pressed against his chest, and he could feel her hard nipples against him. She started pumping her ass up and down on his cock, the hottest thing he has ever had happen to him. No one has ever ridden him that fast.

He moaned and groaned in pleasure, and she started going faster at evry moan of his. Finally, she was going so fast, she couldnt moan, groan, or talk because she had to concentrate on breathing. she came once again, but didnt say anything about it because she was panting so hard. she fucked him faster than he could even wack off, so he was about ready to cum. He finally tensed up, and shot a hot load of cum up her pussy. She kept pumping, making his orgasm last for the longest time ever. she slid off, and rolled to her side. she fell asleep with her right arm on his chest, and her right leg on his thigh. When they woke up, they went at it again. they were completely in love. all they could do was yell out that they loved eachother every time they did it. by the end of the night, they fell asleep holding each other, whispering that they loved each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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