DeLuca’s Pleasure Pt. 01

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I am the luckiest man on earth. I’m lounging by our beautifully landscaped pool soaking in the rays. I’ve made millions over the years working at my brother’s software company and our lifestyle reflects that. Julia, my wife of 26 years, is stunning. No one can believe she will be fifty in a few years. Julia and I both have taken care of ourselves by working out regularly and eating healthy. We have two great kids. Michael is starting his senior year at UCLA next month. He is vacationing with friends in Hawaii currently. Our daughter Kara is married to a successful lawyer and lives in Florida. She just had her first baby a couple of months ago. Julia flew down to help with our new grandson last weekend. I was supposed to fly down to join her today. I sprained my ankle at the gym last week though and I’m getting around ok, but I didn’t feel like hobbling around the airport. I’ll call Julia later and tell her the two of us can visit the kids again in a couple of months. I already cancelled my flight.

I’m watching Katie swim laps in the pool. She is our housekeeper Marilyn’s niece. Marilyn had surgery last month and asked if Katie could fill in while she re-cooperates. Katie is starting college next month also, as a freshman and could use the extra money. We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well the past few days. I got lonely at the pool since Julia’s been away, so I invited Katie to join me each day. She turned eighteen earlier this year and broke up with her boyfriend after graduation. She plans to major in physical therapy and gives a great massage. She’s done a great job with my ankle. And I have no doubt she wants me to fuck her. She hasn’t come right out and asked yet though, and that’s what I’m waiting for. She is on the shy side and her innocent flirtation is sweet. The bikini she’s wearing is nearly see-through. My board shorts are uncomfortably tight right now and I’m sure she’s well aware of her effect on me. I don’t chase pussy though. I’m sure as hell not chasing eighteen year old pussy. On the other hand, if it’s offered to me I’ll gladly accept.

Yeah, I know. What about my perfect marriage to Julia? I’ll admit I fucked around behind Julia’s back many times during our marriage. The first time was when my brother Tony, then eighteen, talked me into having a ménage a trois with his girlfriend and him. Julia and I had only been married a few years at the time. I got together with Gina and Tony several times that summer. A couple of years later, when I was helping Tony get his software business off the ground I traveled a lot. If I was out of town for a few days and a beautiful woman came on to me, more often than not she would end up in my bed. But like I said, I never pursued them. I just can’t resist when they come on to me. No man, married or not, can resist pussy when it’s offered to him if he thinks he can get away with it. I’m no exception. I was always very careful though. I didn’t want to hurt Julia. I admitted to Katie when we were talking yesterday that I’d cheated on Julia in the past, but I made it clear that Julia would never find out. If I’m considering fucking this girl she needs to know where I stand. Katie said she was going to school back east and would be leaving at the end of the month – I took that as an indication that she wouldn’t tell. I’m on thin ice here. Katie and I both skirted around the issue, but we’re laying the groundwork. I’m planning to fuck an eighteen year old girl. Julia would castrate me if she ever found out I cheated on her with this girl, in our house. She can never find out.

Katie gets out of the pool and walks over to me. She and Julia are both beautiful, but opposite in many ways. Julia is somewhat petite, her dark eyes, olive skin and thick, nearly black hair, a tribute to our Italian heritage. Katie’s fair complexion is lightly tanned, but she generously applies sunscreen to avoid burning. Her toned, shapely legs are a mile long. The kind men like to imagine wrapped around their hips. Her tits are a generous C, maybe a D and her nipples are visible. They’re so hard I’m surprised they don’t cut right through the thin material.

Katie settles into the lounger next to mine, face down, and asks me to put sunscreen on her back. This is how a lot of my one-night stands started out. The main reason I hung out at the hotel pool when I traveled was because I would undoubtedly take a beautiful woman up to my room to fuck. I still associate the smell of sunscreen with sex.

“How is your ankle today Mr. D?” Katie is untying her bikini top to prevent tan lines.

“Much better today, you have the magic touch. And remember, I said you can call me Nick when it’s just us.” My hand glides up and down her back.

“Sorry Nick, I forgot for a second. I think you have the magic touch too. Your hand feels really good on my back. I know Mrs. DeLuca takes really good care of you, so the least I can do is help with your ankle while she’s gone.”

“Thanks Katie. Julia and I spend nearly bonus veren siteler all of our free time together, so when she’s gone it’s strange for me to be in this huge house alone. Since I’m not working this week I’ve been alone a lot, except when you’re here.”

“Yeah, I’ve come to work early a couple of times and heard you & Mrs. D. together. She screamed your name several times.” Katie giggled. Our conversation is quickly progressing in the right direction.

I chuckled. “Julia and I generally start each day with a long, slow fuck, or sometimes a quick, hard fuck if we’re running late. I’m sorry you heard that.”

“Oh, I’m not sorry I heard it. I think it’s great that you give your wife so much pleasure. I wish Todd had done that for me. We might still be together. To tell you the truth Nick, I’m worried there might be something wrong with me. I’ve never had an orgasm. Todd and I dated nearly two years and it never happened for me. My girlfriends bragged about their guys and the amazing sex, but I had nothing to contribute to those discussions.”

“I’m sure you’re fine. A lot of eighteen year old boys have no idea how to pleasure a girl. They do what feels good for them, but don’t have the experience to make it good for their girl. Maybe when you start college you can date a guy a couple of years older and see what happens with that.”

“That was my thought exactly Nick. I need to be with someone older. I was thinking… it must be hard for you with Mrs. D. gone for a week. When you’re used to having sex daily I mean.”

We’re almost there Katie. Unfortunately though you have to come right out and ask. “I’ll admit, I’ve been jacking-off in the shower the past few mornings. Of course that’s nowhere near as good as sliding into a hot, wet pussy. But since Julia won’t be home for a few more days, I do what I have to.”

Katie rose up from the chair, giving me an unobstructed view of her lush breasts. They seem overly large for her slight frame, but I’m not complaining. Her hand reached over to stroke my dick straining against my shorts. Fuck yeah. “You don’t have to do that Nick. I mean, I don’t mind taking care of all of your needs while Mrs. D. is away. And maybe you can take care of mine too.” She took my hand that had been on her back and brought it to her pussy.

My finger traced the line of her pussy lips through the wet material. “Are you sure about this Katie? You’re only eighteen and I’m forty-eight.”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything. Besides, you don’t look forty-eight, you look much younger, and really sexy. Does it bother you that I’m eighteen? Do you not like the idea of fucking a tight, eighteen year old pussy? I really want you to fuck me Nick.”

That’s all I was waiting for. My finger slipped past the material of her bikini and delved into her slick folds. Fuck! Her cunt is soaked. Her juices quickly coated my finger. I traced her wet slit a couple of times before slipping my finger deep into her hot snatch. I groaned. So fucking tight. “Sweetheart, I can’t think of anything I’d like more than to ride your sweet little pussy. But we need to move this inside because I’m not fucking you by the pool.” I pull my finger out of her and raise my hand to my face inhaling deeply. The smell of sunscreen and pussy made my dick even harder. I’m afraid I’ll explode before I ever get inside this girl.

I leisurely followed behind Katie, getting a glimpse of the gentle sway of her lush breasts as she walked into the house. I’m limping slightly, but I think an afternoon in bed with my personal masseuse is just what the doctor ordered. “Katie, are any of the guest rooms available?” I could fuck her in my bed, but I don’t think that’s a good idea for many reasons.

“Yeah, Mrs. D. has us clean the rose room once a week in case you have unexpected guests. I was kind of hoping you would suggest that. I’d feel weird if you and I have sex on the bed you share with Mrs. D. I wouldn’t want you thinking of your wife while you’re with me.”

“Oh sweetheart, there’s no danger of that.”

Katie immediately took off her bikini bottoms as we entered the bedroom. She turned down the bed covers while I took my cellphone and laid it on the nightstand. I ripped off my shorts and threw them on the floor next to her bikini. Katie lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide, fully exposing her juicy pink cunt. “I’m so wet for you Nick. Come play with me.” Her fingers slipped between her legs.

I watched, mesmerized as she played with her pussy. “What happened to the shy girl that flirted with me the past few days?”

Her giggle was husky. “Now that she knows you want her, she isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. And she most definitely wants you.”

I get on the bed and settle between Katie’s legs. Her fingers are still working at her pussy. “Can you make yourself come like this sweetheart?”

“No… but I expect a certain handsome, sexy man can make my pussy bedava bahis purr.” Her voice sounds like pure sex when she’s horny. And she seems to know all the right buttons to push to make me want her. I can’t remember ever needing a woman this much.

“I think between the two of us we’ll make you come. Keep playing with your pussy. Do what feels good. I’ll make you feel good too. Use your fingers to spread yourself open for me, I want to see all of your sweetness.” I leaned down and ran my tongue up her slit. She tastes as good as she looks. I give Katie a thorough tongue lashing, leisurely exploring her soft folds. She moans as I lap at the juices flowing from her fresh, young cunt. “Finger yourself Katie. Push your finger in and fuck your pussy while I eat it.” I pushed her hand aside enough to flick my tongue over her clit. I catch her clit gently between my teeth and flick the tip of my tongue over the hard nub. My fingers tangle with hers and we each slip a finger deep inside her tight channel. My mouth is still working her sweet spot. My teeth let go of her clit and I suck hard, pulling the swollen nub deep into my mouth. I am obsessed with giving this girl her first orgasm. Her hips began to jerk. I pull our fingers out of her and replace them with my tongue. I tongue-fuck her little honey hole, and Katie bucks her hips, pushing her wet snatch in my face as she rides my tongue.

“Nick!! Oh, your tongue feels so good! Oh, I’m coming!! Nick!” Katie’s fingers thread through my hair, holding me to her while her body spasms. Just then, my cell phone goes off. Shit!! The ringtone is Julia’s. I should have called earlier to let her know whether or not I was coming down to join her. I reluctantly raise my head from between Katie’s legs.

“I need to get this sweetheart. I’ll keep it short. Don’t make a sound, ok?” I reach for the phone, hit the speaker button and toss it on the bed next to me. “Hey Hon, what’s up?” I bury my face in Katie’s pussy and quietly start eating her out again as I listen to my wife.

Julia spends the next few minutes giving me an update on our grandson Alex. I quietly lap at Katie’s sweet juices while she talks. Katie is calming down after her orgasm. I’m a little pissed off that Julia interrupted us. A girl’s first orgasm is a big deal and I wanted it to be memorable for her. Although I imagine she will remember my wife interrupting as I went down on her. My tongue continues its silent exploration, gently probing her soft folds. I bring her fingers to my mouth and suck them a few seconds, before pushing them into her pussy again. It’s hot watching this girl finger herself. My mouth locks onto her clit again and I nip it gently, causing her to jump. I look up at Katie as I soothe her with my tongue and she smiles at me. I smile back and realize suddenly that Julia is no longer speaking. Fuck. Guess I should be paying attention to my wife instead of my teenage lover.

“Sorry babe, I didn’t catch that.”

“I said, what time is your flight arriving this evening?”

“Oh, uh, listen Julia, I was thinking since my ankle is still kind of sore, maybe I’ll stay home this time and you and I can go down in a few months to see the kids, closer to the holidays.”

“That’s fine. I know I mentioned before that if you didn’t join me I’d probably come home this weekend. Kara and Brad both want me to stay an extra week though. I just wanted to make sure you would be all right on your own for another week.”

“Julia, honey I’m fine. I know it’s hard on you with Kara living so far away, so take your time and visit another week. I’ve been doing surprisingly well here on my own.” I go back to licking Katie’s pussy, I can’t seem to get enough. Her cunt is soaked again. I didn’t even realize the wet noises I made as I ate her out, but Julia heard me.

“Did I catch you in the middle of lunch Nick?”

Fuck! “Ah, yeah, I was just having a quick snack.”

“Nick, I just realized with Marilyn still out for a couple more weeks, you don’t have anyone there to prepare meals. No doubt you’ve eaten nothing but fast food since I left. Maybe I should make plans to come home this weekend.”

“Stay and enjoy your visit Julia. I’ve grilled out a couple of evenings and Katie made my snack today.”

“Katie? Oh, yeah, Marilyn’s young niece. She’s barely out of high school. You’re probably sitting there eating a bowl of ice cream. You need hot meals Nick, you can’t live on junk. We will have to hit the gym twice as hard when I get back.”

I chuckled. “Babe, you know there’s no ice cream in the freezer. You only buy healthy snacks. Actually Katie made me something hot, and it’s delicious. And I plan to work out after I finish eating.” My tongue slices through Katie’s wet folds, she is most definitely hot and delicious. I’ll be fucking her hard once I get Julia off the phone, that’s the best work out I can think of.

“Well Katie only comes to clean a few days a week. Maybe you can deneme bonus talk her into coming over to fix you something every day until I get back. We’ll have to make sure and give her a bonus for the extra time she puts in. Hey Nick, I need to get going. I hear the baby crying and Kara is taking a nap. I love you.”

“I love you too babe.” I check the phone to make sure the call ended and thrust my tongue into Katie one last time before raising up.

“Well you heard the lady. You need to come over daily and let me eat you. You take good care of me for the next week and you’ll get a nice bonus for your hard work.”

“Nick, that was so hot, you talking to your wife, telling her you love her while you licked my pussy. I want you to eat me every day. I’ll take really good care of you while Mrs. D. is away, I promise. Please Nick, I need your cock, I’m aching.”

“I do love my wife Katie, you and I having a little fun doesn’t change that. I’m glad Julia will be gone another week though, it will take at least that long to get my fill of you.” I reach for my dick, run it down her wet slit and push into her tight cunt. “Are you sure you’re not a virgin sweetheart?” I only give her a couple of inches and pull out. Next thrust I give her a couple more inches, I obviously can’t slam into her. It takes several thrusts before I’m balls deep in Katie’s hot little pussy. “You ok baby?”

Katie smiles up at me. “Kind of feels like you split me in half. Todd was nowhere as big as you. I like it though. I like having you inside me. Do you like being inside my eighteen year old pussy Nick?”

“I love your tight teenage cunt. I love that I’m the first real man to fuck it. You won’t go back to teenage boys after this, they can’t satisfy you. Squeeze me baby, show me how much you like my dick inside you.” I look down and watch my dick sliding in and out of her pretty pink pussy, glistening with her sweet juices. I settle into a slow, steady rhythm, her hips arch into mine with each thrust. Her breasts jiggle as I plow her. Fuck she’s hot. I reach down and flick my finger over her clit and she gasps. Within a few seconds I feel her start to spasm around my dick. Her little clit is so sensitive I knew it wouldn’t take much effort to make her come again. No orgasm before, my ass. Either her boyfriend was totally clueless or she lied to make me feel good. It worked though, I do feel good.

I keep thrusting as Katie’s cunt spasms around me, I’m not gonna last – I knew this first time would be short and sweet. “I’m gonna come baby doll. Should I pull out?” Fuck, I don’t want to pull out. I want to spill deep inside this girl.

Katie’s legs lock tight around my hips. “No, I want you to come inside me Nick. I’m on the pill so we’re ok. Please.”

I don’t think Katie wants to have my baby, so I’m taking her word for it. I thrust deep and my body shudders. I shoot my load into her womb, my dick moves in and out mixing her juices and mine in her sopping wet channel. Her muscles continue to squeeze my dick, milking every drop of cum out of me. I thrust a few more times, enjoying the wet ride, before pulling out.

I roll onto my back, pulling Katie on top of me. Her delicate hands are all over me, stroking my chest, gliding up and down my arms. “I love your muscles Nick. The first time I saw you I wanted to touch them, see if they’re as hard as they look. And they are. I was so jealous of your wife, that all of this belonged to her. I can’t believe I finally got a chance to fuck you. I’ve been dreaming of you every night for the past month.”

I stiffen at her words. “Ah, Katie you know we’re just having some fun while Julia is away right? I love my wife very much and I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Of course Nick. Mrs. D. is great. I would never tell her that you and I had sex while she was away. But I’m hoping this isn’t a one-time thing. I mean, she did just say on the phone that she wouldn’t be home for another week. That leaves us a lot of time to play doesn’t it?” Katie’s teeth graze my left nipple, then she soothes it with her soft tongue.

“Mmmm, that it does.” I’m enjoying the attention she’s giving me. “Would you want to sleep here in the guest room until Julia comes home? Since I’m off work the next week we would spend a lot of time together. Who knows what we will get into.” My right hand glides over her ass and slips down between her legs. I casually play with her soft, slick folds while we talk. She feels so fucking good. “What do you think Katie? Wanna play house with me for a week?”

“My folks are out of town, so yeah, I’d love to stay here with you until Mrs. D. gets back.” Katie grinds against my teasing fingers. “Make me come again Nick.” Fuck. I push two fingers into her and prepared for round two with my eighteen year old lover.


Katie spent the rest of the week with me and we basically fucked like rabbits day and night. Julia is due back tomorrow and this is our last day together. I was careful to only fuck Katie in the guest room and I told her to clean it thoroughly before I left this morning. The room reeked of sex. Makes me horny as hell when I walk in and smell our cum, but it needs to be disinfected before Julia gets home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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