Don’t tell Daddy

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(This is not a true story but Katie is based on a real acquaintance of mine. No one is under age in this story, in real life nor are they really related. This is a first attempt at writing. Feedback is appreciated, be kind please and thank you)


Scott Smith was 45, married and a good friend (some would say best friend) of Mike Wilson several years his senior at 53. Mike’s daughter Katie was now a college senior, 22 and every bit of her 5’5″ frame as tight as one would imagine a girl who had been active her entire life. Whether it was dance, softball, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, hiking, kayaking or just running she had excelled at anything athletic. She grew up with Scott attending all of her activities and thus she referred to him as Uncle Scott even though they were in no way related. So when Katie answered the door with a huge smile beaming up at him it was no surprise that she greeted him with a very excited “Uncle Scott!”

Scott Smith, never one to be considered shy or lacking for something witty to contribute to a conversation found himself at a loss for words. “Heyyya Katie Kat” he managed to slur eventually after awkwardly gawking at his would be niece. Her dark hair and big brown eyes always being able to pull on his heartstrings from day one. Anything that Katie Kat wanted from Uncle Scott, all she had to do was ask and she knew it. Katie had greeted him in her work uniform though. She was working at the new local breastaurant and Scott was forbidden from going (by his wife Ashley and his buddy Mike) and now he knew why. The uniform consisted of a very short plaid skirt, a tight low cut and cropped white button down (which despite her small breasts, was struggling to contain them) and topped (or bottomed depending on your perspective) off with a pair of white thigh high stockings.

“Ummm, is your dad home?” He asked, hoping for a reprieve. Her face scrunches into a confused look, mainly at his awkwardness followed by the realization that she was still in her uniform.

“No, I haven’t seen him” she replied and abruptly turned away from the door leaving him to follow her.

He immediately sees that following her may not be a great idea because her ass cheeks are alternately peaking out from under the hem of the skirt with each stride. Katie for her part is oblivious to the torment she is inflicting on Uncle Scott at the moment, her head down focused on the small screen in her hand as she’s texting her father to find out where he and her mother are this evening.

As they reach the living room she stops suddenly which causes Scott to almost crash into her. If he hadn’t been paying so close attention to her (more specifically her ass), that’s exactly what would have happened.

“Hmph” She almost sighs. “They went to grandma’s.” She begins texting again. “I wanted to go.” She says almost silently in a pouty voice to herself. When she looks up she notices that Scott’s eyes are still trying to get a glimpse of her ass. “Perv!” He hears, followed by giggling which pulls him out of his current state of semi-consciousness.

“Oh shit Katie, I’m sorry.” He stammers.”I’ve just never seen you in your uniform. I’m still surprised casino siteleri Mike signed off on this.” He states which almost causes his sweet little Katie Kat to sneer.

“Ummm, I’m an adult and daddy’s not paying for school anymore so he really had no say.” She plops down on the sofa and turns her attention to the TV. “Did you want something?” She asks more than a little irritated by the judgement Scott had unintentionally passed off.

“Oh yeah” staring at her legs he manages to say “drill” pausing awkwardly, which causes her to look up at him, noticing the bulge in his jeans for the first time. An evil grin crosses her lips. “I need to drill, to borrow a drill.” He finally pieces together in an almost sentence. She laughs to herself at his obvious struggle with concentration and the confused look on his face as he struggles with the thoughts running through his mind about this “girl” he’s known since she was what five years old and he started working with her father. Still pissed about the earlier comment she decides to have a little bit of fun at Uncle Scott’s expense.

“I’ll help you find it.” She offers. Jumping up and grabbing his hand leading him into the garage. “Maybe it’s down here?” She pulls the bottom drawer open on the big tool chest. Doing so she bends at the waist which causes the skirt to ride up her ass revealing a thin white piece of fabric diving between her ass cheeks. Lingering she parts her legs which shows the origin of the fabric covering her mound, which to her own surprise is getting a little wet because of her naughtiness. “I don’t think it’s in here?” He heard a voice say as he stares at Katie’s bare ass and barely covered pussy. “Can you see it?” She asks.

“Ummm, no but I think that’s where he keeps it.” He says unconvincingly as he hopes that she keeps looking. Also, noticing that his cock is straining under his jeans he tries to adjust himself without her noticing. He’s busted though as she stands and turns, smiling and giggling at him as he unsuccessfully tries to tuck his cock in under his belt without her noticing.

“Trouble?” She taunts him with an arched brow and the evil grin. “Is that because of me? Your little Katie Kat?” She asks.

Scott seeing no way out fesses up rather than trying to lie his way out of it. “Yeah but I mean look at you for fuck sake, your like sex on a stick and Ashley hasn’t had sex with me in like four months. So yeah, this is because of you. I’m sorry, just don’t tell your dad, please.”

The revelation about Scott and Ashley’s relationship was unexpected and instantly changed Katie’s demeanor from one of a little bit angry to one of compassion. “I’m sorry for teasing you Uncle Scott, that was kind of mean.” Her lips crack into a half grin. “I had no idea that you two were having issues. The drill is over there.” She points to the charging base on the shelf where Scott knew that it would be before the search began.

He retrieved the drill as Katie returned to the house where he finds her sitting on the sofa again, seemingly lost in thought. “Thanks Katie.” Scott says as he starts towards the front door.

“Scott.” She calls causing him to turn and güvenilir casino face her. She’s standing now and moving towards him. Pulling the drill from his hands and setting it on a nearby table “Don’t go yet.” She says pulling him by the hand again to the sofa. Pushing him down she says “Maybe I can help?” Her hands move to the buttons on her top slowly loosening each as he watches in disbelief.

“Katie, I don’t think that you should, we should.”

She cuts him off. “Who said anything about we?” She giggles breaking the tension. “I’m just going to give you a little bit of a show. You do what you want, just don’t get any ideas that I’m going to fuck you.” She winks, actually thinking that she won’t. Maybe a blow job, depending on his cock she thinks to herself.

“That’s good” he responds, “I’m not a charity.” He lies. The thoughts of fucking this young tight body in front of him are consuming him. Her shirt open and sliding down her arms reveals her white lace bra, which has been working so hard to push up her 32b’s.

“Hang on!” She says suddenly which startles him. She grabs her phone and looks for a minute before the speaker on the bar comes to life with an old 80’s metal tune which sets the mood for Katie to begin grinding her hips a little. “You know that I love you Uncle Scott, I wouldn’t strip for any of daddy’s other friends.” She winks. “Well maybe Johnny?” She almost snorts with laughter at Scott’s expense. “I’m teasing.” She watches Scott as he watches her uncomfortably. “Well?” She finally says. “I’m not going any further unless you’re going to get a little relief.” She says as she eyes his again obvious bulge.

“Whoa, Katie. I thought maybe you just wanted me to put this in the spank bank?” He replies. “Are you serious?” He asks.

Katie stands staring at him arms folded across her chest while the song ends and the next one along the same genre starts up. She finally stalks towards him from his lack of movement. “Seriously, try to help a guy out.” She says as she pulls his belt loose.

“Katie, I don’t really” He gets out before she leans in and kisses him hard on the mouth, her tongue pushing into his mouth which shuts him up and she suddenly feels his hands on her bare skin caressing her back.

Oh shit she thinks to herself, he can kiss. Pulling away a little breathless she looks at him. “Sorry, I uh just wanted to get you to stop arguing.” The look on her face betrays her mixed feelings about the kiss as she backs away and says “take it out.”

She struts away a few steps with her back to him he fumbles to pull his hard cock out of his jeans. Throbbing at 8 inches and standing straight up he begins to slowly stroke himself while watching Katie unzip her skirt and shimmy out of it, wiggling her ass for effect. The thong which had already been displayed briefly now the only thing preventing him from seeing Katie’s pussy as she spreads her legs wide and bends over again.

“Fuuuuck.” She hears him moan at the view. She finds herself smiling and trembling now, not as confident she can continue to remain detached as she was when she began this ill thought out plan. When she turns to face Scott her canlı casino mouth literally falls open at the sight of his cock. She stumbles a little but regains her footing quickly.

“Damn! It’s sooo thick Uncle Scott.” She says which gets a smile from him finally and his nerves seem to melt away now he’s just lusting and nothing more.

“Show me your tits.” He confidently orders.

Katie her hands trembling move between her small breasts as she unclasps her bra slipping it off while the two of them stare at one another. This voyeuristic act is about to take a quick and dramatic turn. Katie moves forward after discarding her bra and kneels in front of him. Scott looking down approvingly she doesn’t say anything but reaches out slowly replacing Scott’s hand around his cock with hers. Her fingers not able to close around the shaft as she watches her hand begin to slide up and down the smooth skin of his hard cock. Her big brown eyes gleaming up at him, the evil grin back on her face she leans forward and he watches as her tongue reaches out and teases the rubbery head.

“Don’t tell Daddy.” She says with a wink before engulfing the tip with her mouth.

Scott watches in disbelief as Katie’s head begins to bob up and down on his throbbing dick. “Fuuuuck yessss.” He moans as she gags on the girth, not able to get all of him into her mouth but still sucking his dick for all she was worth. After several minutes of sheer ecstasy Scott feels the urge in his balls and begins to moan and squirm against her causing her to stop.

“Not yet Uncle Scott, I need you to fuck me.” She says with a yearning in those big brown eyes and as has always been the case, what Katie wants Katie gets.

Scott quickly strips and watches Katie as she slides her thong off. She lays back on the sofa spreading her legs and waits as Scott moves between her legs. Her hand reaching between them guiding the tip of his monster to her bare pussy.

“Easy” is all she says as he begins to push into her. “Fuck that’s big.” He hears her exclaim as he feels her stocking clad legs wrap around his. He fucks her slowly at first until she finally says “I’m okay Uncle Scott, you’re not going to break me.” It was all he needed to hear and he begins to fuck her wildly as Katie’s nails dig into his back. “Oh, fuck me!” She screams as he continues to pound the tightest pussy he’s had since his wedding night over 10 years ago.

He fights the urge to cum hoping that this moment never ends. Successfully slowing and edging a few times before finally succumbing to the ecstasy of the moment, eight minutes after they started. When Katie feels Scott’s cock begin to contract inside of her releasing his cum deep into her pussy it triggers her own orgasm and Scott feels her pussy squeezing his cock like a custom made vice grip. He collapses on top of her sweaty and breathless as they ride out their orgasms grinding against one another.

After a few minutes and almost drifting off in the after effects of cumming Scott jumps up in a panic. “I’m late!” He almost falls in his efforts to get off of Katie and gather his clothes. Katie watches him slightly amused from the sofa.

“Don’t worry Uncle Scott. I’ll text Ashley and give you a good alibi.” He looks at her as the panic fades from his face.

“Well don’t tell Ashley either.” They both begin to laugh as he drinks in the moment looking at her tight young body, hoping he’ll see it again. Soon!

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