Enchanting, Part 2

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“Details about Denise, Chad. NOW.”

“Y’all really want to know?” I said.

“Hell yeah, my dude. Denise? How’d you get that?” My classmate Darryl said.

“Well… I’ll tell you…” I started.

I met Denise a couple of years ago in algebra class. She caught my eye. She was a gorgeous chocolate skinned girl who was also a dancer. I learned very quickly there was more than what meets the eye regarding her.

I was a certified horndog back then. I was sixteen. She was sixteen. She had buxom breasts and a great ass that made guys drool. One day in algebra class, I happened to sit by her. She had on a short skirt that day. However, what I really noticed was her face. She had a look on her face that I could not believe. I instantly got erect. She was fondling herself under her skirt, biting her thick, near-perfect bottom lip. I tried my damnedest not to look. But to no avail, we locked eyes for a second.

I looked away. She knew I was looking. After class, I was packing up my stuff. Denise gently touched my shoulder.

“Hey,” She said.


“I couldn’t help it, but… I saw you looking, and…” She said.

“Well…” I replied. “You were…”

Denise then bit her lip again and said… “Yeah… You know what, what’s your name?”

“Chad Dupree.”

“Nice to meet you, Chad Dupree,” She said.

I got interrupted in the middle of my story.

“Uh, I call bullshit again,” Kendra said. “But masturbating? In class?”

“Um, Kendra? I know this sounds far fetched as hell, but shhh,” I said, shushing her.


“So when did you fuck her?” One classmate said.

“And what was she like, dude?” Darryl said.

Kendra rolled her eyes.

“All right, before I was rudely interrupted… I do have evidence, Kendra. Let me get that out the way. Now back to the story…”


Two years later, we are now seniors. Denise and myself are friends escort bayan for the most part. One day, Denise came up to me during our lunch period recently saying, “Hello, Chad.”

“Yes, Denise? What’s up?”

“I have a business proposition for you.”

I looked her up and down her curvaceous body. I tilted my head and said back…

“What’s in it for me?”

“Wanna see?” Denise asked.

Denise was standing up while I was still sitting down at the lunch table. She bent over. She was wearing a low cut top, showing her ebony cleavage quite generously. I was almost staring, getting an erection.

“Before I ask… How old are you?”

“I’m eighteen. My birthday just passed,” I said.

“Good. Me too,” She said. “I want you to film me.”

“Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. As in…” I asked.

“Yes. My boyfriend cheated on me with some ho. She’s not even that cute. So…”

“You want revenge, huh?” I asked, thinking for a few moments. A smile formed on my face. “I’m down.”

That evening, after school, we actually went to Denise’s place of residence.

“Ok, how are we going to do this?” I said. “Any special scenes?”

“Oh, I got something special…” Denise said.

I turned the camera on and got familiar with its controls.

“Oh, this is nice. This is real nice,” I said, walking around, talking about the camera, testing out the zoom and other controls, when all of a sudden I turned around and saw Denise’s naked body. “Holy shit.”

“Is it on?” She asked.


“Start recording,” She commanded. I did so.

“Come here.”

I came closer.

“This is for my ex. Fuck you. And to all the boys looking at me, undressing me with their eyes… Including the one holding the camera… You like what you see? Well, I like what I see,” She said. She felt my rock hard erection. She turned around and shook her bubble butt on my pelvic region.

The camera was kocaeli escort bayan on her ass. I got a peek at her slightly hairy treasure as she looked back at it, biting her lip as she did so. That turned me on more. She turned around, saying to me (and the camera), “You like it? Mmm, slap my ass. Slap it.”

That’s when I realized exactly what she was doing. I caressed it, then slapped it firmly.

“Ugh. Again.”

I slapped her chocolate ass again, her moans more audible at this point.

“You want this pussy? I can tell you want this juicy ass pussy,” She said as she wet her fingers to fondle her treasure.

She turned around. She sat on her bed. She began to open her pretty ebony legs. I panned the camera out to find the perfect angle of her fondling herself.

I found it finally, when Denise said… “Come here.”

I came to her. She felt my raging erection. I felt her nipples get progressively harder as I groped her breasts. I felt her soft skin as my hands drifted lower.

“Take them off,” She said.

I unbuckled my jeans, showing my boxer briefs. She gently jerked me off through my boxer briefs.

“Ooh, so big,” She said. “Finger fuck me,” She said softly. I dropped my underwear and put my fingers in her beautiful mouth to suck. Her plump glossed lips acted as lubricant, as I fondled her already damp hidden treasure. I still had the camera on her, as her lips wrapped around my erection. She went slowly at first, then she went quicker as I pleased her. Moans became intermittent and muffled.

“Yeah, you like it when I suck your dick, huh? You like it when I get nasty?” She said, spitting a long trail of saliva on it. “I bet my ex misses this shit, don’t you? You miss this nasty ass head. Haha. Mmm. Ugh. Ugh. Mmm. Oh my God, I needed this from my ex. Mmm, yes…” She said.

She tasted herself multiple times. I loved watching it. We matched eyes as we were kocaeli escort pleasuring each other. She had pretty grey eyes. That’s when I realized… I just discovered a voyeur.

“You’re about to cum, baby? You’re cumming?” She said to the camera. “Cum on my tits, baby. Where he used to do it. Cum on these big titties.”

I jerked off silently, which is very hard to do, by the way. And shot my seed all over her chest and partially on her face. She tasted said seed, and said this as a parting quote on the video:

“To my ex: fuck you. To all the others… Fuck me.”


I got interrupted again.

“DAMN!” A number of male classmates said.

“That’s savage,” Darryl said.

“Yeah, it is,” I said. “Almost done. You wanna know what she said to me after the encounter?”

“No,” Kendra said.

“Yes,” Darryl said, looking at her, annoying her in the process.




“Yeah, Chad?” Denise said while getting herself together like nothing happened.

“Why a sex tape? Why? Why?”

“Well, I was so angry at the time. The emotions… You know the phrase ‘Hell Hath No Fury’, right?” Denise said.

“Yeah, but sucking my dick on video? Now, I fear for my wellbeing.”

“You liked it, did you? And don’t worry, I’m single. I don’t belong to anyone.”

“True. And yes, very much so, I did enjoy it,” I said. She smiled.

“Me too.”

“And about that thing that was owed to me…” I started.

Denise giggled.


I unzipped my backpack, and I delicately pulled them out, showing them off. It was Denise’s cum-filled thong.

“Damn!” A number of males said.

“I know,” I said, smiling to myself. And remembered the last thing she said to me as she handed her underwear to me.

“Chad Dupree, this will be a symbol of our dirty little secret, ok? Remember me. Don’t you dare forget about me.”

I nodded, as she kissed me on the cheek. I left soon after that. To this day, myself and Denise are the only ones who have seen the sex tape. Now, Denise is pregnant with a baby boy. I wonder who the father is…

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