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I am a new member of the XNXX forums. I have been frequenting the web site for a while now enjoying the video uploads! I figured there would not be any better way to introduce myself other than by posting a story for your enjoyment. Read it and any suggestions for my situation will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

Let me start off by saying this is a true story that I have personally experienced. Everything here is true and nothing has been made up except for changing the names of everyone involved for privacy reasons. This story contains every man’s dream as well as every man’s nightmare. I hope you enjoy!

Let me also start off by telling a little bit about myself. I am in my mid 30’s and have been a police officer since I was 21 years old. (Yes, cops are just as sexual as the rest of you on here) I best describe myself as being medium in looks. I have had several sexual adventures as a result of my job however this story has little to do with my employment status.

Chapter 1—– The idea

It all started one day while my wife and I were sitting on the couch bored in front of the tv. We had been married for about 5 years at the time of this story in 2009. Our sex life started off like many new couples with us fucking like rabbits on almost a daily basis and multiple times a day at that. Eventually the sexual sparks started to fade away and we were fucking only a couple times a month if I was really lucky but not because I didn’t try. Anyhow it was a spring day in April and while watching tv we began a conversation about sex and sexual fantasies. My wife asked me what kind of sexual fantasies did I have and it really didn’t take too much thought to spit out a few answers to her question. Like most men my response was a threesome with two women and also to see her get fucked by another guy. You see, my wife grew up a little wild and she had little adult supervision as a teenager. Her parents divorced and she bounced between the two off and on for a few years and actually lived on her own when she turned 15. Over the past few years she had told me about her wild sexual side as a teenager and even experimentation with drugs. I knew she had been involved in threesomes and foursomes before through our conversations about her wild times growing up. I would always get a hard on when she would tell me about how wild she was back then but I never had the nerve to tell her that stuff made my dick hard when she would talk about it. So anyhow, we laughed about my fantasies and the conversation faded away. I figured that conversation would just be a memory and we would go on living our lives like it had been for quite some time now.
I was working Monday through Friday as a detective assigned to the violent crimes unit when this happened. I came home from work the following Thursday after having the sexual fantasy discussion with my wife. I went through my normal routine of parking my car and walking up the hill on our driveway to the house. My wife always meets me at the door and we smoke before I go inside. We have kids and we have never smoked in the house around them. Anyhow as I was standing there smoking my wife had this shit eating grin on her face and I knew she was up to something so I came out and asked her what she was grinning like an opossum about. My wife said “I talked to Sara and she said she will do it”. Well when she said that I had absolutely no clue what the hell she was talking about. Sara is my wifes best friend since middle school. She is a little shorter than my wife at about 5’5 and weighs about 110 pounds at best. Sara has a nice tight body with C cup tits and dyed blonde hair. My wife is about 5’10 and is a little heavy but her weight suits her really well. She has DD tits and the finest ass ever but she is no way “fat”. So anyhow I said Sara said she will do what with a puzzled look on my face. “Have a threesome with us” my wife replied back still with that shit eating grin on her face. At this point my mind is totally blown away and I asked her if she was fucking around with me. “No i’m not fucking with you” she said…. “Sara and I have had threesomes before and she will do anything I ask her to do and I told her what your fantasy was and she agreed to to it”. At this point i’m totally blown away that my wife would even ask her that much less even consider doing it. I stood there with my head spinning for God only knows how long and I finally asked her when and how. My wife told me we could do it this weekend and she had already arranged for the kids to spend the night with their grandmother. At this point I had a grin from ear to ear and all I could think about was fucking two good looking women at the same time, especially Sara. I have always found Sara attractive and I have jacked off many times thinking about having sex with her.
I went to work the next morning and had a difficult time even thinking about my cases. I pretty much had a hard on the entire day and I was so eager for 5pm to come around so I could get home and live out every man’s dream. 3pm came around and I couldn’t take it any longer so I took off from work a couple hours early so I could get home and shower and jack my dick at least once. The last thing I wanted to do was shoot my load of cum as soon as we started to fuck so I knew draining my cock before hand would prolong my fucking when we got started. I got home and was greeted by my wife Lynn. She asked why I was home early and I told her I was too excited to stay at work, I was ready to get my groove on. She laughed and we went on inside. Sara was not there yet and she actually didn’t get off work until 5pm herself.

Chapter 2—- making it happen

After taking a shower I put on some good smelling cologne and even after jacking off in the shower my dick was still as hard as a rock. Finally Sara arrived and Lynn and I met her outside to smoke. The three of us were standing outside having small talk and I was like “lets get this show on the road”. Lynn said she didn’t think she was ready yet and they needed to do something to break the tension. Sara said “yea, we need to hit the liquor store”. I don’t drink much at all and when I do its only once or twice a year and I always have the watered down wine coolers. At that point all I wanted to do was fuck these two women so I would have agreed to just about anything to make it happen. We got into the car and drove to the local ABC store. I didn’t want to go in because my dick was so hard so I just sat in the car while they went in to pick out something. They came back out a little while later with a big ass bottle of strawberry vodka. I was like holy fuck we can’t drink all that shit and laughed. I was pretty quiet on the way back to the house and mainly listened to Lynn and Sara laugh and cut up. When we arrived back home we went inside and got ready to drink it up a little before the play started. I poured half a glass of the vodka and my wife and Sara started to laugh at me. Lynn said you better add some pepsi to that or its going to burn the shit out of your throat when you drink it. So I finished filling the cup up with pepsi and took a sip. It was strong as hell and I could literally feel the fumes rising up in front of my eye balls and I swallowed it. After a few sips it got easier for me and before I knew it I had emptied the glass. Like I said earlier, I’m not a big drinker so the alcohol had already made me feel a little tipsy. I don’t know how much Lynn and Sara had but when I finished my glass I suggested we go into the bedroom and get the show on the road. They were pretty tipsy also and this time they were game as we made our way to the bedroom. Both were wearing t-shirts and jeans and they both looked fine as hell. My heart was pumping 100 miles per hour with the thoughts of what was about to happen. Before I knew it both Lynn and Sara were taking off their shirts leaving their bare bra’s exposed. Lynn said to me “this is your fantasy so you are directing this show”. I probably got out of my clothes faster than I had ever in my life and was standing there naked with my dick standing at full attention. I said yall get naked. Lynn reached over behind Sara and started to unfasten her bra straps and a second later I was standing there looking at Sara’s beautiful C sized tits for the first time. Sara did the same thing and took off Lynn’s bra exposing her beautiful DD tits that I loved. At that time Lynn and Sara both undid their pants and pulled them down. As I stood there all I could do was to focus on Sara’s panties and think about what her pussy looked like. Was it hairy or was it shaven. Before I could finish thinking about her pussy she reached her hands around the tight waist band and lowered them exposing her clean smooth shaven pussy. My wife Lynn followed behind her removing her panties. Here I am standing in my bedroom with my wife and her best friend completely naked. Lynn asked me what I wanted to do and I said I want to fuck. Lynn then said, don’t you have any woman on woman fantasy? Before I could answer Lynn told Sara to put on a good show for me and they started to wrap their arms around each other and started kissing each other. I sat down on the bed not knowing what I was about to get myself into. They both followed sitting down on the bed while they continued to kiss. I reached my hand over and took hold of Sara’s left tit into my hand and started to run and squeeze it. I ran my fingers around her nipple and pinched it gently to get a good feel for it. Her tits were firm and perky and I wanted her nipple in my mouth so bad I couldn’t stand it. The women stopped kissing and I took my wife and had her lay down onto her back.
Call me stupid but I wanted to show my wife some attention first as I didn’t want to upset her. I moved down between her legs and took my tongue and started to lick her pussy. She was already wet as hell and the taste of her pussy juices made me that much harder. I started to go to town licking and sucking on her clit and Sara told me to turn on my side a little. I did as she asked and continued to eat out my wifes pussy as Sara made her way down to my cock and started to give me a blow job. Lynn has a bad gag reflex and hates giving blow jobs so this was something I was not used to receiving. Sara started working my dick in and out of her mouth and to my surprise she was going all the way to the back of her throat with my cock. I thought, wow she don’t gag. Here I was eating out my wifes pussy while her best friend was sucking my cock. A man’s dream! It didn’t take my wife much time at all to have an orgasm and when she completed getting off I pulled Sara off my cock and had her lay down beside Lynn. I went down closer to inspect Sara’s slick pussy and quickly started to lick and suck her clit. I took my tongue and stuck it as far into her pussy as it would reach and for some reason her pussy was a lot warmer than my wifes. I ate her pussy out for about 5 minutes listening to her moan and grown and then I remembered my wife was still there too. Fuck I thought in my mind, I am going to have to make sure I don’t show Sara more attention than Lynn or ill be up shit creek probably. At that point I moved back over to my wife and took my cock and positioned it near her pussy. I really expected to cum as soon as I stuck my cock into her but I guess the alcohol was having a little effect on my dick or the fact I was nervous as hell was prolonging the process. I fucked my wifes pussy not too fast but slow enough to not bust a nut. After a few minutes I jumped from her and went over to Sara and spread her legs. I laid down on top of her and guided my dick into her pussy. Holy fuck I thought as I entered her. Her pussy was tight as hell, the tightest I had ever had before and strangly it was HOT. Sara’s pussy had to be 10 degrees hotter than any pussy I had ever stuck my cock into. As I moved my hard cock in and out of her pussy I looked into her eyes and as she smiled to took my mouth down and met hers and started to french kiss her passionately. After kissing I took my kocaeli escort bayan mouth down and took one of her beautiful titties into my mouth and started to suck. I could feel her pussy getting tighter and she started to moan softly but gradually started to increase until bam bam bam, I could feel her pussy walls jerking like a mans dick exploding with cum. I was feeling pretty damn good, here I was with two women and I had already made both of them cum and I hadn’t even busted a net yet. When Sara finished having her orgasm I moved back over to my wife Lynn and told her to turn around so I could fuck her doggy style. I stuck my cock into my wife’s pussy from behind and started to pound away. At that point I didn’t care about holding off any longer, I was ready to bust my cum through my cock. I fucked my wife doggy style for about 15 minutes and still had not cum so I told Sara to turn around and get ready. As she got into position I moved over and once again my dick was fucking Sara’s hot tight pussy. I fucked away at her pussy until I started to feel my cum start to move up the shaft of my cock. I told Sara I was getting ready to cum and she told me to pull it out before I shot off. Damn I wanted to shoot my cum into her pussy but I had to do as she said so right as I started to cum I pulled my dick out and jacked it while I shot cum all over her back. Damn that shit was good and I had to be grinning from ear to ear. Both suggested we go smoke and I agreed! I was tired from all the hard work I had put into pleasing these two beautiful women! We got up off the bed and got dressed so we could go outside to smoke. I always take a piss after I cum so I don’t have left overs leaking out my cock into my underwear. As I went into the bathroom to piss I got a real sick feeling from the liquor and before I knew it I was puking my guts out in the toilet. Sara and Lynn both laughed their asses off at me while I was throwing my guts up. What a fucking way to end my lifelong dream! So after I got done puking I poured some soda to get the nasty taste out of my mouth and I joined the two outside on the front porch to smoke. We had some small talk and they asked me if I was happy now. I responded heck yea, and I was ready for round two. My wife laughed and said maybe Sara doesn’t want a round two. Sara giggled and said she was game since it had been over a year since she had gotten any!!! We finished smoking and then it was back into the bedroom for round two. Everything went pretty much the same way the second time, I was worried about giving one more attention than the other and so forth. There wasn’t any oral sex this time, just pure straight fucking alternating between the two women until I busted my second nut, this one inside my wifes wonderful pussy! After that we called it a night, Sara crashed on the couch while my wife and I were in our bed. I thanked my wife for the wonderful time and gave her a kiss and we both were out cold.

Chapter 3——- The next day

We woke up about 10 A.M. the next morning. Sara was already up and she left to go home not too much later after that. Lynn and I really didn’t talk much about the previous night however I could tell she wasn’t the same….. like something was on her mind. I really didn’t want to come out and ask because I figured I would hear it soon enough. The day went by pretty slow and I finally just went ahead and asked her what the problem was. Before she could give an answer I went ahead and told her that both of us seemed to have a pretty good time last night and I didn’t see where she had a problem with anything then. Well long story short, she wasn’t pissed that I ate out her best friends pussy, she wasn’t pissed that I stuck my dick inside her hot friends tight wet hot pussy, she was upset because I fucking KISSED her friend. Fuck, what the hell was wrong with that picture!!!!! Anyhow after a few days she was fine with it however she made her point clear that kissing was “intimate” and was just supposed to be between the two of us. I was fine with that!
The following Monday it was back to work. Lynn had given me permission to tell one person about our adventure and that one person only. I saw Jim early that day and I had him meet with me outside. I told Jim he was not going to believe what I was getting ready to tell him and I preceded to explain in detail my threesome experience. He sorta didn’t believe me and thought I was telling a lie. I told him it was no lie and he could call Lynn and ask her if he wanted to because she was fine with him knowing. Let me briefly give a little background on Jim….. he is married and has always had the hots for Sara and has told me many times how he would love to fuck her. His marriage has been pretty dull with a wife who absolutely hates anything to do with sex period. I have always felt sorry for him. Anyhow he called Lynn and she confirmed everything I had told him and after he hung up he was in shock. He made a comment about how lucky I was and how he wished he could fuck Sara. Well at that point the wheels started to spin in my head and I said to him well maybe you can. In the back of my mind I was thinking about my other fantasy of watching another man fuck my wife and I saw this as an opportunity to maybe make that happen also. I told Jim I could probably help him get laid by Sara and asked if he would be interested in doing a swap and fuck my wife and me Sara afterwards. He thought about it for a minute and said he would do that as long as I didn’t get pissed off at him if he fucked Lynn. I said Dude im giving you permission because I want to fuck Sara again and this may be the way for both of us to get what we want.

Chapter 4——- Planned Orgy

I went home that afternoon and spoke with Lynn about my conversation with Jim. She got that shit eating grin on her face again and I knew it was a done deal. Lynn spoke with Sara and she was all game for it. My wife started saying how she wanted to do the “Lynn Train”. I asked what the heck was a “Lynn train” and she explained it as 4 people having an orgy, one woman getting fucked from behind doggy style while she sucked the others guys dick and the other girl sat on the guys face getting his dick sucked and gets her pussy eat out. Dame this was some hot sounding shit and I was all game for that. The weekend came and Jim had made up some excuse to get out of the house and come over. Sara and Lynn were all excited and I was too. I was finally going to get to see my wife get fucked by another mans dick while I got to fuck her best friend again. This time we didn’t hit any liquor bottle but we did have some wine coolers before we got started. Since there was four of us we didn’t go into the bedroom, we used the living room. After some small talk we all ended up naked. Jim started fucking Sara and I started fucking Lynn. Both women were absolutely beautiful and I actually didn’t have a problem with another naked man in the same room as I was in. As I fucked Lynn and Jim fucked Sara we sortta turned the fuck fest into a competition to see who could fuck the longest without shooting our load. Needless to say after having a few of those wine coolers I won the contest hands down. I fucked Lynn on top and doggy style while watching Jim fuck the shit out of Sara. They pretty much did the same thing, changing positions around every few minutes to prolong our orgasims. After Jim shot his load of cum inside Sara I finished and shot my load into Lynn. Everyone seemed ready for a smoke break so outside we went. When we returned to the living room I was ready for the Lynn train. I sat down with Sara and Jim sat with Lynn. We were having small take about some dumb shit and I noticed Jim and Lynn whisper back and forth a few times. Lynn spoke up and said to let Sara model in my bullet proof vest for Jim. I took Sara into the bedroom and as I got my vest she already had her shirt off. I couldn’t see her wonderful tits for her bra but the sight was nice none the less. I helped her into the vest and the entire time I expected to go back into the living room and see Lynn and Jim making out. As Sara and I walked out the bedroom they both were still on the couch and it didn’t appear like anything had happened. Sara did her model tease wearing the vest laughing and giggling saying freeze, im the police and so forth. It was suggested we go outside and smoke again so out the door we went. Sara put her shirt back on before going out and I was getting a little concerned because I had a gut feeling nothing else was going to happen. My feeling came true when Lynn told me outside Jim told her he didn’t feel comfortable having sex with her because he was afraid he would have to work for me someday if I got a promotion. I told him again it would be fine, I didn’t have a problem with it. In the back of my mind all I was thinking about was how I wanted to stick my rock hard cock into Sara’s hot pussy again. Lynn told me not to pressure him and needless to say not a fucking thing else happened after that. I was a little pissed but at least we had a room fuck and I at least got to see Sara naked getting pounded by my friends cock. That was better than nothing at all I figured. Later everyone went home and before we went to bed Lynn was all down and depressed saying Jim didn’t want to fuck her because of her weight. I tried to explain to her there was not a damn thing wrong with her weight. Lynn is a sexy woman and she has a weird fucking complex about her belly. I think its sexy but for some reason she has never been fond of her belly. I told her he was just nervous and she shouldn’t be hard on herself. Sara and Jim met each other a few times after that night and fucked but Jim got too damn paranoid his wife would find out and basically pushed Sara away. We never got to experience any group sex or swap between us after that (until someone else came into the picture)….

Chapter 5…… What the fuck!!!!

Up until this chapter everything has been everything a man could expect but all this takes a twist to a nightmare. Our adventures took place in April of 2009. Our play time with Jim and Sara pretty much ended our sexual adventures. May, June, July and August went by and during those months Lynn and I had some pretty regular sex multiple times a week. I wasn’t complaining any at all. September came around and things started to take a nose dive again for some reason. The sex was getting further apart and I was having to work harder and harder to get any pussy. October came and went with maybe one sexual encounter between us and November wasn’t any better. In the early part of November Lynn really became distant and wasn’t talking much at all. I kept asking what was wrong and she would just say she was in a funk. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it. One day while we were smoking Lynn was being all distant and I asked again what was wrong with her. I said baby you need to talk with me and tell me whats on your mind. She finally decided to tell me what the problem was. She said she was just in a funk because she has to deal with the kids all day and she never has any adult conversation. We really don’t have many friends to come over and its always her and the kids. I told her to invite some friends over one day because I didn’t have a problem with it. She went on to ask “Didn’t you have fun when Jim and Sara were hanging out over here”. I said of course I had fun, we were fucking like rabbits lol. She laughed and went on to tell me how Sara was talking to a guy and she would love for them to come over and hang out with us but she was afraid I would not like the guy. I asked why she thought I wouldn’t like him and she said he was an ex boyfriend of hers from high school and he had a little bit of a criminal record and she knew how I was about being around people with records. I explained to her if it wasn’t any serious charges like felonys I would consider it. After doing a little research I found he had no felony charges and only a few minor things in the past. I told Lynn it would be kocaeli sınırsız escort ok with me if he came over and hung out with us and Sara.
Lynn asked me if I was sure because she didn’t want me to feel weird around him since he was someone she had fucked many years ago. She said Sara really liked him and that was all there was to it. I told her I was fine with it. Then to my surprise Lynn told me that her and Jim didn’t have sex because neither of them were comfortable but she would be comfortable with this guy if we wanted to have a foursome again. Well at that point the only thing going through my fucking head was “im going to get to fuck Sara again” and I told Lynn I was ok with that because I still wanted to see her get fucked by another man. She said she would talk to them about it and see if she could work something out. Well of course she worked her magic and had something all set up for the four of us. Again the day it was going to happen I was at work all day with a hard on thinking about what would happen that night. I even went as far as to send Lynn a text telling her I wanted to try to fuck her in her ass while she was on top of the other guy, Todd. She responded back and said she didn’t think that would happen because Todd is funny about other guys and dicks getting too close. Oh well I thought, at least I suggested it. That evening the kids were with their grandmother and Lynn went to pick up Todd. I stayed at home to shower and get cleaned up from a long day at work. My dick was still rock hard from having a hard on all day and I was looking forward to getting some sexual relief. Lynn returned to the house with Todd and Sara arrived a little while later. This time we all hit the liquor bottle again, I just didn’t hit it as hard as I did the first time remembering my puke episode! We played some video games on the Wii and had a pretty good time talking and getting to know each other a little better. We went outside to smoke and it was approaching 9:30. I told them it was getting late and if we were going to get this show on the road we needed to get started. (Lynn and I had spoke earlier and set up limits for this meeting as I didn’t want a repeat of the kiss episode last time… the limits were “there are no limits” and everything was fair game except we stayed together the entire time, never apart). We went inside and the living room was going to be our fuck fest room again as it was when Jim had been over.
Lynn and Todd sat on the couch beside each other and I sat with Sara on the other couch. Todd was taking his fingers and was rubbing them through my wifes hair and I basically followed suit and was doing the same to Sara. It seemed like ten minutes went by with this hair and scalp rubbing and I whispered into Sara’s ear “someone needs to break the ice and get this shit started”. She nodded her head so I took both hands and took hold of the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head and tossed it to the side. There Sara was, in front of me shirtless. She had on a sexy fucking bra that to this day I can’t get that image out of my mind. It was red and had lace around the edges. I unsnapped the strap from the back exposing her beautiful titties. I took both hands and grabbed them and started to rub and squeeze them. I then took my shirt off and went ahead and removed my shoes and pants along with my underwear to where I was completely naked. Out the corner of my eye I say Todd remove my wifes shirt exposing her beautiful titties also. I helped Sara out of her pants and panties and told her to lay down. Without any hesitation I dived between her legs and started to lick her pussy tasting her once again like I had been hoping I would be able to do again. I looked up and saw my wife giving Todd a blow job. I couldn’t believe she was doing that since she never sucks my dick. I don’t even know when they got naked because I was busy eating Sara’s pussy out good. I continued to run my tongue inside Sara’s pussy hole and sucking on her clit using my tongue to tease it back and forth while I sucked. I happened to look up and my wife and Todd had changed positions and they were sitting face to face in the floor with their legs wrapped around each other kissing. I don’t know if he had his dick in her pussy or not but they were in the perfect position to have his cock inside her as they made out kissing. Sara started to cum and the sounds of her moans almost made me cum myself. After she finished having a nice orgasm I got onto my knees and grabbed her legs and pulled her closer in to me. I then took my rock hard cock and inserted it into her soaking wet pussy and started to fuck her. All of a sudden my wife jumped up and had Todd by the hand. Lynn said “he has stage fright, we are going in there” and quickly with her hand on his led him to the bedroom and shut the door.
Right there she violated our pre set rules…. we were no longer in the same room together. I continued to fuck Sara for quite some time. We could hear Todd and Lynn in the bedroom fucking hard as hell and the sounds of pleasure coming from the room was damn crazy. As I started to feel my cum building in my cock I asked Sara if I needed to pull out and she told me no, to cum inside her pussy. Just the words of her saying that brought me to orgasm faster and I filled her pussy with all the cum my cock could produce. After getting off I continued to fuck Sara for several more minutes before I pulled my cock out her hot pussy. I saw her on the floor with her tits standing straight up in the air and I just had to suck on them. After sucking on each of her beautiful tits a few minutes I reached up and started to kiss her with deep passion. The kiss lasted for several minutes and my dick was hard again. I went down and buried my face in her pussy and started licking and sucking her clit again. She quickly had another monster orgasm and she was ready for a break at that point. It was cold outside and we didn’t want to get dressed so we opened a window and sat in the floor blowing our smoke out the window. She told me I ate the best pussy of any man she had ever been with and I loved hearing her say that. Lynn and Todd were still in the bedroom fucking away and I asked Sara if she wanted to go into the bedroom and join them. She said “no, lets let them have some time alone because it sounds like there really into it”. After talking for a while we decided to sneak into the bedroom and join them and swap partners. As we entered the bedroom neither Lynn or Todd heard me and Sara enter the room. Finally I saw what I had wanted to see for a long time, another man fucking my wife. Lynn was on top of him and I could see in the dim lit room his dick going in and out of her pussy as she rode him hard. The radio was on in the room pretty loud so we could have coughed and neither one of them would have heard it probably. Todd had both his hands around my wife’s throat and was choking the fuck out of her as she pounded up and down on his dick. I had never fucked Lynn like that before and I then understood all the noise they had been making. I watched Todd as he removed his hands from around Lynn’s throat and he started pulling on her hair and I was surprised she wasn’t bald the way he was pulling on it with such force. Sara walked around to the right side of the bed and I walked around to the left side of the bed. Lynn and Todd continued fucking the hell out of each other and had not noticed either one of us approach the bed. My dick was hard as though I had not already filled Sara’s pussy up with cum just minutes before entering the room. I was ready to fuck again. I motioned over to Sara and had her come over to my side of the bed. Todd and Lynn were basically on the right side and Sara would not have been able to get onto the bed on that side if she wanted to. As Sara made her way to me I whispered in her ear that we should just lay down on the left side and start fucking and that way we could switch partners after Lynn and Todd calmed down a little bit. I got onto the bed on my back with my rock hard cock sticking straight up towards my chest and Sara got up onto me and before I knew it she had her wet pussy filled deep with my hard dick. She started fucking me at the same pace as Lynn and Todd. As I was enjoying the feel of Sara’s pussy going to town on my dick Lynn looked over to me and realised we were in the bed with them fucking also. I gave a big smile to my wife as I was enjoying getting rode fast and hard by her beautiful best friend.

Chapter 6—— What the fuck part 2

I think the moment Lynn noticed Sara and I in the bed Todd must have become aware of it also. Without any warning Lynn and Todd stopped fucking and Todd said he was done. He stood up on their side of the bed and was cleaning his cock off with a wash rag. As Sara continued to fuck me I asked Lynn if they were ready to swap. Lynn said “no im tired and need to rest”. She got up and started to put her clothes on and Todd was following. That was a buzz kill and Sara and I stopped also and got up from the bed to get dressed. We went outside this time so smoke but I really didn’t mind the cold because I was busy thinking what the fuck had just happened. Something just did not seem right to me. We had small talk and everyone agreed we had a good time. I suggested we continue where we left off and Lynn and Todd both said they were tired and were calling it a night. As we went into the house Todd asked if I had some pajamas he could wear and I gave him a pair I seldom used. Todd and Sara went to one of the empty kids bedroom and Lynn and I went to our room and got into bed. I could hear Sara and Todd fucking in the other room as I reached over to kiss Lynn. The bitch refused to kiss me and told me good night. I asked her what the fuck was wrong and she said she was tired and was going to sleep. I was pissed. I rolled over and after a long while I finally went to sleep. The next morning we got up and Sara left. Lynn and I were outside having our morning smoke and she asked me if I had all this out of my system now. Once again I was like what the fuck. Todd joined us and after he finished his cigarette they decided Lynn would go ahead and take him home.
When Lynn returned home she really didn’t have too much to say at all. She seemed to not be feeling well and was a little congested. She said she didn’t feel good so I let everything be at the time and didn’t inquire any more. That night as we went to bed I did get a quick kiss but she was not interested in sex at all and went on with her im sick story. Well the next day she was really congested and had a snot factory running full force inside her nose. She ended up going to the doctor the next day. After about a week she started to get a little better. We were sitting on the couch watching tv and I told her, “listen baby, were married and I had a real good time with what we did but you have been giving me the cold shoulder ever since and its making me feel like shit”. I went on to tell her I needed to have sex with her so I would know everything was ok. She told me to get over it because she was still sick and didn’t feel like doing anything and that I would be just fine. Remember this is around the middle of November now. We had not had sex one time since the night we had fucked Sara and Todd.
I received my monthly cell phone bill statement on my phone while at work and to my surprise the bill was over $300. Once again I was like What The Fuck!!!! Normally the bill is only around $140 bucks. I got onto my computer and pulled up the history and to my surprise I saw the same number over and over and over again for hours and hours and hours at a time every day that went by. All the calls were while I was at work. I traced the calls all the way back to when they first started around the first week of September. The wheels started to click in my head. Oh Fuck…. that is when she started being so distant to me. When I got home I asked why the cell phone bill was so high. At first she played it off and izmit anal yapan escort I told her I saw the call history and asked why she was calling Todd so much for such long periods of time every single day that went by. Lynn had already been prepared for this question I guess because without thinking she told me she had been talking to Todd a lot filling him in about Sara. She said she wanted them to make it as a couple and she had been giving him advice about things Sara liked to do and talk about. I told Lynn, “damn I know Sara pretty good and I could never come up with that much to talk about her for such long periods of time”. Lynn then went on to explain they had also talked about people they went to school with and what those people were doing now and about events that had happened since they last saw each other in high school. Well I could understand some of that but it still didn’t seem right to my gut.
I decided then I was going to have to put my detective skills to work and find out what was going on. Before I would leave home in the morning for work I would set up a digital recorder in the living room so I could hear what she was saying to him. I knew I would not be able to hear what he was saying to her but at least I would hear what she told him. I also installed a key logger program on her laptop so I could get her facebook and myspace passwords to see what was being said between the two on those sites. The next morning I swapped out digital recorders and after I arrived to my office I pulled up the call history for the previous day and found the times they had spoke to each other. I then would forward the recorder to that time and listen for anything I could find to give me some clues to what was really going on (as though I didn’t already know). The first conversation I heard Lynn was talking so peppy she was like a damn school girl. It didn’t even sound like the same Lynn. She most definitely didn’t talk like that when I’m on the phone with her. She was talking to him about Twilight and what actors they thought were hot. I heard Lynn tell him several times that she loved him and even heard her tell him to send her a picture of his cock to her phone. I had the key logger program set up to take a screen shot every one minute and to record every key stroke made on the computer. The program would automatically send an email to my email she knew nothing about every 15 minutes. I got her passwords quickly and easily that day. I logged onto her accounts and found messages they had sent each other. Holly FUCK, she was talking about leaving me for this piece of shit. Lynn and Sara had even sent messages to each other basically telling each other off. I learned that Sara never had the intentions to be in a relationship with Todd, it was actually Lynn who wanted him and Sara was covering for her so I would not think anything was up. Lynn had become pissed off with Sara because she had sex with Todd that night after our fuck fest. It was like two middle school girls fighting over a boy. Anyhow Lynn had found out Sara and Todd had been talking to each other behind her back and were actually fucking also and talking about how they were going to break the news to Lynn about them falling for each other. Neither wanted Lynn’s feelings to be hurt but again Sara was having issues because Todd was fucking Lynn. I found out through these messages exactly when they started talking to each other and I also learned Lynn had cheated on me with Todd. Lynn and Todd had fucked at her dads house while she was supposed to be there painting while her dad was at work. They also had fucked in a motel several times. My heart was broken and depression was killing me after learning of all this.
I didn’t confront Lynn about this because I did not want her to know about my recordings and access to her accounts from her computer. The day before Thanksgiving Sara came over to the house (they had worked out their issue I guess) and Sara was to have Thanksgiving dinner with us. Lynn and Sara had gone to the store and Sara had signed onto facebook from Lynn’s computer and had forgotten to sign off when they went to the grocery store. I opened up her messages and read so much stuff about what was going on that it made me sick to my stomach. Anger filled my head and I guess I broke down at that point. When Lynn and Sara returned from the store I asked Sara if she would watch the kids for a few minutes so Lynn and I could run back to the store and pick up something. Lynn didn’t want to go but I insisted she needed to go with me so she finally agreed to go. As we pulled out the driveway onto the road I told her we were not going to the store, I needed to talk to her. I in no way wanted her to know exactly what all information I had or how I had received the information so I was really careful with my words. I told her I knew something was going on between her and Todd and she needed to call him in front of me and tell him she was not talking to him anymore. I also told her if she did talk to him again I would pack my shit and leave. Lynn became all defensive and insisted they were just friends. I finally told her a few things I had heard from their phone conversations like how she loved him and a few other minor details I really don’t remember what I said. She was PISSED because I had recorded her and said I was violating her privacy. I was like What The Fuck do you mean Your Privacy, we are married and your doing shit you should not be doing behind my back. She said I had heard things wrong and didn’t know what I was talking about. I never mentioned what I had found on facebook. She told me to take her ass home so she could cook and that she was not going to call him and say she wasn’t talking to him any more. I was pissed so I took her back home. How dare she lie to me like that. If she only knew what all I had learned. We returned home and she went into the kitchen all pissed off. Sara asked what was wrong and she didn’t say anything back. I went into the bedroom to cool off and a few minutes later I said fuck it and I walked out the house. I guess they didn’t see me walk out because I was in my car and gone for some time before she started texting and calling. I went to her mom’s house and told her what was going on and that I needed a place to stay. She told me I could stay at her weekend house and gave me the key. I learned that Even She Knew what the fuck was going on and she had not told me. Anyhow her mom told me how we were such a good couple and we needed to get our shit together. She agreed Lynn needed to stop talking to Todd and told me I would have to work my ass off to make that happen. As I was talking to Lynn’s mom is when the text and calls started coming in to my phone. I was ignoring the phone calls but would read the messages. Her mom told me to text her back and let her know I knew everything and the ball was in her hand now and she needed to decide what she wanted to do from here because she was about to loose the best fucking thing that had ever happened to her in her life. I sent the text and cut my phone off and drove around for a few hours before I went to her mom’s weekend house. When I got there I had bought 5 packs of cigarettes and started chain smoking like a fool. I found her mom’s liquor stash and started to drink some shit I had never heard of before. I went through all 5 packs of cigarettes before night arrived. I was toasted also from the alcohol. Sara called me to check on me and I basically gave her a tongue lashing over the entire situation. I was pissed at her for allowing Lynn to do the shit she had done behind my back without telling me and I was also happy with her because she was trying to steal the fucker from Lynn. She tried to get information from me about what I knew but I refused to tell her. I let it be known she knew what was going on and I knew everything and she didn’t need to hear me explain shit to her she already knew. I finally hung up on her and went to bed.
I got up Thanksgiving morning and decided to go home and attempt to talk to Lynn about the matter. No food had been cooked and she was upset I had ruined the family’s Thanksgiving meal. We loaded the kids up and went and paid for a Thanksgiving meal at K&W. We returned home and decided we would talk about things after the kids went to bed. That night we got into it bad and she said we needed time apart and she was going to move in with her dad for a while. I started to recite our wedding vowels to her and put a religion sermon on her that I couldn’t believe was coming out of my mouth. I guess it worked because as I got up to get ready for work she walked up to me and put her arms around me. She told me she did love me and she had some demons she had to fight and to just give her some time. When I went to work I thought about what she had said so I decided to track down the preacher that had married us. I found him and told him he needed to go for a ride with me. I explained everything to him…. EVERYTHING! He agreed to come to our home and pray with us. As we arrived at the house I walked in first and he was behind me. I told Lynn we needed to pray and I sat down beside her. The preacher got down on his knees and started to pray and the prayer lasted for 45 minutes. He asked we over come our issues and a lot of other stuff that we really needed to hear. I was crying like a baby however Lynn was only making a sniffle every once in a while. He finished and said he was going to walk outside and let us talk. As he went out the door I looked at Lynn and told her I loved her. Can you believe the bitch told me to fucking knock it off and to take him back where ever I had found him. I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. She was being so damn cold. I took him back and dropped him off with not much being said on the way back.

Chapter 7——— It ended

The phone calls continued to Todd but they got further and further apart until they stopped completely. Sara also stopped talking to the jerk as well. It seemed both Lynn and Sara had finally opened their eyes and saw Todd as the player he was and that he was just filling both of them up with words they wanted to hear just so he could play off them and get into their pants. Lynn and I bonded again after that for a while but now its 2011 and our sex life sucks ass again. I get to stick my dick into Lynn’s pussy maybe once every month or two if i’m lucky. To this day Lynn never came clean and admitted to what she had done. The few times we spoke about it she would just say she had done stuff she was not proud of and that she was trying her best to block it out her mind and needed me to let it go so she would not continue to beat herself up about it. Its been a long time now since the past has been mentioned by either one of us.

Chapter 8—— The future

I day dream all the time about how good I had it and how I wish things had turned out differently. I wish all the time Lynn and I could have developed our open relationship without things going so ape shit. I could have really had some good pussy with a lot of women if things had worked out. I jack off sometimes thinking about Sara’s hot pussy and her wonderful titties. I remember how we kissed and how good it felt to have my hard dick inside her pussy and how good her pussy juice tasted as I ate her out to orgasm. Sometimes I wonder how Sara would react if I tried to come onto her. I want to fuck her again so bad and I get a hard on every time she comes over. Once she caught me looking between her legs as she sat on the steps of our front door and I saw her smile. Was that an open invite or was it just her being nervous as I was for getting caught looking. I dream of fucking her…. just the two of us…. behind my wifes back as Lynn had done to me. Deep inside I know Sara tells Lynn everything and I am so afraid that if I ever try she will tell Lynn and all hell will break loose again. All the time I want to suggest to Lynn we have another threesome with Sara but I just can’t get the nerve to bring it up out of fear. What will the future hold? Will things get better or worse between Lynn and my sex lives…. will we ever live the sex life like I want without a disaster like before? I guess only time will tell.

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