Fall Panties

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It was the first day of fall, and fall was a word Ben liked to link to another visual delight, a woman’s panties. Before the night was over, he would learn more about the opposite of the word fall, rise. He would experience a new link between a woman’s panties and rise, as in the repeated rise of his cock.

He didn’t mind when the perky little dog kept scaling up onto the bed. He wished he could remember the dog’s name. But even worse, he seemed to have forgotten how to get to sleep. His role of house sitter was sudden. Melody had needed somebody on short notice, while she took her teenage son upstate to an honorary scholastic camp. Her son was smart, just like Melody was. It was an honor to be chosen for the weeklong camp at the state capitol, even if it was as an alternate needed at the last minute because the school valedictorian had been diagnosed with mono. The drive upstate was a long drive, and Melody had a sister to stay with overnight. There wasn’t anything Melody had asked him to do special, just take what’s-his-name, the feisty terrier puppy for walks whenever nature called.

Melody’s house was in an older middle class suburb. The trees that lined the streets and the flowerbeds that surrounded the mailboxes had grown thick in the last decade of neighborhood maturity. As Ben lay awake on Melody’s son’s bed, the horizontal blinds on the opposing bedroom window admitted just enough light from a street lamp to fill the bedroom with a fence like row of striped shadows. Ben looked down his body and followed the shadow of an imaginary stiff fence slat from his crotch, down past his feet, over the carpet and rising up the wall. The shadow coming from his cock was the highest pole on the wall.

Ben pulled back the single white cotton sheet and spun his body out of bed. He glanced across the room at the digital alarm clock, reading the red glow of 2:00. The small dog’s rapid bark broke his cloudy half stare.

“Want to go out boy?” Ben asked. He surveyed the eager dog, noticing his ears were perked up and his tail waved with the fury of a helicopter blade.

The house was quiet except for the low hum of a refrigerator. Ben reached down to the floor beside the bed, and found the pair of green cotton pajama bottoms he had gotten at a hospital surplus store.

In one fluid motion, he slipped the bottoms over his feet, stood and pulled them up over his boxers, then pulled and tied the drawstring. The extra cloth between his legs made Ben aware for the first time, he had a slight erection. He reached to arrange it inside his boxer shorts more comfortably. The dog barked again and shuffled his dark little patting feet.

“Got to go boy? Gotta pee?” Ben leaned down and patted the dog’s head. His own bladder felt mildly pressured. “I guess I need to go too.” Ben said, as he walked into the hall and remembered which direction the bathroom was in. He turned right, walked to the end of the hallway, and found himself at the entry to Melody’s master bedroom.

Her bedroom had an attached private bathroom, and as Ben proceeded through the dark, he made his way to the doorway. He felt past the doorframe on the tiled wall for a light switch. The dog barked another little burst of anxiousness, as Ben flipped the wall switch up and a soft white light flickered on above the medicine cabinet. The tidy white bathroom was compact. Ben stepped towards the toilet, raised the lid and seat, and pulled the drawstring around his waist. The bottoms slipped down begrudgingly. His cock was hard.

He could have tried to weave his cock out the boxer short fly, but instead, Ben pulled his boxer shorts down along with his bottoms until they were below his taunt balls. Ben felt a little surge of pleasure with his naked ass exposed and his erect cock in his hand. The dog twittered impatiently and returned to the bedroom as if he was used to being shooed out of the bathroom.

Ben grazed his fingers against his pubic hair and tested his cock for flexibility to tilt forward. “Damn. I’m really stiff!” He thought to himself. His cock felt warm in his hand. A slight squeeze felt good and his cock responded with a pleasing contraction. He let his fingertip drift up the swollen vein and the little dark hole slightly opened with a wink of approval. He heard the dog bark from the doorway. Again, he thought, “Damn. I need a distraction or I’ll never relax and be able to pee.”

Ben moved his hand in a self imposed cock exile away from his cock to his ass and cupped his warm muscular buttock. He scanned the bathroom at eye level and his eyes drifted to the shower curtain. It was a clear plastic curtain with an opaque pattern of white orchids printed on it. Ben could see bottle shapes on shelves inside the shower. He thought of Melody. She was a short woman with long curly blond hair. Her body was well proportioned and although she dressed very conservative at work, it was impossible for her to totally hide the wealth of her breasts. Outside of work, Ben knew the rest of her body was in great shape. Her ass was particularly attractive and from behind, she could have been twenty years younger. Ben’s bingöl escort erection wasn’t going away imagining looking through the shower curtain and seeing Melody caress soapy hands down her naked body.

His cock pulsed another straining exquisite contraction. Avoiding the urge to touch it, Ben moved his other hand on his other buttock. He softly stroked with open palms up the curve of each buttock with either hand. His eyes followed the curtain up to the fringe edge trim that hid the shower rod. The daintiness of design was effeminate. The lace of the pattern stirred thoughts of Melody’s panties. He had never seen her panties, but last week, when he had stopped by to drop a report off on her desk, and Melody was still in a meeting, he had caught a surprise glimpse on her computer screen. On Melody’s computer monitor was clearly a website devoted to sexy women’s lingerie. Ben remembered his heart nearly leapt out of his chest at the sight of a sexy lacy white thong he saw in the center of the screen. Side by side were a front view and a back. The words underneath had read, “Satin Lace Thong”. The rear view was a thin finger-width satin strip that ended in a lacy transparent triangle. The triangle grew wider in front, and the lace became a shimmering rose pattern that barely overreached the model’s pussy. It seemed perfectly tapered. Ben just knew he could position his mouth in the center, and stroke from one hem edge, across the swollen excited clitoris hidden beneath, and finish his stroke with a touch of his tongue tip on warm skin and tiny pubic hairs.

Ben felt his cock react by stretching upwards and winking a droplet of precum approval. He looked at his cock. The head was swollen deep red and his shaft was straining upwards showing no signs of relaxing, just eagerness and excitement. The dog darted in the bathroom and nipped at his feet. Ben resolved his erection wasn’t going away. If the dog wasn’t so anxious, he would have began rubbing his hand over his needy cock with purpose. “Okay boy. Let’s go, I can hold it better than you.” He spoke to the dog, as he reluctantly reached to pull up his bottoms, which along with his boxer shorts had drifted down to puddle around his feet.

For some reason, Ben hesitated before pulling his boxers and bottoms back up. It was really too warm for both. He stepped out of the boxers and put them aside, before pulling the bottoms up over his erection, and drawing the string tight to his waist. His bottoms looked like they covered a flagpole. He looked down at the dog. “It’s a good thing it’s the middle of the night boy, or the postman might think we were trying to send a letter and my cock was the flagpole.”

Ben left the bathroom light on as he stepped out into Melody’s bedroom. His boxer shorts were in his hand and the light behind him illuminated a chair across from the large pillow covered bed. Beside the chair was Melody’s four-drawer clothes dresser. His heart rate increased knowing what was inside. He swallowed, and noticed his mouth was wetter than normal. Slowly, he stepped in front of the dresser. The top was neatly organized with a small jewelry case, a detailed ceramic figurine of a terrier, and the digital clock. Letting his boxers fall to the chair, he reached for the recessed dual drawer knobs and pulled. The light contents inside let the drawer glide easily forward. Ben’s chest thumped and the waif of feminine perfume filled his aromatic senses as the treasure of Melody’s panty collection was revealed. His cock immediately twitched and thumped again as his fingers came in contact with the first silky touch.

He had always found a woman’s panties incredibly erotic and arousing. But growing up in a house of men and playing sports all his life, he had never had access or an opportunity like this. He had even kept it a secret from his former wife, not that she really had ever worn any panties other than functional whites or tans with waist and leg wraps. They were always plain panties or just plain underwear. Not at all like the silks and satins full of lace and cut in tiny red and black triangles displayed before him in Melody’s treasure chest.

A thin red lace panty caught his eye. His cock twitched and he could feel the wetness seep out from his tip as Ben extracted it from deep in the back of the drawer like a precious artwork. The dog’s yelps fell on ears told to be deaf by Ben’s vision. Holding the side straps, he gently let the red panties unfurl before him.

It took a second for what Ben’s fingers felt to register in his mind. The sides were actually thin strips held together with a single small-embedded snap. He felt the snap and immediately imagined it against Melody’s warm hip, easily coming undone with a single pull from his teeth as he nibbled and kissed along the sloping hem towards the side of her pussy below. But he wouldn’t go there direct. Not without a well-spent time exploring the thin front panel and feeling her wavy pubic hair surface beneath like tiny ocean waves against his fingertips and caressing tongue. He pulled the panties to his face and smelled the soft perfume. They covered bitlis escort his nose and the soft silky thick bottom triangle of cloth rested on Ben’s lips. Involuntarily he kissed the soft fabric imagining how tightly it would be tucked to Melody’s ultimate and exquisite joining. Ben tilted his head back enough to keep the panties in place and released one hand.

Ignoring the continued dog yelps, Ben closed his eyes and drew in long calming breath through his nose. His hand dropped down to his cotton stretched bottoms and the firm downward stroke against his cock made his buttocks clinch from pleasure. On the upstroke, his hand past a little wet spot where his precum had soaked through. He stopped at the staining drawstring and pulled it loose. Even though his waistband was actually lowering, it felt more like his cock was rising out from confinement.

Ben tilted his head forward, lifted Melody’s panties from his face, and brought them down with his hand to his cock. The first touch sent a jolt of electricity through his cock and his ass tingled with excitement. He shifted his legs slightly apart and began a soft slow stroking up and down his cock with Melody’s panties. His cock hole was wide open now and seeping a continuous sticky flow of clear excitement. He saw a droplet attach to Melody’s panties and a string stretch and retract as he gripped his cock firmer and slid the panties down his swollen pulsing shaft and back up.

“Oh Melody that feels good.” Ben moaned. His hand pressed harder against his shaft flattening it against his pubic hair as his palm became more involved in stroking his cock. His breathing was getting rapid and his mouth was open.

“Oh baby. Oh baby.” Ben moaned as his fingers closed tighter to a fist and he began masturbating with Melody’s panties against his cock in passionate earnest.

“Oh, god. Oh…” He could hear the tiny gulping sounds of his cock hole and the wetness of his slick precum being stroked.

“Ugh, Oh, Ugh…” Harder and harder he rubbed focusing on the head of his cock and the sensitive vein pulsing and throbbing into his silk covered palm.

“Agh, Aaah, OH. OH OH OH…” Faster and harder Ben pulled at his cock as he jerked off into Melody’s panties. Finally, he could feel the blood pressure rise and flush his face as his cock passed the magic point of no return and his cum rocketed in an uncontrollable burst.

“OHHHHH…MELODY!!!” He came like he hadn’t cum in years. His cock pulsed hot jism like a coughing pressurized hose. A warm gob lurched to his chest. A second shot grazed and streaked against his forearm then dribbled down towards his wrist. One last burst shot out with less force but equal mass, and landed on the stretched crotch of Melody’s panties.

“Oh. Mmmm. Fuewwww.” Ben caught his breath as his ass quivered and his cock began to follow the sloping curve down from his orgasm peak. For the first time, he heard the dog bark again.

“Oh man. That was amazing. You have no idea.” Ben spoke to the dog, but the dog wasn’t interested in conversation. Instead, the dog ran from the bedroom and Ben could hear him barking from the area of the front door. Ben eyed the wealth of panties in the open drawer. He looked at Melody’s panties he had cum stained. The dog barked again. Ben wasn’t sure what to do with Melody’s wet panties. He knew he couldn’t just put them back in the drawer and he didn’t want to lay them on the chair. It only took him a second to decide what to do as he stepped out of his fallen bottoms, held the panties out and stepped into them. He could feel his wet cum streaking up the inside of his thigh as the panties stretched around his hips and only half covered the shaft of his cock.

The soft waistband and tight thinness curving across his ass, straining to contain his tilted cock, felt marvelously sensual to Ben. Especially because they weren’t just any panties he had on, they were Melody’s. It was easy to imagine the touch he felt was the touch she felt against her pussy. But as the dog’s final prodding barks sounded, Ben couldn’t linger any longer. He hurried pulled back on his bottoms and headed out the bedroom towards the impatient pleading dog.

As soon as Ben opened the front door and the dog shot outside, he knew he had made a mistake. He should of put a leash on the dog before opening the door. The dog darted quickly and was out of sight instantly. Barefoot, Ben stepped out onto the concrete walkway, scanned the neighborhood, and adjusted to the starlit street. In the quiet of the night, Ben heard the faint tinkle of a dog tag ahead and captured a quick vision of dark blur disappearing into the shrubbery between the houses across the street.

As Ben made his way down the street and approached the houses, he could see the house on the left was in darkness. Even though it was the middle of the night, the knowledge he was out in public wearing Melody’s panties under his thin cotton sleeping bottoms made him feel slightly intoxicated with excitement. He remembered the side snaps of the panties, but was surprised he couldn’t feel them on his body. An air bolu escort conditioner hummed and tightly sealed blinds behind the windows created a mirror-like silhouette of his body moving forward. A row of various flowers and shrubs wove between the two houses like a traffic cone pattern. The thick grass around the bushy plants felt cushy to his feet. Ben liked the feel of Melody’s panties as we slowly stepped forward listening for the sound of the dog in the darkness. As he nudged deeper into the tall bushes, Ben became aware the house on the right had a softly lit glow coming from a window towards the back of the house. He thought the homeowner must have forgotten to turn it off a light. Surely no one was up at this time of the night.

A thick low branch brushed across his hip as Ben gingerly continued forward. He paused, and whispered hopefully to the missing dog. “Here boy.” There was no answer. Ben could feel the grass getting wetter around his bare feet, as he edged forward into the shrubs and plants repeating his whisper and pausing to listen. What was he doing out here in the middle of the night with nothing on, but his friend Melody’s red panties, wet with his own sticky cum, under his thin sleeping bottoms. His cock was still swollen and the tiny silk triangle between his legs was splitting his balls and only cupping one.

He should have grabbed a flashlight before running out of the house and looking for the dog. He disappeared a little deeper and thought he heard a light rustle. Maybe it was the dog. The dog was so small it wouldn’t make much noise. He was about twenty steps from the well-lit window now and could see the window was open with only sheer curtains diffusing the light.

“I wonder if anyone is awake on the other side of that window”, Ben thought to himself. He listened for sounds of the dog as he softened his steps forward, staying in the darkness of the bushes. Closer and closer to the window he cautiously shuffled through the damp grass. Finally, he drew even with the window and looped around a large lilac bush with thinning branches. Halfway around the bush, Ben gained a perfect view inside. He could see a bedroom nicely decorated with a door leading out into a hallway and two half melted candles glowing. All the light seemed to be coming from the candles on the square wooden nightstand. The room was empty, but Ben’s blood started racing as he saw a shadow coming down the hallway into the bedroom. Quickly and slightly panicky, Ben ducked down below the lilac bushes. He was more hidden in shadow, but still able to maintain a view of the room through the thin branches. The shadow turned into a woman.

The sound of a passing car startled Ben and he crouched lower. When he realized the car driver couldn’t possibly see him in the darkness, he caught his breath and raised up to get another look inside the window.

She wasn’t just an average woman. Her age was hard to estimate, maybe thirties or forties or even a very well kept fifty year old. Her skin was smooth on her full body. As the woman entered the room, she stopped at the nightstand to pour wax from the candle. Her angle was almost straight to Ben’s line of sight. His mouth dropped open as he saw she only wore a very small undersized black bra and black panties. The bra barely held her magnificent curvy breasts tucked in. It was thin. Her dark nipples were as large as the tip of Ben’s cock. Ben’s eyes wondered down her belly to her panties and he was spellbound. He traced the tiny lacy hem down between her legs. Her panties were just as thin as her bra, and Ben could easily make out the cleft of her pussy among the dark pubic triangle inside.

Ben became aware of a tingle between his legs and as he looked at the woman inside, he drew a connection between what her pussy must feel like inside her black panties, and the growing erection he felt wearing Melody’s borrowed panties.

She moved softly in the candle light and as she turned to close the door of her bedroom, Ben’s eye focus rotated to her shapely bottom. The door closed revealing a new room surprise. A full-length mirror was attached to the back of the door. The woman turned, and stood in front of the mirror, glancing down her luscious curving body. From Ben’s vantage point, he could look in the mirror and see both her front and her back. He knew without looking down, Melody’s thin panties and the cotton bottoms were betraying his erection. Ben felt the strain begin to ache for touch.

As Ben watched the woman and admired her, he noticed she didn’t seem to be in any hurry to leave the mirror. In fact, she was decidedly lingering. Her hand was slowly circling her stomach. Her fingers extended, but touching with only her palm, she seemed entranced looking into the mirror. Ben noticed her eyes were looking down at her panties. Her palm moved out, and she began caressing over her body with only her long fingertips. They glided higher and higher until her hand was just below the bottom of her bra. With her index finger, she began tracing around the lace, over the curve of her breast and onto the creamy skin just above her bra. Her fingers sensuously caressed down the bare half of her breast to the middle and then back up in slow seductive stroking motions. Then her other hand moved up and began to trace over her other breast. She was rubbing her nipple through the thin bra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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