Filthy Fuckers

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Ball Sucking

The room could easily have been described as the most beautiful that Prince had ever seen. Large French Windows over looking the sea, giving a sense of being one with nature. The King Size bed that could easily accommodate 4 adults. A Jacuzzi that was placed near the windows. A carpet so soft that you could feel your feet sink with every step. The room was well stocked with Champagne, cream, chocolate, fruits, the works…..

…And then there was a plush Chesterfield chair. And on that Chesterfield chair there was Lisa. Naked. Sweating. Legs spread wide like she did not care. Her fingers buried into her pussy… a low grunting sound that told you she was loving it. She was scooping the cum mixed with her cunt juice out of her freshly fucked pussy and rubbing it into her mouth and face….

Prince just loved the nasty slut Lisa became when she was horny. And this vacation in New Zealand was supposed to be just that – get Lisa as horny as hell. All the time.

His cock was throbbing as he watched Lisa scoop the cum out her cunt and smear her face and hair and mouth with it.

“Eat that cum like pig Lisa. Smear it over your face burdur escort like a cum-burping gutter-slut. That’s all the skin care you need.”

Lisa grunted hearing the dirty talk… She spat into her fingers and jammed them back into her pussy.

“I need more cum in my cunt Prince. Fuck my cunt.. fuck this horny cunt. Gape it stretch it with that donkey cock of your you motherfucker.. I want to feel your cock in my fuck hole.. BALLS DEEP.. grinding against my pubic bone…. I want to feel it enter my cunt and poking at my fucking throat from the inside.”

Her fingers were frigging her cunt frantically. The smell of sex was heavy in the air.

Prince walked up and knelt between her open thighs… Lisa started waving her hips in the air.. stretching and gaping her cunt like a wanton sex goddess…

“I am going to push my face into that cunt and snort your fucking cunt juices till my head is swimming with your scent..” Prince rasped. “And then I am going to fill that cunt with my creamy cum….. FILL IT TILL YOU CAN SEE YOR BELLY SWELL UP WITH CUM.. and then fuck you some more till you are sweating my cum out of every bursa escort pore…. You hear that fuck-slut.. YOU WILL BE SWEATING MY CUM OUT OF EVERY PORE..”

Lisa grunted hard like an animal. She leaned forward and hissed “Do it motherfucker… DO IT… Fuck this cunt like an animal… FUCK it till its gaping and full of cum.. FUCK the shit out of my cunt till I am squirting juice and piss all over the fucking room. FUCK ME BASTARD!”

Prince climbed on the armrest of the Chesterfield chair. Lisa moved her head up… His cock was hanging over her mouth like a Donkey cock. She felt him hold her hair and push the cock inside her mouth. She opened wide as Prince pumped the cock in and out of her open mouth.

“That’s it.. Suck that cock… EAT that fucking cock… Your mouth is my face cunt, you nasty fuck pet. It’s just another cunt for me to fuck and dump my cum in.”

Lisa could feel the cock slide in deeper and deeper.. He was fucking her throat.. gagging her.. choking her… and she was loving it. She loved to feel her mouth fucked hard. A “Skull and Throat Fuck” is what she called it. The closest thing that she knew çanakkale escort to ‘fucking my brains out’. Literally.

The throat slime was flowing freely out of her mouth.. Hanging from her chin and dripping on to her tits and body…. She rubbed it in.. Covering her fuck sweat drenched body in her own spit…

Prince could feel her throat gagging. It made her mouth milk his cock harder, squeezing around it. His balls were slapping her chin. He was ramming his cock into her mouth fast and hard. Using that throat, like a cunt. He could feel her wet, spit covered hands hold his ass. Rubbing and goading him on to fuck her brains out.

He pulled his cock out of her stretched mouth. Lisa gagged hard and spat on his cock and balls, rubbing the filthy throat slime in. Prince grabbed her hair and rubbed her face all over his cock and crotch….

“Breathe that in slut…” he rasped.

Lisa could feel her face being used as a mop on Prince’s cock and balls. Her fingers were desperately fucking and frigging her cunt. She wanted more. And she knew what she wanted……

“This is going to get very dirty….” Lisa thought, with a smile on her face.


Hey, back after a long time. I thought will try something here.. I want you to send across scenarios you would like to read from here on. Keep it dirty, and keep it kinky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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