Giantess on the Subway Ch. 02

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Jake stared up at her towering figure in disbelief. He didn’t know what to do. She extended her left arm out. Just before she managed to grab him, he ducked away.

“You can’t just run away. I haven’t had enough fun yet.” She said, walking towards him. He continued backing up. She began to get impatient and moved towards him more quickly. Her throbbing cock needed him.

Jake turned around and began running. She jumped after him and caught his jacket. She spun him around, lifted him off the ground with one arm, and let him struggle in mid air. She loved it when her prey struggled.

She was about to tear off his clothes when an announcement came through.

Final stop.

She dropped him on the ground and ran back to fetch her clothes. She quickly put them on and returned to Jake.

“Looks like you were saved by the bell.”

Jake looked up to her, unable to form words.

She continued: “I’m here every Tuesday, when the subway’s almost empty. If you’re not a pussy, come back next week and we’ll finish this. Or are you scared?”

Jake was more scared than ever in his life, but he said nothing.

“Hm? You scared?” She tapped his chest with her index finger.

“No.” he finally stammered.

“Good. That way I still have some work to do.”

They both left the subway. She gave him a wink before turning to go the other way. He watched her ass sway as she walked.

On his way home he tried comprehending what had just happened. He remembered her taking pictures to upload them… But upload them where?

As soon as he got home, he turned on his computer and began searching for a futanari blog or camshow website. Sure enough, he found one.

He clicked on the link.

The website had several tabs at the top: “Live show”, “Timeline”, “About me” and “Picture gallery.”

He clicked on “Picture gallery.”

There were no images to show. He had to first create an account.

He went back and clicked on “About me.” There was a short paragraph that read:

“Hey there! My name’s Sophie* and I’m a futanari. But I guess you already knew that. I’m 22 years old and a pretty big girl at 6’7” (still growing!) I upload all kinds of sexual stuff. Have a look around if there’s anything you like 😉 If not, oh well.

*Not my real name.”

Jake had no doubt in his mind that it was her. He clicked on “Timeline”, upon which a graph appeared:

“I started recording my height and weight two years ago, in March 2014.


March: 5’10 – 135lbs

November: 5’11 – 142lbs


May: 6’1 – 177lbs

July: 6’2 – 212lbs

September: 6’4 – 290lbs


January: 6’5 – 329lbs

April: 6’7 – 376lbs

Jake couldn’t believe it. She grew 7 inches and gained over 200lbs in a year! erzincan escort But how? And she wasn’t even overweight!

He clicked on “Live show.”

“Sophie is going live in 1 hour. Log in or create an account to view.”

Jake now knew how she made a living. So that’s what she meant with “actress.” He needed to find out if it was really her. He had little doubt, but he wanted to be absolutely sure.

14.99$ a month. He decided to do it. He created the account and went back to view the picture gallery. The first pictures he saw were those she took of the woman in the subway. He continued scrolling. For a whole hour he looked at the pictures. He even watched a video of her jacking herself off and then cumming into a bucket, filling it to the brim. He found the imagery so arousing that he began jacking himself off under the table.

Then he received a notification that her show was now live.

The show consisted of a camera view of her sitting in a seat, her naked body from her breasts down to her thighs on display. She was holding her 12 inch cock and slowly stroking it. Viewers could pay money and request her to perform sexual acts on camera.

A request for 25 dollars came in: She should flex her thighs.

Jake was shocked. 25 dollars for her to just flex her thighs? It was still early in the stream and he couldn’t wait what else she would do.

She accepted the request and leaned back in her chair. She straightened out her legs. Jake watched as her thighs slowly grew in size. They widened as she tensed her muscles. This was incredible. Jake was completely hypnotized. By the time she fully flexed them, they had expanded to massive proportions. She relaxed and tensed them up a couple times. He watched her muscles dance. This was absolutely worth 25 dollars.

The next request came in, for 50 dollars: She should put on a condom and then break it by ejaculating in it.

She reached for a condom and held it out in front of the camera. It was a very large condom, but Jake somehow thought it might not fit that well. She began pulling the condom over her hard cock. She had it on completely, but the condom didn’t cover her cock all the way to the base.

“If you want me to cum, that’s 200$.” She said. Almost immediately, the 200$ were donated.

She started pumping her cock so hard that the camera began to shake. Jake’s own cock was hard again and he began jacking himself off as well.

She let out a loud moan as ropes of a thick white cream inflated the condom. She held the condom at its base to prevent cum from leaking out. The condom was being blown up like a balloon. She stood up and let the filled condom dangle down, now almost touching the floor. Suddenly it burst apart. A huge splash hit the ground, soaking her legs. Jake couldn’t take erzurum escort it anymore and came himself.

But she was not done cumming. She let go of her cock and pointed it straight out, letting it continue to shoot like a fire hose. Jake watched the throbbing of her cock in shock.

Eventually her ejaculation died down and she fell back into her seat with a sigh.

She moved closer to the camera and lifted her cock up, which was still hard. She held it in place in front of the camera. Then it started to grow. Jake couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Her 12 inch cock was growing even larger. About 10 seconds later it stopped.

She reached for a ruler and held it up against her cock.

“Yep, 14 inches.”

She didn’t even finish speaking when the next request was issued for 100$: She should try to lick the tip of her cock.

She leaned forward and stuck her tongue out. Her lips graced the head of her cock and she began swirling her tongue around it.

“To see me give myself a proper blowjob you’ll have to wait a while. My cock’s not quite long enough for that.”

Another donation for 100$: “Titfuck.”

She pushed her cock against her chest and enveloped it with her giant breasts. Her cock disappeared in her huge bosom. She rubbed herself up and down for about a minute and pinched her nipples. Her areola were probably the size of Jake’s palm.

The next donation requested her to cum in her mouth, for a whopping 400$.

She pushed her chair out of the way, tilted the camera down, and lay on the floor. Her full naked body head to toe, was on display. Jake’s cock made an involuntary spasm at the sight. She leaned forward, causing her abs to flex. She began violently jacking herself off again. The floor shook. After about a minute, she pointed her cock at her mouth and stuck out her tongue. The first thick rope of cum shot directly in her mouth. She held her cock still and let it continue ejaculating. Jake could see she was having trouble keeping up with swallowing, which pushed him over the edge. He came as well, for the third time today. Cum hit her face and began flowing out of her mouth and down her breasts and belly. When the ejaculation finally ended her upper body was covered in cum. She slowly stood back up and put both hands on her stomach.

“Ahh, I’m so full.”

She sat back down on the chair and held her cock still. Sure enough, it grew again. She held the ruler against it.

“16 inches.”

She relaxed into her chair.

“This was tough. I don’t think I’ve ever squirted this much before.”

She slowly stroked her cock. Jake had to see how much more she could grow. He decided to donate 400$. Half of his college savings.

“Twice in one night really is tough. I’m done for today. Thank you so much to everyone esat escort who donated. Love you all. Goodnight.”

Just as the stream was about to end, Jake’s 400$ showed up on the screen: “Masturbate and cum.”

She sat up in her seat.

“That would make me grow a lot.”

Jake’s cock jumped when she said that.

“Fine. I’ll do it. But then we’re done.”

She put both hands on her cock and began rubbing up and down. She sped up and started moaning loudly. Eventually she reached climax and the first rope of cum shot out of her cock, with much more force than before. Cum shot out like a fountain. She finished ejaculating and held her cock in front of the camera again.

It grew again, although this time much more quickly and for much longer. She let out loud moans as her cock expanded in length – and in width.

When it finally stopped growing it had reached extreme proportions, even for her. She held the ruler against her cock, but it wasn’t long enough.

“Oh my god. And this ruler’s 20 inches.” She reached for a tape measure and read out the length.

“22 inches.”

She held her cock at its base and felt it’s weight.

“So heavy, too.”

She stood up and turned to the side, the full length of her cock on display.

Jake shivered at the thought of that thing being inside anyone.

She sat back down.

“Alright, but now I’m going offline. Thanks so much everyone. Have a good night.”

The stream ended.

But Jake couldn’t get enough of her. He went back to the picture gallery when he received another notification:

“You received 200 tokens for donating 400$!”

Jake clicked on the link. Tokens were apparently a type of currency that were earned by donating money during the stream, 10 for every month he had paid membership, and 5 for every ten minutes he watched her live stream. Additionally, he could buy things from her online store, where every purchase granted 20 tokens. She sold items such as panties she had worn.

The tokens could then be exchanged for special content such as videos, pictures, and one on one chats with live camera.

Jake checked his account balance. He had 210 tokens: 200 for donating the money, 10 for his first month membership. He needed 40 more tokens to unlock a video of her deadlifting 600lbs naked, and a couple other strange demonstrations of her physical strength.

Over the next few days Jake spent hours on her website, watching her live stream and scrolling through pictures and videos of her. He checked the timeline again. A new entry was made for May 2015:

“6’10” – 388lbs”

Jake had trouble believing that. She had apparently grown… Again. How was this possible? She was now a full foot taller than him…

Monday night Jake sat down to watch her stream again.

She definitely looked… Larger.

He felt nervous thinking of tomorrow, but he was still going to go through with it. This was an experience he couldn’t miss. He was both excited and frightened at the thought of seeing her new height.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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