Holly’s Golden Introduction

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It was early September, and I’d just started a new evening class at our local college. The class wasn’t large, but most of the others were men in their fifties and sixties, and a few women of similar age. Holly was the only exception, a young and attractive girl, who I noticed immediately. She was of average height, but with a rather narrow, boyish figure, and small breasts. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was very fair and wispy, and usually rather wind-blown, giving her a sexy “just fucked” look. This was accentuated by the girlish summer dress she wore, showing off bare tanned legs, very shapely. Though I was by no means especially young myself, 40 next birthday, I felt she was more “my type” than any of the others, and she must have felt the same way, because the very first evening, during coffee break, she seemed to seek me out and start chatting. She was a charming girl, very cheerful and bubbly, and I was instantly attracted. She told me she was fairly new to the city, and was joining a class to help make some friends as well as learn something. At the end of the first evening, she asked which way I was headed, and since my bus stop was on her way, but the other side of the park, she asked if I would walk with her through the park. Naturally I obliged and we found much to chat about. At the other side of the park I wished her good night and said I’d see her next week. With a cheerful wave, she was gone. The following week it was the same, and the week after, but the fourth week, I started to feel she was flirting more obviously with me during class, and she started to make little risqué remarks when we were alone, like how she wished she could find a boyfriend as she was “gagging for it”, and saying her only friend was battery powered! I definitely was starting to fancy her with a vengeance, but our age gap made me hesitate – I couldn’t really imagine she was interested in an older guy like me, so I treated her flirting and her charm as just a bit of fun for class.

I had learned that she was 25, and just temping at the moment. The class would help her get a better job perhaps, she thought. She shared a flat with another girl, a student called Anna, but otherwise she hadn’t told me too much about her. After class, we walked across the park as usual, but this night, Holly said why didn’t we sit and chat a while, so we found a bench and sat down. At first the conversation was the same as usual, but gradually it turned to more personal matters. We discussed some of our previous relationships, and then the subject turned to sex. I was enjoying myself, and she was too – each pushing the other to say a little more, go a little further. She told me a few of the things she liked, and I was getting very turned on, and I could sense she was too, moving closer and touching my leg and arm as we sat together. Eventually, the inevitable happened and we started to kiss and cuddle. We were a little self-conscious at first but soon we were kissing passionately, forgetting the rest of the world.

After a while, I spoke. “Are you sure you want this Holly? I mean… an old codger like me?”

Holly giggled. “You’re not that old.. besides, I like older guys.. maybe you can teach me some new things!” she said.

“Like what?”

“Oh, I dunno.. you must have had loads of experience?”

I smiled. “Maybe”. After a pause I said “You know my taste in sex can be… shall we say, a little unusual at times”

Holly laughed. “Cool!, what sort of unusual?” I hesitated to say anything, very aware of some of my occasional fetishes, not wanting to spoil the chance of having any sort of sexy fun with Holly. She must have sensed my hesitancy, and preempted me. “I like a few kinky things too” she said. I looked at her quizically. She laughed again, her charming girlish laugh. “I sometimes like it up the bum…” Giggles. “My last boyfriend introduced me, got me quite into it…” I smiled, kissing her. “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?” she asked. Well, what a question – should I tell her the truth?

“What about you?”, I stalled, laughing.

“Not fair, I asked first!! Look, I don’t care if you like to fuck goats or something, I like you a lot, so what?”
Well, she sure had a way of getting to the heart of the matter, putting me straight away at ease, so I said “Oh, nothing like that – no animals, or anything nasty”.

“Go on..” she urged.

“Well, this one girl, we were in a pub, drinking quite a few beers…. well, when we walked home, we were in a secluded lane, and kissing and cuddling when she suddenly said she needed to go for a pee. I don’t know why, but I suddenly knelt and lifted her skirt, dropped her panties, and started to eat her pussy…” I was telling her this as I write it now, without much embellishment. Holly was listening, rapt. “Anyway, there I was with my face in her crotch, her knickers around her ankles, when she just started to piss herself.. I just carried on, letting it flood my face, drinking some… when she finished I was giving her clit such a sucking and licking she just came on the spot. I was soaked!” There was a pause, Holly said nothing. “That’s the kinkiest thing I’ve probably done” I finished.

“Wow… that’s so… horny!!” she said, at last. I was so relieved, fearing that she would have found it too much. “To just let her pee over you like that.. it’s really sexy and wild. I’ve never tried anything like that… though one of my exes liked to watch me pee on the loo sometimes… but we never took it any further”. She seemed genuinely turned on, her voice sounding a little breathless and her face flushed in the light of a nearby street-lamp. I kissed her again, passionately, squeezing her thigh gently and moving my hand towards her crotch. She parted her legs, kissing me ardently. I felt under her skirt, feeling the warm moist mossy gusset of her knickers. She moaned quietly, parting her legs further. I slipped a finger under the edge of her panties, feeling izmit escort for her hot pussy – it was absolutely slick with juice, feeling smooth and very slippery. I couldn’t be sure, but it felt as though she were shaved, or else had very fine hair indeed. Holly gasped as I found the opening of her vagina, pushing a finger inside, rubbing her clit and hole.

“God you’re so wet!” I cried, letting her tongue enter my mouth once again, allowing her to rock her pelvis against my hand as she sat.

“You turn me on so much!” she mumbled, unable to break off kissing as she spoke. Her hands were fumbling for my belt and flies, and soon she had my trousers open, rubbing my rock-solid cock firmly through my underpants. I shifted so she could free it, and it sprang out, oozing wet. She started to masturbate me, still kissing, then broke off to take it in her mouth. She gave wonderful head, fast and smooth, and I felt I could hardly take it much longer, when she stopped… “Oh! You’re shaved down there too!” she squealed. “Me too!” It was true – my cock and balls and most of the surrounding area was totally shaved. “I love it, you have such a beautiful cock!” she said. “Darling, I want to do everything with you – I want us to suck and fuck and piss and do anything you want to do…” the words were tumbling out, she was almost crazy with lust. I have to say I felt exactly the same… “Let me pee for you!” she suddenly said, sitting up and opening her legs. Before I could say anything, she pulled her panties to one side, and after a few seconds, started to urinate over the grass in front of us, the stream glinting in the lights of the park, arcing out of her glistening pussy. I was transfixed – I find the sight of a woman peeing in such a lewd fashion an immense turn-on, and I started to wank myself, watching. I leaned over and kissed her again, feeling down and spreading her pussy open with two fingers, causing her piss stream to wobble and arc even higher. As it subsided, I started to masturbate her clit, tonguing her mouth deeply, willing her to cum.. I didn’t have to wait long, feeling her breath start to come in fast rasping gasps, her body shuddering and heaving. Her pussy was utterly sodden and I could have sworn I felt a warm squirt of liquid as she finally edged over into full orgasm, grabbing me around the neck and pulling me tight to her, her breath hot and ragged in my ear. I held her tight, cuddling her as she came down.

After what seemed a very long time, she spoke. “God that was wonderful… and I needed it!” She smiled, straightening up her clothes. “Now what about you?” My cock was jutting out, stiff as a pole, and leaking juice profusely. “Why don’t we go back to my place?” she suggested, “It’s getting a little chilly” Well, I didn’t need to be asked twice, so I pulled up my trousers, and off we went, hand in hand…

That night was a wonderful evening of beautiful sex, but nothing more was said about kinky stuff, though in the private of her bedroom, I did discover Holly’s gorgeous shaved pussy – totally bald and smooth, always glistening wet, and with very small, perfectly formed inner lips that were hidden from view when her legs were closed, which, to be honest, wasn’t often! Holly must have very fine pubic hair because there was virtually no stubble at all.

We planned to meet for a meal the following evening, and Holly seemed to be knocking back quite a few beers! When I commented she simply smiled and said, “Oh, maybe we can share them again later”. Well, I knew I was in for a huge treat! We talked, once again the subject eventually turning to sex. “What’s your wildest fantasy?” she asked me. Well I doubted that I could tell her that at this stage, but watered it down to suit the mood…

“Well, you know about my pee kink…” she nodded, grinning, her eyes shining with lust, “so that.. with two women maybe.. one riding my cock, the other sitting on my face” I trailed off, thinking this sounded a bit lame, but Holly was running with it.

“Ooh, naughty… two women. Well, I must admit I have a few lesbian fantasies” she said, “but never actually tried it.. well, not since I was at school. Most girls experiment at one time.. or maybe that was just me!” she laughed. “My flatmate, Anna, she’s quite sexy I think.. you’ll meet her soon I expect. She’s half Vietnamese. We sometimes flirt a little, and have quite horny chats.. but it’s just girly talk”. Holly smiled, and I felt her legs rubbing mine under the table. The thought of Holly with another girl was making me hard, not to mention everything else we’d talked about and the anticipation of the evening to come. I could hardly wait to finish and get out of there!

Returning to Holly’s flat, it was quite obvious that she needed to pee really badly, but was trying not to show it. “Don’t worry darling, if you need to go, go.. I’m sure there will be plenty!”

Holly giggled, then a pained look came on her face, trying not to laugh she said “Oooh, don’t make me laugh or I will piss myself!”. I caught her eye with a knowing look. “All right… you asked for it!” she said, looking around furtively. The street was deserted. She stooped moving and stood suddenly still, her legs planted slightly apart. Before I really knew what was happening there came a loud splattering as her urine hit the pavement, and I could see a silvery stream cascading down directly between her legs. Boy, she really needed it! It gushed downwards with some force, loudly splashing, and a big dark puddle spread rapidly around her. Her face was a picture, her head tilted upwards slightly, her lips parted in an ecstatic sigh, a hint of a smile, her eyes locked with mine. I looked down again to watch, and she lifted her short thin skirt, revealing skimpy, silky white panties, the piss just gushing straight through them! My cock jerked to attention, and I hunkered down to get a better look. At closer range, I could smell the faint pissy smell in the steam rising kadıköy escort from the puddle, and watched fascinated as golden trickles of Holly’s wee ran down her legs, making silvery tracks in the half light, running into her strappy summer shoes, then finally adding to the puddle. I could bear it no longer – I pulled her to me roughly with both hands and pushed my open mouth over her sopping wet mound, immediately feeling her warm piss flood my mouth and run down my chin. It tasted very faint, slightly nutty, and I drank her greedily, my cock straining painfully inside my pants. I gulped her wee down as fast as I could, moving to catch as much as possible without spilling it, my total lust for her made me oblivious to the street and whether anyone could see – I just did not care. All too soon she was spent and I was sucking hard at her panties, trying to wring every last drop out, tasting the wetness change from piss to pussy juice – Holly was flooding with excitement now.Finally the spell was broken as we heard distant footsteps, and standing up again, kissing her as her skirt fell back to cover the scene of the crime, we just ran like crazy the rest of the distance to the flat, laughing like mad the whole way!

As soon as we were inside, Holly went to the kitchen and filled two pint glasses with water. Handing me one, she said “Insurance!”, and clinking glasses, she started to drink hers down, almost all in one go. She finished hers with a gasp, then refilled her glass from the tap. “What are you waiting for?” she said, drinking her second glass. I smiled and drank my pint down, pausing half way for breath. “More!” she cried, when I finished, and I refilled mine. She finished her second, more slowly this time, and refilled for a third time. “I’ll bring this for later” she said. She led me then straight to the bedroom. She’d been busy! The bed had been stripped and a large plastic sheet had been laid over the mattress, with a couple of towels on top and a final sheet over all of it to make it comfortable to lie on. She had pulled up the rug, exposing the whole of the wooden parquet floor, and a pile of towels were stacked on her dresser. “Welcome to my little slut’s piss-parlour!” Holly said, laughing. “I want to do everything with you, the wetter the better!” I grabbed her and we kissed passionately, wildly – I could hardly believe this young sweet girl was so totally into my kinky desires. As we kissed, Holly pulled her dress up and over her head, standing in nothing but her bra and sopping wet panties, which, I could now see, had a distinct yellow stain where she had wet them. I reached around and unclasped the bra, casting it aside and revealing her small but very pert and firm tits, with large slightly puffy nipples. I bent and took one gently in my mouth, sucking on it and tickling the tip lightly with my tongue. I felt Holly stiffen and shudder, a girly gasp came from her moist lips. Her nipple erected instantly, and I moved to stiffen the other one. Holly stood as I sucked her tits, lifting her arms over her head, raising her hair in waves and moaning softly. After a few minutes I quicky stripped, pulling off my clothes with undue haste and tossing them aside. I stood in front of Holly stark naked, my shaved cock as hard as a rock, sticking straight up vertically in front of me. We embraced, kissing, running our hands through each other hair. I could feel her wet panties cool against my hot cock. I moved my hands down, feeling her wet crotch, cool where the piss was evaporating, but hot and sticky in the crevice of her cunt. I could bear it no longer – I pulled her knickers down to her knees, then resuming our embrace felt my cock find the heat of her pussy, then, without resistance or barely conscious movement, it slipped inside her slippery slit. She gasped as she felt me plunge right up into her, no resistance, yet the sudden force of my cock opening her caught her with a wave of pleasure – later she said it was all she could do not to come there and then. We stood quite still, just kissing, in a hard embrace, for many minutes, just savouring the feeling of our bodies locked together, my cock buried deep inside her cunt, our hairless pubic bones pressed together, oozing with slippery wetness, each heartbeat jerking my cock slightly, throbbing inside her. As we stood, I gradually became aware of the need to pee, building rapidly – no wonder with all that water not to mention the beer I had drunk plus the pee I’d had already! Not being one who has ever had a problem peeing with a hard-on, I wondered what she’d if I just started to pee… well, so be it, she had said she wanted to try everything hadn’t she? Still kissing, I let the feeling build and build, until there was no choice but to pee… I felt it run through my tubes to the end of my cock, then squirt out, filling her cunt. For a second there was no reaction from Holly, then suddenly she stopped kissing and looked at me amazed. “You’re pissing!!” she squealed, leaning back to look at the point where our bodies joined. There was not yet any sign of it, but it was still coming out, I knew that! Holly gasped with delight, savouring the feeling of my piss filling her pussy and expanding it outwards. Suddenly the pressure was too much, and a great gush of water squirted out around my cock, soaking my balls and thighs and hitting the floor with a splash. Then another and another. Holly was laughing with the sheer silliness of our kinky play, enjoying the sensation of the waves of water flooding out of her cunt. Then without a word she pulled herself off my cock, and fell to her knees in front of me. Released, my cock sprang upwards, sending a huge cascade of wee right over her head and onto the bed. She grabbed it, and aimed it down so that my pee washed across her tits and belly. Her eyes were half closed in ecstasy, her body bent back to enjoy the rivers of warm urine that sluiced over her. I continued to pee – I’d held kahramanmaraş escort it so long there was plenty, plus with a hard-on the flow was quite slow – as Holly sat back on the floor, leaning backwards, bringing her legs up and open, exposing her pretty little pussy. She guided my cock down – quite a sharp angle now! – so the pee squirted against her clit, making her jump, until she found the perfect spot, letting my stream stimulate her in just the right place. Finally, she seemed to come to as if from a dream, and with a moment’s hesitation, opened her mouth and moved to catch the flow, letting it fill her mouth and flood out over her lips and chin. She looked up and caught my amazed look, and smiled, open-mouthed. All too soon I was spent, and she squirted the last bit of pee from her mouth over my cock.

Finally, she spoke “Hmm, doesn’t taste as bad as I thought! Maybe I could get to like it”

“It’s very weak” I said, “all that water and your pee! Better that way…”

“It’s fine… I want to do everything you want to do, try new things… if you like to drink, I will try it too. C’mon, let’s get on the bed”. She led me over, dripping from where she’d been sitting in the puddle, and suddenly I felt such a wonderful feeling for this sexy girl – like I’d finally found my kinky soulmate…. well, who knew?

For a while we fucked in every conceivable position, me on top, her on top, doggy style, my cock just couldn’t keep out of her beautiful cunt, her smooth lips framing the dark crevice, occasionally flashing a deep red when she opened her legs wide. But I knew she must need to pee, all that water and beer! We turned again, she lay once mor eon her back, legs wide open. I went to enter her, but she stopped me, reaching over to her bedside table and retrieving a bottle of lube. She smiled, catching my bemused look, then rubbed a generous handful of lube into her anus, then the remainder on my cock. “Try here darling” was all she said. I lifted her legs and my cock pushed against her tight brown hole. I heard her wince and tense, then smiled and relaxed, letting me slip inside, slowly and carefully. “Oh god!!!” she yelled, pulling me into her “fuck my arsehole darling, fuck me like a slut!!”. I started to fuck her, her hole feeling very tight around my cock, but she was loving it, pulling her legs up and open with her arms to give me better access, her ankles either side of her sweet, flushed face. She started to frig herself violently as I fucked her bumhole, occasionally plunging fingers into her gaping vagina. She was lost in a frenzy of lust, it was all I could do to keep up. Then she spread open her pussy as wide as possible – I could see her exposed clit hard shiny and purple, and the vagina oozing with white juice. Then she began to pee! Her peehole suddenly opened, shutting off the vagina, and a thick jet of hot piss shot out all over my stomach – god that felt good! I leaned back and pushed her forward a little, angling the pee upwards until it was making a huge fountain, higher than my head, and falling back over her belly, cunt, legs and chest, flooding the bed, my cock still wedged tight up her arsehole. I pushed her forward a little more, and the arc angled forward, over her chest and neck, then hitting her face. Holly screamed with laughter, and opened her mouth to catch it, as before letting it fill her mouth and run over, soaking her hair behind her. Then I saw her swallow, and swallow again – she was drinking her own piss! I pulled her back, this time moving the fountain towards me, and it was now my turn to catch her wee in my mouth, drinking it greedily. By rocking her back and forth, we took it in turns to drink from her cunt fountain, until finally, the pressure diminished and the pee lazily bubbled up and filled her pussy, flowing down over my cock and onto the bed. We were soaked. I leaned forward and lay on top of her, feeling the warm wee squelching between us, and kissed her tenderly, still slowly fucking her arsehole. After some time, I could feel the need to pee once more, so pulled out and rolled to her side. We still kissed, enjoying making love in such a wild kinky manner. As we kissed, I started to pee, angling my cock to piss over her tits, then finally into our faces as we kissed, letting piss into our mouths and exchanging it. The bed was a lake of pee now – the plastic sheets retaining the water and the towels utterly saturated. We didn’t care – it was time to cum. I entered her pussy once more and began to fuck her, slowly, considerately, making her feel every thrust, the piss beneath her lapping in waves with the motion, wetting her hair, squelching obscenely when trapped beneath thrusting buttocks and legs. She was starting to cum – I whispered obscene phrases which sent her wild, calling her a pissy slut – then finally she went over the edge, her orgasm locking her body rigid, her breathing stopped, then suddenly heaving in great gasping sobs, grabbing me roughly, and the noise! She was almost screaming with pleasure, moaning and crying, telling me over and over to fuck, fuck, fuck!!! I kissed her neck, mouth, breasts, anything I could find, pushing my cock deep into her again and again, lifting her legs to get it even deeper, ramming it in, keeping her cumming as long as I could. Finally, it was over, and she started to relax, gasping for air, rolling left and right trying to recover. I held her tight, kissing her gently, bringing her down. I pulled out and rolled next to her , cuddling, gently caressing her pussy, careful not to touch the over sensitive clit. As she recovered and started to make more sense her kisses became more passionate, loving… Then as one last, almost exhausted gesture, she opened her legs a little and started to urinate once more – up and over the end of the bed, onto the floor, a huge, lovely arc of female wee. I watched it abstractly, following the arc slowly out to where it landed, adding to the earlier puddles on the floor, slopping noisily… my eye suddenly caught a dark figure in the shadows near the door, which we’d left ajar in our earlier haste… I turned, caught the dark flashing eyes of a beautiful young asiatic woman, standing watching us, one hand in her panties, the other leaning against the wall unsteadily. She smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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