-~In the Basement~- chapter 2(finished)

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As soon as he had said it my mouth was being filled with his cum. I swallowed his first shot and he came again and again. Finally after a few more spurts he was done and I swallowed all of his cum. I sucked his dick a few seconds longer and raised up. I was gasping for air and so was he. He was sprawled out across my bed looking gave out.
“That. Was. Amazing.” I said, licking my lips. He raised up and looked at me. I smiled. He smiled wearily back at me. He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, then my cheek, then my neck. He bit my neck and I threw my head back and moaned. He bit it again and I moaned again. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back onto my back next to him and he rolled onto me. He ran his fingers along my chest and played with my nipples. I bit my lip. “Now it’s your turn.” He said….

Logan Williams was my best friend turned lover. I love him and he loved me. We started this relationship just two whole days ago, and I had just sucked his dick. Now he was about to return the favor…

He kissed my neck and then down my chest to my nipple, he paused there and took it in his mouth. I watched him as he licked all around my nipple and bit it lightly, I couldn’t help but moan. After a few more seconds he started kissing down my stomach down to my crotch, like I did to him. He took my dick in his hand and started stroking it. He licked the underside from the base of it all the way to head and licked around it.

I felt him close his lips around the head of my dick and I moaned louder. I felt like I was already about to cum. He took almost all six inches of me at once and I felt my dick slide into his throat. I almost lost it, I moaned and almost screamed. It felt so good. Logan wasn’t bothered by my size at all. He started sucking up and down and played with my balls. He slid his mouth all the way down to the base of my shaft with every down motion. I moaned again louder. “I’m… about to cum!” I moaned. He started moving his head faster. I ran my fingers through his hair and gripped it. I pushed him down and thrusted into him and almost screamed as I came into his mouth and down his throat. He licked my head up and down with his tongue and sucked the last bit of cum out of me.

I was breathing heavily and realized I still had a firm grip on Logan’s hair. I let it go and he crawled up next to me and laid on his back and looked at me. “You’re right,” he said. “That WAS amazing.” I looked back at him and kissed his lips.
“I love you.” I whispered.
“I love you too.” He whispered back. He kissed me and I kissed back. We let our tongues explore each other’s mouths again for a bit. Then we laid back and stared up at the ceiling.

-~-~-~ -~-~-~ -~-~-~

Later, Logan and I eventually got up and got dressed again. We went into the kitchen and found something to eat and went back into my room to watch TV. After finishing our snack, Logan decided to take a shower, so he went upstairs to shower. I went upstairs and found the phone. I called my mom. She escort service didn’t answer so left a voicemail: “hey, it’s me. Do you mind if Logan stays over? And when are you and dad going to be home? Love you, bye.”

I sat on the couch to wait. A few minutes later, the phone rang. It was mom. “Hello.”
“Hey, Daniel.”
“As long as your room is clean, I don’t care if he stays over. Plus, your father and I have to work late, so you have to find your own food. Sorry.”
“That’s okay. My room is clean. And thanks, that’s all I needed.”
“Okay. Love you, gotta go.”
“Okay, bye.”
I hung up. And about that time, Logan stepped out of the bathroom. His towel was around his neck and he was clothed. Figures. “Hey, I asked if you could stay over, mom said she didn’t care. They won’t be back until late, so I figured we could ride over to your house so you can get what you need.”
“Okay. I’ll get ready.”
“I will too.”
We both slipped on our shoes and went outside. It had cooled off significantly from earlier today. It was about 5:30 now and we got on our bikes and headed to Logan’s house.

We got there pretty quickly. We went inside and he asked his mom to stay over, to which she said yes, since he had always asked fairly frequently. Logan and I went up to his room on the second floor. He opened his door and we went in. As he got his stuff together, I was remembering the other day when I came in and he was sitting on his bed with a pillow hugged tightly to his chest. I remembered that first kiss. Logan snapped me out of the memory. “Okay, I’m ready.”
“Okay. Let’s roll.” I said and we said goodbye to his mom and rode back to my house. The ride back had taken longer since we had stop so Logan could piss. But we got back and Logan put his stuff in my room. I told him I was going to shower. And left him in the living room.

About halfway through my shower, I heard Logan come in the bathroom. “What are you doing?” I said over the sound of the shower.
“Oh just wandering.” He laughed.
“Wandering where?” I played along.
“Oh, I don’t know..” He stepped in front of the shower and I could see him standing there through the ripply, steamy glass. I slid the door back and he was standing there naked. “Oh my.” He laughed. “I’ve been caught.”
“Yes, it appears you will have to join me in this prison.” I laughed too.
“So it seems.” He said and stepped into the shower. I let him stand under the water.
“Now then, prisoner, what shall we do with you?” I said.
“I hope I don’t get punished.” He played along, holding his hand up to his mouth.
“Oh, you will.” I said dropping the game. I stepped towards him and pinned him against the shower wall. I put my hands on both sides of him. I kissed him hard. He kissed back hard too. His hand fell on my chest. I held it there with my hand for a minute and I squeezed it. “Your punishment is me.”
“Oh, I see.” He said. “Well just let me pick up this soap that has fallen.” He picked up a bar of soap and let it fall onto the floor. He slid down independent escort dubai with his hand now on my stomach. He was on his knees and my dick was growing in front of his face. He immediately took it in his mouth and started sucking it. I was fully hard now and I was thrusting a bit.

He grabbed ahold of my legs and started pushing my hips into his face. His hands moved up to my ass. He squeezed both cheeks. One hand slid down to my balls, the other stayed and started pushing at my hole. He slipped his finger into my ass hole and started sliding it in and out. It felt really good. And he kept on sucking me and I kept on thrusting my dick down his throat. I hadn’t realized he didn’t have a gag reflex until now. I noticed before, but it didn’t click because I was to caught up in the moment… But he fingered my ass and I moaned out loud. “Oh god. Yes that feels great, prisoner.” I said and grabbed his head, pushing it down onto me harder. I started thrusting harder. He fingered me faster. He took all of me into his mouth and kept on with his fingering. “Alright, prisoner, now I want to do something a little more ‘insertive.'” I let go of his hair and he stood up.
“Are you thinking what I know you’re thinking?”
“Yes. If that is ‘me fucking you.'” I said looking him in his blue eyes.
“Yes it is.” He said gazing back into mine. “I want you to fuck me.”
“My pleasure.”

I grabbed his waist and pulled him closer and kissed him hard. Then, I spun him around to face the wall and I grabbed the baby oil that was in the shower. I squirted some on my hand, my dick, and his ass. I rubbed it down to his hole and pushed a finger in. He clenched lightly around my finger but he relaxed. I started sliding it in and out. Logan moaned. I put in a second finger and he moaned again. I fingered him for a few moments and I pulled them out and stroked my dick for a second. I put more oil on it and rubbed his ass one more time and pressed my dick up to his hole. I stepped a bit closer. I pushed my head at him and it slid in. I felt his ass clench around the head and then relax. I started sliding it in a little at a time and pulling out to my head and sliding it in a little deeper each time. He moaned even loader. I eventually had all of me in him. I moaned too. I pulled back and thrusted into him. He gasped and he clenched around me again. But he relaxed. I thrusted again and again a little harder. I moaned and so did he. I started to move faster now and harder. I moaned and he moaned even louder.

I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me with each thrust. I kept pushing into him harder. He was obviously enjoying it, he was moaning with each thrust. He started stroking his dick. With one hand I smacked his ass. He moaned louder. A few thrusts later I was about to explode. “Logan!” I moaned. “I’m about to cum. Can I cum in you?”
“Oh god, yes, please, Daniel! Cum in my ass!” He was almost screaming. I thrusted my dick into him as hard as I could, pushing him into the wall. I held it there cumming all into Escort Girl Dubai him. It was the most powerful climax I’d ever experience. “Oh fuck!” I yelled. My knees almost gave out. “Logan, I love you. So much..” I said, catching my breath.
“I love you too, Daniel..” I slid my still hard dick out of him. Even after I just came, I was still horny.

“Logan, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me like your bitch.” I told him. “Will you?”
“With pleasure.” he said “but can we get out first, it’s starting to get cold?”
“Sure.” I laughed. We both stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel.

After we dried off, we wrapped the towels around ourselves and went back to my room. We didn’t bother with clothes. I locked my door and walked back to my bed and sat on the edge. I pulled Logan over in front of me and grabbed his semi-hard dick and put it in my mouth and pushed my head down as far as I could without choking. I sucked his dick with pleasure. I wanted it in me. “I want it now.” I told him, looking him in the eyes. I turned over onto my stomach and got on my hands and knees. Logan stepped closer and spit on my ass hole. He wiped his finger in it and pushed it in my ass slowly at first. Allowing me to get used to the feel. I relaxed as much as I could, preparing myself for his 7 inch dick. He pulled out his finger and I heard him spit again, presumably on his dick. He pressed the head against my ass and pushed in the head. It hurt, but it also felt good. I felt him pull it out and spit on it again and wipe it up and down his shaft. He pushed in his head again. It hurt a bit less this time. He slid In about another inch and a half and slid it out until the head and pushed it about halfway in. I moaned loudly. “You like that?” He said, and smacked my ass. It stung for a moment but was overrun by him slamming his entire dick into my ass. I screamed and it slowly turned into a moan. He kept thrusting in and out of my ass fast, ignoring my pleasure screams. I moaned with each of his thrusts. He pounded my ass and it felt so good. I grabbed my dick and started stroking it. His dick in my ass felt so good. He slammed his hips into my ass hard. I loved every inch of him. “Daniel!” He moaned. “Oh, god, Daniel. I’m gonna… Cum any second now!”
“Cum in my ass!” I yelled. “I want it all in me!” Sure enough he was thrusting all of his dick into me and finally,I felt a sudden burst of warmness shooting into me. It warmed my whole insides. “Oh god, Logan. That felt so good.” I moaned.

He pulled out of me and and fell onto his back beside me. I crawled up to his face and kissed him. “I love you.” I said.
“I love you too.” He replied. I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned his cum out of me, I made my way back and put on my boxers.
“I’m hungry, man. You want some food?”
“Sure. Fucking really takes it out of you, doesn’t it.”
“Yeah it does. Put on some clothes and lets get something to eat. I’ll cook it if you can find it.”
“Hell yeah.” He said.
-~-~-~ -~-~-~ -~-~-~

(This was fun to write. I hope you enjoyed this part of the story. I hope to write more of it. Leave a like if you enjoyed. And also leave some feedback. I always enjoy the comments. Thanks again. Good day.)

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