it happened by chance

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This chick goes out for a walk and meets this really incredible guy who seems to be her destiny, she goes over to his place and things are getting so wild…

A girl of about 18 was returning home from her friend’s place late at night. Her name was Alice. She was slim and pretty, with long curly brown hair and big hazel eyes. Her mouth was very tender and looked like a spring flower.

Alice’s parents went on a business trip and she had to spend a few nights alone. She hated sleeping alone in the apartment, she was afraid of that, that’s why this time she was in no hurry on her way home. She even decided to have a walk and went where her feet would take one.
Suddenly it started raining and soon Alice was wet through but her apartment was too far yet. It was hard to see anything though the streams of water.

All of a sudden a car appeared from around the corner and passing Alice splashed the waters of a big puddle at her. The driver stopped to apologize:

– I’m sorry… I haven’t seen you in the darkness. And this rain, you know… – He said opening the door of his car.

– Oh, that’s all right. I’m wet because of this rain, you haven’t done much to make my state worse, – Alice said smiling and trying to outvoice the noise of the shower.

– Get in my car. I wanna help you. We’ll drive to my place, you’ll get warm and then I’ll take you home.

The girl didn’t want to stay alone escort izmit and the man looked descent. So, she decided everything would be all right and got into the car.

His apartment was warm and cozy. Anthony (this was the name of the man) offered Alice to have a shower and gave her his light shirt to change. The girl’s mood improved a lot after the shower and soon she turned up in the living-room where Antony was waiting for her.

He was handsome: muscular shoulders and a beefy torso, a straight beautiful nose and expressive grey eyes. They started talking. As it turned out he was 25 years old and worked as a bookkeeper in a bank. His job was well-paid and he could expect a promotion soon. He also told he used to do taekwondo.

Alice told him something about her too. She was a college student and studied languages. Anthony listened to her with interest and then suddenly asked why she had been out so late. She told him about her parents and then asked if she could stay for a night in his apartment. He looked at her and asked:

– Aren’t you afraid of me?

The girl said nothing but stayed at his place.

Anthony went to the kitchen and left Alice in the living-room. She looked around. The room was very comfortable: a couple of soft coaches, an armchair, nice curtains, a big round carpet on the floor, a TV in the corner. There was also a bookcase next to the window.

Alice came izmit escort up to it and looked inside. Beside the books she saw beautiful cups and medals which Anthony had received at various competitions. She examined them carefully. For some reason the girl wanted to know more about this guy who was so kind to take her to his flat.

She was so busy with looking at the cups that didn’t notice that the man entered the room. Anthony approached to Alice quietly and embraced her waist. She gave a scream and twitched. But he whispered into her ear:

– I like you very much…

She made an attempt to resist but he was much stronger than she was. He kissed her tender neck with his hot lips… And she felt she was like a little boat while he was a stormy ocean. She felt his strength, power and it was turning her on.

The shirt she had on was soon lying on the floor helplessly and Anthony was covering the young body with hot kisses. He unhooked the bra and two nice breasts were in his hands. The girl was moaning from pleasure. Her nipples got hard and the panties became wet.

The man was moving lower and lower and soon the panties were on the floor as well. He took the girl in his arms and put her on the coach. Then he slowly took off his shirt and pants, only his boxers were still on.

Antony lay near the girl and kept on fondling her body. One hand was touching the clit while the izmit kendi evi olan escort other was working on Alice’s bust. A few more moments and the girl climaxed strongly. Her nice juices flowed down her legs. Alice felt pleasure and weakness at the same time. She didn’t want to resist any more…

The man penetrated her vagina with two fingers and was pleasing her more and more. Suddenly he touched the hymen. He looked at Alice and whispered into her ear:

– Are you ready?

– Yes, – she responded quietly.

Anthony took off his boxers and Alice saw his big phallus. She got frightened. He comforted her and said that if she relaxed it wouldn’t hurt at all. Then he set his cock head between the girl’s vulva lips and thrust inside sharply. At first Alice felt pain but a minute later the pain disappeared and all she was experiencing was enjoyment, pure enjoyment…

Antony built the tempo and went on caressing the girl’s boobs. She was moaning with pleasure… Pretty soon Alice climaxed again, this time orgasm was much richer. She felt absolutely exhausted but so happy…

To avoid undesirable circumstances Anthony pulled his cock out and ejaculated on the girl’s belly. Both of them felt great.

After that Alice went to the bathroom to wash off the blood and semen and her first man followed her. They kissed under the shower for a long time. Then they went to the bedroom and made love again.

– Can I visit you sometimes? – Alice asked Anthony lying in his arms.

– Sure, I’ll be always glad to see you, – he whispered quietly.

They fell asleep.

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