Janine’s holiday

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I arrived home for the holidays a day late and as I expected the house was empty as my parents and my younger brother had left early that morning to go to our family’s condo in the mountains. As usual we were going to spent the holidays skiing as we do every year. I was home from my first semester at college and had ten days off.

My name is Janine and I’m nineteen years old and enrolled in sociology. I’m quite petite but athletic with long black hair and a very shapely figure. I spend a lot of time swimming and am engaged in a fair amount of athletics included some gymnastics. I have been skiing since I was very young as we have had the condo at the ski resort for years. Some of my families friends have property there and we usually go in groups however I have sort of been left behind by this time.

The plan was that I drive out there when I get in. Mom and Dad took the car and left me the Ford explorer all full of gas and ready to go. I found a note on the table and it was a message for me to call the home of some family friends and they asked me if I would pick up their son and bring him out with me. His name was Gordie and I knew him well but had not seen him for ages but it was okay. Gordie used to be a bit of a nerd. When everyone else was doing things when we were younger he would be at home playing computer games. He is almost the same age as me and had always been sort of skinny. He had been a bit of a loner and didn’t seem to make a lot of friends however he was always nice to me. I’m not much of a party girl either as I have also been wrapped up in my studies.

I called and he answered the phone and said he had been waiting for my call. I told him how I had to change, get packed and load my stuff and would be there as soon as I could. It was a three hour drive and it would be best to get started.. I liked the explorer because it had lots of room to put stuff in. I packed about four changes of clothes plus my boots and all the winter clothes and then locked up the house and drove over and picked up Gordie

He was waiting outside for me when I got there and he still looked very thin but actually he was better now then before. He had nicely groomed blonde hair and he had grown quite tall but he was not very muscular for sure. He was really not a bad looking boy just had never acted his age and many times I had to remind myself years ago that he was the same age as me. Because of our parents being friends I have been around him a lot on ski trips and camping and always considered him like another brother.

We loaded his stuff and then started out. I’m a good driver and have been driving since I was fifteen and had made this trip myself many times and this time it was nice to have someone to talk to. We got out onto the freeway and headed towards the mountains. It was turning colder and we noticed the snow starting to sift across the road and then as we got an hour out from the city the road narrowed down to two lanes and it was beginning to turn into a storm. The vision was getting poor, it was turning colder and the snow was beginning to accumulate on the road. I was by now down to about forty miles per hour and had engaged the automatic four wheel drive on the explorer and a few times I felt it slip on the upgrades.

I pulled over on a wide spot and called the lodge on my cell and Dad answered and I told him how I was running late. He had been concerned as there was a full blown storm where they were but assured me we would be okay and to just be careful. We proceeded and traveled slowly and it got worse. The snow got heavier, visibility became really poor and we had not seen any sign of a snowplow. I saw a sign board saying that we were opposite a small town I recognized and as we came over a hill approaching the off ramp there was a police barricade and we were pulled over. They informed us that the road was blocked with snow ahead of us and that they were closing the road in both directions and that we should go into the town and try to get some form of lodging as it would be a while. It was only four o’clock in the afternoon and seemed early to have to find a place but they told us they doubted if the road would be cleared before morning.

That left us trying to find a couple of rooms in this small town and we found out immediately it would not be easy as we spotted no vacancy signs one after another and almost began to panic when we saw one motel that had a vacancy sign and I pulled in. We went pendik otele gelen escort inside and found they had no actual rooms left except a cabin unit in the back. They were part of a tourist association so the manager phoned a local booking agent and found the town was sold out. I was not really interested in trying to sit in the car over night so I phoned my dad and he told us to take the cabin and stay overnight and I stood there wondering what someone like Gordie and I were going to do all night..

Gordie went to a little store and picked up some sodas, sandwiches, chips etc and we took our key and drove around to the unit in the back. It was a cute cabin and when we went inside we found it was warm and comfortable and it even had a big stone fireplace and some split firewood. There was a TV and it had a large couch that they said made down into a bed and a large bed area . It was very clean and actually quite nice.

We got comfortable and I was not very concerned about being in a room with Gordie as we had been around together since we were younger.. I was tired because I had been up early to travel home. I lay down and woke up almost two hours later. Gordie had started a fire in the big fireplace and had the TV on and it was very nice in there. I checked out the bathroom and there was a nice big shower. I sat down with Gordie and we each had one of the sandwiches and a soda. It was dark outside now and the storm was not easing up. We were no doubt in for the night and I could see the snow piling up on the steps outside and the explorer was almost covered.

We watched TV for a while then Gordie went to his bag and brought out a large bottle of wine he had snuck from home. He said he was going to drink it himself over the weekend. I was not really much of a drinker and we were sort of underage but I decided to try some and it was very good.. We decided to order a movie. I had never seen Monster Ball with Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton and neither had Gordie so we ordered it and took out the chips, sipped the wine and watched the movie. By now it was eight o’clock and the fireplace had warmed the room until it was really cozy.

I had long since taken off my outer shirt and was wearing a light cotton top. There was a sex scene in the movie that was very hot and along with the wine it sort of got me excited. I noticed Gordie squirming around beside me as we sat on the floor with our backs to the couch. There was a bulge in his sweat pants and I realized he had a hard on and I knew he saw me looking. He looked a bit sheepish and lay more on his side but I had saw it..

When the movie was over we talked about the scene and he bragged that it was pretty tame and that he watched lots of hard core porn on the internet and had seen it all. I was not experienced with that and about the worse I had probably seen was what was in the movie we just watched. Gordie proceeded to tell me all about some of the stuff he had watched and it was a bit intriguing. At one point it got a bit embarrassing as he was explaining some of it to me in detail. I knew about oral sex but never had a good description of it like Gordie was giving me and had never been part of anything like that. I was a virgin and found out that Gordie of course was one too. I was surprised that he watched porn and began to wonder if he was a pervert but really doubted it.

The wine was loosening us both up and we talked a bit freely and we actually sat so close we were touching. He told me all about how he had never seen a girl and had never even really been on an actual date. I was not the one to give him any advise as I knew very little more then him. I had seen one guy once. He took his pants down at a summer camp and I knew a bit about sex as I had talked to friends that had done it and some of them told me about it. I had been masturbating since I was fourteen so I knew what felt good.

We drank more wine and neither of us could hold our liquor and both of us were a bit giddy. Gordie looked at me and asked if I would let him do something. He told me he wanted to pull up my shirt and look at me. I was a bit shocked but not really surprised as it sort of went with out conversation. I told him I didn’t have anything on under the shirt. and he said he wanted to see my breasts. No guy had ever seen them and we talked about it. Gordie said that since we were young he always thought I was beautiful and would pendik rus escort like to see mine. I dont know if I felt sorry for him or if it was the wine but I lifted it slowly up to my neck and let him look. I know I have nice breasts and they are quite firm. Right then the nipples were both hard and a bit sensitive from the excitement of having him look at them..

All he could say was “wow” and he looked closely and asked if he could touch one and I said okay and he cupped my breast and now it was starting to effect me and I noticed the swelling more then ever in the front of his pants and he wasn’t covering it. I was beginning to wonder what I was doing as I felt tingling between my legs. I got up and went to the bathroom and discovered I had become quite wet.

When I came back into the main room I sort of caught Gordie taking his hand out of his pants and I smiled to myself and sat back down. We continued our chat and I drank a bit more of the wine. Over the next hour we progressed to where Gordie was massaging my breasts freely and he even kissed me and slid his tongue in my mouth. Before long I had my jeans off and was sitting there in my panties and more then a little turned on and I noticed the bulge in Gordie’s pants was not getting any smaller.

This seemed all experimental to me and Gordie and I were just having fun. It was nothing serious and a form of teasing as we promised not to say anything to anyone about what we had been doing. I was shocked and almost jumped up at one point when he took one of my nipples in his mouth. I was a bit upset with him but I still lay back and just gave in and let him suck them . It actually felt very good and I started to get excited and began to breath heavy. I was getting into this a bit too much and it wasnt long before he had his hand between my legs and I was letting him rub me through the crotch of my soaked panties.

Gordie had me very excited and I moved away from him and went to the bathroom taking my travel bag with me. I was a bit shaken but I sat down and checked myself and I had become very wet and sensitive there. I was lubricating profusely and had never really been so turned on but then nobody had ever touched me before and what bothered me was how I actually liked it. I didn’t blame Gordie for anything so I put on a long tee shirt I sleep in and slipped my robe on and went out into the room.

Gordie was still sitting there and he apologized for touching me like that and I just told him it was okay and we sat there for a while and he put his arm around me and it felt really nice. I decided to go to bed and he offered to take the couch so I pulled back the covers on the bed and slid in under the clean sheets. Gordie went to the bathroom and when he came back we turned out the lights and except for a bit of coals left in the fireplace the room was completely dark . It was almost eerie as there was no street lights outside and with the storm it was very dark.

I lay under the warm covers and thought about what we did earlier and I was still a bit flushed and uneasy. I let my hand trail down between my legs and gently let my finger slide in the wet crack. I rubbed both sides of my clit and then pulled my hand away. I forgot Gordie was in the room and I had almost started to moan like I sometimes will do. I tossed and turned a bit and heard Gordie cough a few times and finally I called him and we talked. I finally asked him if he wanted to come over closer and decided to let him sleep in the bed with me.

He slid under the covers and I briefly felt his warm body against me. He was wearing a tee shirt and shorts and I felt his bare legs against mine. The idea of him being on his side didn’t last long as the first thing he did was kiss me and then his hand was under my shirt and he was cupping and fondling my breasts.

I made no move to stop him as I seemed to have sort of lost some control. I closed my eyes and held my breath as he moved my panties aside. I moaned as I opened my legs slightly and let him touch my pussy. I really liked what Gordie was doing and made no move to stop him. I gasped when I felt him enter me with his middle finger. I know he was only in me to the second knuckle but it felt big to me as he slid it in and out and I started to moan and move my lower body as I imagined it was like having sex.

Gordie tossed the cover back and then he was over me and moved my top up and then took it right pendik sarışın escort off and began sucking my nipples. He had taken his finger out of me but he started rubbing me there again.. He did that to me for a few minutes and then took my hand in his and moved it down across his tummy. I realized he had slid his shorts down and he put my hand on his cock that was hard and sticking straight up. I didn’t pull away as I was very intrigued so I wrapped my fingers around it and squeezed gently. My fingers just fit around it and Gordie gasped. I knew he liked what I was doing.

The skin on it was soft and it was very hard and warm in my hand. The tip was velvety and smooth with a ridge around it that seemed to be very sensitive.. It was much bigger around then his finger and was quite long. I continued my exploring all the way to the two balls that seemed to be loose in a sack at the base. I knew that they were where the mans seed came from I went back to his shaft and slowly slid the soft skin back and forth and Gordie began to moan and move his hips and then he took my hand away as I could see he was getting too excited.

Gordie was certainly no longer a nerd in my mind as he kissed and trailed his tongue down my tummy. He got to the small soft tuft of hair on my pubic mound and I stopped him by gently pushing him away as I caught my breath. He turned the bedside light on and whispered in my ear that he really wanted to do something special to me. I thought about it for a minute then raised my hips and let him slide my panties right down over my feet and I lay nude before him.

I spread my legs for him and felt his warm tongue spreading my lips and he began furiously licking me. I quivered when he stabbed his tongue inside me and virtually threw my head back it felt so good. I ran both of my hands through his hair as I pressed him down to me. I was so excited I was moving hips and tossing myself side to side. Gordie stopped and moved my legs wider and I looked down and he was settling himself between my legs.

It was more then inevitable that the next step would be for me to let Gordie fuck me and he already had his cock in his hand pointing right between my legs and I was more then ready. I felt the warm blunt head and tightened my arms on him as he thrust forward and entered me slightly. He had gotten his cock head into me and was holding me do as he pushed in further. He stopped when I cried out. He had hurt me a bit so he kissed me, pulled back and it stopped hurting and he felt me relax. We tried it again and he put his hands under my hips and I pushed against him. He thrust his cock hard and I felt a sharp pain and cried out slightly as it went in me. Gordie pushed it into me really deep and I almost tried to move out from under him but it quickly began to feel good and it felt so nice that I wrapped my legs around him.

Gordie started to fuck me and his cock became even harder as his hips propelled it in and out of me and I could feel what I knew had to be his balls hitting me. For some reason I was off in dreamland and then I sort of woke up to the idea that Gordie was fucking me very deep with his bare cock and could easily give me a baby. No matter how nice it felt we had to get his cock out of me and I started to push him off me. He stopped and I told him how scared I was and wanted to stop.

He promised to pull it out before he spurted any of his stuff in me that would make me pregnant and I really wanted him to screw me some more so I reached down, guided his wet cock back into me and we started again. He soon began to do it faster and harder and then he screamed and quickly pulled out. I looked down and watched his cock as it bobbed up and down spurting long warm streams of sticky white cream all over my tummy. Some of it squirted on my breasts and some even on my neck and then it just dribbled. I had never imagined anything like that and wondered how it would have felt to take all that up in my belly where his cock had been. I looked up at him and laughed. He seemed a bit embarrassed so I kissed him.

We took a couple of kleenex from the night table and wiped me off and I went to the bathroom and examined myself. My pubic hair was matted and sticky from the semen that had dribbled there. I was very open and wet with just a few traces of what had to be blood on the inside of my thighs. Gordie had fucked me really good and my lips were a bit swollen and tender.

I felt a bit sad but also in my mind a tenderness towards Gordie for the gentle person that he really was. I never really felt I had lost something so much as I had gained Gordie and he was certainly no longer a nerd in my eyes. I went back out and got back in the bed with him and we lay there holding each other without saying a word about what we had just done.

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