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Fiction is: imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented. b. The act of inventing such a creation or pretense. 2. A lie. 3.a. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. b. The category of literature comprising works of this kind, including novels and short stories. 4. Law. Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator.


Wrote by JCW


Story The GREEN Bus

Wake up Mike your going to be late for school, and miss breakfast too. A soft oh shit was spoken as the boy ran to the bathroom. A shit and a shower were rushed.

A run for the school bus eating a fried pie out of its wrapper. A Coke in his book bag to force it down. His buddies kidded him about being slow again as they saw his rush. A finger answered them. Giggles were heard by those that saw the fingers. Oh well boys will be boys.

Mark might be slow in waking up but not in the brain department. He always was tops in the grades.

Oh well the heck with all that school junk.

Later in the day Mark was talking to his mother about how they can handle a short fall in the rent bill. It got kind of loud when Mark spoke about getting a job. Oh well that went no where. The next morning the same race. Fingers exchanged again. Well it was a day for a change. As the school bus headed for it”s regular parking spot to drop its load. It found a green bus dropping its load in it. One ugly green too. As the young men marched off the bus, yes they were all in army uniforms. Were a wee young, but a military school might explain it all.

Mark asked around about all the army looking guys. It was simple; a fire had destroyed their lab at there school. And as his school had room for them, so it was pay as you go to school.

Mark had done something he had been thinking about for awhile. He falls in lust with a boy on first sight. A look over a notice introducing the boys as new students led to finding out his name, and some facts. Not to much, but some.

It was enough to ask his mother if he can change some classes. “Okay if you want to.”

The next day Mark held out his hand as he said, “hi I”m Mark Thomas; you”re new here?”

“Sergeant John Hill sir.” “What should I call you Serge, John, or Mr. Hill?” “How about John smart-ass.” “Who told you my nickname?” Grins on both faces as they shook hands. It was decided on John after awhile.

There was lots of low under cover talk as the teacher had her back turned.

A friendship was started on the first day, and over the rest of the week it grow to like, lots of like. A comment was made one day about lack of sleep in the hotel as some of the boys were partying too loud.

A deal was made with John”s grandfather to rent a room at John”s place. Well his mother”s house.

A few weeks later one of the boys, kissed the other, they forgot who kissed the other first. The other kissed him back. There were confessions by both of love, with the hope of love back.


Thomas laid down the law. You will be treated like another son to me, but lets keep the sex outside your rooms to a low roar, and be careful outside. Hand holding, hugs, kisses were all spoke of, and understanding by all was decided on.

Lily headed off to work leaving the two boys to decide what to do today. It is a lake front cottage so swimming is the first choice. Almost naked outside is the thing to do. A fun day had by all. Food was enjoyed as needed. Later in the evening a walk on the beach was decided on.

The two boys walked along close together bumping shoulders often. A few hundred yards down the beach a group of boys were trying to get a fire started. They were having problems getting it started. The two boys watched for awhile, and asked konyaaltı sınırsız escort if they can help them out? The wood was piled up better, and a single match soon had it burning giving out heat, and light. “Thanks, join us, we have snacks, and drinks.” Names were called out. Mike knows some of them, not well, but by name. John started to think there was something going on with some of the younger boys. He had a good Gaydar. It was pinging. A whisper to Mike had him looking around as well. What to do, what to say?

As they were wondering about what to do an older man walked up to the group to give the two older boys the fish eye. “What are you guys doing mussing around with the young kids?” “They asked us to have a drink.” A call of, “relax bro they are cool.”

Mike offered his hand as he spoke his name, and told him John”s name as well. “James is my name; I”m Dons brother. We have had some nasty problems with some gang members around here.” Mike grinned as he played with some of the heavy rings he always wore. “I know, that is why I started wearing this junk.” He handed a peace of wood to John to hold for him, and hit it with the rings. A gasp as the wood was splintered. James told them he was in collage, and was taking some classes on self-defense as he wanted to be a cop. “I”ve been teaching the kids some of it to get them a way to defend themselves.” John said, “yes they need to learn how to hide some junk better to.” He put his hand on his hip as he flipped a limp wrist around. “Oh shit.” “Don”t worry it takes one to know one.” Boy was there one mess of talk flying around that fire for awhile. Yes there are fairies on the beach as well as in the gardens.

John spoke of when hands should be kept to yourself, eyes show love, how boys should act, and lots of ways that you will give away what has to be hid.

School was done with many wild movements to show the younger kids what to look out for. Giggles were heard often as some of the boys saw some of the things they did themselves. As the fire died out it was time to head home.

Sunday, time for church. Dress up slick down the hair, shine the shoes. Look holy. Boys nodded to each other that had just met around the fire last night. Friends do meet in strange places.

Over time the little group met to teach, learn, or just have fun being themselves.

Weapons were found for all to have with all to carry with them. The gang that had been spoken of had been getting right nasty. One of the boys had a fancy necklace that had many fine stones on it. The wire that they hung on can be wrapped around a foes neck, and with a flick of a wrist stop any fight. The rings were spoke of. Wristbands with some sharp points can with training hurt the largest foe. A belt can be with training a weapon too. Heck a hand alone can hurt hell it can kill. Feet, and knees as well with training. There are many items that can be turned into a weapon. A book in a hand can disable a man.

No the boys were not being trained to attack, but to defend themselves. Some mats were found that they practiced on. Most of them put on weight, and muscle. Most of them improved their looks as well. If you stand up straight head up, proud people will look at you with a smile.

One or two of the boys at school were pushed around. Gee the young hood tripped, and falls on his ugly face, and had to be helped to the nurse. A group of them were beating on what they called a sissy; Three smaller boys beat them off with their backpacks. A group of teachers were cheering them on. Why the hell weren”t they helping them, maybe they didn”t have any backpacks. The nurse was over busy with bleeding, and bruised hoods. Mike and John took over handing out the band aides for the kids.

Next cleanup, Mike, and the younger boys filled up the dumpsters fast. John had the fun job. Yep the plastic konyaaltı türbanlı escort gloves, and bags the weapons without putting any fingerprints on them. Here comes the fuss. Gee late as always. Let”s see, you should not have touched that. Give me that; get out of the way. Thanks.

Gee no more school today. Wonder why? Oh well beach time. Okay lets see who is good, and who is bad. Well it comes down to who is defending the weak, and who is bringing the weapons to the party.

Lily was home when the boys come in wearing some Band-Aids. “Aw mom, it is just scratches, and a few bruises.” Dam it moms have to see bare skin. Oh well they were going to get wet in the lake anyway.

Oh boy a shakeup in the school. Yep most of the boys in their group were army, and navy brats either retired or active. A well thought of military school in the area stepped in to place there own in classes on post. Some dragged along some friends.

This left the local school to handle the hoods. The cops handled most of them, and those left found there were many new guards around that had no love for them.

Oh well more green buses were in use. Mike, John, and some of their buddies just had to walk a couple hundred yards behind their houses to go to classes. Some woods, a few fences, and they were there.

New-be-s. So what. Most of them proved to be in the top of the class, and the rest were being dragged along by the rest to improve. Many a night was let”s study together.

One of the group young Tom was running late for school on Monday, and was running thro the woods to make up time. He fell on his face with a yell of pain. It was the last sound he made as he was clubbed with a tree limb. He was beat up by many people.

Yes he was missed, and as any good school does a call asked why? Tom”s mother said he had left for school. A call for friends to look for him. John and Mike know the way Tom came, and they run the trail fast. A loud yell from Mike was followed by a cell phone for medics, cops, family, school, guns, and so on. Oh yes a rope was spoke of with many a swear word. The school was emptied of bodies, and the medics had to step back when it came to lifting the stretcher. His classmates carried it.

Over all Tom was alive. Yes alive, he lost an eye, a ball, a finger some teeth, lots of skin, many bruises, cuts, and so on. He was a mess. The cops were looking for clues every foot of the area. Happy calls were heard often as they found something. Foot tracks were being followed.

Later in the day a news program put out a notice that the law dogs had seven boys in jail on attempted murder charges. No names, but some had pictures of some in cuffs. Mike was heard begging that someone turn them loose.

Tom, yes Tom week”s months hooked up to machines. He was not alone. One or more boy was there to wait on him, and force-feed him with his schoolwork. His head recovered faster then his body. He swore a stream of words that some of the boys were taking notes on as they cheered him on. They did watch out for adults to tell him to shut up. He did get to return to school in a wheelchair for the last month of school. He never had to move it on his own. Yep he was going to recover, and planed to set in every court room of the people that had did this to him, with lots of friends beside him too.

Tom was a fish out of water. He used to always to be first into the lake. Yep he thought his scars made him ugly. His family and friends thought they made him a hero, and tried to pull him out of the hiding bit. He wasn”t that bad when it was just his gay buddies around. They started hanging out at a small pond that drained into the lake. It was kind of small, so the boys made like beavers, and piled up stones, and mud to make a dam. The pond was soon much larger. It was a good place to hang out.

The konyaaltı ucuz escort small stream that fed the pond ran off the grounds the army school was on. One of the sergeants a master sergeant no less noted that the creek was backing up some, and checked it out. He found a dozen naked boys frocking in the enlarged pond. Instead of telling them off he just enjoyed the sight any time he happened by that part of the campus.

Don”t set under the apple tree.

Mike was sent out for some apples for pie filling. He noticed some cores on the ground. They always kept the place cleaned up, and he wondered who was being sloppy. He looked around and saw more cores near the edge of the grounds. “Hum,” we don”t mind them eating them, but making a mess is not nice.

Mike wondered along the trail of cores to the back of the empty house next door. A look in a dirty window to see a pair of twins, maybe 10 at the most. “Oh dam it.”

A tap on the window startled them, and when he beckoned them to the door they broke out in tears, hung their heads as they came outside. Mike said, “I”ve seen you in church a few times, why are you hiding out here?”

It took a lot of questions to get the story out of them. (Mother died, father needs sex, two cute boys, nice asses, fuck them.) “No shit, that”s just wrong.” (

Place swear words here) He found out apples was all they had ate for a few days, and led them to his house. “Set down at the table, I”LL get mom to feed you two.” He went to the phone to call for help. Cops? “Hell no!” CPS? Another no. The padre? Maybe. RING, RING. “Hello can I help you?” “I hope so, I have two kids here, there (mother died, father needs sex, two cute boys, nice asses, fuck them.) okay he didn”t say it that way. The priest almost said a few nasty words, but bit his tongue. “Bring them here at once.” “We are feeding them, and I am going to clean them up before we bring them over.”

An hour later Lily drove the two boys to the church. Mike and John had donated some smaller clothes to the boys, and held them in hugs as they took them into the church.

Later that night the Sergeant Major knocked on the church door,

A shave, and a haircut. A young boy left him in. he led him to the organ where his twin was helping the priest play. They left the boys playing on it as they spoke of what, why, and swore quietly. A kind cop was called, and a doctor as well. Two tails were looked into. The mad cop was not too kind to the father. He went to jail till the judge can place him where he needs to live for many years. What to do with the twins?

Mike and John have a plan. Yep their house is full, but they have a garage a few yards away from the house. A plan is drawn up for a remodel of the garage. Well the space above it anyway. Add a bathroom, bedroom/living room. A nice bachelor pad. Not yet. The few yards from the house have to have two ways to join it to the house. One is a walkway, 2 is a hallway built above the walkway. A call for help is answered at once. People show up with tools, paint brooms, wood, insulation. Yes that is just to build the place. Then beds, chairs, tables, on, and on till the place is done. The twins look around, and break into tears. “To kind, we are unworthily.” “Bull shit.” Was whispered. Hugs all around, and cokes were passed out to all.

John”s grandfather came to town to visit him, and was welcomed by all. Lilly was taken with the young man. Yep he had married the wife after the husband died, and had gained many kids of all ages. The wife died, and he raised the kids on his own.

You can see it cumming right?

A few months later the wedding Of Lily, and Charley was held. All his kids, old ones, and new were there for the wedding. The house next door was bought, and built onto till the two became one house.

Oh yes the priest and the sergeant major retired to open a shelter for gay kids. Hum wonder why they might do that?

Wrote BY [email protected]

It would be nice if some one said you do good, or even you suck, the big one.

DAM all people that put a virus on the web.

I think this might have been longer, and better the first time I wrote it.

The end

I say The end twice for all that forget to say it once


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