Kellys Weekend of Old Man Fun

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Kelly and Daniel were newlyweds they were coming up to their 1st wedding anniversary. Daniel surprised Kelly by saying he was sorry for being away working all the time and was going to take kelly away for weekend away in 5 star spa hotel.

Kelly was so excited at the thought of having time with her husband because they hadnt had sex for months.

Kelly was only 21 Daniel was 30. Kelly worked as a gym instructor so was very fit. She had a beautiful toned naturally tanned body. She was told she looked like the actress mila kunis even down to the big brown eyes. All the men wanted her at the gym she worked at and this got her wet sometimes but she never did anything as she loved her husband but if he didnt fuck her soon Kelly wouldnt know what or who she would do.

The weekend arrived and Kelly was ready she packed nothing but slutty dresses and sexy silk lingerie and of course a very revealing bikini they arrived at the hotel it was amazing there was a huge swimming pool and tennis courts.The hotel was about 30 storey high Daniel turned to Kelly and whispered love you this weekend is about you Daniel then pointed up to the top floor of the hotel and told Kelly he had booked the penthouse she was so excited.

They took the lift to the penthouse. It took ages until they finally arrived at the room. It was huge with a separate seating area and large four poster bed and large balcony overlooking the pool.

Kelly and Daniel unpacked then relaxed on the balcony making out kissing and touching each others private parts kelly was so horny but Daniel wanted to wait to make it special he was romantic like that all Kelly wanted was to be bent over the sofa and fucked hard.

It was time to go to the restaurant for dinner Kelly had been getting ready for about an hour she was wearing a white strapless dress just about covering her beautiful tits that were spilling out over the top of the dress it was tight against her body until it reached her waist and then flared out until it came to a stop just below her thighs just enough to show her black silk panties and no bra her hair was immaculate like she been in the hair salon all day kellys lips were full with bright red lipstick and finished off with a pair of black heels the white dress beautifully highlighting her soft olive skinned body.

Kelly turned to Daniel and asked if she looked alright, lovely replied Daniel hardly lifting his head from cleaning his shoes this made Kelly very angry because of all the effort she had gone too.

Kelly and Daniel made their way to the lift Kelly was still very upset with her husband for failing to mention how beautiful she looked when the lift arrived and they got on.

The lift was very spacious and there was some people already on it Kelly walked to the back of lift while Daniel pressed the button to go down to the restaurant as Daniel went to go and stand by Kelly two loud business men got on and blocked him from reaching his wife just as well Daniel thought to himself give her chance to calm down.

As the lift started moving down it jolted making Kelly stumbled she reached out with her right hand grabbing someone’s arm she turned to see who she had grabbed and saw a lovely little old man he looked around 80.

Sorry dear said Kelly thats ok said the oldman it’s nice to be touched haven’t been touched for years.Kelly put her hand out to shake the old man’s hand he grabbed her hand they told each other their names and the old man explained it was his and his wife’s 60th wedding anniversary and their kids had given the weekend away as a gift. His name was Ken and sitting in a wheelchair in front of Ken was his wife Maud.

While Kelly continued to talk to Ken they realized they were still holding hands from the earlier handshake they laughed.Ken lifted Kellys hand up and kissed it gently while his mouth was on her hand he slipped his tongue gently licking her hand and pulled away slowly all the time keeping eye contact with Kelly.

As he pushed Kellys hand he did it in way that he brushed her tit that was slightly hanging out of her dress Kelly felt a surge.Oohh sorry said Ken i just touched your wonderful tit but i couldnt resist your fucking gorgeous. Kelly went red with embarrassment but loved the attention. She started feeling butterflies in her stomach. This old man was saying all the right things and she felt good, even a little moist in panties.

Her view of her husband was still blocked by the two business men and the lift was getting fuller.

She turned to Ken and whispered in his ear whether he was still sexually active he replied he hadnt had sex since his wife went in to a wheelchair 10 years ago and how he missed it all time they spoke his hand was rubbing small of Kellys back.

Kelly never realized her right hand was still stroking the inside of his left arm.

You seem sexually frustrated yourself my dear while he said this Kelly felt a draught around the top of thighs Ken had lifted Kellys dress up at the back and was rubbing the cheek of her ass through her escort izmir silk panties it felt wrong but oh my god but Kelly thought it was great to be touched like this in such a public place.

Kelly looked at Ken and he stared back licking his dry lips he wasn’t much too look at he was about 5ft 6 similar height to me he had a brown suit that seen better days and his face was rugged he was bald on top with scruffy bits of gray hair sticking out of the sides and back of his head but i didn’t care he was pushing my buttons.

Kelly removed her hand from Ken’s arm and found enough space in the busy lift to pull her silk panties down just enough to show her lovely olive skinned ass Ken looked shocked but it didn’t stop him as his fingers were now entering Kellys pussy lips.

He whispered in Kellys ear how nice and wet her pussy felt and that Kelly was just a young dirty slut.Yes i am replied Kelly quietly in Kens ear so treat me like a slut and finger fuck my pussy until i shoot all over your hand.

There was still about 10 floors until they reach the restaurant. The lift was on the 10 th floor but it hadn’t even reached the 9th floor when Kelly’s big brown eyes almost popped out of her head as the warm feeling of cum was shooting out of her pussy. It was all over Ken’s hand and running down her thigh dripping on to her silk panties.

While Ken carried on pumping kellys pussy before the lift reached the restaurant her nipples were rock hard and poking through her dress there were only a couple more floors to go but Kelly felt another surge through her body. Her legs were like jelly.

She put her right hand on Ken to steady herself and her left hand unknowingly on the back of the business man who was blocking her view of Daniel her husband the business man looked back at Kelly her knees were slightly bent as Ken continued to finger fuck her pussy the business man saw what was going on and just winked and smiled at Ken as if to say go on old man fuck that slut.

Kellys hand was now rubbing Ken’s old cock it felt huge in his trousers like he was smuggling a coke can down there the lift had reached the restaurant and Ken gave one more push with his fingers deep in Kellys wet cum soak pussy and Kelly came again.

She thought she couldnt at the moment but at sometime this weekend she wanted Kens old cock fucking her pussy hard as the lift reached the restaurant Ken was still inside Kelly he pulled his fingers out and spanked her ass which caused Kelly to jolt forward he wiped his cum covered fingers on the in side of her designer dress and pulled up her wet panties.

As the lift emptied Daniel could reach his wife he asked if she was alright and was she cold because he could see her rock hard nipples poking out through her dress she was still a bit wobbly from the multiple orgasms delivered by the old man.

Kelly went on to say that she was bit nervous on the lift but introduced Daniel to the kind old man who looked after her. Daniel said thanks to Ken and asked if Kelly had not been in too much trouble. She was exceptional and she is very beautiful Ken went on to joke if he was 60 years younger he would be making love to Kelly. Daniel laughed perhaps i’ll let you borrow her. Kelly hadn’t realized she said it out loud when she replied yes please.

Only joking she added as she winked at Ken who then turned away pushing his wife to their table.

Kelly held on to her husband’s arm. Come on, let’s eat sorry about earlier darling.

as they had dinner Daniel asked what Kelly fancied doing tomorrow but all she wanted to do was Kens old cock.

It was Sunday morning and Kelly woke up if she was going fuck kens big dick it was today or never as she went home the next day Kelly got up and noticed Daniel is stood on the balcony dressed.

Kelly asked Daniel what he’s doing today. Daniel told Kelly he had gone to breakfast while she slept and that he was going out for the day leaving Kelly to relax.

Oh my god Kelly thought this was it with Daniel out the way Kelly could fuck Ken.

Kelly watches Daniel leave and decides to pull out all the stops for Ken. She showers and slips into a pure white bikini, her tits hanging out so only the nipple is covered.

Kelly lay on the sunbed on the balcony for barely 5 mins before there’s a knock at her hotel room door she opens to Ken standing there wearing a tight pair of speedos and white vest. The speedos were that tight they barely held his huge thick cock.

Ken walked in the door which hadn’t even closed when they were all over each other kissing tongues everywhere Kelly flung her arms around Ken’s neck and jumped wrapping her legs round Ken’s waist Ken then carried Kelly to the balcony.

Ken put her on her feet as Ken lay on the sunbed Kelly stood astride the sunbed and bent over to take kens cock of his speedos her hand didn’t fit round all the way as it was so thick.

Kelly started wanking Men off spitting on it to lube it up she rubbed his cock her hand cramped so had to use two hands.

She bent down escort izmir further and Kelly took Kens cock in her mouth it barely fitted in her mouth but she opened her mouth as wide as she could and started mouth fucking hard.

Ken grabbed Kelly’s hair, ramming her mouth on his cock until she felt the tickle of his gray pubes on her face. Kelly could feel the cock at the back of throat.

She was starting to gag and as Ken eventually let Kelly’s head go she lifted her head off his cock where was spit and drool all over his cock and all over Kellys mouth and chin dripping over her white bikini top and down her cleavage.

Kelly stood up above Ken the sun was shining behind her back Ken thought she was like an angel a beautiful slutty one at that.Kelly pushed her chest forward as she undone her bikini top her tits were now sticking out they were saliva covered

Kelly then went down to her waist and undone the strings holding her bikini bottoms up she put them in her hand then rubbed in Ken’s wrinkled face he loved it as sniffed and sucked them Kelly grabbed them and threw them to floor.

She bent over so her tits were in Kens face Kelly screamed suck my fucking tits Ken obliged sucking biting and pinching her tits and nipples as Ken sucked on her gorgeous tits he started fucking her pussy with two fingers.

Kelly couldn’t hold it in as her orgasm was so strong her knees buckled and she dropped on Ken’s chest.

Ken felt Kellys warm pussy juice all over his chest kelly lay there for a few seconds as she conducted herself she stood up over Ken and said sorry i’ve cum all over your chest Ken looked up at Kelly suggested she cleaned it up so Kelly bent down and slurped all her cum off Kens chest and swallowed then licked her lips this drove Ken mad thinking he could get this girl to do anything he wanted.

Kelly decided enough was enough she needed Kens old cock inside her now she moved back hovering over the cock putting one hand round it even though her hand didn’t go all the way round her pussy lips were now on top of kens cock Kelly sat down further on the old cock and she started to realize the size of it now.

Kelly only had half of the cock in her but it was already feeling too much she moved up and down on it Kellys eyes were watering from the sheer size of it all of a sudden Kelly arched her back her eyes rolled back as just the size of Ken’s cock made her orgasm again.

She fell forward, her head was now on Ken’s shoulder tears rolled down her face making her mascara run.

Ken looked at Kelly lying on top of him, hardly able to move. She looked so vulnerable with tears running in her eyes he rubbed her back and wiped her tears away and they lay there kissing his big cock still inside her.

Ken carefully lifted Kelly off him and sat her on the sunbed Ken stood up his erect cock on show come on darling let’s go to bed Kelly agreed so Ken scooped Kelly’s naked body in his arms and softly placed her on the bed.

Kelly was now laying on her back legs were wide open Ken climbed on the bed and started licking her pussy again Kelly groaned and she put her hands on his head and started running her manicured long nails through the scruffy gray bits of hair on the side of his head.

Ken moved up the bed and was now on top of Kelly. Her skin was so soft her body smelled like coconut and pussy juice Kelly felt Ken’s heavy cock against her clit which felt so good to her.

Ken softly lifted Kelly’s head and kissed her softly Kelly kissed back opening her mouth and slipping her tongue in they just lay there and kissed effectively for a few minutes. Ken softly asked Kelly if she was OK to continue he didnt want to hurt her and in a tired soft voice she asked him to fuck her and cum inside her.

Ken got comfortable on top and pushed his cock in slowly and then back out Kelly groaned and then just sighed as she told Ken she was alright so Ken pushed his cock back in Kelly was relaxed enough to take his full cock when it was in she groaned again and she wrapped her legs tightly round kens waist.

Ken shouted with pain as Kelly dug her fingernails into his back and scratched down all the way to his wrinkly ass and she hung on to it. Ken started fucking her hard Kellys waist was gyrating in perfect timing with Kens fast motion.

Ken knew he wasn’t going last much longer there was 10 years of cum in his balls he whispered to kelly he was about to cum she moved her hands to back of his head and pulled his head to hers and they kissed eyes wide open and as Ken stared into Kelly’s big brown eyes he screamed as he drowned her insides with 10 years of cum the feel of the old man’s cum inside made Kelly’s body shake and she grabbed Ken tightly as she came again

In the heat of moment there sweaty bodies together Kelly kissed Ken again and in weary soft tired she whispered I love you ive never been fucked like that before in Kens ear Ken replied with a kiss and whispered I love you too.

Kelly had no energy Ken had fucked it out of her her legs fell flat on the bed releasing Ken from there vice locked grip allowing Ken to slide off her and collapse on the bed next to her they lay holding hands because they were both too tired to move.

They had fallen asleep. Ken only woke up when he heard the sound of a coach pulling up outside the hotel Kellys head was on his chest and her hand was holding on his cock he moved her hand off it and he slowly slid off the bed and got dressed. He had to go; he hadn’t told Kelly that his wife was on the same coach trip as Daniel and he had been there to meet her off the coach.

He stood and looked at Kelly. She was still naked and she looked like a goddess. He kissed her on the head and told her he loved her.

Kelly groaned and turned round her beautiful toned olive skinned ass was there Ken wished he the time to sort that ass out but he didn’t but he couldn’t go without giving her butt cheek a kiss he put his lips against it opened his mouth and gave it a lick it tasted of sweat and coconut Kelly groaned again but Ken turned round and left.

Kelly woke with a judder as the cold breeze from the open door of the balcony made her cold. She wondered if everything that happened with Ken was a dream but with her aching body and sore pussy she knew it wasn’t.

She managed to pull herself up off the bed and shower before Daniel got back. When Daniel got back Kelly was so tired they lay on the bed in dressing gowns and ordered room service. They made love. Daniel’s cock was nowhere near as big as kens so her sore pussy could take it.

Kelly woke up on Monday morning it was a hot sunny sticky day and they had a long drive home Daniel asked Kelly if she had enjoyed the weekend thinking of kens cock she replied yes with a smile.

They got to reception Ken and Maud were there checking out Kelly stood away as Daniel went to check out he started talking to Ken and Maud what were talking about she thought.

Daniel came back to Kelly he said he was going to help Maud to get to their transport and help with their luggage because Ken had sort some problem out as Daniel pushed Mauds wheelchair down the ramp outside he came back to fetch there luggage and continued outside.

When Daniel was outside Ken over Kelly asked if he had sorted his problem out he replied he made it up to get his wife and Daniel out the way and that he wanted to say goodbye to his little slut.

Ken thought Kelly looked so slutty she in her short shorts showing a bit of ass cheek and white vest you see her olive skinned tits the ones he had been sucking on the day before through it.

As they stood in the hotel reception they hadn’t noticed their bodies were touching and Kelly could see that Ken was aroused. His cock was pressing against her thigh. They went in for a kiss to say bye but emotion got the better of them and were kissing open mouthed tongues everywhere and totally forgot where they were. Ken’s hand grabbed Kelly’s ass cheek that made her stand tip toe still with her tongue in Ken’s mouth.

Kelly looked round and noticed a disabled toilet in the reception. She grabbed Ken’s hand and led him to the toilet all the time wiggling her hips and smiling at him.

When they were in the toilet she rubbed his cock and kissed him she then looked at him while rubbing his big cock inside his pants and asked if there was anything he wanted her to do to him sexually.

Ken went to on to remember something his grandson had told him about teabagging Kelly knew exactly what he meant she pulled Kens shorts down and took them off and told Ken to spread his legs on the opposite wall of the toilet was a full length mirror Kelly got up and pulled her shorts to floor and kicked them off she turned her back to Ken.

She crouched down and arched her back and started slurping and licking Ken’s old balls then her tongue started wriggling around his sweet spot Ken bent his knees all of a sudden Kelly was french kissing his asshole.

Ken looked in the mirror as he saw Kelly with one hand pinching and rubbing her tits which were out of her vest, her other hand was rubbing her clit then she arched, poking her tongue in and out of Ken’s asshole.

Kelly got herself up and Ken spotted her pussy dripping in the mirror. She looked at Ken in the mirror and asked if it was good he loved it. He told her then Kelly reminded him it was her turn to choose what they did next. What she wanted was Ken’s big cock between her tits.

Kelly turned to face Ken and crouched down enough so her tits were level with his cock.Ken noticed Kellys asshole spread open in the mirror and remembered Kelly lying on the bed with her ass in the air he told Kelly after she finished tit fucking his cock he was going stick it her asshole better get your cock nice and wet then she replied.

Kelly noticed Ken’s cock was dry so to save time she just rammed it straight to the back of her throat and gagged on it for a bit.

Kelly felt herself being sick a bit and pulled her head off his cock it was covered in thick spit so was kelly’s mouth she spat it on to her tits rubbed it in she putted Kens cock between her ample tits and she pushed them together and started rapidly wanking his cock in her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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