Lisa , Tammy At The Party

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Tammy, Mark, William and I (Lisa) were invited to a party that was to last well into the next morning. Since Tammy and I felt this could be fun, we agreed to go with the guys. They described the party as a BDSM party, with lots of unique things to do.

I arrived at my apartment and Will was already their watching TV. I live alone as does Will, but Tammy and Mark live together. Will had a box sitting on the table next to him, with a bow on it. As I walked through the door he kissed me and handed me the box.

“I have a little gift for you, darling.” He said.

I sat down and opened the box. Inside was a leather collar and chain, a leather thong with a slit in the crouch that could easily be opened up and a leather bra. The bra top had small covers that could be taken off, so that your nipples would be open to be seen. There was also a very tall pair of high heel shoes and some black mesh tights.

“All this for me?” I asked. “Where do you think I am going to wear something like this?”

“That is for tonight at the club, I want you to put it on for me now, and then this evening you can wear a coat over it until we are inside.”

I went into my room and then into the bathroom. As I walked into the bathroom I realized that Will had followed me in, and was beginning to unbutton my skirt. Then he started on my blouse and worked until it was unbuttoned all the way. He slowly removed my blouse and slipped his fingers in my skirt and pushed it down to the floor. I turned around to face Will, and put my arms around his neck. His hands slipped around me and I felt him unclasping my bra. I lowered my arms so he could remove it and I heard it hit the floor.

I now stood again with my arms around William with only my panties on. I said to Will

“The reason I came in here was I have to pee, so let me sit on the pot so I don’t wet myself.” I said.

Will held me tight against himself so I couldn’t move, and started running his hands up and down my back. I held him close but I felt uncomfortable with the pressure in my bladder, oh I had to pee.

“William let me sit on the pot…. “ I said.

He continued holding me and I could feel his erection between my legs. He pushed himself against me, which added to the pressure on me to pee.

“I am going to wet on you if you do that again.” I whispered.

He continued holding me tighter and tighter. Then I felt him pick up a towel off the rack and he backed away from me just a little.

“Lisa, when I tell you too, I want you to pee for me, is that clear?” he said.

He looped his fingers in my panties and very slowly pushed them to the floor. I now really had to pee, so I didn’t care what he did…

He opened the towel and held it between my legs to absorb my pee.

I looked into his eyes, and kissed him, as I did I relaxed and started to pee with his hands between my legs. I coo’ed in his ear that I loved him, and that I wanted him to hold me, which he did.

I continued to pee, and then I whispered to Will, “I’m done Will, what now?”

He knelt in front of my nude body and began licking my vagina. He put his hands around me, and the held my butt so I had to step closer to him. As I did I spread my legs a little more for him. He placed his fingers in the crack of my butt and started opening me. This made me bend at the waist a little and hover over him. He licked me clean, and then stood up. He had a giant erection now that I could see through his pants. I put my hand on his pants over his penis, and felt him push a little towards me. I started to kneel in front of him and unzip his jeans. He stepped out of them and then I hooked my fingers through his underwear and pulled them down and off. He stood with his penis very erect in front of me. I slowly and gently started licking his penis. Then I took it into my mouth, and I could feel Will starting to push. I continued licking and sucking him until I felt that unmistakable pumping from him that meant he was about to ejaculate. He didn’t have to hold my head since I love having him cum in my mouth; I really like showing him how much I love him and that I would do anything he asked of me. He started to cum and groaned a little, I felt and tasted his semen in my mouth. I took more and more of his penis into my mouth until I couldn’t take any more. Will continued to pump into my mouth and I swallowed as he did. He finished cumming and then I started sucking hard on him to pull out any remaining cum from his penis. I could taste small amounts still coming from Will. He slowly pulled his penis from my mouth and I kissed it, and kissed his balls. I had been holding his balls in my hand as he was cumming. He really likes that feeling. He looked down at me and took my face in his hands and helped me stand up. As I did I looked down, between my legs.

“Will I made a bit of a mess on the floor” I said.

I must have gotten so excited when he was cumming that I pee’ed a little on the floor. He picked up the towel that I had pee’ed into earlier and wiped up the floor. Then he took a clean washcloth, wetted it in the sink with warm water, and started to wipe between my legs to clean me. It felt really nice, and I tried to open myself to allow him to do what he wanted.

When he finished, niğde escort he handed me the washcloth. I rinsed it in the sink and knelt in front of him again. I carefully and gently wiped his penis and balls, and then reached between his legs to his anus. I wiped my William completely. This was the first time I had been able to wipe my William like this, and I really liked doing it. I stood up and rinsed the washcloth again and hung it on the holder to dry. Will and I now both naked walked to my bed and lay down. We both fell into a deep sleep. When we sleep together I usually actually lay on Will. He lays on his back and I on my side facing him, and I cuddle up in his arms. When I awoke from our nap, I felt that I was still in Will’s arms, but I felt his hand between my legs. That was not so uncommon as I let him do what ever he wants to me, but it felt a little different now. I opened my eyes to see him looking at me.

“I love you Lisa”

“I love you too Will”

And I kissed him. Kissing him made me instinctively push my hips towards him. I felt his hand move a little, but he kept mostly still. I felt him begin pushing a finger into my vagina, and then I felt it….

“Will, my period has started”

“I know Lisa, that is why I have my hand over your vagina. I didn’t want to wake you, so I decided to cover you instead.”

I had shared my body with William but was still a little shy about having his hands between my legs during my period. He continued to push his finger into me, and a sensation came over me that I have never felt. I wanted him to look at me, to watch me flow. I wanted him to share in my womanhood.

I started to get up from the bed, he held me but I stood up anyway. He lay in bed and I turned to face him.

“Will, I want you to look at me, to watch me flow. I want you to touch me and play with me.”

He watched as the heavy part of my period started and flow started to come from me. I felt a little embarrassed, but was very excited. He slowly and carefully opened my vagina, and pushed his finger into me. As he drew it out both of us could see the tale tail signs that I was bleeding.

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world” Will said to me. “I want to care for you always and forever.”

I slowly pushed my hips to my William, and I repeated what he had just said.

“William do you want to put a tampon in me or a Kotex and belt on me?” I said.

“No I want to see you like this as it would naturally occur. With your period flow going down the insides of your legs.” Will said. Will got out of bed and stood in front of me. He put his arms around me and pulled my close. I kept my hips a little back from his so I didn’t get any of my period on him, and he put his hands behind my butt and pulled against him.

“Mark me as your own, Lisa. Put your mark on me, spread your period on your man.”

I spread my legs and felt his limp penis between my legs. I rubbed my vagina on him, on his belly and both of his legs. I rubbed more and more on his penis and could see my blood painting him as mine. I had never done anything like this; never had I shared my period with a man. I loved this so much. I put my hand on his limp penis and slowly pushed it into me to cover it in my blood. As I pulled his penis from my vagina I saw what I thought was wonderful. His penis completely covered in my flow.

“You are now mine, now and forever William.” No other woman is to touch you like I do.”

William looked into my eyes, kissed me, and said, “I will have no other woman but you Lisa”

Chapter 2 – Friends come over

We went into the front room of my apartment both still naked, and watched some TV, and fixed some snacks. We expected to go the party about 7:00pm, with our friends Tammy and Mark.

About 4:30 we heard a knock at the door. Being unprepared for anyone to come over I ran in to the bedroom and pulled on my bathrobe. Will walked into the bedroom, and pulled on his jeans and a tee shirt. I opened the door, Tammy and Mark had come over early.

They came in and made themselves at home.

“I hope we didn’t interrupt anything,” Tammy said.

“No we were just having a snack and watching TV. You know the party isn’t until 7:00 didn’t you?”

“Yes but we decided to get dressed and come over early to see what each other is wearing.” Tammy said.

With that she pulled open her overcoat and reveal that she had been painted with latex body paint all over her body. The paint made it look like she was wearing a tuxedo. It was very intricate with lapels and even buttons on the shirt. The bow tie was so perfect that I couldn’t tell that she was actually nude. Will looked closely at Tammy especially between her legs, since she was to look like she was wearing formal men’s black tux, her crouch was painted black and it was very hard to make out any detail of her. Mark turned Tammy around so we could see her backside, and again, it was so perfect that you had to look closely to see that she was not wearing anything.

“Wow that is amazing!” said Will, “she is naked, but you have to really look closely to tell.”

Her boobs were so well painted that she simply looked like a woman wearing a man’s tux. Outstanding!

I nişantaşı escort was standing in my bathrobe, since we didn’t actually expect any company until later. I went in to the kitchen and put together some munchies for everyone, and then took them in to the front room. I put everything on the table and started for my bedroom. Will came up behind me and put his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.

“Not now Will… remember I don’t have anything on, and remember my period. I don’t have a tampon in, so I have flowed down my legs.“

Will turned me around so I was facing Mark and Tammy, and with a quick pull took off my robe.

“Oh shit Will…” was all I could get out.

Tammy looked up and saw that I was all red between my legs, and was really mad at Will.

“Lisa, I am too.,” said Tammy. And she reached between her legs and pulled a small string from inside her. The string had also been painted black so even if it did find its way out of Tammy, It would be hard to see.

Will looked into my eyes and asked if I would walk around for Tammy and Mark to see.

“No I will not!” I insisted.

With that Will took me by the hand and dragged me to the center of the room. I tried to cover my vagina, but that couldn’t be done with one hand, and the flow was obvious. I turned bright red as Mark watched me stand there.

Will brought out some clothes from the kitchen, and told me to lay down on my back. I did as he told me, then he knelt between my legs and spread them. Gently he cleaned me. He was very good at this and finished in just a couple minutes.

“Now you can go put on your costume too.” He said to me. I almost ran into the bedroom.

I quickly put on the leather bra top, grabbed a tampon and put it in me, decided not to wear the tights and pulled the thong on. The tall shoes were really hard to walk in, but they gave me a look that was really sexy.

As I came out of the room, both Mark and Will looked up, and the looks on their faces said it all. I looked great. I walked over to Will and stood in front of him. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me towards him. He laid his head on my tummy and held me close. I could feel his hands on my butt, and he traced the thong right from the waistband to between my legs. He pushed me away just a little and he unclipped a cover on the front of the thong that completely exposed me. He re-clipped the front cover and ran his fingers between my legs. It was clear he wanted to see what access he had to my vagina from the slit in the crouch of the thong. And of course he had complete access to me. He slipped his finger into me, and then stopped.

“I see you put a tampon in.” He said.

“Yes I didn’t want to mess my new thong.”

Tammy was still sitting on the couch next to Mark, in her painted on costume tux. I thought she looked great.

We had played around long enough that it was now time to leave for the party. Tammy slipped on a long trench coat, as did I. We had been told that the dress code entering the party must be casual, and that we weren’t to show off anything outside the club.

Mark parked the car and the four of us got out. This was the first time I had a chance to wear something this raveling in public. I started to get a little anxious about the whole thing. Then I thought about Tammy. She must be having the same misgivings that I was having.

“Tammy can I talk with you for a second?” I said

Tammy and I walked away from the guys and I said..

“Tammy, I am very uncomfortable about this. You know the guys are going to show us both off, and you will be shown off from the second we walk through the door.”

“Well I agreed to do this and I am not going to back out now.” Tammy walked back to stand next to Mark.

I walked back to Will who said “OK gals, lets go in and have a good time.”

We went in the club, which seemed no different than most clubs we go to. As the host saw us, he ushered the four of us into a large room that was down a set of stairs.

Will went in first, with me in tow, then Tammy and Mark. Wills eyes said it all. Their were all kinds of people and costumes. Many of the women were completely naked, some had collars and leashes on, one woman was naked, had a wide leather strap around her waist with a tube that seemed to run from the guy she was with through the belt and into her vagina. Will and I asked if we could see what she was wearing, her guy took her by the hips and turned her towards us. He opened the lips of her vagina, and I was shocked. The tube that ran down from the belt was plastic, and was attached to what looked like a little pump of some kind. The tube covered this woman’s clitoris and seemed to be pulling it into the tube. Her clitoris was pulled at least an inch into the tube. She was being made to walk around the club, naked with her clitoris pulled out for everyone to see.

I saw another women in various states of excitement. One woman was naked, and nearly screaming as she sat on a Sabian. She had her legs tied bent at the knees, and her arms were being held up by two guys. The control box of the Sabian was being held by a third guy that I assume was hers. He was ankara olgun escort twisting the knobs, and in reaction to this her hips would convulse forward and backwards. While I watched she must have had at least 10 orgasms. She was pee’ing all over the floor, and had drawing quit a crowd to watch her. That was just fine with me since with everyone watching her, no one was watching Tammy and I. But that was about to change.

Mark and Will found a table big enough for the four of us to have some room, but it seemed that most of the people were involved in some form or fashion on the large pillows that were everywhere on the floor. It was very warm in the room, which was all the better since most if not all the women were wearing little if anything. As we got comfortable, I looked at Tammy who still had her trench coat on, and winked. She leaned forward to listen to me.

“Tammy we need to find the little girls room. It may be a safe haven if we need it.”

With that Tammy and I stood up a said we were going to the restroom.

We walked around and looked at the couples and their toys, and the things going on around us. This was punctuated by the occasional passionate scream from a female as she had her orgasm. We walked all around the club, but didn’t find any doors that looked like they might be the little girls room. So we walked up to the bar tender.

“Where is the little girls room?”

“It’s right up there…” he pointed.

I looked at Tammy and stuttered. “Do you see what I see?”

There in a somewhat inconspicuous area was a toilet out in the open. Beside it was what looked like a small stage with fairly wide boards and a gap between them of about 8 inches and under the stage was a bucket. It looked like you could stand on the stage and pee through the gap. Then next to that was what looked like a fairly large cat litter box.

“Oh my god, what did we get ourselves in for?” I said to Tammy.

Tammy responded “Well I think this will significantly reduce the amount that I drink tonight.”

We made our way back to the table, where our guys were. “Find everything?” Mark asked.

“Yes everything they have to offer.” I said.

The guys had ordered us each a drink, which were sitting on the table.

Chapter 3 – The excitement begins

As the four of us sat and looked around, some commotion started at one of the tables. It looked like a young woman who was not wearing a costume but was in plain clothes was being literally carried by four guys. They headed to the main stage, where a hugh X was standing. The X had cuffs at each corner and appeared it could be adjusted for how wide each “leg” of the cross could be opened to.

The woman was shouting and trying to get away from the guys, but they were way to big for that. A fifth guy was walking behind the group and was carrying something. As she was set down on the stage, they continued to hold her arms and legs. One guy walked up to her and put a ball gag in her mouth. He was handed a microphone so what they were saying could be heard by the crowd.

She of course went quite when the gag was in, and he instructed the four guys to strap her onto the X on stage. They quickly had her arms strapped, but it took some time to restrain her legs. She was wearing a skirt that came down to mid thigh, and was tight. As they tried to spread her legs to strap them the skirt restrained her. The guy who was with her walked closer to her and began hiking up her skirt. This brought out some sounds from her, that were muffled, but clearly she didn’t want this to happen. As her legs got strapped onto the X she was now fair game from the guy she was with. He slowly started removing her shoes, which went well, then he started to unzip her skirt, she squirmed around and around, but again to no avail. He got the skirt unzipped, but of course. Because she was tied, he could get it off her. Another guy handed him a pair of scissors, and he cut the skirt from the zipper to the hem, and it was off her. She now stood in front of everyone with a blouse on, pantyhose and white panties that could be seen through the hose.

He started to unbutton her blouse and again she squirmed and squirmed. He finally got it unbuttoned, but of course again it could not be taken off her. He used the scissors and cut the blouse off her. Then in the same motion cut off the straps of her bra. All she wore now were her panty hose and of course panties. The guy let her stand for a few minutes like that and stroked her nipples, pulled on them, sucked them, and kissed her. As he was kissing her we watched as his hands went inside her hose and panties and started to pull them down.. She went wild….. trying to scream through the gag, swinging her hips, and trying to free her legs. Again, she was restrained in a manner that she was going nowhere. He finally got her hose and panties down to almost her hips, and her vagina was not yet expose, again he picked up the scissors and cut through the fabric of the panties and the nylon of her hose. He pulled the cut cloth from her, and now she stood naked tied to the X. The four guys came back on stage and adjusted the X to further spread her legs. She was now fully exposed to everyone. Not thrashing around anymore she seemed to resign herself to the situation. Her guy was now the only on to touch her. He was running his fingers up and down her body, and trying to excite her, which became obvious as her nipples started to become erect and pointed. The crowd started gathering closer to them, and a woman shouted out…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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