Me and Rob Bound

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Daisy Taylor

This story is a continuation of my 4 years with Heather. We are no longer together, although I wish we were. The first stories were basically chronological. Any further, including this one, will be basically true as well, but in no particular order.


‘This is so fucking hot’ I thought as I sat tied in a glider rocker as Heather sat facing me on the couch tracing the outline of her beautiful pussy with her fingers. She was always ready to fuck. Since we had been together she had fucked over 80 men besides me.

One petite finger entered her pussy, sliding in easily because she was so wet at the prospect of being fucked and being in total control.

She spread her legs wider and inserted a second finger and began fucking herself with two fingers.

Rob, a guy she had met at one of her gangbangs, sat tied in the other chair watching her as intently as I was. Neither of us knew what was going to happen. When Rob had arrived I had not known he was coming, and from the conversation I deduced he thought I would not be home. We were surprised to see each other.

Since they had met, they had become enamored with each other. Heather saw him frequently when I was at work and even went to Philadelphia where he lived, to spend weekends with him. When she had started going she would call or text me frequently to tell me about what they were doing and how much she was enjoying his enormous cock, but recently that had stopped. When she went with him, she was just gone.

And he was here now, unannounced.

She picked up the beer bottle she had been drinking from and began to lick the open end as if it were a penis she was preparing to perform fellatio on it. She was a pro at fellatio. In the two years we had been together, I had learned that not only was she great at giving head, but with the proper encouragement she was willing to try any new technique.

My cock was not small,. kind of average, but Robs was huge. She thought Rob was cute. Rob had money. Rob treated her as well as I did. Rob liked to fuck. Just fuck. he would fuck in the car, in the bed, on the couch, or in the woods. Nothing kinky, just fucking.

That’s why Heather liked him, apart from the size of his cock and the fact that she thought him cute. She loved to fuck. She would do anything I asked her, or even hinted at, but what she really loved was to fuck. A lot. Anytime. Anywhere.

As I watched her slowly insert the neck of the beer bottle into her pussy, I glanced over at Rob, also tied up and also şişli escort just as enthralled with the show. heather slowly inserted the entire neck, pulling it out and reinserting it. It went willing because her pussy had been fucked so much that it accommodated much larger cocks than that bottleneck. It took Rob’s cock willingly. I had even almost been able to fist her. But, not quite yet.” as

Then, she got to the shoulders of the bottle, and moaned as she pressed it in. A little pumping and soon the shoulders disappeared and she began the short strokes fucking herself.

She was performing for both of us.

I wondered what was in store. If Rob had been untied I would know I was watching and if we were both untied it would be a threesome. We had had many threesomes. Some with her being the center of attention. Some with him being the center of attention. Sometimes, I just watched them. But, tonight I had no idea what to expect next.

After a short time fucking herself, she looked at me.

“Do you like to watch me fuck myself?” she asked as she moved closer to me, rubbing her palm across the raging hard on in my pants.

“You do. You do like it. Bet that little cock wants to get in my wet pussy. Here.” she said as she placed the bottle at my lips. “Lick my juices off”. She rubbed it over my mouth as if I were sucking a cock. But I did it willingly. This was just the sort of kinky stuff that I enjoyed.

“You want me to suck YOUR cock, don’t you? You want me to slide this perfect pussy up and down on your little cock, don’t you. You want to cum on my tits…or my face. Which is it tonight? Face or tits?”

“Face” I said.

“OK” she said as she abruptly went to the other end of the couch where Rob was facing her tied up in his chair. She started rubbing his cock through his pants. I didn’t need to see it to know he had a huge hard on as well. I didn’t NEED to see it, but I could. It pressed the front of his jeans out noticeably. “Rob gets to cum on my face” she said as she began to slowly unzip his pants.

Looking at me while unzipping his pants, she pulled out his enormous erection. Her gaze moved from me to Rob. She smiled, and then looked back at me.

“You wanted me to have another boyfriend? Well, Rob is it. I love this cock.” Her hand gently grasping his cock, she stroked it slowly.

It was true that I had many times during our fantasy talks, I had mentioned I would really like her to have another real boyfriend. sivas escort One who shared her completely. One who would use her as much as I wanted to use her. One who would share her with his friends. I wanted her to be fucking all the time. I told her that I would love her to be fucked so much that her pussy became really stretched out slut pussy. I told her I would love to know she is fucking a lot while I work. Fucking when I visited my kids. Fucking strangers. Fucking her friends and my friends. She started to do almost everything I asked her to do. Slowly but surely she was becoming the whore I wanted. She was becoming the whore that anyone who knew her knew she was available to fuck almost anytime.

I was thinking these thoughts as I watched her take his cock slowly into her mouth. I wasn’t sure it was something that I really wanted. I wouldn’t know until I had played along, so I ignored my doubts and feigned enthusiasm. It was a risky tact because if it turned out that SHE liked this arrangement there was no turning back.

I was dealing with my doubts.

She sucked his cock. She took it further and further in her mouth. She was gagging herself, pushing further and further. It was then that I realized, once and for all, that I was not so much into appearance as I was into activity. I would rather be with an average looking nasty slut than a beautiful girl who was more conservative. I wanted a nasty whore. It was also when I realized that this was an opportunity to push her further than we had ever gone in the past. She was pushing me as much as I was pushing her.

She inserted a finger into her pussy and pulled it out wet. She licked it.

“MMM, my pussy tastes so good, doesn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes” Rob and I replied almost in unison.

She climbed on him, sliding her pussy down the length of his shaft as she sat there bound and paralyzed, unable to participate. Her feet were solidly panted on the floor as she began to bounce slowly up and down on his cock.

“MMM, I love this cock. It’s the best cock I have ever had. It’s perfect.” She leaned forward to kiss him as she rode his cock. She took his cock to the base, and as she kissed him, you could see her tighten her tighten her pussy’s grip on his cock as she slowly rose. Again, down and squeeze.

Any doubts I may have had were gone. She was a whore. Or maybe she was pretending to like being a whore to please me. I didn’t care. She liked sex enough that if she pretended long enough, it would become sıhhiye escort part of her. I liked it.

“Fuck him” I moaned.

She ignored me completely, continuing to kiss Rob and ride him with ever increasing energy. His large cock was lost more and more into her with each penetration. He tried to free his hands to touch her, to no avail, so he sat there and enjoyed it. She was fucking him with as buck abandon as she could while continuing to kiss him and maintain her balance. Then she had had enough.

She stood up, and reached began to untie his hands. Within seconds he had her laying on the sofa, kissing her and molesting her tits with his hands. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and she stopped him. She got up from the couch and rested her shoulders on my lap, with her head lying on my stomach supporting herself with her feet on the edge of the sofa and the coffee table.

“Fuck me” she exclaimed.

Rob obediently climbed between her legs, got on his knees, and thrust his cock deep into her. She rocked back laying on me. I felt every thrust. I was unable to participate in any way. I had to just sit there and watch him fuck her as she lay in my lap. I could see every expression on her face. I could see, as she did, when he was ready to cum. I could see the emotion in his eyes. He was fucking hr like a slut. He liked her being a slut as much as I did, but it was apparent watching him that there was more there. He really had feelings for her as well.

“Am I going to lose her to him?” I thought. It was a momentary thought, however, because seeing him into her as she lay on my lap being fucked turned me on so much I couldn’t believe it. Or maybe I could.

“Fuck that slut” I whispered as he pounded her. “Cum inside her. That’s where she likes it.”

“You just watch” she said as he pounded her, his body tensing as he was ready to shoot his load into her.

He began kissing her, her head still in my lap. I had a wonderful view of the back of is head and the occasional glimpse of her ecstatic face.

After a few moments, they got up and Heather began to untie me.

“Sleep on the couch down here” she said. “Don’t touch yourself. No jerking off.”

Heather and Rob left for our bedroom. I was alone with a blanket and a pillow while he took my girlfriend to our bed, probably to fuck more. I was still hard and wanted to jerk off so badly. But, I obeyed.

I got a pillow and a blanket from the closet. I lay on the couch, turned on the television and couldn’t pay attention at all to what was on. My mind always drifted upstairs to our bedroom. I occasionally reached down and touched my cock, squeezing it through my pants, but always stopping. I had to obey.

After what seemed like an eternity, I fell asleep. On the couch. Alone.

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