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Kent held his book in one hand and scraped dirt off the side of his sneaker with a stick he held in the other. Deciding to read his assigned chapter on a bench in front of the English building on the nicest day of the year was a big mistake, Kent thought. Waaaaaaaaaaay too easy to get distracted out here.

A deep purr caught Kent’s ear and grew louder as an old pick-up truck rounded the corner and slid into one of the student parking spaces. Dried mud was splattered across the entire truck like it was a mobile Jackson Pollack canvas. Kent trained his eye on the vehicle as the driver’s door opened and a girl stepped out.

Kent recognized her as a classmate in his American Lit class that just finished a few minutes ago. He tried to pretend he wasn’t staring her down as she strode across the parking lot, but he wasn’t very convincing. A worn-in cowboy hat sat atop her head full of flowing black hair. Her body was a genuine phenomenon, slender but curvy, with a little extra padding in the boobs and butt. Flawless legs ran from the frayed bottoms of her cut-off jean shorts down to the knee-high cowboy boots sheathing her smallish feet. Kent was so caught up with the sight of her that he didn’t even realize she was coming toward him until she was right in front of his face.

Kent jumped back, startled. The girl smirked. “Don’t tell me class is over,” she said, a southern twang decorating her feathery voice. Country girls. Kent was a city kid attending school in a rural college town. No matter how many times he heard it, that accent always gave him pause.

“Yeah, it ended about 15 minutes ago,” Kent responded. His eyes moved slowly from her rack up to her eyes.

“Shit.” The girl bit her thick red lower lip and stomped her foot. “I gotta get my fuckin’ watch fixed. This is the second time this month.”

“You didn’t miss much,” Kent assured her. “We just went over ‘Gatsby’ again, and –”

“I don’t get that book,” the girl whined. “I mean, what the fuck is with that green light? What’s that supposed to mean? I don’t like that symbolism shit. I’m a tell-it-like-it-is kinda girl, y’now? No frontin’. No bullshit.”

Kent laughed. To an academian lit major like himself, dismissing symbolism as bullshit was tantamount to sacrilege. But never question a pretty girl.

“You’re pretty smart, aren’t you?” the girl asked. “How’d you like to help me with some of the lit homework?”

“Sure. When would be good for you?”

“How about right now?”

Kent shrugged. He wasn’t gonna get any work done out here anyway. “Why not?”

The girl flashed a smile as big as a cornfield. “Great!” she said. “Hop in the truck. We’ll go to my place.”

The two students made their way over to the mud-encrusted truck. “How in the hell did you get that thing so dirty?”

“Muddin’. I LOVE muddin’,” she said. “Takin’ a truck out in a field and just drivin’ through all the yuck and shit … Great way to spend a weekend.”

Kent rolled his eyes. How redneck. “You really get a kick out of that, huh? That‘s what you do every weekend?”

A devious glint appeared in the girl’s eye. “Not every weekend. There are other fun things to do in the mud.”

Kent’s zonguldak escort body stiffened. He was a little confused, as he really didn’t know what she was talking about, but something about the way she said it made it sounds VERY sexual.

Kent climbed in the passenger seat and the girl started the motor. “What’s your name, by the way? I can‘t remember,” he asked as she turned her head to pull out backwards and stretched her arm across the seat, casually laying it behind his shoulder.

“Jenna,” she said. “You’re Kent, right?”

He smiled. “You’re smart.”

“Then what do I need you for?”

After a brief laugh by both parties, Kent shifted in his seat and turned to look out the window. He found himself hoping the sexual tension wasn’t just in his head.

The truck pulled up in front of an old farmhouse, surrounded by acres of field and weeds. The two students got out and made their way to the porch. Kent looked around and took it all in. “You’re a farmer?”

“Nah, me and my roommate just rent it during the school year. We got a sweet deal,” Jenna explained.

They entered the house and Kent sat down on the couch, placed his book on the table before him. Jenna headed for the kitchen. “You want something to drink?”

“Whattya got?”

A pause. “Bud and MGD,” she hollered from the kitchen.

“You have any coffee?”

“Son, you have a cock, right? You’re havin’ a Bud.”

As Kent watched her take the beer bottle to the counter and pop it open, he shook his head and laughed to himself. Why was he attracted to her? She had a great body, sure, but the way she was dressed, the way she talk, her attitude toward school … it was all so country. So redneck. Yet there she was, and there his cock was, hardening beneath his jeans. Kent shifted to try and cover his stiffy.

Jenna entered and sat down beside Kent, handed him the beer. She took a mighty swig of her own. Kent watched the bottle neck extend from her mouth, imaging those lips were wrapped around his cock instead. She caught him staring and pulled the bottle away, wiping her mouth and belching. “Something wrong with the way I drink?”

Kent offered a nervous laugh. “Nope. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

“No man I ever met thought so either,” Jenna said, grinning. She grabbed the book off the table and opened it, threw it in Kent’s lap. “Ready to get crackin’?”

“Sure …” Kent’s voice trailed off. He flipped aimlessly through the pages, then started to look up at Jenna. He hesitated, then looked up at her again. She was staring pretty intently at him too. Kent swallowed before speaking.

“So where do you … ‘mud,’ around here?” Kent asked. He noticed Jenna’s eyes light up at the question.

“Oh, there’s a big mud pit out back,” Jenna said, thumbing behind her shoulder. “Wanna see it?”

“Yeah, I think I do.”

Jenna got up and headed for the back door. As Kent followed her, Jenna remarked, “You don’t look like the type of guy who’d be interested in muddin’ to me. You look all preppy, you know. Like you keep clean and all that.”

Kent raised an eyebrow. “Doesn’t everyone?”

Jenna laughed. “You aren’t tunalı escort around local guys much, are you? The only time you can get them to shower is when you get in there with them. Hell, that’s the only time I shower either.”

Kent could tell. He could smell her body odor across the room. But it wasn’t necessary a bad thing … something about her natural scent was intoxicating.

They stepped out onto the back porch and Kent whistled as he spotted the mud hole. It was a massive brown spot that spread across a couple of acres. Mostly it was fairly shallow, but one part looked pretty deep.

“How deep is that one hole out there?” Kent asked.

Jenna smirked. “Deep enough to sink into.”

Kent started coughing, dumbfounded. “You mean you’ve completely submerged in that?”

Jenna shrugged. “Don’t act so surprised. City girls get mud treatments all the time. I just got my own personal hole out here.”

How could Kent argue with that? He glanced at Jenna, her body glistening with sweat under the hot country sun, then back out at the mud hole. Jenna noticed this and touched Kent’s arm.

“You wanna go out there?”

Kent shook his head. “Naw, naw. Not me.”

“Why not?”

“It’s just not really my kind of thing. I don’t have a change of clothes or anything –”

“Hey, I don’t talk bullshit and I don’t like getting’ bullshit either. Say what you mean.”

Kent sighed. He couldn’t believe what he was about to say … “Sure. Okay. But only if you come out with me.”

There was that smile again, splattered across Jenna’s face. “You got it, slick.”

Jenna hopped over the porch railed and started running toward the hole. She threw off her hat as she ran, and then pulled her tank top up over her head and threw it off to the side. Kent was transfixed by the sight of Jenna’s naked bouncing breasts as she darted across the field. She paused to kick off her boots and pull down her shorts, no panties underneath. She dove stark naked into the mud hold and splashed to the surface a moment later, covered head to toe in the thick muck. “Come on in. The mud’s really soft today.”

Kent couldn’t move, his body or his jaw shut. “What’s the matter?” Jenna yelled. “You ain’t never seen a naked girl before? Get your ass down here.”

Kent moved slowly off the porch and made his way at a snail’s pace to the edge of the mud pit. “You want me to take off my clothes?” he asked.

“Lessin’ you wanna ruin `em,” Jenna responded. Kent pulled off his shoes and socks, then unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his pants. He took off his clothes meticulously as Jenna watched him intensely, splashing around in the mud like a little kid. Finally, Kent stood before Jenna completely naked. He was extremely self conscious but there was no turning back now. Jenna whistled. “That’s a pretty big cock you got there, boy.”

Kent looked down at it. His swollen member was fully engorged, purple and veiny. “You like it?”

Jenna grinned and nodded. She crawled toward Kent on her knees, took hold of the cock and stuck it in her mouth. Her country lips wrapped tight around the dick and she sucked hard, licking her long tongue tunceli escort all around the shaft and across the peehole. Kent couldn’t help but laugh at first; he couldn’t believe this. But she was fantastic. He leaned back his head and closed his eyes, moaning as he really got into it.

Jenna pulled away and grabbed Kent’s hand, pulling him down face first into the mud. Kent shot up, sputtering. There was mud in his mouth and eyes. He blinked and spit, trying to shake off the gunk. “Good, ain’t it?” Jenna said. Her teeth and eyes appeared bright as sole spots of white in the middle of a now totally brown face. Kent tried to answer, but every time he tried to talk, mud just fell in his mouth. Jenna laughed. “Just how I like my men: silent and dirty as fuck.”

Jenna pushed Kent on his back, scooped up a handful of mud and smeared it all over his crotch and up and down his cock, jacking him off as she coated his dick in mud. “I just love this shit,” she said, a noticeable excitement growing in her voice. “It gets me soooooooo horny rollin’ around in the mud.”

She took Kent’s hands and put them on her breasts. “Rub my tits,” she commanded. “Smear the mud into them.” Kent happily obliged. He cupped her round, fat breasts in his palms and squeezed and smeared, whipping the brown smudge all around her stiff nipples.

Kent noticed Jenna’s hand was down between her legs. Jenna rubbed her clit, leaning back her head as she masturbated, using the soft mud as a lubricant. “Oooooooh,” she groaned, tossing her thick, mud-soaked hair side to side. “That feels so good. Don’t stop smearing my tits.”

Jenna stuck her foot up and leaned it on Kent’s chest, rubbing the mud on his pecs and stomach with her foot. Kent was losing his inhibitions now and really getting into this.

Jenna turned around and stuck her ass up in the air, wiggled it. “I want you to fuck me,” she implored. “Do me like a dog. Like a dog in the dirt.”

Kent stood up and positioned himself behind Jenna to enter her. He slid his slick, muddy dick into her sopping cunt. The slime helped him move back and forth inside her hole effortlessly. Jenna moaned and grunted. “Fuck me! Fuck me like a pig!” She started squealing and grunting like a hog in the mud.

Jenna thrust her body up and down, thrashing and splashing mud everywhere, further covering Kent in the muck. “Take it, you pig!” Kent yelled, totally into the moment. “Take my cock! Stick your fat muddy pig ass up and gobble up my cock!”

“Yes!” Jenna screamed. “I’m a pig in the mud, and I’m yours! Fuck my fat pig ass!”

Kent pulled out of her cunt and slammed his dick into Jenna’s mud-covered anus. Her shithole grew and swallowed Kent’s dick whole. Jenna let out a primal scream and thashed wildly, squealing and grunting louder and louder.

Finally Kent exploded, shooting hot cum into into Jenna’s cornfed booty. Jenna wailed and came seconds later, “AHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed, and then collapsed face first into the mud.

A moment passed and Jenna sat up, panting. She looked at Kent and grinned, who was lying on his back, gasping for air. He mirrored her grin. “So this is what you like to do in the mud, huh?” Kent asked in short breaths.

Jenna nodded. “You bet.” She slapped her buttcheek. “Ain’t nothin’ this fat pig ass loves better then gettin’ all dirty with some sexy boy.”

Kent looked off into the distance. He was gonna have to reconsider this whole “redneck” thing … or “thang.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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