My journey Part 1

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When i found this site and saw there are cathegories such as bestiality and scat made me write down my own experiences . This my trip from “normal” how i hate that term to the person i am today. A bit of warning this story as a whole will contain gay/incest/beastiality/scat elements because i am unfamiliar with the tags system i will tag each episode with just what it focuses on but overall you can expect the ones mentioned above , i understand some ppl might find some of these discusting and that is perfectly fine that is within your right , but agt the same time i have the right to enjoy them, if you click on this keep that in mind you have been warned:)

Since i live in a country where up until 2001 being simply gay could land you in jail, some names might be changed but other then that this is my journey thank you for being here with me.

I understand some prefer fast action stories this isnt one of those just a warning

Without further introduction lets dive into it.

Chapter 1

A small accident which started it all

Its early 1998 i am 18 years old , a bit (ok a lot more then a bit) shy, chubby guy. Not much to tell really , normal in every way .

Recently moved to my brother who started working in the city , he is 23 at this time and moved to the city for work oportunity and ofc to get as far away from our dear mother as possible . She used to say if abortion wasnt punishable by prison in those days… makes you all warm and fuzzy inside doesent it?

Since we lived in a small village i had to commute each day with a bus to get to school , my brother told me i could move into with him . No commuting and no mother , so win win.

When i brought this up with her she was all to happy to get rid of me as well so off i went.

Was a small rented apartment but we were fine , we were always close and really , i mean really good friends, i could talk to him about anything , and he would always have my back , and the only love and care i got as a kid was from him so yes…

About that small accident . Was coming home from an afternoon math class and when i left for home i new i need to go to the bathroom but i felt i can make it home in time.

About half way i spot 2 dogs humping, more precisely the beginning part , i actually saw the cock slide into the female. At this point in time i never ever thought of guys , let alone dogs but it turned me on greatly , so much so i stopped and started watching. Ofc i couldnt just stare at them this much i knew so casually stopped at the corner and well watched :). Well you know the escort saying time flies when your having fun , well it flies far more faster when your having fun AND you need to go to the bathroom 🙂

Suddenly my carefully thought out plan of making it home was out the window , instantly i knew there is no way in hell i will make it home in time , panic sat in, i admit i panicked badly i knew i will poop my self.

If i was lucky i will make it to the next corner , hint, i wasnt going to be lucky :).

If anyone was in a same situation you know what i mean, you can barely move and each step can be your last. All those things that you dont even think about until you face them , i was scared and ashamed i am almoast 14 and i will … well poop myself like a stupid kid. This was my mentality this is what you pick up growing up , and there are a lot of these pre programed behaviours in us , something to think about.

And then that fateful final step came , i felt it i am done it will happen now, laugh if you want but i even broke tears a bit. Braced my self for the horrible thing that is going to happen to me, and then….

Well instead of the horrible feeling i was expecting something wonderful happened , i was still holding it back as much as i could but my pants were filling up.

A wonderful warm caressing feeling took hold over my but , it took my by surprise , without giving it a second thought i stopped holding it in and and started pushing it in as hard as i could.

It was the best feeling i ever felt , i was just standing there and smile on my face , when it was over i continued walking home, carefree and happy .

Pushing all the way home managed to fill my pants a bit more, and for the first time in my life i came in my pants without any assistance from rosie palm and the 5 sisters.

When i got home the guilt and fear came rushing back , You just came in your pants because you shit your self! Shame on you! I just felt horrible , i cant explain it all that pre programed things dont go away easely.

Looking at the time i knew my brother will be home by now , oh great hope i can slip into the bathroom without him noticing.

Ofc he was in the hallway so i had to go past him to get to the bathroom , i was all red faced and felt like sinking from the shame i felt , the shame i imagined i need to feel because of what i did.

Apologies if i draw this out so much but this was a deeply impactful moment of my life and i feel i am not alone in some of the things i felt , maybe someone reading this will torment them selfs just a bit less .

As izmit escort bayan fast as i could i got into the bathroom and cleaned up , when i exited i just knew he will be standing there , as i said we were always close so when he asked if i want to talk about what happened … I didnt really want to but i knew if anyone will understand me its him , so i told him briefly what happend and how it happend , when i got to the part of the dogs he just interrupted me : – and what you saw turned you on right?

I just noded and told him time flew by and well… he just smiled and said: – you were embarrassed a bit when you got home but i get the impression you enjoyed what happend right?

Well problem with someone who knows you so well , he saw right through it all i just nodded again, without giving me time to finish : – look nothing bad happened it felt good so lets just leave it at that.

Show of hands how many people were met with this kind attitude ?

The next day was a normal day like any other (i know i know the day before started normal as well … hehe ). We had a decent pc at the time , no internet ofc , in those days only the really rich ppl could afford it. We were playing our favorite game Heroes of might and magic 2 , anyone who is familiar with that series knows you can play multiplayer with someone on the same pc , its like chess but looks better 🙂 These games could last days so you tend to loose track of time fast , we were playing this one game for like 2 days now . Suddenly i jump up and bolt towards the bathroom. My brother grabs my hand , calmly but holding firm , so i stop and turn around : -what??

– Where are you going? – what do you think genious?

I remember raised my voice a bit , what kind of question , where can i go in a hurry ?

Without noticing my temper tantrum he just handed my a pack of panties and told me : – why not go for a walk?

I remember it stunned me into silence , the fact that my brother handed me new panties (means he baught them FOR me after what happend yesterday) didnt even register.

All i could say was : – are you sure? all that wonderful feeling which made me cum came flooding back , just closed my eyes and like i was there as is happend

I was interrupted : your humming 🙂 yes i am sure go for a walk 🙂

I needed no more encouragement , took of my pants panties and grabbed one of the new ones, it was soft thick material and tight margins and fit perfectly when i looked at them he just smiled : – yes perfect for long enjoyable walks 🙂 i cant discribe what izmit sınırsız escort i felt , even now after allmoast 20 years my hands are shaking as i write this.

I had to hurry because well need to go in a baad way 🙂 got my pants back fast and headed towards the door , my hands on handle it hits me , if i step outside now i will poop myself. I remember he was standing in the doorway to our room looking at me, i was so excited but still was a bit fearfull you know taking that step, so i put the choice to him sort of speak.

– I will poop my self , in a way i was asking permission because this way he was making the decision not me 🙂 , he came over to me and put his hands on my shoulder , all my fears just gone.

– Yes , you will – and just smiled, i took that first step, once out was walking down the stairs. I knew what is going to happen , and i couldnt wait for it to happen . Some of you might ask why my brand new perfect for walking panties were stil empty , well all i can say i wasnt smart enough 🙂

Once outside all iknew i need to hold it in , i was heading… well no idea just randomly started walking towards the park , holding like crazy. Took me a good 10 minutes to realize what i am doing , when it hit me i remember burts into laughter . I am trying to poop myself cant wait for it even but i am holding it in , ofc corrected my mistake and filled those panties:)

I actually was amaized how far i made it considering i almoast pooped my self 2 times just getting cloths on .

When i got home he was in the hallway and before i could slip into the bathroom hugged me, it felt so good , all those things i feared yesterday were gone , and what i was left with a wonderfull thing which became a part of my life

He held me close and said : – i am so happy for you , i am proud of you … simple words , yet for me they ment the world , i was enjoying the moment and suddenly …

– Now hurry up will you am waiting for you to move for ages ,,, oh my god our game 🙂

When i got out of the bathroom it hit me: you bought me panties today? for me to…?

– Yes was walking home and saw these and thought will be perfect for your …walks…

– you were sure i will have walks? – ofc i was sure , i saw how happy you were even red faced i saw the joy in your eyes , so it was no question if i can help you i will…

Needles to say these walks became a core part of my life .

This is the first chapter , again i apologise if i got lost in minute details sometimes but you have to understand these things these event are what forged me into who i am today ,they are burned into me i could tell you every little detail about them as if they happened today.

English isnt my fist language so , apologies for any typos

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