My New Maid And Assistant

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I hired Lynne a few weeks ago as a live-in maid and assistant. She is an attractive, slim blond with nicely shaped and sized breasts. She definitely needed a place to stay after recently breaking up with her boyfriend.

I normally work from home, but had been travelling recently and so had been away from the house, leaving Lynne alone to settle in. I got back late last night and called her into the office this morning to discuss her progress.

She was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt as she knocked on my home-office door. “Come in!” I called out and looked her up and down critically as she cautiously entered. I smiled as she stood in front of my desk with her hands clasped in front of her. I didn’t ask her to sit.

“How are you enjoying things so far?” I asked nicely.

Nervously she replied “It’s nice, I’m getting to understand your filing system and also the layout of the house and where things are kept. Also, I like my room, thank you.”

“Good” I smiled. “I’m sorry that the bathroom is across the hall from your room and not ensuite.”

“That’s OK. I don’t mind.”

“I know it can be a bit awkward though when you need the bathroom in the middle of the night. I saw you ccoming back from it naked last night when I got home.” I stated, matter-of-factly as I looked for a reaction from her.

“I’m sorry” she said as she started to blush.

I laughed. “Don’t apologise. It was a pleasant sight and certainly better than what you are wearing right now.”

“I’m sorry.” She aplogized again. “I don’t have much that I thought would work for this job.”

“Well, I expect you to dress how it pleases me, not like this” I replied in a stern voice. “From now on I insist you wear nothing if you don’t have anything more appropriate.”

“I can’t do that.” She wimpered.

I grinned an evil grin. “You always have the option of leaving right away.” I said calmly, knowing she had nowhere to go.

Her heart visibly jumped as she quickly decided on her path and started to remove her t-shirt. I slid back in my chair to watch the show. Underneath the t-shirt she had a light bra on, but the jeans came off next once she had kicked her shoes aside. Her panties matched the bra and neither were particularly flattering. She stopped once the jeans were removed.

“Carry on with the rest” I ordered her, motioning at the bra and panties. She reached behind to unfasten the bra and I noticed a twinkle in her eye suggesting that she may actually be enjoying this. Her tits fell smoothly out of her bra and she quickly dropped ankara olgun escort it with her other clothes and proceded to remove her panties, hooking a thumb in the waistband on either side and sliding them down her elegant thighs. Watching her caused a definite stirring in my jeans.

Once her panties joined the rest of her clothes, her attitude changed. Instead of holding her hands in front of her, she placed them on her hips, allowing me a clear view of her perfect breasts and neatly shaven pussy. My cock harded some more as I slowly looked her up and good.

“Now come over her” I ordered her as I reached into my desk drawer. She quickly obeyed and moved behind my desk to see the collar I had in my hand. I thought I heard her gasp and wasn’t sure if it was excitement or fear. “Kneel” I continued and like a good slave, she obeyed the order. I fastened the collar around her neck with her face inches from my crotch. Seeing her staring at my crotch and only inches from it made my cock harden even more to the extent that it was getting uncomfortable in my jeans.

After I had fastened it around her neck I ordered her to get up and bend over my desk. Again, she dutifully obeyed.

“I still need to teach you a lesson for dressing in such a horrible way” I said as I placed one hand between her shoulder blades and pressed her onto the desk. I swung my free hand hard and came down with a loud smack on her right butt cheek. She yelped at the impact, but said nothing. I spanked her again, noticing the growing redness on her ass. “This will teach you to do everything I ask in the future. I may continue to punish you periodically just to remind you to behave”. She said nothing as I continued to spank her.

I kicked her legs apart and this time when my hand came down it hit her ass cheeks and pussy lips. She yelped, but did not attempt to pull away. I noticed that her pussy lips were wet with her juices, the spanking obviously being something she was enjoying. I smiled to myself and spanked again, this time letting my fingers linger on her increasing soaking pussy lips. The obvious effect on my cock was too much and I had to get it released from my jeans. I reached down and unfastened them allowing my cock to spring into view. I pulled Lynne by the hair off the deskto a kneeling position in front of me. “Look what you’ve done. Now you are going to have to suck it to give me relief” I said sternly.

She spent a few seconds looking at it before starting to lick the precum off the tip and then take it into ankara ucuz escort her mouth. I breathed deeply at the warm of her mouth and the sensations pulsing through my body. Lynne was going to make a good assistant and maid. I sat down in my chairm holding her by the hair to make sure she continued. After a few minutes of this very obvious pleasure, the doorbell rang. I remembered that my accountant, Jenn, was supposed to come over this morning. Jenn is a tall blond who I’d never had a sexual relationship with, but who did seem to be highly sexual. Lynne looked up at me in shock. “What should I do?”

I smiled “That will be Jenn, the accountant. You should go let her in and bring her in here.” There was a look of shock on her face, as if realizing I meant her to go as she was. “Oh and just so you don’t feel naked, here’s something to wear.” I reached into my desk draw and pulled out a collar for her. Quickly fastening it around her neck I slapped her ass and told her to go let Jenn in. She got up and nervously moved out of the office towards the front door, her cute ass wiggling as she moved.

As she cautiously opened the door she stood back, slightly behind it to attempt to cover her nakedness. Jenn stood there for a few seconds looking Lynne up and down, building up in her mind the reason for Lynne’s appearance. Slowly the corner of Jenn’s mouth turned up to for a smirk. Added to her light tweed business suit and white blouse, she looked like someone who liked to dominate. She stepped into the house “I see he’s getting you trained”.

“Yes, maam” Lynne replied “Would you like to go through to his office?” she continued as she closed the door behind Jenn. Her nakedness in front of Jenn being better than exposed to anyone outside who may happen to pass by.

Lynne followed behind Jenn and stood in the doorway of the office as we greeted each other and Jenn sat down. “Looks like you’ve been having some fun” Jenn smiled.

“Yes” I replied “just a pity you interrupted while I was in the middle of being……..relieved.”

“You shouldn’t let my presence stop that. Why don’t you get her to continue?”

“Perhaps we should see if she is any good at servicing my guests” I replied. “She’s certainly good at cocksucking. Perhaps her skills extend to all genitalia” I smiled.

“Mmmmmmmm. That would be nice” she replied and slowly started to part her legs, never taking her eyes of Lynne. She gradually eased her skirt up as she bit down on her lower lip. Lynne’s eyes widened and she stared in what seemed ankara yabancı escort to be a mix of shock, fear and some degree of excitement. Her eyes flicking between Jenn’s eyes, Jenn’s crotch and ocassionally over to me. Soon Jenn’s skirt was hitched high enough to reveal her lace covered pussy and silky inner thighs. Lynne’s heart could be seen beating in her chest. “I’ve never done this before” she moaned to me.

“I’m sure you’ll do a great job” I smiled as I stood up and walked over to her, keeping one hand behind my back. As I reached her I pulled my hand from behind me to reveal a leash that I quickly fastened to her collar and then led her by it to Jenn. I handed the leash to Jenn so she could now control Lynne and prevent her from moving away.

“Thank you” she smiled as she simultaneously pulled Lynne closer and moved her panties to one side to reveal a neatly trimmed and very wet looking pussy. She didn’t need to pull on the leash as Lynne instinctively placed both hands on Jenn’s inner thighs and then placed her lips on her glistening pussy lips. After a few moments Lynne was licking and sucking like a pro and had Jenn moaning and writhing in her seat. The sight alone was enough to make my cock want to explode and I started to release my cock and stroke it gently as I watched. Watching alone was not going to cut it for me and I moved forward and dropped to my knees behind Lynne, marvelling at her amazing ass that still showed signs of the earlier spanking.

Placing one hand on the small of Lynne’s back, I started to push my cock towards her pussy, noticing how wet it now was. My cock slid in, not easily, but I gradually pushed deeper until she had my whole cock buried deep inside her. Her moans joined Jenn’s moans as I started to pound into her, increasing the strength of each thrust and loving the whole scenario.

I continued pounding into Lynne as both her moans and Jenn’s intensified. I started getting close to orgasm myself when, without warning Jenn suddenly arched her back and orgasmed intensely, pulling Lynne by her lease onto her pussy and rubbing herself hard against Lynne’s face. The sight was enough to make me cum and my cock started to throb intensely. I quickly pulled out of her pussy and, not wanting to ruin Jenn’s orgasm, sprayed my load over Lynne’s ass and back. Thick dollops of cum shot over her ass and covered her smooth skin. I used my cock to rub some of it over her red ass cheeks and as she turned from Jenn’s post-orgasm pussy, I pushed my cock into her mouth for her to clean.

Once our orgasms had died down we quickly redressed, leaving Lynne naked and serving our needs. We got back to work and Lynne continued with the rest of her duties, including fetching a couple of glasses of wine – obviously to put us in the mood for what we would use Lynne for after we finished working. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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