Naughty Naomi Ch. 04

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This has been much-delayed and is only half complete so is shorter than previous chapters but positive feedback for part 3 wanted more and wanted dirty, so toilet action follows – you’re warned if that’s not your thing. I hope to get back into the swing with this, if I have time. Everyone’s legal age and consenting and in my imagination anyways…

All three women in the room were beautiful, and all three had blue eyes. Beyond that, there were points of similarity and points of difference. Christina Holloway was the oldest at 38, and was the boss of one and the headmistress of the other. Standing 5’8″ and with a proud, almost regal demeanour, she was sexually dominant, her glossy copper hair and 30F-30-39 curves making finding a submissive quite easy, as many people would do anything this woman asked.

Her secretary and lover, Naomi Green was, at 22, much younger and, at 5’4½”, shorter, though her 32F-27-38 body was as extravagantly curved. Her wide-mouthed, open face was innocently pretty and her thick, brunette hair fell in tumbles around it. She was a sexual submissive and very kinky – her idea of heaven was being soundly caned after being desperate and pissing in her knickers.

Finally, the youngest, 19-year old Chloe Edwards, was a student at the exclusive disciplinary academy Christina ran. Her hair was as fiery as Christina’s, and she was the shortest of the three at 5’3″ and though she was nowhere near as busty as the voluptuous pair she shared the room with, her cheeky face and eye-catchingly round bottom were key features of her 32B-24-34 figure. She was also a submissive, loving nothing more than being spanked and caned until she was in tears.

Moments earlier Christina had whipped Chloe with a belt while she ate Naomi’s pussy through some recently pissed-in knickers, before herself being licked to orgasm by Naomi. And now she was planning how to spend the rest of her Saturday. Chloe was still on her hands and knees on the floor, naked, crying softly, whilst Naomi was on her knees in front of Christina, between her legs, dressed like a schoolgirl in white blouse, knee socks and panties and a short, pleated, navy skirt. Her blouse was too small, her big, soft boobs threatening to escape at any point, and her knickers and socks were damp with pee.

Christina was wearing a black, lacy lingerie set of seamed stockings with suspenders, bikini-style, lace-trimmed silk panties and a cleavage-enhancing bra. At the moment, her panties were pulled to one side, exposing her ginger-furred pussy, wet with Naomi’s saliva, to the room. And Christina very much needed a piss. She looked down at her young secretary, who returned her gaze, two beautiful, lushly curved women staring into each other’s blue eyes. Christina’s lips curled slightly into a wicked smile.

Seeing this, Naomi’s lips parted as she was about to ask her lover what was prompting the smile. Her timing was perfect, at least so far as Christina’s intention to surprise and humiliate the beautiful beşevler escort brunette went. Just as Naomi inhaled to speak, a gush of hot, pale yellow piss spurted from Christina’s pussy, splashing over the young girl’s face, wetting her hair and filling her mouth.

Naomi, choked and spluttered, instinctively recoiling as her eyes stung and the pee spattered over her, but the deliciously naughty desire that was never far from her quickly overcame that instinct as her boss pissed on her, and she pushed her face back into Christina’s piss-flow, willingly opening her wide, pretty mouth, feeling it fill with the warm, bubbling pee, tasting Christina’s urine, loving the sensation of her mouth over-flowing and the yellow water running down her full chest, soaking her already pissed-in schoolgirl outfit. She was sitting under her mistress, in wet knickers, sore bottom under her, being pissed on like a toilet slut. She almost came on the spot.

Hearing Naomi gasp, Chloe turned her tear-filled eyes on the scene and simply watched open-mouthed. She could not believe the world of kink she’d landed in. Sure, she was a bit filthy herself, often bringing herself off over fantasies of her headmistress caning her for no reason other than Chloe deserving continuous punishment. But now she was watching that same headmistress pee all over her secretary! And not only was she enjoying it – she seemed to be drinking it!?

Runnels of pee trickled from Christina’s pussy, the droplets tracing wet streaks down her round, white thighs to soak into the top of her stockings, but the main gush continued to pour into Naomi’s mouth, who was luxuriating in her filthy submission, her pussy throbbing as she gulped the warm, acrid piss down her throat.

Presently, the stream of piss came to an end. Chloe was still watching, raptly attentive. Christina relaxed back against the desk, nostrils flaring as she inhaled the stink in her room, aware of the wetness at the top of her silk stockings. And Naomi sat on the floor, smiling like a child at Christmas, dripping wet in soaking clothes, in a puddle of pee.

“Oh my…” murmured Christina. Then, standing, she added “right, Chloe, get on your feet and come with me. We need to have a discussion. Naomi – you are to stay dressed exactly as you are and sort out the mess in this room.” The teenager assented and, still nude, followed Christina out of the study, closing the door behind her to leave Naomi alone.

Shakily, the brunette stood up. Tidying away the spanking implements only took a moment, and she picked up Chloe’s clothes from the floor, folding them neatly and leaving them in a pile on the desk. The main issue was the pool of piss on the floor – she’d swallowed as much as she could, and her sodden clothes had absorbed plenty, but she still needed to mop up the remainder. Looking around the office, she wondered how to clean up, before hitting upon a characteristically naughty idea.

From the pile büyükesat escort of clothes on the desk, she picked up Chloe’s panties – tight, pink shorts – knelt down and and dropped them into the puddle, rolling them in the pee to absorb as much as she could. Then she picked up the soggy rag, tipped her head back and squeezed out the wet cotton, splashing the now-cold piss over her lips and again drinking down what fell in her mouth. She put the knickers into her mouth briefly, sucking on the material to get more moisture out, before repeating the process.

Eventually, using Chloe’s knickers as a cloth, Naomi cleaned up and drank the pee that had splashed on the ground. Standing, she dropped the damp and unmistakeably piss-soaked panties on top of the pile of Chloe’s clothes. Christina hadn’t told her she could leave after cleaning up, so she decided to stay in the study and wait for her lover and the schoolgirl to return.

An hour later, Naomi was very bored. Her clothes had dried, although the mixture of her own and Christina’s urine had left her smelling like a urinal, and her hair was in a frightful state having been soaked in pee and then allowed to simply dry naturally. The belting she’d taken had faded to a pleasantly sore tingle, but she’d heard nothing from elsewhere in the house and seemed to have been forgotten. She’d not been told she could leave the room, but Chloe’s arrival had changed the dynamic of her day with her boss.

Ordinarily she’d disobey some instruction or other at regular intervals as a catalyst for sexy play with Christina, but she appreciated that having one of the pupils from the academy in the house was a risky, if exciting, development in their relationship. That said, she’d certainly enjoyed the feel of Chloe’s tongue pressing against her pussy as she watched Christina beat the pretty young redhead…

As her wait dragged on, Naomi realised another need – she wanted to go to the toilet. Toilet games had been a growing part of her relationship as Christina seemed content that the naughty 22-year old enjoyed pissing herself and wetting the bed like a child, and indeed, had now taken it a step further by peeing all over Naomi. Like a drug habit, though, each time Naomi indulged a fetish, she wanted more of it, and now, when she touched herself when she was alone, it wasn’t occasional desperation that she fantasised about, but ongoing, public humiliation.

As she considered this, her hand began to stroke at her pussy. She wanted to use her knickers as a toilet all the time, not just when she couldn’t hold on. She wanted to pee herself at her desk, wet her jeans at the supermarket, piss the bed and be spanked on the soaked sheets. But there was more, she admitted to herself. Her other hand rubbed across her pillowy boobs, then under her nose so she could smell the stale pee on her clothes, whilst she rubbed more insistently at her pussy, spreading her legs and slumping down in the chair so that her round, çankaya escort pink bottom was pressing against the edge, the soreness reminding her of her earlier punishment.

Yes, there was more. What had at first been a few accidents was now a constant desire. She wanted to poo herself. Just admitting that almost made her come. She wanted to disgrace herself, wanted to shit in her knickers, not even try to go to the loo. She wanted to have to sit at her desk, her bottom squashed into an obscene pile of her own dung. She wanted…oh god…she wanted to smell it, to feel it squeezing into her underwear, to…no, she couldn’t admit that, it was too dirty!

She knew she wanted to go, and made no attempt to fight. Slipping further down in the chair so that her wide hips hung off the edge, she relaxed, slowing her masturbating to a gentle stroke, drew in a deep breath, and pushed. The sheer dirtiness of that was overwhelming – she wasn’t trying not to dirty her knickers like a naughty child – she was doing it on purpose. She moaned aloud as the first sticky lump squashed out of her and tented the back of her white panties away.

The poo smudged into the cotton, and was pushed aside as a big, soft pile followed it, quickly filling the back of her panties which sagged away from her bottom, biting into her hips with the weight of sticky turds that suddenly filled the 22-year old’s pants. As she deliberately shit herself, she once more began to touch herself, furiously pressing at her clit as her knickers filled up. Timing it perfectly, she waited until she was on the very brink, before raising herself and then, slowly, sitting back in the chair. As her lovely, round bottom, encased in dirty panties, sank into the poo, the resistance of the chair making it flatten over her buttocks and squeeze between her legs towards her cunt, she came, visions of even more disgusting behaviour filling her mind.

A few minutes later, Naomi, still alone, stood up and took stock of the situation. Her white knee-socks looked fine, but had a faint smell of pee about them from when she’d wet herself earlier and from where they’d gotten wet again after Christina pissed over her. Her cotton panties were no longer white, having been soaked with her own piss and now filled with smelly, sticky poop which stained the back a light, fudge brown and left obscene bulges at the back. The gusset was also sticky from her pussy, given she’d come twice that morning already. Her pleated skirt was damp with Christina’s pee, and her white blouse, which had already been stretched over her huge, 32F boobs, was mostly transparent thanks to the soaking it’d received.

The school tie hung like a rag in her cleavage. Her makeup was smudged and her long, brunette hair was a mess. The whole study had the odour of a toilet, although she suspected that that was mostly her. Although it was disgusting, she found the smell oddly arousing too. Walking around the room, she felt the warm mass in her panties shift around, pressing against her buttocks in a way that served as a constant reminder that she’d shit her pants like a toddler. The sensation was almost enough to make her orgasm again. Naomi was through with toilets, so far as she was concerned.

To be continued, if there’s demand…

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