Of Demons and Dragoness’ Pt. 01

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Rural areas were a place of comparative peace when placed side by side with the hustle and turmoil of city life, or at least for Fyrdrgon and her mate. Most residents of the country area that Ropes and Fyr had moved to were situation socials; they kept themselves to themselves but flocked like starlings to the small town for their weekly shop, gossiping and rustling plastic carrier bags in one of the two crowded cafes. In the sprawling, low lying town, large was a word that might have related to a cup of tea and certainly not the buildings or social areas. The cougar and dragon pair had had enough of the city by far and, despite the protests of their two adult ‘cubs’, Helena and Hiss, they had shipped them off to a new life and a fresh start, as the clichés flowed.

Fyr had been the one to spot the refurbished farm house, which was a thirty minute walk out of town, and claim it as theirs, signing a cheque for the deposit before Ropes even walked through to see the place for himself. It was a picturesque and spacious house that was only disturbed by the sibling bickering, although they would soon be searching further afield to begin their independent lives. A swallow flitted into a nest tucked snugly under the eaves, chirping twice at the scene glimpsed through the smudged first floor window.

The pale eyed cougar lay over his daughter on the bed, holding her ankles far apart, his pink, barbed cock thrust into Helena’s sex, framed by yellow scales. The dragoness’ crimson scales gleamed in the late afternoon light and her lighter front heaved as she gasped for breath, arms flung back over her head as if she had been tossed there and not had the strength to move. Ropes humped into his daughter steadily, his four green demon-tendrils waving gently, one or two occasionally snaking forward to caress his daughter’s four shapely breasts that bounced delightfully with every thrust.

He panted and leaned down to tongue Helena’s nipples, drawing a series of moans from the sweaty dragoness. Then, hissing sharply, he plunged his cock deep into her sex and quivered as he spent his load within her, his hot seed splashing against his daughter’s warm passage. Stroking her soft belly with the flat of one paw, he smiled warmly and swished his feline tail lazily from side to side, perfectly content. Helena tilted her muzzle up expectantly, a light smirk tugging the corner of her lips up on one side.

The front door slammed.

“I’m home!” Fyr called cheerfully, making her way to the kitchen. “Get down here so we can have dinner! Hiss? Helena? Ropes, have you seen them? Where are all of you?”

“Damn,” Ropes cursed, slowly withdrawing from Helena’s cunt. “Go have a shower, sweetheart, and get your tail downstairs.”

“But, Dad!” She protested, propping herself up on the bed with one arm. “Come on, I didn’t cum yet! Five more minutes?”

“You don’t want your mother to catch us, do you?”

That quieted her and Ropes sent the girl scurrying into the shower with a playful smack on her rump. Tidying himself up and stumbling into a pair of worn house jeans, he padded downstairs to see what his wife had brought home for dinner. True to form, the red dragoness with attractive yellow stripes – so much like her daughter – had already put the pasta on to cook and was in the middle of concocting a sauce with plenty of garlic that smelled absolutely divine. Ropes crept up behind Fyr and slipped his tendrils around her waist lightly, pulling him to her in a sly hug. To his disappointment, she merely chuckled throatily and shrugged off his teasing embrace, the dragoness running a paw over the fin-like crest on the top of her head as if to ward off an aggravating itch.

“Where are the kids?” She asked, tossing some herbs into the sauce.

“Helena’s having a shower and I have no idea about Hiss,” Ropes answered honestly, plonking his tail down at the round dining table. “Went out earlier and I haven’t seen him since.”

“Oh, I expect he’ll be back for dinner,” Fyr murmured, her thoughts elsewhere. “He always is. Have you seen the new neighbour this afternoon?” Fyr asked curiously as she stirred the contents of the saucepan.

“No, not yet,” Ropes said. “Why do you ask?”

“Oh, I don’t know…” Fyr paused and held the spoon aloft for a moment, the sauce dripping unnoticed on to the hob. “She’s only a stone’s throw down the road. Maybe you should go say hello. I made cookies earlier.”

Fyr wasn’t known for her subtlety. Ropes sighed and his tendrils drooped, brushing the wood floor as she glanced back at him expectantly. The cougar’s ears flattened and he half-rose from his seat.

“And you want me to take these cookies down there?” He clarified.

“Oh, would you?”


Ten esat escort minutes down the road with a battered pair of shoes and a fresh shirt, Ropes swung open the creaky gate to the country cottage. The painted walls were peeling and it was certainly in need of some TLC, which Ropes hoped that the new owner would be able to provide. Hoping that he would not be delayed for too long, he knocked on the door and held his breath: perhaps nobody would be home?

He was not so fortunate. After a few seconds, there were footsteps on the other side of the white door and a shadowy figure became visible through the frosted glass pane. A silver-grey dragoness opened the door, flicking her tail against the cracked door frame; when Ropes did not immediately say something, preoccupied with taking her in from muzzle to toe as she was clad only in a camouflage tank top and tan shorts, she cleared her throat and brushed a strand of blue hair deliberately out of her eyes.

“Hey, we live just down the road,” Ropes blurted, holding the plate forward as if it was an offering. “We made cookies to welcome you to the area. Hope you like chocolate.”

“Oh, that’s lovely!” She cooed, her eyes brightening at the plate of sweet treats. “Thank you so much for these, I love biscuits. Who’s ‘we’ though?”

“Ah, my wife and kids,” he added quickly. “Fyrdrgon, my wife. Helena and Hiss, my kids. That’s all of us.”

“What sweet names,” she smiled. “I’m Aeonn. Would you like to come in for a spell?”

“Sure,” Ropes said brightly, happily following her into the house, his eyes firmly glued to her swaying rear, that muscular tail undulating hypnotically. At a slight cough from Aeonn, he dragged his attention from her behind in time to slip out of his battered trainers, which he kicked into place beside an assortment of her own footwear. She seemed to prefer boots.

She led him into a small living room off the hallway that was warmly furnished in red and purple, giving the place a homely feel; the central feature of the room was an open fireplace in which resided a fierce blaze. Aeonn dropped heavily into a high-backed armchair with a plum throw, crossing her legs while Ropes perched on the edge of the sofa, which was too plush for his liking.

“So…what’s with the accessories?” Aeonn giggled, gesturing towards his green tendrils. “How’d I get me a pair of these?”

“Just a part of my body, who I am,” Ropes answered smoothly, not wishing to get into the topic of being a demon and all that entailed with someone so soon after meeting them. “Tell me more about you – I’m sure you are far more interesting, Aeonn. Why did you decide to move here? It must be very lonely for you.”

“Mm, yeah, a bit, a bit,” Aeonn murmured distractedly, her eyes unfocused. “Ropes, did you say you had a wife?”

“Oh, yes, I have a wife,” he purred, settling back on the sofa. “Lost count of how many years we’ve been together but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a little taller than you, a red dragoness with a fin-crest that runs right down her back? Makes shopping trips a little difficult, let me tell you!”

“I bet,” Aeonn chuckled lightly, surveying Ropes critically. “But you are an attentive husband to her? You love your wife?”

What an odd question, Ropes thought, but nodded in the affirmative. The grey dragoness was very beautiful and the way that she rested her narrow muzzle on her cupped, slender paws drew his eye. Her ear-fins reminded him of Fyr in a way, but she was something different, her demeanour a far cry from the dragoness that had been his companion and wife for many years. He could not pinpoint it but something about Aeonn hooked him and his lips parted unconsciously, wishing that he could see more of her form, even though he knew somewhere deeper that these thoughts were unwelcome.

Pianist fingers, he mused, pondering an old phrase that he had come across to describe her paws. She has pianist fingers.

“So…” He started again with some difficulty, angling one leg over the over so shift the fabric covering his crotch into a more comfortable position, the bulge of his cock unfortunately growing more prominent. “You didn’t answer me… What brought you here? Uh…do you like the place?”

“Much more now,” she murmured, moistening her lips with the tip of her pink tongue.

“Now?” Ropes repeated, sliding his gaze to the left, something that he did when he was confused. “What do you mean by that?”

She didn’t answer, but instead stared into the orange fire, which growled and snapped at the tinder like a caged beast, contained by the black metal grate. She traced the outline of one of her ear-fins with one claw-tip, touching the thin membrane as if in an act of reassurance, a nervous tick. And then, coming to a decision all of a sudden, Aeonn fluidly rose to her bare feet, stalking towards him with a predatory gleam in her eyes that made the cougar’s fur bristle. Ropes held his breath as she approached, every muscle in his body falling motionless.

Sitting across his lap, etimesgut escort Aeonn purred and nuzzled the cougar’s neck, pressing herself close to Ropes, who opened his pale eyes wide. He inhaled sharply, half-bringing his paws to her waist before catching himself just in time, Fyr in the forefront of his jumbled, half-formed thoughts. To further distract and sway his resolve, the sultry dragoness nuzzled his neck, nibbling and kissing the cream fur with a lover’s finesse.

“Aeonn? Uhh…” Ropes leaned away apprehensively. “What are you doing?”

“Aw, come on, Ropes,” she coaxed, sliding her paws under his shirt to caress his flat, prim stomach. “Don’t you want to have a little fun?”

“But I’ve got to get back…” He trailed off and twisted his head with a groan, unable to evade her love nips. “And my wife…”

“Doesn’t seem like you mind too much,” Aeonn said shrewdly, straddling his legs. “What harm could it do? It’s not as if you don’t want me,” she added, placing her paw on the small tent over Ropes’ crotch, covered by the stiff fabric of his jeans.

Thoughts of his family were all too rapidly fading from the cougar’s mind and he flashed a feral grin, yanking his shirt up and over his head, mindful of his tendrils. In turn, Aeonn smiled and caressed his bare chest, her paws running over every toned and defined muscle in the perfect male specimen that was between her thighs.

“That’s better,” she purred. “I knew you would see things my way.”

“You don’t know what you’re getting into,” Ropes growled, his eyes narrowing into lustful but playful slits.

Before Aeonn had the chance to respond, Ropes flipped her off the sofa and on to the floor, the dragoness landing on her back, cushioned by the fluffy rug that she had lain in front of the roaring fire. Arching his body over her – how had he gotten so close so quickly? – Ropes smirked, sliding one of his tendrils down the front of her tank top and pulling sharply upwards. Her top and bra gave way with a loud rip and fell to either side of her body, revealing her lighter coloured breasts and perky, fleshy pink nipples. The cougar purred.

Yanking his jeans down and kicking them to one side, Ropes paused for a moment to bask in the admiring stare the dragoness attended his maleness with. He dipped his muzzle to tongue her nipples, taking one between his lips and sucking gently; Aeonn squirmed delightfully and moaned, one paw searching blindly lower until in closed around his cock, the barbs soft against her small paw. Ropes gave a kitten-like growl and rasped his tongue over her breasts, shifting closer to thrust lightly into her paw, the foreskin moving back and forth over his stiff and drooling member.

“Fuck, Aeonn,” he panted, unable to vocalise anything short of an obscenity.

The dragoness smiled and put one finger to her lips in a ‘shush’ gesture. Not so patient, Ropes waited for her to wriggle out of her shorts, revealing a pair of lacy, blue panties with a very obvious wet spot in the middle. A little of her nether lips was visible through the damp fabric and Aeonn smiled playfully as she teasingly slid those down to reveal her body in all its naked glory. Ropes couldn’t help but stare, his cock throbbing eagerly.

Exercising great restraint, Ropes nuzzled down the dragoness’ body, his velvety muzzle brushing over her tiny, fine scales, until he reached her dripping sex. Her neat lips nestling around her cunny were shiny with her juices and there was a sweet yet alluring scent lingering in the air. Lapping at her cunt with his rough tongue, Ropes pinned Aeonn down with one paw on her smooth belly, drinking from her honey pot with a feline relish. The cat who stole the cream had nothing on Ropes. The dragoness squirmed and moaned, digging her fingers into the thick rug as she tried to contain her pleasure, which threatened to overflow with every lick, heat from the fire warming her scales from the outside.

Ropes willingly dug his tongue into Aeonn’s sex, stroking it over her engorged clit, which protruded between her lips like a target, and then dove into her hot passage, turning her into a quivering mass of nerves. Thumping her tail against the cougar’s thigh, Aeonn whimpered and looked up pleadingly, wanting the onslaught to stop and continue simultaneously.

“Fuck me, Ropes,” she whispered, her eyes wide and pleading. “Fuck me now.”

Grinning, Ropes shifted over her body, her chest brushing against his, and lifted her legs so that she was encouraged to wrap them around his waist. Her pert rear rested on Ropes’ legs and he couldn’t resist giving the cheeks a playful squeeze that made her squeal, thrusting his dick into her snatch before Aeonn had time to draw breath. The dragoness moaned as he drove into her, squeezing her legs around him and bringing her paws to her chest where she massaged and groped her own breasts lewdly. Driven on by this sight, Ropes panted and pounded her into the rug, the dragoness’ tail thrashing furiously as she was fucked into a body-wracking orgasm etlik escort that left her breathless.

Hissing, Ropes let Aeonn support her own lower half – with her legs wrapped around his body and impaled as she was on his cock, she had plenty of support anyway – and roughly pushed her paws out of the way so that he could tease her breasts. He coaxed her nipples into little peaks and tugged at them gently, making Aeonn moan and thrust her hips towards him, wanting, no, demanding more. His barbs caught and stimulated her soft cunny like no other partner (she had not had a feline between her legs before Ropes) and she grunted, half-lifting her body bar her shoulders off the rug in an effort to hump back at the cat like a demoness in heat.

Thrusting deeply, Ropes curled his back lips back and fought the sensations hitting him from all sides. A large part of him did not give a damn that Fyr was waiting for him at home, probably dishing out dinner, but a smaller, niggling, insistent part told him that he was wrong, that he should not finish what Aeonn had started. But, as in most cases, the demon part of him won out and his nature demanded that he continue mating the delicious female that was grinding against his body, whimpering with need. And who was he to refuse his base nature? Growling passionately, Ropes contorted his body so that he could deliver a dominant bite to Aeonn’s neck, to which she emitted a heady groan. His hips were almost a blur to the naked eye as he pounded her cunt sore and he snarled like a wildcat, reaching his climax and shooting his virile seed into his shivering partner.

The pair paused in the afterglow to catch their breath, Ropes staying buried deep within Aeonn’s cunny, somewhat unwilling to withdraw since he had come so far. He didn’t know how he was going to make his excuses to Fyrdrgon, but it didn’t matter. Smiling with her lips parted, Aeonn reached up to place her paw flat on Ropes’ heaving chest.

“Well, I’m certainly glad you brought those biscuits ’round.”


Ropes saw Aeonn three times in as many days, each time finding some reason to evade Fyr and Helena, who both seemed to want his attention all of a sudden. Helena was disappointed that her father was not taking her to the bedroom as often as he had done when Fyr was running errands, but Ropes still managed to find the energy and stamina to fuck her upright against the wall while Hiss played video games in the next room.

Standing in the kitchen with a shopping bag in hand, Ropes patiently waited for Fyr to gather her belongings so that they could drive to the next town over for a change of scene, or so she said. Ropes suspected that she just wanted him to herself for a while, something that drew equal measures of pleasure and wariness from him. She hadn’t raised any questions about why he had been disappearing so much lately, but he didn’t want to take any chances. The moral implications were not a topic that he wished to visit.

“Are you ready?” Fyr asked, her nose half-buried in her handbag. “Yes? No? Let’s go, come on.”

Ropes sighed and settled down for the long drive, trying to keep his eyes and thoughts on the road. It was hard to concentrate with such an unknowingly sensual dragoness sitting beside him, the seat belt crossing between her ample breasts. Several times he tried to rest his paw on her thigh during the quiet, straight stretches of road, but every time Fyr merely smiled and brushed him off, only once taking his paw into her own for a little while. She just didn’t seem interested, but Ropes couldn’t blame her, not really: she had so many other things on her mind.

Their shopping commenced in the largest clothing store, New Threads, where Fyr was in her element. Ropes wasn’t as interested – typical male – but he enjoyed how she would model the clothes for him, unaware of how sexy the chosen outfits made her look, not that she was not already exceptionally pleasing to the eye. Of course, those were the ensembles that he was most vocal over and, to his pleasure, the ones that she chose to purchase from that venue. They were on their way to the tills, Ropes hanging back to snag a pair of jeans and some smart shirts, when they were stopped.

“Aeonn! What a pleasant surprise!”

Uh-oh… Ropes was afraid to look.

Sure enough, Aeonn stood next to Fyrdrgon with her arms laden with clothes and – Ropes’ whiskers twitched – a considerable mound of skimpy lingerie. Fyr waved him over and he went reluctantly. Although he had happened to mention to Aeonn where he was going that day in casual conversation, he had not thought that she would seek to follow him so far. Maybe she was the equivalent of the crazy girlfriend that Hiss had had at one point. He was about to find out.

“Fyr, it’s wonderful to see you again,” Aeonn replied with genuine warmth.

They had ‘bumped’ into one another when Aeonn was leaving Ropes’ house after their second bout together and, surprisingly, the pair had hit it off. It made matters more difficult than Ropes would have liked them to be, but as long as Aeonn wasn’t pouring out the details of their secret relationship to his wife, he wasn’t going to voice any complaints. He kept back as they chatted and breathed a sigh of relief when Fyr made her way to the checkout, leaving Aeonn to continue browsing.

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