Our Road to Cuckolding Pt. 02

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A few days had past and again I had a dream about my colleague David and again I woke up extremely horny. This time my boyfriend wasn’t up yet so I couldn’t masturbate and since we had our previous discussions I thought I could test him with this. I grabbed his penis, squeezed a bit and slowly started to stroke him while kissing him. That woke him up soon enough in a good mood, but very surprised.

“What has gotten into you? Not that I mind…” – “I had a dream about David again, I need this” and I pulled his hand towards my already very wet vagina. “Oh, wow…” He stumbled and I felt him get even harder. I suddenly stopped jerking him. “Please, Help me now, I will do you later, but I really need this. Do you mind if I dream a little more while you pleasure me?” He got up immediately and started drawing his fingers around my clit. I moaned with my eyes closed, thinking again about my dream. After a short while I pushed his head down with my hands and obediently he started licking. It didn’t take long before I had a massive orgasm. I wasn’t done though.

I was dreaming about giving David a handjob and letting him cum in my mouth so that is exactly what I was planning doing to my boyfriend. I was somewhat self-conscious about my blowing skills then, since I didn’t manage to make a guy cum easily that way (I learned a bit since then) so for me the handjob was the go-to thing. I was very good in giving handjobs though (that’s a positive about vaginismus, you kinda have to be good at some other things to keep them interested). “Did you found it hot bahis şirketleri that I was thinking about another guy?” I asked. He nodded but wanted more and panted “could you tell me what you were doing in that dream?” I knew I had him on the hook. “I stroked his cock, very slowly at first as I am doing to you right now”, I started to hear him moan which he doesn’t do often. That made me even hornier, even though I came just a few minutes before. “Then I went a bit faster” while I upped the pace of my strokes. At the same time I felt the urged to get touched myself again, so I acted a bit selfish “you know, what he also did? He came really soon after I put his dick in my mouth.” I barely spoke those words as I saw him twitching, quickly putting my mouth around his penis and felt his cum coming less than a second after that. I swallowed it all, a bit to his surprise since I didn’t do that often. “Wow”, he stumbled.

“Can you please help me again, I am still so horny.” After what just happened I believe I could have asked him about anything and he would have obediently obliged, so he quickly put his head between my legs. It didn’t take long before I came a second time, but it still wasn’t enough. Normally I was more like a man, with one orgasm being enough and two being the max but now I felt insatiable. “Can we try something new?” Again, whatever I would have asked he would said yes so these weren’t hard questions for him. “Can you lay down please?” I noticed that his dick was hard again or maybe even never went soft in between. I climbed on top of him bahis firmaları and placed my knees on both sides of his head. I was practically sitting on his face. “Continue licking me.” I commanded. I felt so powerful, what a rush. “You like that don’t you?” I only heard a bit of murble. I hadn’t been this dominant during sex ever before but I loved it. He is more of the submissive kind, I tend to make more of the decisions in general since he hesitates about anything but this was new. “Stroke yourself while you’re licking me”, I gave my next command and he did as he was told. I feel it was more the power rush that put me over the edge for my third orgasm than his licking but it was amazing.

I climbed down again and asked him if he wanted to cum a second time as well. As expected he said yes right away and cuddling with one of my nipples in his mouth and my hand on his dick we went along. Even though he had stroked for a bit while licking me he took a while before was ready to ejaculate a second stream. I decided now was as good a time as any to bring up the issue we talked about before again. I had looked up cuckolding in the week before and came to understand it more than I did then. It still weirded me out a bit then since we haven’t had sex ourselves but now that I saw him enjoy my fantasies so much it was enough conformation for me that he really wanted this. It wasn’t that I felt I couldn’t be monogamous but the fact that he was so into it, I got into it because of his enthusiasm combined with my ongoing dreams about a specific colleague, that kaçak bahis siteleri I would like to try it.

“Earlier you talked about getting cuckolded, I looked that up you know…” He got a bit terrified but I started slowing down my strokes while pushing his head against my breast. “Don’t be afraid, I actually find it kinda hot… And to be honest, you know now that I have those dreams. Do you want me to make them into reality?” I felt a twitch again and when I looked at him it was like a deer looking into headlights was eying me back. “You just have to say it, if you really want me to.” – “I do…” – “but you have to understand that I can’t have real sex with him, you know I can’t, won’t that be a problem?”. He shook his head and told me that it wasn’t about that. That he found it hot that I had those dreams and that he would find it hot when I pleasured other men, regardless of how. That he off course fantasized about me getting penetrated by my exes before but understood that that wasn’t possible now. “You know what, if you feel the same tomorrow, I will send David a flirty message to check if he’s interested. But I know he is, I caught him looking at my breasts before.” My boyfriend moaned again. “You like that, don’t you?”, “What will you do if I do end up planning something with him?”, “Would you like to jerk off while I’m pleasuring him? Or would you wait for me?” – “whatever you want” he moaningly replied while I upped the tempo. “I know if would be hard for you to wait, knowing what I was doing, that you can’t touch yourself before I got home. But I would make it worth your while, I would jerk you off while talking about what I did to him”. I wanted to ask him if that was what he wanted but I didn’t got the chance. I heard some moans and my hand got wet: mission accomplished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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