Quid Nunc Secundus

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Quid Nunc II

“Hey Billy?” I looked up from the behind the bar where I doing my prep work for Sunday brunch to see what Amy one of the waitresses wanted.


“Beth told me last night you’re working on a doctorate in biology.” Said the raven haired pixie.

“More or less, Why?” I said while drying my hands.

Amy had only been working at “Circle” about three months, I really didn’t know her well and she didn’t normally talk to me. Most of that was my fault, I tend to be aloof until I get to know people but that was only part of it; to be honest I was wary of her. I could deal with her immaturity, all college freshmen suffer from that to some degree; but she seemed to me to be catty, entitled and more than a bit fake. It didn’t help that she had developed a reputation as a tease according to one of our bouncers and a sous chef. As a result I didn’t really trust her and was always a bit distant when she was in my presence.

“Uh…you know I am taking biology at school?”

“Really?” I said trying not to sound too impatient. Amy took a step towards the bar, leaned onto it and batted her eyes at me before continuing.

“Yes, and I have an exam in two weeks.”

“Good luck.” I replied without looking up.

“That’s the problem, I’m really confused by it.”

“Isn’t that what office hours are for?” I said trying not to sound too bothered by her. “I don’t like my professor, he always answers my question with another question; besides he’s old and creeps me out.” She responded.

“So?” I replied.

“Well, I thought maybe you could help me out a little, maybe tutor me a few times before the exam?” As much as I was unsure of Amy, I did have some amount of sympathy for her. Drying my hands I looked at her and said;

“I guess we could meet two or three times and go over the stuff you’re having trouble with.” Amy stood up straight, kind of jiggling her chest and smiled.

“Great!” She half squealed.

“When do you want to get together?” I asked.

“Well…Beth says you live by the depot in the Center, my house is five minutes away over by Crystal Pond. After work I could give you a ride and we could go to my house.” She chirped. To say the least I suspicious; I had no idea what else Beth had “shared” with Amy about me but I did believe she needed help.

“Okay, I’ll see you then.”

Brunch started at 10 but because of the ‘Blue Laws’ we couldn’t serve any alcohol before noon. As a result there wasn’t much for me to do until then. So I kept myself busy cleaning, re-stocking and helping out the wait staff. Beth wasn’t working but I noticed that most of the women who had worked with her the night before (I was off), were either slightly more flirtatious with me or smiled at me more. It was apparent someone had done a bit of talking. At noon we could serve and things at the bar picked up considerably around 1 pm our manager, Siobhan, checked up on me.

“Hey big boy.” She said in a sarcastic tone that was magnified by her brogue. This was the first time she had ever called me that, perplexed I looked at her with a confused look. Siobhan grinned back and shook her head slightly.

“Did you have a good day off?” She continued.

“Yeah…studied a lot, worked out, watched some football.”

“Studied eh?” She said with a glint. I could tell Siobhan was fishing; I had confirmation that Beth had said something to somebody, make that several somebodies.

“Cellular physiology.” I replied trying to sound clueless.

“Sure it wasn’t….anatomy?” Looking quizzically at a glib Siobhan I continued playing dumb.

“I’m not taking anatomy.” I said in a deadpan tone. Siobhan smiled at me and silently giggled.

“That’s what I like about you Billy, you know how to keep your mouth

shut.” I grinned at her slyly in response.

Brunch ended at 2 and by 3 I had done all of my closing work. Amy came up to the bar and asked if I was ready. We headed out the back. I really did not know her very well. She was cute, 5’2 or so, a tight little body that had yet to see the ‘freshmen fifteen’, nice sized breasts that barely had any jiggle that were a little out of proportion with her torso, brown eyes and black hair that was cut into a little bob.

“Nice car.” I said as we approached a red Celica.

“Thanks, my dad gave it to me when I got my license.” She chirped. Inside it was the typical teenage vehicle, a graduation tassel and miniature pom-poms hanging from the rear view mirror. As we pulled out I playfully flicked the pom-poms with my fingers.

“I was a cheerleader.” She volunteered. ‘Of course you were’ I thought to myself.

“Really?” I said somewhat sarcastically but she didn’t notice.

“What did you do in high school?” she asked.

“Wrestled mainly.” I mumbled

“Did you do that in college too?”

“Yup.” I replied.

“Siobhan says you’re the coach at the Heights.”

“Assistant.” I corrected.

“Is that why you are so buff?” She said rather coyly. The banality of güvenilir bahis the small talk was beginning to wear on me but I had to give her credit for trying to be friendly.

“Yeah, I guess.” So the conversation continued for the next ten minutes until we pulled up to a fairly nice garrison in a rather upscale neighborhood.

She hit the garage door remote and we pulled into a two car garage next to a black German sedan, got out and headed into the house. Amy called out to her mother as we entered announcing our presence. A moment later an attractive forty something year old came into the kitchen. Amy introduced me to her mother, Debbie, and excused herself to grab her books. As Debbie and I made small talk she made no effort to hide the fact that she was checking me out. Debbie was an attractive woman, basically a taller (5’6″) and curvier version of her daughter, except with jet black hair that went half way down her back. Her breasts were larger than her daughters and the only thing that really hinted at her age were subtle crow’s feet around her eyes that actually made her a bit sexier to me. One thing I did notice was that she wore no wedding band or engagement ring. Eventually ten minutes later Amy reappeared with her books wearing a pair of shorts and a rather tight t-shirt without a bra. Debbie then excused herself and we began to go over her class notes.

I must admit, I had underestimated Amy as a student. Her notebook was well organized and her notes thorough. Her questions were direct and specific, it was obvious that she took school seriously. As I was sitting next to her, occasionally I would feel her thigh brush up or push against mine slightly. It was nothing really out of the ordinary so I thought nothing of it. After about 30 minutes her mom appeared again and announced that she was running to the store and then was going to stop by a friend’s house. I stood up as she left, she shook my hand and thanked me for helping Amy, then not so subtly looked me up and down before saying goodbye. If Amy noticed or was bothered by what I thought was overt behavior she didn’t show it at all and we continued going over protein synthesis.

About five minutes later I noticed that Amy’s thigh was touching mine and that she hadn’t pulled it back. I was both apprehensive and curious about her motives or if she had any; so, I slightly pushed mine against hers. A few moments later while she was asking me a question I felt her hand on top of my knee. Immediately my cock got hard, but neither of us acknowledged her hand. After a few moments her hand slid slightly up my thigh and she started to gently knead my muscled leg. I had no idea as to her motivation but I wanted to make sure she wasn’t playing games with me. Moving my left hand under the table I took hold of her hers and moved it to my now throbbing cock and looked at her. At first she seemed a bit shocked but then gripped it and smiled. Looking her in the eye I growled.

“Don’t tease me girl.” Instantly the coy smile turned into a look of surprise, Amy tried to pull her hand away but I held firmly in place.

“I’m not some dumbass high school boy who gets excited just because you touched his dick. I’m a man and I don’t play games.” She just stared back at me without even blinking.

“Do you understand?” I asked, my hand still holding hers over my hardness. She gulped and nodded yes. I then removed my hand from hers. She kept her hand there for another ten seconds, gave me a firm squeeze then still looking me in the eye pulled her hand away. “Oh, by the way I like my pussy bare. Brazilian waxed or shaved, it doesn’t matter.” We stared at each other for a second or two before she looked down at her notebook and asked;

“So, water is formed when the amino acids attach?” We went back to work as if nothing had happened but she kept her leg against mine until we finished up fifteen minutes later. As I was leaving she thanked me and gave a firm and somewhat lingering hug and we made plans to meet at her house again Wednesday after I finished with practice.

My week was uneventful, I did think of Kate from the coffee house once or twice and by the time Wednesday came I wasn’t really in the mood to help Amy but I had promised to help her. I rang the doorbell and her mother Debbie opened it smiling broadly at me dressed in a tweed business suit with a skirt. As I stepped in I complimented her on how nice she looked.

“Thank you Billy, I just got home from meeting with a client.” She replied

“Client? What do you do?” I asked following her into the kitchen.

“Don’t judge me, but I’m an attorney specializing in tax and retirement law.” She said as she gestured for me to take a seat at the island where Amy’s books were already lying.

“Tax law, hmmmmm….”

“Exciting huh?” She said sarcastically.

“Well, you’re talking to a guy who thinks oxidative phosphorylization is riveting.”

“Ooooh, you and I should get together for a drink and try to out bore each other.” This time there was no güvenilir bahis siteleri sarcasm and the tone seemed suggestive. Taking my time to respond I smiled and looked at her for just a moment before I said;

“That might be fun.” Before she could reply we heard Amy coming down the stairs, a moment later she came into the kitchen; barefoot, dressed in men’s boxer shorts with the fly sewn shut, obviously bra less, wearing a tight rather thread bare (nearly see through) t-shirt that said “Hawaii 88” on it. I waited to see Debbie’s reaction to her daughter’s attire but there was none.

“Well, I’ll let you two get to work.” She said before leaving. Amy sat down at the island across from me and we got started going over cellular respiration.

About twenty minutes later Debbie came down in tight jeans and a white short sleeve cashmere sweater that accentuated her figure, particularly her breasts. “Sweetie, I’m going to meet Steve for drinks and dinner over at Duckworth’s, I’ll be home around nine.”

“Okay mom say hi to Steve for me.” Debbie came over to the island and kissed her daughter on the fore head and I stood up to say good bye. She then came to my side of the island and said “Thanks again Billy. Oh, there is wine, beer and some pizza from Salvatore’s in the fridge, help yourself when you’re done.”

“Thanks Debbie.” Then surprising me she gave me a casual little hug, as I bent over respectfully returning the gesture she then whispered in my ear.

“I can’t wait to hear about phosphorylization.” She then sauntered out of the kitchen. Sitting back down Amy spoke.

“Steve is her kind of boyfriend.” She volunteered.

“Kind of?” I queried.

“They hang out and stay over at each other’s houses.” She explained.

“Well isn’t that what boyfriend, girlfriend is?”

“Yeah, but she doesn’t call him her boyfriend.”

Amy and I went back to work, then after about 45 more minutes of solid work Amy asked;

“Do want something to drink like a beer or a cooler?”

“Sure, beer.” She got up and opened the refrigerator. I could not help but stare at her tiny round ass as she bent over to fish out the drinks. Eventually she grabbed the drinks, stood up and shut the door with a swing of her hips.

“Billy could you open these?” I got up walked over to her and twisted off the bottle caps and handed her wine cooler to her.

“Cheers.” She announced raising her bottle. We clinked our bottles together and took a drink and stood there in somewhat of an awkward silence for a moment or two before she looked down at the floor.

“You know….” she said softly before looking up at me.

“….I thought about what you said the last time?” I was perplexed about what she was talking about, my mind raced to recall what I had said. Trying not to show my confusion I calmly and confidently answered.

“And?” Amy bit her lower lip and for the first time showed a crack in her composure and a slight lack of confidence. Slowly she sputtered;

“And…..uhh….I…..did something.” She said quietly. Her shoulders hunched and her head hung down slightly as she looked shyly up at me with her hands together nervously gripping the bottle. Suddenly my memory was jogged, a sense of control filled me.

Slowly I let a slight smile, more of a smirk, tightened my lips. I looked her over, up and down; took a sip of my beer then placed it on the counter. My hand reached out and with two fingers I gently lifted her chin. I stepped toward her and gave her a soft peck on the lips. Her head pivoted as I moved her side, my hand softly descended from her face to her round breast and continued slowly down her torso before coming to a rest on the ever so slight bulge of her belly. I draped my other arm over her shoulders, lowered my lips to her ear and sucked the lobe between them.

“uuuuhhhh.” She half weezed and half gasped.

“OOoooHHhhh” she moaned when my fingers slid under the waistband of the boxers and crept over her hairless flesh. I halted my progress only momentarily when the tip of my middle finger hit her hardened pebble of flesh. For a second, if that, I let my finger tip dance softly over the nub before continuing the descent downwards. Amy’s breathing was ragged; my tongue lightly traced the outline of her ear, my finger extending into the moist length between her puffy nether lips and rested there. I sunk my middle finger into her slickening pussy at the same moment my tongue slithered into her ear.

“ooohh…ooohh…Billy” She whimpered. I leaned into her, pushing my hard cock against her ass. My thumb grazed tight circles over her clit as my finger slipped deeper into her tightness. After teasing her like this for a few moments I pulled my hand away and out of her shorts and stepped back. Silently a gasping Amy looked at me wide eyed.

“Where is your bedroom?” I asked nonchalantly as I reached for my beer.

“Upstairs.” She answered expectantly. Grasping her right hand in mine I said

“Let’s go.”

Amy literally iddaa siteleri pulled me upstairs, turning down the hallway towards her room I looked into what was obviously her mother’s bedroom and pulled Amy into it.

“This is my mom’s room.” She said with a wicked smile.

“Really?” I responded sarcastically. The room was neatly kept and more than nicely appointed with a hodge-podge of Stickley and Craftsman style furniture. The king size bed was covered by a chamois duvet and decorative silk pillows on a wrought iron frame.

“Have you ever fucked on your mother’s bed?”

“No…..” She replied somewhat shyly. I let go of her hand and walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Come here Amy.” I said pointing to a spot just in front of me. Amy scampered over and eagerly stood in front of me. I leaned over and grabbed a couple of pillows and sat back against them before putting my hands behind my head.

“Take off your shirt.” With no hesitation Amy pealed the tight garment over her head and dropped it to the floor. She stood nearly naked in front of me her round tits, accentuated by the tan line from her bikini, jiggling slightly from the movement. She had a nice body, a slight hour glass figure, a flat stomach with the slightest womanly bulge and b/c cup breasts that looked large on her small frame. Without a word I smiled, raised my eyebrows, then nodded. Looking me in the eye her smile faded into a wanton look, she slid her thumbs under the waist band and pushed her boxers past her hips revealing a sexy bald spot between her firm thighs.

Nervously she bit her lower lip and stood stiffly with her hands at her side while looking at me tentatively. I gave her a broad smile and announced:

“Very Nice.” She turned her head down for a second, pulled both of her hands behind her back and looked up at me with a blushing smile.

“Come over here and get on your knees.” I commanded with without moving. She scampered three steps forward and knelt obediently between my legs and looked up at me.

“Amy how many boys dicks have you sucked?” I asked Looking down she mumbled.

“I suck guys sometimes so that……” Interrupting her I sternly said; “Amy, I didn’t ask why you suck boys dicks, I asked how many different boys dicks you have sucked.”

“Nine” she said with hesitation.

“Well that is good practice for sucking your first man cock.” Amy just stared up at me with a dazed look.

“Come on girl you know what to do, take it out and suck it.” Without hesitation she unbuttoned my 501’s, and pulled my pants and boxers down as I raised my ass. My erection popped straight up. Amy stared at it a moment before gripping it, her fist not even fitting around it. Staring at the flesh in her hand Amy softly said;

“Its…its big, I don’t know if it will fit in me.”

“Well you better get it good and slick, because I going to show you how a man fucks.” Amy started to bring her lips to my cock then paused and looked at me.

“Don’t shoot in my mouth, okay?” She said tentatively.

“Darlin’ I’m going to cum wherever I want.” Amy stared at me a moment then took my shaft into both of her hands, squeezed the base of my shaft and locked her lips around the throbbing head. She sucked it while her hands moved gently up and down, then began to bob up and down taking more into her mouth. Her lips were firmly locked around my circumference as they slid first three, then four then five inches before I felt her gag for the first time. This is as far down as she could comfortably go and she started to pick up the pace, milking the rest of my cock with her hands. After four or five minutes of this I sat up and brought my hands to her head and lifted her face from my glistening cock and kissed her panting mouth. My tongued slowly slithered into her mouth and I could taste the lingering flavor of my flesh and pre-cum. Breaking our kiss I stood up.

“Most guys…most guys would have already cum.” She said gasping. I pulled off my shirt, kicked off my shoes and pushed down my pants.

“I am not most guys.” Amy stared wide eyed at me. I was still in wrestling shape and at 6’3, 220 (and a cock to match) my physique was decent.

“You’re beautiful.” Amy gushed.

“Thanks….” I said with a slight air of disdain then continuing I said;

“Lie down I want your legs over the edge.” Amy fell back onto the bed, her ass on the edge. I grabbed one of decorative pillows and put it under her, propping up her hips. Amy looked quizzically at me as I knelt and sat on my haunches. Placing my hands on her thighs I spread them apart exposing a little slit bordered by two puffy lips.

“What are you….” She didn’t have a chance to finish her question. I lapped her entire length of her slit with one wide lick then locked lips around her clit and sucked it hard.

“Je…Jesus…Ohhh…Billy….” She cried. Amy tried to close her legs but I held them apart and covered her entire pussy with my mouth and sunk my tongue into her. I wasn’t doing this for her pleasure this time, just trying to get her wet enough, loose enough and excited enough that I could fuck her decently. I pulled my cum slick face from her and began to dart the tip of my tongue over the surface of her now swelling nub.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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