Quiet Girls are Always Easier

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I’d been flirting with the beautiful brunette for some time now. She had a look that grew on you, and an enchanting smile. Ellen was 5’3 and about 130 lbs. She had wavy, medium-brown hair that went a little past the shoulder. Her perky, 34-A breasts made her look younger than her 19 yrs. Her hips were disproportionately large, giving her a more sexual look than most high school girls have (without revealing clothing). I knew from her regular-church activities and strict upbringing that Ellen was a virgin, she probably had never even seen a naked guy. Little did she know that I would be the first.

My first year of college was a chaotic, drunken haze. Ellen was a quiet girl and she could bring me the calmer lifestyle more conducive to going to class in the mornings. That summer I moved into the apartment right below hers. I was one stairwell away from the pretty girl that was increasingly dominating my thoughts.

What they say about church girls being repressed must be true, because it did not take very long for me to get Ellen in bed. Our physical life went quickly from making out on her couch to nice rendezvous in her bed.

Ellen must have been embarrassed having her roommate walk in to her living room to us passionately kissing. She sheepishly suggested that we go to her room. I knew then it would be a special night.

After kissing for what felt like an hour, I removed my shirt and attempted to remove hers. Hesitant at first, soon emotion and desire overcame her natural shyness. I quickly unhooked a very conservative-looking white bra.

Her breasts surprised me. Ellen had large nipples surrounded by very wide, bahis siteleri light-brown areolas. Her breasts were very perky and small, but pleasing to the eye and a joy to touch. Her nipples by now were rock hard and I began licking them, slowly at first, then more aggressively.

By the look of her face I knew she should be getting quite wet. I moved the palms of my hand around her sensitive areas, careful to spend a lot of time rubbing her thighs. She began to sway her hips up and down, a sure hint that those tight denim jeans had to come off.

Knowing there was a good chance she would say no, I made my move. I confidently unzipped her pants and placed my hand over her panties. She was already extremely wet. I suppose lack of experience made her more sensitive than other girls. I put my hand under her panties. The simple touch of my hand was enough to get her moaning. I could feel her getting wetter by the second.

To make things easier, I pulled her pants off completely with Ellen’s silent encouragement. Now all that came between me and the best sex of my life was white, cotton panties that were wet through the front.

I knew it would really get her going if I licked her body. I began with her neck and went down. Each breast could fit almost entirely in my mouth. I licked her beautiful, large nipples and had my hand on her panties. I was more aroused now than ever before, but I had to hold off just a bit longer to get my reward.

I started licking her stomach and then around her panty line. It was really turning her on for me to lift up her panty and lick the outskirts of her pubic region. This was an area that had canlı bahis siteleri received virtually no attention for 19 long years.

To my complete shock, after a few minutes of teasing she took off her panties, an assertive move for a girl who was embarrassed to have a guy in her room just hours before. Pulling her panties down to her legs, she let me see the most beautiful pussy. Her dark pubic hair was soft and covered her pussy completely. My hands soon discovered that she was wet enough for me to just slip my penis in, but Ellen had other things on her mind.

Ellen had previously confessed to me that for many years she’d longed to have her pussy eaten. An old boyfriend had fingered her once or twice, but it was painful, awkward and anything but a turn on. He never made any attempt to go further and they soon broke up. Now she would have the time of her life, as girls always compliment my wonderful head.

I licked around her pussy hole to get her really hot. She was moaning loudly in anticipation of my tongue hitting her clit. Her hips were circling to try and find my tongue in just the right spot. I wanted her to beg for it, but it was time for her pussy to get some tongue action.

I slowly licked up her pussy, tasting the juices now flowing from her. Her scent was incredible and a huge turn on for me. She tasted great and I could tell she was enjoying the new sensations. Her moans were deeper now and synchronized with my tongue artfully bathing her clit. After a few minutes of this she was out of breath, but still manages to say those magic words: “I want you.”

Her legs were stretched apart and I was just canlı bahis over her body. I placed my dick on her pussy and could feel how wet she was. Even the hair on her mound was soaked, both with her juices and my saliva. I decided to tease her just a bit more before penetrating extremely virgin territory.

My head was barely touching the entrance of her pussy when she began moaning very loudly again. In a breathy voice she cried: “I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me now.”

Although tight, I slipped in rather easily because of the wetness of her pussy. She was warm inside and her vaginal muscles began milking my dick as I went in and out of her. The entire room had the unmistakable smell of sex. I increased my pace and knew we would both be cumming very shortly.

Ellen wanted me to go harder and I gave her the ride of her life. I shoved my dick completely in and out of her, so that the smacking sound was so loud I thought it might be heard from outside. Each time I buried the full length of my dick in her she moaned loudly. It was pure pleasure for me. My tempo increased and she began rocking her hips to the rhythm of our bodies. I could tell from the contractions in her pussy she was very close to orgasm and I wanted to hold off until she came.

Her panting was very fast now and she was squealing with delight. Her pussy grabbed my dick so tightly that I could not stop from flooding her with my cum. After the fourth or fifth squirt I knew she was cumming. She let out a deep, low groan and climaxed just as I was finishing. I stayed on top of her for a few minutes more, enjoying the feeling of those perky breasts under my chest and my semi-erect penis still buried inside her.

When I pulled our there was some blood, but not much. We fell asleep together, smiling. My dick was resting just above her round ass, a nice preview of things to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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