Reading Lips

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It had been six months since I’d seen Alice, my old flame. That’s a long time for a lust to simmer and build. We had kept in daily contact over Internet chat since my last visit to her house that had unexpectedly led to a passionate night of oral, anal and vaginal sex.

For the first few weeks after I got home, we would relive our favorite memories with each other. Remember when you had your fingers up my ass? Did you like it when I came on your tits? I really love the way you suck my clit, etc. After a few weeks, the lust began to subside. Once again we chatted about more ordinary topics: social policy, the price of gas, misbehaving kids, celebrity weddings.

And then I learned that I’d be making a business trip back to the old state. Alice offered to let me stay at her house for my three day layover in town before I headed out to my two-week assignment in a rural town. Over the next month, our chats became flirty once more. Dirty words were spelled with a smirk in our games of online Scrabble. By time the day of my trip approached, we were again exchanging notes that went beyond flirting and into the obscene. Was there already an expectation that we would spend our time together making love? Just in case, I packed a few special items into a corner of my suitcase.

The tension was evident with our first greeting. While neither of us actually winked at the other, there seemed to be one implicit in our smiles. We embraced and shared a close hug, cheeks touching softly. This was a friendship that went a little farther, and the possibilities for it hung in the air like a gentle fragrance.

As it happened, Alice had arranged a party at her house on our first night together, to celebrate her accomplishments at graduate school. Many of her best friends were there, including co-workers and fellow students. This was a major achievement, to be commemorated with cheese and snacks; wine and liquor; and barbequed steaks; appreciated by those who knew how much sweat and blood and time and money she had put into earning her degree.

The party was loud and crowded. More than a dozen of Alice’s friends had come. At last, however, I found myself facing her in the kitchen. Everyone around us talking, but our eyes connected. I mouthed a word to her.

Cunt, I said, without speaking.

Her eyes widened and her cheeks flushed. Alice is hard of hearing. She wears hearing aids, but she is also quite skilled at reading lips. I knew she had gotten my message clearly.

“What did you say?” She asked.

You heard me, cunt.

She looked about, expecting her other guests to react to what I had called her, but nobody else had noticed. At last, she realized that I was only mouthing the dirty words to her. I knew that this word was one of her most powerful triggers. As she blushed even deeper, I knew it was getting to her.

I want to fuck you, cunt.

She leaned back and locked her eyes on my lips, waiting for what I would mouth to her next. I gave her a devilish grin.

You want it, don’t you? You need to be fucked like a whore. Nod if you want me to fuck you.

Another furtive glance at her party guests, then a quick nod.

Do you want my cock tonight, slut?

She nodded.

You are a dirty cunt, aren’t you?

She loved this kind of talk in bed, but giving herself over to it in the middle of a party was something else entirely. She became more obviously desperate. I could tell how badly she wanted me. I smiled mercilessly at her.

I’m going to eat your pussy and fuck you tonight.

“Is that a promise?” she asked out loud.

“Yes it is,” I said.

It was a half-hour later before I had the chance to tease her again. A friend was showing her the new edition of a book she had just written and had published. I came up beside her and leaned into Alice, just a bit, resting against her hip and peeking over her shoulder to admire the book. Her back was to a wall while my body screened her from the rest of the party. I let my hand rest delicately over her plump ass. I barely touched her at first, but then my hand began to subtly stroke her round cheeks. She did nothing to give away to her friend that she was being felt up, aside from one quick glance at the party to make sure that no one could see what was happening.

Alice shifted her weight subtly, moving her feet apart just enough for me to get the signal. I slid my hand between her cheeks and traced the crease of her pants, stroking my fingers gently past her anus to the sensitive perineum, halfway between her ass and pussy, then back up again. We continued to look over the illustrations in her friend’s book, giving away nothing of the sensuous stroking her ass received as the pages turned. Her friend reached the end of the book and I surreptitiously pulled my hand away as the three of us straightened up. Alice gave me a lingering gaze as her friend turned away.

Are you wet, cunt?

“Yes,” she answered.

I held her gaze, no longer concerned about the party. My lust for her was quickly reaching dangerous levels. I stepped closer bahis siteleri to her and encircled her waist with my right arm. I drew my hand slowly up her back and under her long black hair until I reached the soft, bare skin of her neck. My fingers traced a random pattern over her nape, so softly that I was barely touching her. I saw Alice sigh. She wanted to close her eyes, but didn’t want to draw attention, so we continued to fall more deeply into each others’ orbs. The party took no notice of us nor we of it. There was only her eyes on mine and my fingers on her skin.

I stroked delicately, treating her skin like the most thin and precious of gold filigree. I touched the back of her neck, then wandered around to the sides, exploring her, taking note of the spots that caused her breath to catch. My fingertips traced her earlobe, drifting to that sensitive spot behind her ear.

“Wait,” she said.

Then Alice did something I had never seen her do in public: she removed her hearing aid. My heart caught in my throat. She was deaf to the party, caring only about the pleasure of being touched. She closed her eyes and nodded for me to continue. I reached up and brushed the back of my hand softly from her neck to her ear. The conversations in the party drowned out the sound of her purr, but I felt it reverberate through her skin. She seemed to revel in the forbidden intimacy of letting her guard down in such a public setting. As I touched her, I kept an eye protectively on the party, guarding her, ready to rescue her from embarrassment in case anyone noticed our seduction.

I stroked the tender spot behind her ear. I played along her earlobe and down her neck. I caressed her as softly as I possibly could, keeping my movements teasingly slow. My fingertips wandered around to the back of her neck, looking for the spot where, on our first date, she told me she loved to be touched.

“Yessss,” she breathed softly.

From across the room, I heard a voice say “Oh, I’ll ask Alice.”

I gently but swiftly took my hand from her neck. Alice opened her eyes questioningly. I nodded my head toward another of her friends, who was at that moment looking randomly around the room, searching for Alice. She slipped her hearing aid back in place and gave me a smile that was colored by more than a little bit of a blush before she headed into the crowd to tend to her guests.

Two hours later, I hugged goodbye to the last guest while Alice put her two children to bed. We both arrived back at her studio-style bedroom/living room at the same time. We giggled knowingly like teens before slipping into the chamber. As she turned to close and lock the door, I wrapped my arms around her from behind, nestling myself against her soft and generous ass and planting my lips onto her neck, kissing her where I had only been able to touch her before. She sighed and leaned against the door, tilting her head to one side to give me access. I brushed her hair aside and kissed the nape of her neck hard, sucking and tonguing that tender spot until she stiffened in my arms and gasped.

I brought my hands up her belly to her breasts. I moved slowly, teasingly, to let her know I would be caressing her tits. My hands gently orbited her nipples, rubbing her through her blouse and bra. Alice wanted more, though. She leaned back into me, giving a sigh as she found my hard cock pressing into her ass. She grabbed her shirt and lifted it over her head, then dropped it on the couch. I quickly unfastened her bra, which she let drop onto the floor, next to a throw pillow.

Alice turned around. Her breasts always take me by surprise, and I was stunned once again by their beauty. Large, round tits, with thick, hard nipples. Her left nipple was inverted, but I would be teasing it out of its hiding place before long. The right nipple was already reaching desperately toward me, stiffening from arousal and the rush of cool air, wanting to be teased, touched, sucked, and nibbled. I made a show of licking the tip of my forefinger before touching her right nipple. Alice sighed. My slippery finger rotated around the bud. It stiffened as if reaching out to me, asking for more. I licked my right finger and brought it to the shy nipple hiding at the center of her aureola. I ran the wet finger around the darker skin. Pressing harder, I could feel her nipple, stiff and ready to be teased. I pushed with my thumb and forefinger and took hold of her nipple, then pulled it out and squeezed it hard.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned

I silenced her with a kiss. Our lips came together aggressively, our tongues searching each others’ mouths with reckless abandon. Here, behind a locked door, with the party over and all other distractions removed, we were free to let out our passion. I pulled and twisted her nipples while we kissed. She ground her hips against mine until she could feel my cock against her mound. I moaned into her lips at the sudden jolt of arousal from the contact.

Pulling away from her, I pulled off my sweater. I made sure she was watching carefully as I unbuckled my belt and canlı bahis siteleri slowly undid the buttons of my jeans. By the third button, it was clear that I wasn’t wearing underwear. Alice unsnapped her pants and pulled them down, along with her panties, in a hurry. She was enjoying my show, but she still hated to wait. I smiled at her impatience and kept steadily undoing the buttons until they were all undone. The shaft of my cock emerged from its nest of fur briefly before vanishing under the fly that I still held shut against her gaze. Finally, I simply let go of my belt and allowed my jeans to slip to the floor.

My cock emerged, standing fully erect from my naked body. We embraced again, allowing our hands to full explore each other. I stroked her ass as we kissed. She felt along my back and ran her fingers through my hair.

Suddenly, Alice took charge, guiding me back until I sat on the edge of the bed. She knelt down between my legs. Her fingers wrapped delicately around the base of my cock, holding me for just a moment before she took me with her mouth. She kissed the crown softly once before slipping her lips around it and sliding my cock inside.

“Oh yes, Alice,” I moaned, overcome by the rush of sensation. “Suck it, cunt.”

She moaned her approval at the dirty talk. I made sure I was loud enough for her to hear me as I encouraged her with the filthiest obscenities my mind could conjure.

“Oh yeah, you like that cock, don’t you slut? Can you taste me yet? You’re addicted to come, aren’t you? That’s it, cunt, work the shaft with your fingers. God damn, you’re one good fucking cocksucker,” and on and on. I wasn’t exaggerating, either; my mind reeled as she worked her magic.

I took her hair roughly and pulled her back until my dick slipped from her mouth and rested against her lips.

“Take me all the way, bitch. I want it.”

She nodded and took a deep breath. I pulled her back onto my cock, dragging her by her hair until I was against the back of her throat.

“All the way, cunt. Come on and deep throat me like the whore you are.”

She whimpered onto my cock. I pulled harder at her hair. Suddenly she had swallowed me. I gasped. The muscles of her throat massaged my cock in the most impossible manner. I gripped her hair harder, holding onto her for support. Her tongue teased the underside of my penis as she gently worked me in and out of her throat.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” I babbled. “You are such a good little whore. Suck me hard, baby.”

I fell back onto the bed. She took me deeper until her lips pressed against the very base of my shaft. Then, slowly, she pulled back out of me. She climbed onto the bed over me until her breasts dangled invitingly in my face.

“Suck my tits,” she begged.

I happily pulled her nipple into my mouth and sucked it as hard as I could. She gasped, then gave a contented whimper as my tongue worried her nip. I stroked the soft skin of her breasts while I suckled. She lowered her slick pussy down until she could grind her clit against my cock, getting it slick with her drippings. I grabbed a handful of her ass and pulled her down hard, thrusting against her until we both moaned in satisfaction. I could tell she was getting desperate to get fucked.

I pulled away from her tits and put my mouth to her ear.

“Do you want some cock, slut? Do you want to get that cock in your wet little pussy?”


Reaching between our bodies, I took hold of my dick and tapped the head teasingly against her clitoris. She raised her hips up, positioning herself over me, her body taut like a spring trap about to close.

“Is this what you want, Alice?”


“Tell me what you want, you dirty cunt.”

“I want to fuck you,” she said, her voice shaking a bit. Her eyes were closed tight, like she was lost in a dream. She panted as she breathed. Her every muscle quivered with building tension. She wasn’t lying about wanting to get fucked.

Alice slid her puss against my dick, trying to get it into her hole.

“Then do it, slut. Fuck me. Now.”

I found her entrance with the head of my cock. In an instant, she impaled herself upon me and my cock was enveloped by her warm, wet cunt.

“Ohhhhhh,” we moaned in unison.

She worked her hips slowly, riding my cock with a deliberate action. I grabbed her tits again, squeezing her nipples until she gave a satisfying cry. She pushed down hard, taking me all the way until her clit was pressed against my bush. Then it was my turn to let out a cry as she squeezed me like a vice. Hard, she held me, for an endless moment, before releasing my cock and fucking me anew. She picked up the pace, driving hard into me with each downstroke. She worked herself into a frenzy as she rode me. I grabbed her hair and pulled her face to mine for a kiss. She tasted so wonderful, her tongue snaking wildly into my mouth. I flexed my cock inside her.

Alice’s breath became ragged. She began to moan louder and louder each time she speared herself on me. I suddenly wanted to make canlı bahis this extraordinary woman come. I wanted to feel her pussy milking my cock as she gave herself over to orgasm. I wanted to look in her eyes at that magical moment. I wanted to kiss away her screams of desire.

“That’s it, cunt, fuck me good,” I said, my own voice quivering from the intense pleasure that shook my body. “I want to feel you come.”


“Come for me, slut. Come on my cock.”

And then she came for me.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she chanted, shutting her eyes tight as the waves took her body. Her pussy squeezed my cock again and again.

“That’s it, sweetie, keep coming baby.”

I grabbed a nipple and twisted it hard, and was rewarded with a fresh pulsation from her cunt.

Alice collapsed forward onto me, but I wasn’t done with her yet. I immediately rolled her onto her back and started fucking her again, slowly and gently, at first, almost as if giving her a post-orgasmic massage. I kissed and sucked on her neck, drawing a fresh round of moans from her.

“Fuck me,” she begged. “Come on, fuck me harder.”

I spread my knees for more leverage, looked her in the eye, and gave her what she wanted, driving hard into her pussy. I pistoned my cock into her cunt like a steam engine, pounding her over and over.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned.

“Oh yeah, take that cock, bitch.”

I bent my head to her breast and sucked her nipple between my lips. Alice ran her fingers through my hair, both encouraging and anxious. I suckled hard on the thick nub, flicking it with my tongue in time with the trusts of my cock. Then, as I felt the tension in her body climb towards crescendo, I bit down on her nipple.

Alice screamed. Her body went taut. She held her breath. I held her nipple in my teeth, clamping down tight. She tried to push me away, but I held on still. At last, I released it. Alice gasped for air. Giving her but a moment to rest, I re-leveraged myself and pounded her cunt afresh. I raised up a bit to better hit her clitoris. Alice moaned and thrashed beneath me.

“You like that, cunt?” I gasped at her. The stroking motion of her slick snatch along my cock as I pounded her had driven me nearly to the point of madness that made speech impossible.


“Yeah, I bet you do, you dirty slut. Take my cock, cunt. Take it all.”

“Fuck meeeeee.”

“Are you gonna come again?”


“Come on my cock, cunt. Come for me like a dirty slut who can’t control herself. Fucking come like a whore who forgets she’s being paid. Go on, cunt. Come.”

“Ohhhhh yessssss.”

Alice’s body wracked violently beneath me as her orgasm took her. I grabbed her hair and pulled hard, holding her down through her orgasm. The head of my cock swelled against her contractions. Watching her come was too much for me. I felt myself approach the edge of the abyss and I knew I would be coming in a few moments. As Alice’s orgasm subsided, however, I decided to treat her to like a slut just a little more.

“Do you want my come, little cunt?” I growled.

“Oh God, yes.”

“I’m going to come all over your tits, slut.”

I pulled out of her pussy and straddled her chest. My cock was so slick, coated with her cream; it felt so good to jerk it. I rubbed her rock-hard nipple with the tip of my cock, the motion of my stroking teasing her nub. She watched, spellbound, as I pushed myself to the edge with my hand. She caressed my ass gently, giving me a silent encouragement to unload on her tits.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming,” I gasped.

My balls tightened up, my cock swelled in my hand, my mind went blank, and my body entered that otherworldly state of orgasm. Pleasure engulfed my soul as I danced over the point of no return and let myself come on her. My cock pulsed, launching a stream of white milk the length of her breast. Spasm after spasm shook my body. Come shot out of my cock, covering her nipple completely.

As the last contraction rocked my cock, I quickly moved to one side and shoved her mouth to my cock. She sucked it clean, drawing out the last of my come.

“Clean my cock, cunt. Lick off your juices like a good girl. Oh yeah, you love the taste of your own cream, don’t you, cunt?”

She mumbled something onto my dick. I smoothed my hand over her breast, rubbing the semen over the skin, swirling it around her nipple. I pulled my cock from her mouth, then scooped up some come with a finger and fed it to her. She closed her eyes tight and slurped it down.

We were both out of breath and exhausted. I slid down and wrapped my body around her. We kissed for a long time, stroking each others’ skin, drawing out the wonderful afterglow. The fucking was done for the time being, but I know she was still aroused at the thought of my come coating her breast, and we both enjoyed the subtle taste of each others’ fluids as we kissed deeply.

At last, we fell asleep in her king bed, wrapped in covers, wrapped in each other. The next morning would not be awkward. The next day we could enjoy each others’ company and make the most of our short time together. The next night, we would have another chance to please each other, and I already knew what she’d want: Alice wouldn’t be satisfied until I’d thoroughly fucked her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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