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Teresa sat in the beautiful leather office chair that she had given her ex-husband as a present on his first day in his new office. She stroked the armrests. She had so many memories of the chair. Late at night, she had sat on his lap, eating pizza together while they were talking about business, they had had several orgasms together when those late nights turned pleasurable and it was in this chair that he had sat while he had fucked his assistant.

Now she was sitting in the chair waiting for him. Three years after the divorce she finally had a reason to come into this office again. Currently still his office, but soon hers. The first thing she would throw out was the office chair, she decided. The big brown leather chair was far too bombastic for her taste. Antonius had always looked so good in it, with his sturdy shoulders as wide as the backrest and his dark brown hair that had almost the same color as the leather.

She heard the door open behind her and waited until Antonius closed the door again before she turned the office chair dramatically. Her heart squeezed together when she saw him. He still looked so good. His hair was a little grayer than three years ago, his face looked more worn down, but he was still so incredibly handsome. Even the mere sight of her ex-husband was enough to make her body beg for the pleasure that only he could give her.

His eyes shot daggers as soon as he saw her. “What are you doing here?” he practically spits the words in her face. “Haven’t you already taken enough from me woman?”

Teresa shook her head disdainfully. “That’s not the right way to talk to the majority shareholder, my dear.”

He cursed. “I already had a hunch. You had to go after the only thing I had left, my company.”

She put the papers on the table. She didn’t want his company at all, she just wanted to hurt him in the same way he hurt her. She had given him everything. The best years of her life, her body, and her heart and he had thrown it all away for a stupid bimbo. She hadn’t wanted to believe the words his brother had whispered in her ears several times because she really had loved her husband, but she had to believe her own ears when she came to his company with pizza one Friday night and heard groans from behind the door. She had hoped that it were two other people from the company who had chosen her husband’s office for some reason, but the breathless groaning of his name by the assistant she had known for years had been enough. That night she had packed her things and all she had left in their bedroom were her wedding ring and the signed divorce papers.

“You’ve always loved your company more than me, so it only seemed fitting to me,” she said while shrugging dismissively.

“I’ve always loved you more than you deserved,” he growled. “I was blinded by my love for you, so I didn’t see what a cold bitch you really are, until it was too late.”

She had expected the words, but they still hurt. She hadn’t always been as hard as she was now, the reason she had become like this was purely in self-defense. After two months of wallowing in self-pity, she had taken matters into her own hands and done everything she could to take revenge with her part of the divorce settlement. The few shares she had were not enough, but with his brother’s signature and a few convincing dinners with other shareholders, she finally had enough shares to take over his company.

When she didn’t respond to his accusations, he shook his head with contempt. “What more do you want from me?” He tore off his tie with his company’s logo and threw it at her. The top button of his shirt had also been loosened by the violent movement and she could see his naked skin. “Do you want the clothes off my body, do you want me to crawl my knees and beg? What will be enough for you to just leave me alone?”

What kaçak iddaa else did she want? She expected that she would finally be happy again with her executed plan. She had her revenge. She had his company, but she didn’t feel good like she had expected, there was still a void in her heart that she knew only he could ever fill. She didn’t want his company at all, she wanted the man behind it. Maybe with one last night, she could finally leave him behind and try to be happy again?

“Begging is a good start,” she said thoughtfully. “Let’s make a deal. If you try hard enough, I might even be willing to let your company go for a fraction of the value.”

His eyes shot fire. He understood the sexual innuendo of her deal and after a brief internal struggle, he came to her. Antonius walked around the desk and got down on his knees in front of her. “What do you want from me, Teresa?”

The question was loaded with so much more than she could ask for now. She wanted her husband back, she wanted to turn back time before the deceit and just be together, but she couldn’t be the weak woman who took back her cheating husband. She had to be strong and only take what he could offer her here and now. She spread her legs and pulled up her skirt.

“Anything you can give me,” she said truthfully. Antonius knew her body so well that he could give her multiple orgasms in a short time before he even thrust himself into her. Their sex life had always been more than satisfying for her and she couldn’t understand why he had felt the need to go to another.

His eyes became dark with lust and she saw the bulge in his pants grow. It was good to know that even now her body was enough to excite her ex-husband. She unbuttoned her blouse so that her bra was visible and she gestured with her head in front of him to do the same. He quickly tore the shirt off his body and she could do nothing but enjoy the sight of his muscular torso. Teresa already felt herself getting wet and he hadn’t even touched her yet. That was the effect he had always had on her.

He grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him with a jolt. The office chair rolled smoothly over the wooden floor and before she knew it, he had already buried his head between her legs. She grabbed his hair and moaned when his tongue found her soft skin. He kissed her thighs and teasingly let his tongue go over her lace panties. She knew his tactics all too well, but she had no patience for it. She wanted to beg him to go on, to give her what she really wanted, but she wouldn’t give him the pleasure. Full of impatience she moved his head closer to where she wanted him to go, but with a grin, he diverted again.

“Patience mi cara. I’ll give you anything you want,” with those words Antonius finally attached his mouth on her femininity and bit through the fabric of her panties. The attack sent a shock through her and his nickname for her unleashed a wave of emotions. She closed her eyes to hold back the tears that suddenly surfaced. Because of this, she missed his next movement and suddenly her panties were ripped from her body and she felt his warm tongue between her nether lips. His teasing was done and he went full speed ahead focusing on her orgasm. His fingers found their way into her wet femininity and his tongue focused on her clitoris. He knew exactly where to lick, where to caress, and at what moment to alternate between hard and soft. Teresa moaned loudly and she felt that her first orgasm wasn’t going to take long. She grabbed his hair harder and moved her hips to the rhythm he had chosen.

“Look at me mi cara,” Antonius growled and she had to open her eyes. He looked piercingly at her and thrust his finger into her faster and faster. He bent his head forward, attached his lips to her clitoris, and sucked hard. The overstimulation of her most sensitive part of the body made her explode. She screamed and her entire body trembled with the powerful climax flowing through her.

As soon as her breathing calmed, he pulled his fingers out of her and licked them tastefully. Teresa moaned and her muscles squeezed together again. Even kaçak bahis after that incredible orgasm, she felt empty and she knew that he had the only thing that could fill her so completely that she could forget everything.

Antonius had already gotten up and taken off his pants. He quickly knelt down in front of her again and took her in his arms. His erection was ready for action and he immediately positioned himself to fill her in one movement, but she stopped him.

“Desk,” she said with a voice still hoarse from her orgasmic screams. She couldn’t do it on the office chair where he had also ended their marriage.

She couldn’t look at him without her emotions getting the best of her so she leaned her hands on the desk with her behind ready. She felt him coming behind her. He caressed her buttocks lovingly and she could not stand the tender caress. She didn’t want it to be loving, she wanted it to be passionate and urgent.

“Hard and fast,” Teresa moaned and she pushed her butt against his hard manhood. He groaned in response and he roughly pushed her legs apart. Without saying another word he thrust forward and filled her in one movement. She screamed out with pleasure. Antonius was so big and filled her as completely as no other man. Tears jumped into her eyes and the lack of him the last three years suddenly hit her hard. It didn’t seem to do affect him, because he started moving at a fast and hard pace just as she had asked. Neither of them said a word and the room was filled with their groans and the sound of flesh upon flesh.

The stimulation that his hard manhood brought about in her was so intense that she was soon heading for her next orgasm. Her breathing accelerated and he seemed to hear it, as he increased his pace even more. Her muscles squeezed around him and her orgasm flowed through her as she clung firmly to the desk so as not to sink through her legs.

Even before her orgasm was over Antonius had put his hand under her and he started caressing her clitoris. “One more mi cara,” he growled into her ear.

His thrust became sloppier and more urgent and she knew that he too would soon have his discharge. Teresa wanted to come with him and the pressure he put on her clitoris was enough to make that wish come true. Her whole body trembled and her muscles squeezed so hard around him that he could hardly move. After two more thrusts, he echoed a primal cry and filled her completely with his sperm, making her orgasm just seem to prolong. The pleasure flowing through her was so intense that it took her breath away and she seemed to be completely out of the world for a moment.

Teresa was roughly torn back to reality as he slipped out of her and she felt their combined juices dripping out of her. Her body still felt so weak that she could not move immediately. The sound of his pants being pulled up and his zipper closing were enough to make her shoot in action. She pulled down her skirt and while still wobbling on her legs she started to button her blouse. She couldn’t look at him because she didn’t want to see what he thought of her now.

Antonius sighed and said: “The only thing I want to know about you Teresa is why. Wasn’t what we had enough for you?”

She shook her head confused, why did he ask that? She turned around angry. “Why what? That’s rich coming from someone who apparently didn’t find our sex life satisfying enough and therefore had to go fuck his secretary”.

His eyes fired and he cried out: “That’s a lot for someone who didn’t even wait until I was out of the country to fuck my brother.”


“What, what?” he shouted furiously and he took a step towards her so she had to push herself against the desk to create some distance.

They looked at each other in confusion. The accusations she heard from him were so absurd that she started to laugh. “What would I do with Alessandro if I had you?”

Alessandro had been there for her through the divorce and only with his help could she have collected all the shares, but she had never felt anything more for him than brotherly love. He had made advances at illegal bahis different times, but she had always rejected them. “I have always only loved you,” Teresa said and she turned her eyes away because she didn’t want him to see the tears he had caused.

Antonius grabbed her chin and looked for something in her eyes. It seemed that he found what he was looking for because he bent down and kissed her. She gasped for breath and he used the opening she gave, to push his tongue into her mouth. Teresa wrapped her arms around her shoulders and he pulled her close. It was the first kiss she had had in three years and it felt like coming home, why couldn’t she just stay home? Suddenly she came to her senses and tried to push him away. She didn’t care that it felt so good that she almost wanted to start crying again, he was and remained a cheater and she had too much self-respect to stay with a liar.

“Stop,” Teresa groaned against his lips and after another hard push, he finally let go of her. His eyes were filled with lust and she shook her head. “What you think about me and Alessandro doesn’t matter at all, you still fucked your assistant.”

Antonius laughed humorlessly and shook his head. “I don’t know where you get that from, but I’m sure Alessandro has something to do with it”.

She threw her hands desperately in the air. “Why are you talking about your brother all the time? He isn’t involved in this, is he?”

Antonius stepped back and let himself fall into his office chair with a sigh. “He’s the one who showed me a video of the two of you together when I came home from a business trip in our empty house where your ring and the signed divorce papers were waiting for me”.

“What business trip?” Teresa asked.

“The business trip that my brother had forced on me Friday morning because there was an emergency that I had to attend. Antonius shook his head incredulously. “He probably had to have been waiting a long time for an ideal situation before he could carry out his plan.”

“What plan?” Teresa asked annoyed. “What are you talking about?

“Alessandro’s plan to tear us apart. He had always been jealous of me and I knew he was interested in you, but I never thought he would go to so much trouble to get you”. He chuckled. “All that effort and then it didn’t even work out.” He looked her in the eye and grabbed her hands. “Promise me you never slept with my brother.”

She pulled her hands irritated out of his. “Of course not.”

“Can you believe me then if I promise you that I’ve never done anything in this office with my secretary in my life?”

She doubted, could she take his word for it? The whole Alessandro situation sounded ridiculous, but she knew him well enough to know he was actually crazy enough to try something like that.

“Did you see my face in the clip?”

She shook her head. “It wasn’t a clip. I came to your office on Friday with pizza and then I heard…” Her breath stopped at the realization.

He grabbed her hands again and pulled her on his lap. “I wasn’t at the office Friday. I was on my way to Copenhagen and my flight didn’t land until 4 a.m.”

She looked at him and saw nothing but honesty in his eyes. “Alessandro had texted me that you were working late at the office and…”

Her words were swallowed up by his lips on hers. This time she answered his kiss with exuberance. They had already lost too much time and she couldn’t go a second without him. She groaned when his hands found their way between her legs to her dripping femininity. She raised herself slightly so she could loosen his pants and pull them down. His erection jumped free and she immediately grabbed him to position him between her legs and with one movement she lowered herself over him. This time she looked into his eyes as he filled her and the feeling of coming home was perfect. Their lips found each other in a passionate kiss while their hips pursued their highs in an ancient rhythm.

“I love you mi cara,” Antonius moaned as his climax took over.

“I love you too Antonius,” exclaimed Teresa as she followed him in an all-encompassing climax.

The End

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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