Some Sex in the Woods

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Some guys like to fix their cars. Others like to go out on the basketball court. Myself? I like to hike. I’ve always wished I lived during the time of the mountain men, where a man if he chose could just live off the land and prove their manliness against nature. Maybe it’s because my parents gave me for my first and middle names Jim Bridger, after my father for the first name and my mom’s maiden name for a middle name; parents with senses of humor should not be allowed to be the ones to name their children. As Jim was a fairly common name, I was called Bridger by my friends. Sadly, those mountain man days are over, but I wanted some adventure. Being 18, I knew that I would have to start my adventures small.

I walked into Waldenbooks, when suddenly I saw a copy of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods. Something about the bear on the cover made me pick the book up and purchase it. I quickly devoured the book in a single night, something I had never done before. I realized that I had my first adventure in front of me: hike the Appalachian Trail. It was already January; the hikers often started at the south end in February. Suddenly I was increasingly glad I went ahead and finished my senior year after the first semester; it allowed me to do the hike now, and not have to wait another year.

Knowing it would be dangerous to go out by myself on my first adventure, I hoped I could get some friends to go with me, but they were all scheduled to graduate in May, or were too chicken to go, or both. Mostly both. The only exception was Mich.

Mich. Short for Michelle. A quintessential tomboy who hate the fact she was born female. She would always roughhouse with us boys, even in elementary school. She always saw being female as being weak, and she didn’t want to be weak. She never wore a dress, and never showed any hint of a female figure. None of the boys, including me, ever thought about her in a sexual way. The other boys always went for other females who made it blatantly obvious that they were females in their dress or manner. Myself, I’m not gay but I never bothered with females. Never seemed worth the bother.

Mich liked proving herself as being masculine, and not female, so she of all my friends decided to go with me. I wanted the company, so I welcomed her along. I didn’t even think about it being a male and female by themselves. We güvenilir bahis decided to start the trip on February 20, the start of Pisces and the day after her 18th birthday, so it would two adults (barely) hiking together. So on the 19th, all the gang celebrated her birthday, and on the 20th we went to the airport.

The fun part of the day was definitely the taxi cab ride from the airport to the start of the Appalachian Trail, or the AT as it’s known simply, at Springer Mountain. Learning the shortest way to the official start of the AT, it took us only two hours to walk to the start. That was tiring as it was; carrying 40lbs of gear on your back isn’t easy. I could tell Mich was struggling, but she didn’t bitch in the least. To bitch was to be weak like a female in her mind, I am sure. All my other friends would have bitched, so I was kind of glad that of all my friends, she was the one who went.

The first week on the trail was tough, but exhilarating. It was a moderate winter, so the weather never got too cool. Save for one night we got to sleep in the shelters, which provided a wind break. We shared the same tent, as it saved room for extra food, but we each had our own sleeping bag. After all, none of the rest of the gang would think of using the same sleeping bag as another; that would be gay. Being used to not thinking of Mich as female, much of the same rule applied.

Then the eight day happened. Mich and I grew careless. Even though we went into a town, we didn’t bother getting a weather report. It snowed. Hard. Practically a blizzard. Mich and I quickly made it to another AT shelter. Noticing something was wrong with Mich, I quickly set up the tent myself. I turned around to see Mich; I did not like how she was shaking.

“Bridger, I’m so cold. Ugh!”

She collapsed onto the shelter floor. Oh crap, what if she has hypothermia? I’d never forgive myself. I quickly got her sleeping bag out and put her in it. But a few minutes went by and she didn’t seem any better. What could I do?

Then I remembered. The first aid for hypothermia was for the victim to drink warm liquids, or using another’s body heat. As I was worried about her condition, I decided to do the quicker thing and share her sleeping bag. Knowing that clothes get in the way of the heat transfer, I took off all but my underwear, got in her sleeping bag, canlı bahis and started removing her clothing.

Wow! I was in for a shock. I knew Mich was female in the back of my mind but I had forgotten about that until I took off her top and bottom layers. Her figure was perfect. I forced myself back into my job of saving her, taking off her underwear. Her boobs had to be C-cups. I was also surprised she had shaved down there; you’d think a tomboy like her wouldn’t shave. I had to force myself to stop thinking of Mich as a sexual being; she was one of the gang. Then, I could not help but fall asleep.

“Bridger, what are you doing?”

I woke up abruptly. We had been asleep all night, and dawn was breaking. All I knew was that Mich was screaming in my ear.

“Why are you sharing my sleeping bag with me?”

“Mich, I was afraid you were suffering from hypothermia. This is the cure.”

“Still, Bridger!”

I instinctively rolled over to her. In my just-awakened haze, I forgot that this sleeping bag was meant for one person.

“Mich, I’m sorry, but…”


My dick had sprung to life, all on its own accord, and was right at the entrance of her holiest of holies.


She tried to force me off her, but in her haste, she had rolled herself on top of me, and my dick had entered her pussy accidentally. It felt incredible. She was very much female. I was still a virgin, and I knew she was; it gets around at school who has had sex and who hasn’t. I felt the need to speak.

“Yes, you are female; let me show you, Michelle.”

With that, I forced her down on me, and started humping her for all I was worth.

“No, no, noooohh, oh oh OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!”

Now this screaming in my ear I liked. I felt her cherry pop on my dick, but I didn’t care. Instinct took over, and I started kissing her while my dick pummeled her entrance. Then I noticed she was not resisting at all; she started fucking me with all the force she could muster. Her tomboyish ways made her very fit, and very tight. She starting screaming…

“I’m cumming, OH MY GOD, I’M SO-SO-SO CUMMING!!!

“Me TOO!!!”

With that I dowsed her pussy full of my virgin cum, turning us over so her back was on the ground, keeping my seed in her as we were bahis siteleri in the throes of orgasmic bliss. We looked into each other’s eyes as we recovered, and then started to French-kiss. I decided to break the silence.

“Don’t ever say again that you’re not female. You are not Mich, you are Michelle, with a great female body, and I’m glad I was the one who first discovered that. My cock and your pussy were meant to be. Enjoy the fact you have a pussy; I definitely did.”

Mich, excuse me, Michelle, just looked at me.

“I will be female, but only for you.”

“I’m so glad you are female.”

“For the first time ever, so am I.”

With that, we went back to kissing into a deep sleep.

The next day, it had warmed up into the fifties. There was still snow on the ground, but the danger had passed. We finally removed ourselves from Michelle’s sleeping bag, and then decided we were not ready to leave just yet. Picking her up and laying her by the fire, I once again entered her. Her pussy was perfect. Her juices, saved up for years due to denying her sex, covered my dick. Once she joined by in a sitting position, I took the opportunity to take my middle finger and play with her anus, finally penetrating it.

“Bridger, what, uhhhhhh, are youuuu, do-do-do-ing?”

“I’m fingering my woman, letting her know she’s mine”


With that she forced me into a riding cowgirl position, shaking my balls as she fucked my brains out.

“Take-ake-ake it-it, Bri-bri-BRID-GER”


With that, I released another huge load into her pussy. Her breasts were bouncing all over the place. As she collapsed on top of me, I knew then that I may have been the last of my friends to have sex, I was the first to find the right female”

“Michelle, your pussy and ass are mine, but this cock is only yours”

“You’d better make sure this cock is no one else’s”, she said as she playfully threatened my balls.

Three months later we finished the entire Trail. Our friends were in for a shock when they found out that “Mich” and I were getting married. I thought they’d faint when from then after, unless we were hiking, their old friend “Mich” was wearing dresses and showing her curves and beautiful cleavage. Six months later, Amelia Tara, our first child, was born. It was no accident that her initials are AT, conceived on that first night where a male finally found his female on his first time, and where a female first realized that being female was no shame.

I so love the outdoors.

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