Tabitha’s Treehouse Pt. 03

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Daddy lifted his shiny face from between his daughter’s thighs. He and his nineteen year old daughter Tabitha had been fucking for months now, she was really shaping up to be a first-class slut.

She’d seduced him in the treehouse he’d built for her; shortly after that Tabby had invited her BFF May along for a session with Daddy. That went fantastic and now May would join them when she could.

“How was that, slut daughter? Did Daddy make you cum real good?” Daddy’s oral skills were fabulous, she loved getting head from him.

“Mmm, that was the best, thank you Daddy.” Tabby sighed in contentment. They were in Daddy and mommy’s room on the big bed this time, instead of Tabby’s twin bed. She loved being able to really stretch out after a good orgasm.

“I think we’ll be fucking in here all the time from now on,” Daddy said. He’d already fucked Tabby once tonight, he was recharging for another round. “Remember when we spied on your mom and her sister? Saw them lezzing out with each other?”

Daddy had driven her across town to his sister-in-law’s a few nights ago, they’d peeked in a window and witnessed some major lesbian incest action. Tabby had cum from her Daddy dry-humping her outside the window as they watched and he’d shot a load between her thighs. She remembered all right! She’d never forget seeing her own mother lick her aunt’s cunny!

“Well your mom and I had a talk.” Daddy chuckled, it hadn’t gone well at first. “Long story short your mom’s coming back tomorrow, and she’s going to join our fun! What do you think about that?”

Tabby squealed with excitement! “Oh Daddy! Yes, let’s get mommy playing too!” Tabby just wanted everyone to have orgasms all the time.

It had taken only a little convincing to bring his wife around. First he’d had to confess to spying on them, and with Tabby along as well. Bob was glad he’d chosen a restaurant to meet at, less chance of a scene. Once she’d cooled down though Daddy had quietly made the case that the family that fucks together stays together.

Heidi hadn’t minded that her husband was fucking their daughter as much as he’d been prepared for. She’d finally confessed that her family had done some of the same things! She’d fucked her father and mother both once she’d turned eighteen and so had her sister Dixie.

“I understand, darling,” his wife had said. “To be honest, I’ve been thinking about our daughter’s pussy as well. I’ve been fighting the urge to seduce her, that’s why Dixie and I have been going at it so much lately!”

Hearing that his wife had been fucking her family as well turned Daddy on like nothing else. If they had been in private he would have fucked her silly on the spot. His wife had slipped off a shoe and now her foot was under the table in Daddy’s lap, stroking his hard-on through his pants, teasing him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be home tomorrow,” Heidi had said. “Think of the anticipation. I’ll tell Dixie what’s going on while you tell our Tabby.”

Tabby listened to her Daddy explain the coming changes to the family, she was watching his cock get hard again as he thought about his bisexual wife and his slut daughter together. She reached out and grabbed it, felt it’s heat against her palm.

“Daddy, I think I’m going to like having mommy fuck with us!” Tabby spit on her Daddy’s cock before fisting it, once it was shiny with her saliva she pushed her father down and climbed on top of him. “I want to be on top now Daddy, your slut needs it deep right now.”

Daddy knew his Tabby was horny out of her mind, she usually never took the lead unless she was desperate for his dick. “Thinking about your mommy joining us, huh?” Bob King’s wife Heidi was a knockout, shoulder length blonde hair, a great rack and a broad set of hips supporting a generous ass.

“Thinking about how Mommy ate aunt Dixie, oh Daddy, she’s going to eat me like that isn’t she?” Tabby was staring at her Daddy as she rode his eight inches, Daddy was thrusting his hips up into her tight cunt.

“You got to me before your mom got to you,” Daddy panted. “She’s been thinking of eating your cunt for a while now!” He reached up and cupped his fucktoy daughter’s A-cups and pinched her nipples, pulling a moan from her.

“Daddy, would you make me eat her cunt?” Tabby’s filthy mind was going all kinds of places, she was fucking herself stupid on her Daddy’s pole. “Daddy, oh yes, make me lick my Mommy’s pussy! Fuck me while I eat her cunt! Oh I’m such a slut! Oh Daddy! Fuck!”

Daddy had never heard his daughter get this worked up before, she was totally into it. “Yes, you slutty daughter! Yes! I’ll fuck your ass while you lick your mommy’s taint!” Daddy’s hips were machine-gunning his cock into her quim as she straddled him, she was mashing her crotch against his pubic bone, rubbing her clit until…

“Cumming! Cumming Daddy!” Tabby cried. “Oh yes, fuck kaçak iddaa me, fuck your slutty daughter, make me cum, make me your bitch, oh Daddeeeee!” Hot juices sprayed from her tight cunny, she was clutching her Daddy’s cock with her pussy, waves of bliss flowing over her body and mind.

Daddy felt his nuts draw up and moments later he was blasting his hot cream into Tabby’s gobbling snatch. “Take it, slut! Take your Daddy’s cum! Cumming in your slutty cunt, aw yeah!” Jet after jet pulsed up his rod to splash against his daughter’s hungry womb.

“Give it to me, yes, give me your cum Daddy!” Tabby’s orgasm spiraled out of control once her Daddy’s cock began filling her pussy with spunk. She was shaking, eyes rolled back, cumming like never before.

The next day Tabby was over at her friend May’s. She couldn’t wait to tell her all about the latest sexy news. May’s parents were both out of the house and the girls were in May’s room, getting naked.

May was Tabby’s age, a chubby young Chinese-American woman, the two had been friends forever. May had introduced her gal-pal to the joys of mutual masturbation, then Tabby had shared her Daddy with May. Yet for all that the girls had never eaten each other out. So far.

“May, you should have seen it, god, it was so erotic!” Tabby told her friend. “Seeing my mom acting slutty, it must run in the family.” Tabby’s nipples were standing tall, she was scooting out of her panties, her last bit of clothing.

May had beaten her friend, she was already nude and rubbing her pussy. “Tabby, from what you said you’re going to have to learn to eat pussy. So today let’s finally do it. Let’s lick each other!” May had gotten her cunt eaten for the first time by Tabby’s father not too long ago, she thought it was about time she and her friend got it on.

“You’re right, I know Mom’s going to want me to eat her out, it’d be great if I had some practice first. How come we never, you know?” Tabby wondered. Not that it mattered, they were having still fun.

May put her hands on Tabby’s shoulders, looked her in the eyes. “Here goes,” she said, and gave her best friend a passionate kiss before pushing her back down on the bed.

May kissed her way down Tabby’s torso, making her BFF quiver with anticipation. Tabby spread her legs wide, then grabbed her nips and began tugging them. May held Tabby’s legs open and settled her face in between her thighs. She gave gentle kisses to Tabby’s inner thighs, making Tabby moan.

“Oh yes, god May, you’re better than Daddy!” Tabby was enthralled with May’s tongue, the sensations it was giving her were so intense! She could feel an orgasm building already, and May had just begun her oral assault.

Her tongue was everywhere on Tabby’s cunny, flicking and licking and driving Tabby up the wall. May had to hold her friend’s thighs apart as she waggled her tongue over Tabby’s clit and fucked her pussy-hole. Tabby’s back began to arch, her thighs quivering and May sucked Tabby’s clit, hard, sending her over the edge into Orgasm-Land.

“Oh May yes! God YES!” Tabby cried. “Oh lick my slutty pussy! Oh fuck, oh my clit! God May, yes, keep doing that, oh fuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK!” Tabby screamed, her body shaking with the intensity of her cum. Every nerve in her body was singing, waves of bliss washing over her.

May held her thrashing playmate down until her orgasm had subsided somewhat, then excitedly said “Okay do me do me do me!” May had suspected a female tongue would be better at cunnilingus, Tabby’s reaction seemed to prove it. Now May wanted to experience it herself!

“Mmm, yes,” Tabby purred. Her cum had left her feeling sensual as hell, May was in for a wild ride. She gave her bestie a kiss and dove into May’s cunt. May was holding her own thighs open, at least for now and Tabby spread May’s pussy lips. It glistened at her and Tabby stuck out her tongue for a taste.

May bucked under her once and moaned. Tabby liked the taste of her friend’s twat, it was like a meat-peach. Her inexperienced tongue was soon lapping May’s juices, her lips kissing the soft lips of her new lover’s pussy. May was shifting her hips, grinding her ass against the mattress.

“Oh Tabby, yes, just like that!” May exclaimed. She was loving Tabby’s tiny tongue, it was probing her holes, swirling around her clit. May leg go of her thighs so she could maul her boobs, squeezing them hard and twisting her dark nipples.

Tabby didn’t answer, she was too busy loving the taste of her friend’s cunny. She gulped down May’s fluids as fast as they formed, her tongue a blur over May’s velvet pussy skin. Tabby had to grab her BFF’s legs as they threatened to clamp over her head, May was getting close to a big cum!

“Oh god Tabby! My clit, suck my clit!” May sobbed, desperate for release. Tabby brought her whole mouth over May’s clitty and sucked, hard, and May’s orgasm hit her like a freight train.

“Oh TabbyTabbyTabbeeeeeeeeeee! Fuck yes, kaçak bahis yes, suck me, oh suck my clit you slut! YES!” May’s pretty mouth was forming dirty words, inflaming them both as they writhed in ecstasy. Her body tensed for one last galvanic spasm of bliss and the two exhausted girls slumped to the mattress.

Tabby crawled up and gave May a deep kiss. “Well?” she asked, “think I’ll do okay eating my Mom’s pussy?”

May returned the kiss, with interest. “Just make sure you tell me all the dirty details, next time,” she said. “But for now, isn’t you’re mom going to be home soon? You’d better clean up a bit, you smell like sex.” May grinned and kissed Tabby on the nose.

After a quick rinse in May’s shower Tabby biked back to her home, seeing her mom’s car already in the driveway. Shoot, she was late. Well she had a great excuse. It was all May’s fault for suggesting oral lessons!

But where were her mom and dad? Tabby looked all over the house and couldn’t find them. Then it hit her, of course! She went out back and checked the treehouse. From the noises emanating from the structure it was getting another workout as a boudoir.

She could hear her mom’s voice, from the staccato rhythm she was getting fucked hard by Daddy. Tabby decided to join them. She climbed the wooden slats and stuck her head up inside.

“Oh fuck me! Fuck me like the slut I am!” Tabby’s Mom was saying. She was on all fours and Daddy was giving it to her from behind like a wild savage, pounding her twat mercilessly and pulling her blonde hair.

“Damn right you’re a slut, you’re getting fucked in front of your daughter!” Daddy gave Tabby a wicked grin, he’d seen her come up. Tabby climbed the rest of the way inside and started getting naked. It would be a tight fit with the three of them but Tabby thought no one would mind the kind of help she was going to provide.

Heidi opened her eyes and saw her teenage daughter stripping, her eyes on their crotches where Daddy was pounding her twat. Tabby loved watching his hard dick piston in and out of her Mommy’s tight quim.

“Tabby, kiss your Mommy!” she ordered and Tabby happily crawled over and gave her mother a deep, passionate kiss, tugging on one of her Mommy’s dangling nipples as well.

“Mmm, oh god Bob, gonna cum, oh fuck yes!” Heidi was over the top having Tabby here to join their erotic fun, her daughter was caressing her everywhere, especially where she was joined to her husband.

“Me too, hun! Here it comes, oh fuck! YES! Take it! Oh you slut, fucking in front of your daughter, oh holy shit, oh damn!” Daddy roared as his spunk flew up his shaft, Tabby could see it pulsing where it entered her Mommy’s cooze. On a whim she stuck out her tongue and licked them, her Mommy jumped and moaned and her Daddy stuck his cock in deep and held it there so Tabby could lick more.

“Oh god what a slutty daughter! Mom, that’s your fucktoy daughter’s tongue on your cunt!” Daddy was throbbing deep inside her and Mommy was shaking with the force of her cum.

“Oh fuck! Tabby, lick your Mommy! Oh god this is dirty, such a slutty bitch I am, oh fuck! Oh I love it!” Mommy’s cum was going on and on thanks to her daughter’s helpful hands and mouth.

At last they were quiet and Heidi gave her daughter a big hug. “I’m so glad you’re into this like your Daddy and I are, honey. And when I kissed you, who was that I tasted, was it your friend May?” Heidi’s eyes danced with mischief.

“I just had to tell her, Daddy” Tabby said to her father. “It’s just too exciting! And we’ve already played with her anyway.”

“Yes, your Daddy was telling me,” Heidi said. “That’s why we’re up here, I wanted to see where my little girl seduced her Daddy.” She gave Bob a lingering kiss. “Then we both got so worked up, well, you found us, you know!” She tousled her daughter’s hair and said, “But now, maybe some food, a shower, because… Your aunt Dixie’s coming over later!”

Tabby’s eyes lit up. Wow! Another person to play with, to give and receive lovely orgasms! Her aunt was hot, looking much like her sister with blonde hair and a great bod. Dixie was the younger of the two, Tabby had loved her aunt’s Brazilian, a well kept strip of pubic hair, it looked so naughty, even naughtier than shaved somehow.

Later that evening Tabby answered the door to her aunt Dixie’s knock. “Hi Dixie! Come on in!” Tabby couldn’t contain her excitement over the coming hours and it showed. Dixie smiled at her niece and gave her a long deep kiss.

“Well hello to you, young lady! What’s this your mama’s been telling me about you and your Daddy and your best friend?” Dixie took Tabby’s arm and they went into the living room, where Dixie greeted her sister warmly with another kiss.

Bob went over and gave Dixie a big kiss as well. He’d often wondered what nailing his sister-in-law would be like, he was going to find out tonight! “Dix, hello! Why didn’t we all talk about this sooner?” He illegal bahis gave her a big hug, feeling her tits smush against his chest.

“It’s not the sort of thing that comes up. And speaking of things coming up, what’s that poking me in the tummy?” Dixie grinned and gave him a squeeze through his pants. “Ooh! You’re right, sis, I’m gonna like this!”

Tabby was growing impatient. “Come on, everybody, let’s go in the bedroom!”

Heidi laughed and joined her sister and husband. “She’s your daughter,” she said with a chuckle. They all headed down the hall into the master bedroom. Tabby was stripping along the way, leaving a trail of more and more intimate garments until she was naked. “C’mon, slowpokes!” she said.

“We’d better catch up then,” Daddy said as he got naked. The women joined him and soon the four of them were nude on the king-sized mattress. Daddy got the ball rolling by telling his slutty daughter, “Tabitha, tell your Mommy the fantasy you told me the other day.” He was already hard, his eight inches standing proud.

“Daddy, no! It’s too embarrassing!” Tabby blushed beet red from head to waist, she instinctively covered her little boobies with her arms.

“Do it, slut,” Daddy commanded, “or no cock for you tonight!” He was loving being forceful with his daughter in front of his wife and her sister, it was a total power rush. Mommy and Dixie were watching closely, intrigued.

“Well Daddy and I had just come home from watching you and aunt Dixie, you were, you know…” Tabby began.

“Know what, slut-daughter? What were they doing?” Daddy wanted to hear her say it out loud, so her Mom could hear firsthand.

“They were licking pussies, Daddy! Oh god!” Tabby grabbed her tits and started mauling them, her eyes were closed in remembrance. “Daddy, you were fucking me and I wanted, oh fuck, I wished Daddy was fucking me while I ate Mommy’s pussy!” Tabby’s hands were creeping towards her crotch.

“Oh Tabby!” her Mommy cried, “well of course, get between my legs, be Mommy’s good slut too!” Heidi leaned back against Dixie, who was supporting her sister as well as licking her neck and toying with her erect nipples.

“You heard your Mommy, show her what you and May were doing this afternoon!” Daddy was stroking his cock, waiting for his daughter to get into position.

Tabby got her face right in her Mommy’s cunt and stuck her taut buttocks in the air for her Daddy’s rod. Her tight cunny was glistening and pulsing, pink and wet. Daddy rubbed the head of his dick against his fucktoy’s hole and shoved it in deep with one stroke.

“C’mon, slut, start licking,” Daddy said and began rhythmically pounding his daughter’s teen cunt. Tabby was nuzzling her Mommy’s quim, getting her face in there and doing everything she’d just learned to drive her hot Mommy to an incestuous orgasm.

Dixie couldn’t believe it, it was just like when they were teens growing up. “God, sis, seeing your own daughter eat your pussy, god that’s so fucking hot!” She sucked hard on her sister’s neck and squeezed her heavy breasts. Heidi was going wild, having Tabby give her oral, she’d fantasized about this very thing!

“Oh Tabby yes! Yes, eat your Mommy’s cunt! Oh so good! Holy shit, such a good slut, licking me just right, holy fuck!” Mommy liked to talk dirty too, her parents had done an excellent job of raising her.

Dixie looked over at Daddy, fucking his daughter, she couldn’t wait for her turn with that nice looking rod of his. She whispered in her sister’s ear, “Think about Bob fucking me, sis, while you and Tabby watch.” She could tell her sis was close, Tabby was really munching her muff.

Heidi heard her sister’s lewd suggestion and it was just what she needed, she tipped over the edge and started cumming hard. “Oh fuck, oh Tabby yes, yes eat your Mommy! Cumming! Oh fuck cumming so good on my baby-girl’s tongue, oh yes!”

Heidi’s orgasm triggered Tabby’s, being praised for licking her Mom out felt so slutty, Tabby loved it! Her Daddy’s pounding pole in her pussy, the scent of the beautiful cunt in front of her, it all came together in her mind and she exploded.

Daddy felt Tabby cumming around his cock and gritted his teeth, he wanted to fuck her right through it. Then he heard Dixie saying, “You’re fucking me next, Daddy” and that was all his overstimulated brain could handle. He shot his massive load into his cum-dumpster daughter.

Thick pulses of sperm shot up his shaft and into his daughter’s willing cunny. “Oh Fuck! Cumming!” Daddy grabbed Tabby’s hips and pounded the shit out of her teenage cunt, he loved feeling her tightness milk his dick.

There was a soft knock and a shy voice said, “Hello?” May peeked her head around the corner and saw the wholesale rutting taking place, with her BFF Tabby right in the middle of things. Dixie noticed her and waved her in, May started stripping and joined everyone on the bed.

Daddy was finally done cumming, he was exhausted. Just then he spied May joining them on the bed. He noticed Dixie giving hungry looks to his dick. He sighed, he was only one man! Still, there were worse problems to have!

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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