Thanksgiving Loss

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(This is a true story. Your votes and comments are appreciated. I hope y’all enjoy it.)


I was an awkward teenage girl in High School. I was eighteen years old, with a curvy figure, blue eyes and blonde curly hair. I wasn’t shaped like the popular girls with the fashion model figures. I was in the drum line in the band. I was the only girl in the drum line. A lot of the other girls were evil to me spreading rumors that I was the drum corp. slut and sleeping with all of the guys in the drum corp. Rumors were spread that we even had these big wild parties that turned into orgies where I was gangbanged by all of them. These were all as far from the truth as possible and it hurt me to hear them.

All of the guys treated me like I was their sister. I will admit to attending a few wild parties at the snare drummer Thomas’ house. The only thing that we ever did was get drunk and play cards. And well yes, I was under the legal drinking age but his father was always there. The bass drum player, Josh, the designated driver, always dropped me off at my house. The band’s biggest fund-raiser effort was running a concession stand at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas. The concession stand we manned was right next to a stand selling Cowboys souvenirs.

The first moment that I saw the owner’s son I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I developed my first crush on that very day. He was so handsome. He wasn’t the normal guy that I usually doted on. He was six-feet tall, with red hair and green eyes. He had a slim and muscular build. He was pretty mysterious. I found out his name was Austin. We talked off and on every game about all sorts of things. We soon found out that we had a lot in common. Both of us were musically inclined and liked to listen to the same bands and types of music. We both liked art and music. He was nineteen years old. I felt so grown up around him. He treated me like an equal. We carried on intelligent conversations. I was needless to say completely enamored with him. I was so scared about approaching him with my feelings for him.

Every game I would start to push my feelings for him just a little further out into the open. I would start to find reasons to go off walking with him around the bottom of the stadium. We usually ate lunch together. I was being rather delinquent about my fundraising abilities. I really didn’t care about it because I was becoming more attracted to him with all the time that we spent with each other. We were even going to be working the big Thanksgiving Day game that was coming up in a few weeks. I was excited about it because the Cowboys were playing the Greenbay Packers. Those games were the most fun because all the drunken Packers fans would spend tons of money at the concession stand and souvenir booths. The game before Thanksgiving Dallas was playing the Eagles and the game was very close and even the band members that were really dedicated to the booth were out in the stands trying to catch the good parts of the game.

It was relatively easy to slip away with Austin. He took me upstairs ankara escort and into one of the empty luxury suites. He held my hand and then all of the sudden kissed me. I was shocked but very pleasantly surprised. His lips were warm and moist and I responded to his kiss hungrily. His hands were sliding underneath my shirt and his fingers pinched and rubbed my nipples. They became stiff under his touch. We embraced each other with a passion. I pressed myself up against his body and could feel how hard he was. It made me hot knowing that it was his desire for me that caused that hardness. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled his briefs down. His cock sprang out hard and erect from a thatch of red hair. I groaned softly watching him. I’d never seen a man naked before in person. He took my hand and placed my hand on his cock goading me on. Then he gently pressed his hands on my shoulders and I was on my knees in front of him. I decided that if I did anything wrong he’d let me know. So I just went with the flow. I started to flick my tongue out and just lick it with long slow strokes down his shaft. I rubbed my tongue over the head of his manhood. I could tell I was doing the right things because he was responding with moans and groans. He pushed his hips against me. He pushed himself all the way down my throat. For a moment I didn’t think that I could take the whole length. He was about eight inches long and his cock was as thick as my wrist. I did my best to ignore my gag reflex. I wrapped my tongue around his shaft. I felt him push its entire length into my mouth. I could tell because his pelvis was pressing against my nose. I inhaled deeply his musky scent of arousal. It was so sexy. I could only imagine how I looked at this moment on my knees servicing him. I admit while I was on my knees I had one hand slid inside my panties rubbing my clit. I was dripping wet. He was watching my every action and I believe he noticed how wet I was. He pulled out of my mouth and knelt on the carpet in front of me and we kissed again. This time I felt his tongue in my mouth and started to lick at it. I was so hungry for him. I wanted him to just take me then and there.

He had other ideas though. He decided he was going to teach me the lesson of sixty-nine. We lay side by side, each other’s heads at the other’s feet. His hands slid my pants and panties down around my ankles. I could feel my skin shiver in anticipation of his touch. His hands were hot and a bit rough. They slid my thighs apart. Then all of the sudden I could feel his fingers trace over my lips. He opened me like I was a rose bud. My lips like petals blossoming open at his touch. He was gentle and soft. His touch was almost feather like. He then ran his tongue over my sex tracing where his fingers had just left. I wriggled and shuddered and then I felt his tongue flicker over my clitoris. I’d never felt such an erotic hot feeling till then. My whole body began to shake. He started to push two of his fingers inside of me. My mouth was full of his manhood again. I began to suckle him like I was a baby ankara escort bayan drinking from a bottle. I was so hungry for him, so willing to reciprocate what he was giving me. His fingers were so skilled and he played me like a finely crafted violin. I was singing his praises as he curled his fingers inside of me and began to stroke them up against my g-spot. I had only ever heard of a g-spot orgasm till then. He was still lapping at my clit like a cat would with the flat of his tongue. These two things combined just drove me over the edge. It was at that point that he discovered I was a squirter. I felt myself just start to gush several times. I think it startled him for a moment. I believe this is what sent him over the edge because as I was shaking and cumming hard. He just shot off inside of my mouth. Several spurts like a cannon. It was all I could do to swallow down each gulp of him. It was like some sort of kinky communion as we drank each other’s essence. I crawled up against him and we lay in each other’s arms for about ten or fifteen minutes afterwards.

He stood up and straightened his rumpled clothing. He went into the bathroom and brought me a towel. I dried myself off and tried to dry off some of the puddle of my own cum that was on the floor. He gave me a kiss at the door and I waved goodbye to him as I went to find a bathroom. I was flushed with excitement and guilt all at once. This was the furthest I had ever gone with a man before. This was the first time I’d ever sucked cock and got eaten out. I was being introduced to sexuality giant steps at a time. I felt like a goddess as I walked back to the concession stand. I felt like everyone in the whole stadium could just tell I’d fooled around. It felt like they were all reading my mind.

A week went by and I couldn’t get the thoughts of what had happened to me out of mind. I also couldn’t stop fantasizing about what would happen next. I had always anticipated on waiting to lose my virginity to my husband.

We got there to the stadium on Thanksgiving Day and things were busier then I’d ever seen them before. The stadium was packed and all the Cowboys and Greenbay fans were already starting to get inebriated in preparation for the big game. I slipped out amongst the crowds to find Austin. He was waiting by the elevator to the luxury suites. I will never know how he managed to get into empty suites without anyone knowing, or even how he found empty ones on game days that were so crowded as this one. But those thoughts were at the very back of my mind on a day like this one. It made things feel a bit naughtier not knowing the answers to those questions.

He was definitely deviant and by the look in his eyes I could tell today was going to be the day I was going to become a woman. He opened the door to the luxury suite and we walked in like we owned the joint. I felt a blush of embarrassment and lust at the same time just sweep through my body. In a matter of moments we were taking each other’s clothes off in between passionate, hot, wet kisses. I ran my fingers through escort ankara his red chest hair and then started to press kisses down his chest.

I got on my knees as my kisses reached his pelvis. My fingers trailed down to his cock and my mouth just hungrily opened eager to suckle him again. His cock was already stiff and found its way into my mouth like a heat-seeking missile. I concentrated my attention on the head of his cock, rubbing my tongue around the edge and the flicking the tip of it down the slit. I could taste drops of his musky pre-cum dripping from his cock. I buried my nose into his pubic hair just to inhale his sexy sent. Just the smell of him turned me on. He encouraged me to lie down on the carpet. This time he had the forethought to lay down a towel for me to sit on. He knelt down beside me and then lay down next to me. He turned to kiss me and we embraced each other. His hands grasped my breasts and his fingertips firmly tugged and rubbed my nipples hardening them. He pressed his cock against my swollen lips and rubbed it up and down them. I was so slick and wet my juices made it easy for him to just slip inside of me. I turned to lie on my back and he centered himself right in between my legs. I felt such exquisite pain as he broke through my maidenhood.

The pain only lasted for a moment and was replaced my such stimulating stirrings of pleasure. His hand reached down and found my swollen hard clit. He began to stroke it as he pushed the rest of his cock deep inside of me. He bent down and pressed his lips against mine for a kiss that seemed to completely consume me. My body sizzled and it felt like fire was licking down my skin. My body convulsed and my hips pushed against his downward strokes. I just gushed as his fingers rubbed and stroked my clit in small quick strokes. I could feel my juices just puddle under me. He groaned and shuddered. I felt my pussy tighten with every orgasm that Austin gave me. I kept calling out his name as he pumped inside of me. “Take me Austin, Take me,” I just squealed.

He turned me on my hands and knees and slid back inside of my wet pussy. I could feel my sex tighten around him again. He entangled his fingers in my hair and pulled it back as he bent his body forward to press against my backside. I could feel his lips brush against my jawbone and then he kissed and bit at my earlobe. I could feel my nipples brush against the carpet each time he pushed inside of me. The feeling of my nipples brushing against the carpet really made them harden. Then he shot off inside of me and it was like being filled with hot lava. I still to this day love that feeling. There is just nothing like being filled up by a man. That feeling always sends me further over the edge and makes me cum several times more. This time there was no snuggling or holding each other. This time we just got up and cleaned ourselves off and walked our separate ways.

The last thing I remember him telling me was that we could never see each other again. I could feel a bit of my heart hurt inside of my chest. So not only did I lose my virginity on that Thanksgiving Day, I also lost my first crush. I would have never guessed that I would eventually run into him twice more and we would have two little flings. Well life is unpredictable this way.

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