The BBW’s Bottom Boy: A Spit Roast

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Summary: Angela becomes a celebrity and a nationwide pegging guru.

Note 1: Thanks to the real Ivan, who requested this unique plot.

Note 2: This is part 2….

In part 1, bride-to-be Angela, with the help of her secret Mistress Jen, (who’s also Angela’s fiancé’s ex-wife), turns her fiancé into a cream pie eating, strap-on taking submissive.

The first chapter ended with a video of Angela and Ivan the fiancé engaged in a wild public revelation of their outrageous sexual practices going viral on Twitter which, fortunately for us, sets up an equally wild part 2.

So without further ado, here’s part two:


By daybreak, the retweet count had climbed to over a million. Angela could only stare at the comments and stats and shake her head, overwhelmed… what had she and Ivan gotten themselves into?

Angela was pouring herself some coffee and starting to make breakfast when the phone rang.

She answered it, knowing it was only a matter of time before their identities became common knowledge, but not knowing whether it had happened yet. She was just thankful this was reading week at Ivan’s college so he had the week off, and Angela too didn’t have to go in to work, having gotten permission to take a hiatus to be with Ivan and to make all the arrangements for their wedding. Ivan was still asleep. She wasn’t sure what she was going to say to him the day after… since besides the explosion on Twitter, she’d also outed herself to Ivan as having an ongoing lesbian affair with Jen… his ex-wife. Not only that, but she’d informed him that Jen was her Mistress, and going forward she’d also be Ivan’s!

Angela pushed all her confusing thoughts out of her head and answered, “Hello.”

“Is this Angela White?”

“Perhaps, who’s asking?” Angela wondered who it was, although it was obviously a man, and even a man whose voice she vaguely recognized.

“Jack Watson,” the voice said, making Angela’s eyes go wide. Jack was a shock radio host who made Howard Stern sound tame. For instance he’d aired live sex on his show more than once.

“J-J-Jack Watson?” she stammered.

“We’re on the air. Do you have a few minutes to chat?”

“Yeah, sure, why the hell not?” Angela said, shocked to be on the radio… and perhaps being listened to by millions of people.

“Are you aware that someone posted a video of you and your fiancé making certain statements in a restaurant yesterday, and that it’s gone viral?” he asked.

“It’s been quite a shock to both of us, but that certainly appears to be the case,” Angela said, shaking her head to herself. “I may have overreacted to something somebody said in that restaurant.”

“Both of the handles BBWMISTRESS and bottombitchboy are trending on twitter,” he added.

“I know,” Angela said, both excited and mortified by that knowledge. Was this her fifteen minutes of fame? If so, she may as well ham it up and enjoy it. But she knew the consequences of fame could be precarious at best.

“You’re quite a spirited woman,” Jack’s on air partner (as well as his regular bed partner) Sarah said… Jack’s equivalent to Howard’s Robin, except Sarah was white and a former porn star.

Angela laughed, “Truth be told, yesterday, and even the past few days, have been a revelation for us both, as well as a sexual awakening.”

“How so?” Jack asked.

“Yes, do tell,” Sarah added curiously, having watched the clip dozens of times since she’d first seen it.

Angela wasn’t certain what she should or shouldn’t say, but she figured with the video going viral the entire world already knew the most outrageous parts of the story, so she might may as well go ahead and tell the rest of it. “Well, it’s rather complicated.”

“No worries; it sounds fascinating, so we can reschedule some of our other guests if necessary,” Jack said.

“Yes, and I’m sure all our listeners would love to hear the entire story,” Sarah said. “I know I would.”

“I can’t believe anyone cares about my story,” Angela said, since most of her life she’d been seen as a wallflower.

“Oh, believe it! Actually, you’ve become a symbol of the feminist revolution,” Sarah pointed out enthusiastically.


“Not only that, but you’re the (albeit unofficial) spokesperson for the pegging lifestyle,” she added.

“Yes, your underground actions may be making it to the mainstream,” Jack added.

“You can likely achieve something even Ryan Reynolds couldn’t manage when he got his hot ass fucked by Morena Baccarin in Deadpool,” Sarah continued, having been secretly hinting to Jack for a while that since he liked fucking her ass so much, she should get to do his too… she’d pegged a couple of men on camera when she’d still been making movies, and a couple of men just for fun, before hooking up with Jack and becoming a one man woman (except when as çankaya escort a couple they played with other women).

“You think I could do that?” Angela asked, feeling so overwhelmed by unexpectedly being in the spotlight, and recalling the thrill of learning that Ryan Reynolds himself had re-tweeted her last night.

“Fuck yeah,” Sarah said. “So regale us with your tale, and just start from the beginning.”

“Which beginning?” Angela asked, now feeling a very heady sense of feminism empowerment from Sarah’s encouragement. “Do you just want the first time I fucked Ivan’s ass, or should I begin earlier, when my Mistress, who’s Ivan’s ex-wife, ordered me to do it?”

“Fuck off,” Sarah gasped, praying this was true. She was bisexual and had shared many threesomes with Jack and other women, but never with two men, even though she had been pushing for it. Getting DP’d by a dick and a strap-on was wild, but hosting two actual flesh cocks inside her had always been the way she came the best (which was obvious if you’d seen some of her work, like double teaming Debbie in a Debbie does Dallas sequel, Double Penetration Queens, or Nerds do what Cheerleaders Don’t).

“You’re not serious?” Jack asked, this brief ten minute segment Sarah had talked him into at the last minute already looking like it would be delaying… or maybe even cancelling… his other guests, whom he’d actually scheduled.

“Yeah, like I said, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks,” Angela said, somehow feeling good about shocking them with her revelations. Her being able to shock the shock jockey himself was quite the thing.

“That sounds like the understatement of the century,” Jack laughed, shaking his head to his partner.

Sarah winked, “So to be clear, you’re having lesbian sex with the ex-wife of your boyfriend?”

“Yeah,” Angela said. “Is that wrong?”

“Yeah, it’s absolutely salacious.” Sarah roared with laughter.

“Angela, why don’t you start at the beginning?” Jack suggested.

“Okay, if that’s what you want. Many years ago, my Mom and Dad got together and fucked each other,” Angela began wickedly. “And then nine months later…”

Sarah laughed again, “You’re a spunky one.”

“Oh, was that too early?”

“Perhaps a little,” Sarah said, “although it’s likely a key item in the series of events that make the eventual story possible.”

Angela then spoke tor twenty minutes, re-telling the past couple of weeks in vivid detail (read part 1 to learn those wicked details).

“Wow,” Sarah exclaimed. “My pussy is on fire!”

“Maybe I should drop by your studio to put out that fire,” Angela offered flirtatiously.

“Oh, you’re such a bad girl,” Sarah said, so fucking turned on by the wild story she’d just heard.

“I’m not sure you could handle her,” Jack joked.

“Me or her?” Angela asked.

“I’m not even sure anymore,” Jack said, knowing this interview was going to be a ratings explosion. “But my producer is demanding we go to commercial. We seem to have missed two breaks, but now we’ve sent the guests we did have scheduled home, and completely reorganized our day so our listeners can ask you some questions. Are you okay with that, Angela?”

“Sure, why not?” Angela said, really enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame… which had already stretched to longer than fifteen minutes, with no end in sight.

“Alright,” Jack continued. “Listeners, we’ll be back with more of Angela, aka BBWMISTRESS, and next she’ll be taking your questions. Call in right now, and you may ask our special guest anything you want.”

“We’re off,” a producer called out.

Sarah said, “Angela, that was amazing. But is that really how it happened?”

“That’s exactly how it happened,” Angela confirmed, suspecting she’d shared way too much, but she was so caught up in the moment that all she could do was reveal everything… without thinking of the consequences for Ivan, for herself, or even for Jen… although she hadn’t mentioned her name during the entirety of the story.

“It sounds like such crazy fun,” Sarah said, looking directly at Jack with clear intent. “You’ve inspired me to wield a strap-on myself.”

“You really should, it’s an exhilarating experience,” Angela said.

“So it seems,” Sarah agreed. “Don’t you think so, Jack?”

“It’s definitely interesting,” Jack agreed, but mainly because he knew Sarah wanted him to, at least out loud on the air, but invisibly to the listening audience, shaking his head negatorially at his hot girlfriend, who was the kinkiest fuck he’d ever had, and he knew this pegging story would lead to her really pressuring him to give up his ass… something she’d previously mentioned on a few occasions… but never too aggressively. Yet.

“Angela, why don’t you go get a drink of water or anything else you need? We have seven minutes before we’re back on the air,” Sarah said helpfully.

“Sounds good,” Angela said, cebeci escort setting down her phone and quickly going pee. Her phone had vibrated a few dozen times while she was on the radio but she couldn’t respond, and now she didn’t want to. She had no idea who might be calling, but she didn’t want to lose the rush she was experiencing.

She returned, and said she was back.

Sarah told her there was a growing list of people waiting to talk to her.

“Crazy,” Angela said, still finding all this a little surreal.

“That’s one way to put it,” Sarah agreed.

“Yeah, but now you’ve gotten Sarah obsessed with pegging me,” Jack complained, but laid back about it.

“You’ll love it, Sarah,” Angela said, feeling they were kindred spirits now. “You will too, Jack.”

“Told you, Jack,” Sarah said. “You love fucking my ass so much, I think it’s time I got to fuck yours.”

“A prostate orgasm is really intense,” Angela added. “Kind of like God’s extra treat for men only.”

“Thirty seconds,” the producer announced, enjoying Jack’s rare discomfort.

“Thank God,” Jack said, already knowing this conversation with Sarah would be continuing after the show.

After thirty seconds, Jack said, “We. Are, Back! And with us is the vivacious and deliciously scandalous BBWMISTRESS. She’s just shared the most passionate, intense story I’ve heard in a while; and I’m certain she’s inspired many women to spice up their own lives.”

“And she’s also given men the permission they’ve always longed for to give up their asses,” Sarah added, not particularly accurately.

“Yeah, yeah. Now let’s take some calls,” Jack said, avoiding making any response to Sarah’s words, and to her blunt implication about his own future activities. “First up is Jane, from New Orleans.”

“Hi, Jack, hi, Sarah,” Jane greeted. And then with extra enthusiasm, “And hi, BBWMISTRESS!”

“Hi, Jane,” all three greeted.

“Welcome to the Jack Watson Show. What’s your primary question?” Jack asked.

“First, I want to thank BBWMISTRESS for coming on the air and telling us her story,” Jane began.

“Thank you very much,” Angela said, “but please call me Angela.”

“Yes, of course Angela,” Jane said. “My question for you is: What advice would you give a woman like myself who wants to peg her husband, but has no idea how to bring it up?”

Angela smiled at the question. “Well, I suppose most people would advise you just to bring it up, but with men being men, he’d likely just avoid the conversation, or wave it off as if you were joking. So I think you need to be aggressive.”

“How so?” Jane asked.

“Well, if your man is like mine, you could take it in stages. The next time he comes inside you, if he hasn’t already gotten you off, just hop up and sit on his face and force him to eat his own cum, while he gets you off with his tongue.”

“Oh my.”

“It worked for me,” Angela said. “Not only did he do it, but it shifted the dynamic between us in the bedroom. Instead of his assuming he’d make all the decisions, I made myself into an equal partner, so I was making some of them. Then once we’d established that plateau for a short while, the pegging was a simple matter of my putting on my strap-on and telling him I was going to do it, so kindly assume the position. And shortly after I did that, while he learned how much he loved being humiliated while I pegged him, instead of remaining an equal partner, I quite easily and naturally became the dominant force in our entire relationship, not just in the bedroom.”

“Epic,” Sarah added. “So to begin with, you just sat on his face and made him eat his own cream pie?”

“Yeah,” Angela answered. “If a man can’t get a woman off by fucking her, then he’d damn well better get her off with his tongue. And if he needs to clean up after himself to accomplish that, then all the better!”

“Better advice has never been given,” Sarah agreed. “Thank you for the question, Jane. Good luck with pegging your man.”

“Up next is Sharon, from Atlanta,” Jack said, hoping the next question would be in a different vein.

“Hi Angela, first off I want to thank you. You’ve become an instant hero for all of us women who aren’t size zeroes.”

“Thank you,” Angela said, those words warming her heart.

“You’re welcome,” Sharon said. “My question is: How do you manage to balance being submissive to the woman you mentioned, with being dominant to your man?”

Angela responded, “That’s an interesting question, but only because I’ve never even thought about it. During all of my sexual encounters, even including yesterday’s public outburst, I’ve always done what felt natural at the time. And sometimes being on my knees licking a pussy is where I want to be, and where I’m meant to be.”

“Me too,” Sharon agreed.

“Me three,” Sarah joined in.

Angela smiled to herself as she continued, “While at other times I feel like çubuk escort being in charge, whether it’s by riding a man and bouncing on his dick, or indulging in my newfound passion of pegging. I think it’s simply a matter of knowing who you are, and not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks. Another example is that last night when Ivan and I learned our team effort in the restaurant was going viral, neither of us was in charge… we just needed to talk things out, and try to figure out how we both felt about it.”

“I wish it were that easy,” Sharon said.

“It can be,” Angela said, feeling she was speaking to her younger self, but also to every woman like her, “but first you need to recognize that you love yourself. If you’re not getting what you want, and you keep telling yourself that’s all you deserve, then it’s hopeless. So tell that naysayer inside your head she’s dead wrong, so shut the fuck up!”

“What great advice,” Sarah nodded.

“Society is full of cruelty and unfair judgements thrust upon us by jealous and bitchy people,” Angela said. “I spent years giving credence to them, believing I wasn’t good enough, and trying to become just like them. And it was all bullshit! But now, thanks in large part to my Mistress, who’s just as large as I am, but has always known how sexy she was, I’ve come to accept who I am and what I am, and I don’t give a fuck what anyone says. So just be who you are, Sharon, and be proud of who you are. Be proud of your body. Be proud of your inner slut.”

“‘Be proud of your inner slut.’ That should be on a bumper sticker,” Sarah joked. “Thanks for the call, Sharon,”

“Thank you,” Sharon said.

“Angela, that was a very perceptive and obviously heartfelt answer,” Sarah said. “Now I have a question. What would you say right now to all those people who bullied and judged you in the past?”

“Mmmmm, that’s a tough one. Give me a moment.” Angela pondered for a rather lengthy moment before answering, “How about… ‘I feel sorry for you’?”

“You feel sorry for them?” Jack asked, intrigued. “Please explain.”

“Well, if you’re a person who needs to find your self-justification, your raison d’être, by picking on people different from you, by bullying yourself into the spotlight, you’re going to have very sad life,” Angela said. “Most of that happened to me in high school, which a lot of people told us were the best years of our lives, which is a load of crap! I’m in my early forties, and I feel I’ve only recently begun the best years of my life.”

“You fascinate me through and through,” Sarah said. “But let’s go back to the phones. We have Dwayne, from Albany.”

“Hi, Jack and Sarah, I’m a first-time caller, long time listener,” Dwayne said, employing the most overused line ever from a caller.

“Thanks for listening,” Jack said. “What’s your question?”

“Angela, what advice would you give to a man who wants to watch his woman with another man, but has no idea how to bring it up?”

“I’m not sure about that one,” Angela said. “But one thing I can tell you from a woman’s perspective, is it drives us nuts that our men think we’re all prudes, and men are the only ones with naughty fantasies. The truth is that we women can be just as kinky and twisted as you men are. So, don’t just assume your girlfriend or your wife will automatically object to the idea and say no. There’s no risk. And open conversations about each other’s fantasies shouldn’t be taboo; they should be natural and frequent.

“In fact,” she added, “I’ve just had a thought you may find helpful. If you just tossed out the suggestion that she have sex with someone else right out of the blue, her kneejerk response could very easily be negative, if only because it’s so different from anything you two have discussed previously. But if you prepare the ground somewhat by cuddling with her while you draw her out, asking lots of ‘what if’ questions about her secret desires, with nothing on your agenda except learning more about her secrets, while making it very clear every step of the way you’re only interested and not being critical. And then you can share some of your own less startling kinks, before drawing her out some more, and then later on bring up the topic again. And then eventually your ongoing discussions might be getting very adventurous, and with her being the one doing most of the adventuring! And then when you tell her how much you’d love watching her with another man, it wouldn’t be out of the blue, and she might consider it flattering and love the idea. How does that sound?”

As she proffered this advice about a couple sharing their thoughts and feelings openly, some guilt struck her, since she wasn’t living the advice she’d just given. Recently she’d been dictating her and Ivan’s sex life, and most recently Jen had even been doing a lot of it. But neither of them were really asking, or even caring what Ivan wanted. She thought he was onboard with it, he’d certainly said so at the top of his lungs at the restaurant yesterday, but she needed to begin devoting at least a little time to drawing him out about all the nuances of how he felt about their sex life.

“What if she says, ‘Absolutely not,’ and is disgusted by my asking?” Dwayne asked.

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