The Serum Pt. 02

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I was back in the lab. It had been just over a week since I discovered my new abilities and I had been working feverishly to try and understand them. I had taken skin samples, blood samples and any other sample I could use, every test came back the same. I was a perfectly healthy, perfectly normal, and perfectly average human being, with no discernible differences to my DNA, cellular structure, or brain activity. I had posited that the changes may only become apparent when I was actively transforming, but so far I had found no way to isolate a sample to test this, as if my DNA defaulted to normal when removed from my being.

The Serum as it was when I ingested it was currently in the process of being resynthesized by my team, but the process would likely take weeks if not months. Beforehand we had previous samples to modify, hence why we kept multiple copies, but we only had the resources to create a limited number of copies, and all of those had been smashed during the accident, so we were effectively back to square one. I had chosen not to inform my team of what had happened until I fully understood it. I also had no intention of becoming a lab rat myself, which I wouldn’t have anticipated anyone in my team would want to do but the wider company I had less faith in.

On top of this I was having way too much fun with my new-found abilities to really want to stop. Every day for this past week I had been deliberately expanding my bust, hips and ass just a tiny bit more at the start of each day to see if anyone would notice. It meant buying new clothes that I would actually fit in but that was the benefit of foresight and next day delivery. Although the idea of deliberately wearing my older clothes to accentuate the difference was appealing, I didn’t want it to be too obvious, just noticeable enough for it to be fun. Had I walked in one day the size I was in the meeting with the Director, questions would definitely have been asked. Currently I would say I had about a B cup, enough ass for a small handful and hips defined enough to look feminine. I’d noticed a few choice looks but nothing had been said.

“Latest update on the Serum resynthesis for you, Dr. Boley.”

I looked up to see one of our Lab Technicians, Dan, standing with a folder for me. I had never thought to consider his appearance before, but I seemed to have a bit more interest in other people since the incident (still unsure if that was a side effect or not), so I took him in before answering. He was about 6’1″, slim, similar complexion to myself, not handsome but not hideous either, with short, brown hair styled in a side parting. If you looked up the definition of a Lab Technician, he would likely be the example photo.

“Thank you Dan,” I said taking the file. Dan was lingering longer than I expected. “Was there anything else?”

“Well, Dr. Boley, I just wanted to ask if you’re ok?”

“Yes I’m fine.” What an odd thing to suddenly ask. It was well over a week since I’d come back, what was the agenda here?

“Ok, that’s good to know.” He turned to leave but I felt compelled to probe further.

“Why do you ask?”

He turned back to me. “Well you were in isolation for a little while and you just seem a bit, I don’t know, different I guess?”

“Different how?”

He was squirming a little bit at this point, which I was admittedly enjoying. Finally, it seemed, someone had noticed.

“Well you’ve been dressing a little differently and, not that I’ve been staring or anything, but your clothes are a little more figure-hugging, I guess? I’m sorry, this isn’t appropriate…”

For a workplace, yes it was very inappropriate, but I really didn’t care. That was new.

“Well, Dan, thank you for noticing, I have changed up my wardrobe a bit.”

“Yeah, it looks great on you.”

Wait, was he flirting with me? Or at least trying to flirt? Again, not something I was familiar with. The nerdy, skinny, flat girl normally doesn’t get much attention, so I had never learned to crave it. But now that I knew I could get it, I kinda wanted it.

“Do you think so?” I replied.

“Yeah, you look hot,” he said, clearly emboldened by my apparent willingness to engage.

A guy flirting with me! It hadn’t really been my aim, but it felt really good to be admired. Like really good. Too good, actually. I realised that I was starting to get that familiar sensation in my breasts and my ass and could already feel myself starting to grow. Shit!

Thinking on my feet, I quickly covered my body with my lab coat and groaned a little. “Oww, I’m really sorry Dan, I’ve got to go, women’s issues.” With that Dan stepped back with an accepting nod that said ‘I don’t need to hear any more.’

I ran to the women’s bathroom, using every bit of focus I had to try and slow the expansion down. Finally I got to the bathroom and locked the door. I removed my lab coat, breathing heavily with the strain of trying to hold myself in, I looked in the mirror and finally released. I had decided to wear a button up blouse today that I quickly realised sıhhiye escort was in danger of being destroyed by my rapidly expanding tits, their weight and girth already causing the fabric to creak and stretch. I fondled at the buttons, but it was no use. I was still swelling and growing, it was amazing that the blouse had stayed intact for so long. The skirt I was wearing wasn’t faring much better, and I could feel ladders forming in my tights as my ass filled out and stretched the material to breaking point. Unable to take the pressure any longer, the blouse finally gave way, each button popping out one by one, the buttons bouncing off of the bathroom mirror as more and more of my engorging tits spilled out over the rapidly diminishing material, feeling so full and heavy. The release as my tits finally hung free was incredible, and had I not been at work I feel like my hands would have been busy exploring my pussy.

My skirt was the next to go. It had ridden further and further up my waist as my ass inflated beneath it and now my hips were making short work of the material. I heard a tear as the skirt fell to the floor. My ass was too big to be contained by any normal clothes anymore. I felt incredible, the sensation of the stretching and growing bringing me close to orgasm. I couldn’t decide whether if someone walked into the room right now I’d be mortified or I’d ride them into an orgasmic haze. Luckily I had locked the door. I couldn’t afford to let anyone else know my secret yet.

Slowly, and with a lot of willpower, I finally regained control of my body and shrank back down to the size I had been when I entered work this morning. I could do nothing to save my clothes however, now laid in a torn pile at my feet, leaving me completely naked. Luckily I had had the foresight to remove my lab coat before I had released, and it laid in a pile next to the bathroom door. I slid the coat back on and made sure to do up all of the buttons. ‘That’s me done for the day I guess’ I thought to myself. Not ideal, but the benefit of being the lead on this project was that I doubted too many questions would be asked if I had to leave, nothing that couldn’t be answered by a likely extremely awkward Dan explaining that I had ‘women’s problems’. I binned my ruined clothes, unlocked the bathroom door and left the lab.

* * * * *

Back at home and in lounge pants and an old t-shirt, I was sat pondering what had happened at the lab. Why had I spontaneously grown like that, I thought I had it completely under control? Or had I just assumed I had control? Like I had done before I broke down the situation piece by piece. What had prompted the change? Dan was talking to me, he passed me the results. Then he started to comment on how I looked, said I was hot…

I started to feel the sensation again, not as strongly, but enough to confirm it. I quickly brought my focus back to keeping everything in order, although it felt like my tits in particular were eager to start pushing this shirt to it’s limit too. Body under control I formed a hypothesis in my mind: my body had reacted to being aroused by spontaneously swelling, almost as if my subconscious was shouting ‘look at me!’ In a way it made perfect biological sense. Human beings tend to react biologically in some sort of way when aroused anyway, be it releasing pheromones or skin flushing, but my body had reacted by effectively making me ‘more desirable’ and giving me a more womanly figure. I’d grown so much in the bathroom because I had been focusing so hard on trying to supress the growth caused by the arousal, and I had just let myself go once I was safe to. That must have been it, surely. It couldn’t be anything else right?

Before I could think any further, there was a knock at my door. I could just make out the figure of Susan through the frosted glass of my front door as I rose to let her in. She must have been back from her holiday and wanted to share some stories and snaps with me. I didn’t mind, the company was nice even if it did stop me working out exactly what happened at work. That was new, again.

I opened the door confirming my suspicions. “Hi Susan.”

“Hi Sian, how are you, feeling any better?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” I replied with a smile. “Come in.”

“Thanks,” she said moving past me and towards the sofa.

Much like with Dan earlier, I found myself taking in more of Susan than I had previously noticed. She was around my age, so in her mid to late 20s, slightly taller than me with jet black hair pulled back into a neat ponytail. She was wearing a loose-fitting blouse and a pair of baggy jeans that gave nothing away of her figure. It had never struck me as odd before but remembering the last time she was here and the amazing pair of tits hiding beneath that baggy blouse, why wouldn’t she want to show them off? I had only been able to pack out my clothes like that for a couple of weeks and I was loving it! People have different body confidence levels I suppose, god knows mine were next to non-existent a little over a fortnight ago, but sincan escort it still seemed strange considering the last time she was here she had also been asking me about bikinis. So, she was clearly confident enough to wear next to nothing next to a public pool, but not confident enough to show off her figure day to day? Odd.

“How was your holiday?” I asked, breaking away from my train of thought as I joined her on the sofa.

“Oh it was great, the hotel was amazing, lots of great food, and such nice staff!”

“That’s good,” I replied. Out of both politeness and a little curiosity I asked, “So how was the bikini? Do have any pictures so I can see my handiwork at play?”

I had gotten back to Susan once I had finished planning for the meeting with the Director and picked the skimpiest of the bikinis she had shown me. I was definitely riding high on a little lust and had since slightly regretted the choice, but she had asked which one she’d look best in and for me that was the one I had picked. Attraction to girls as well as guys was also new it seemed.

“Oh, yes,” she said, almost with a sigh. “I didn’t wear it in the end…”

“What? Why?”

“I tried it on and it just didn’t look right…”

“I find that very hard to believe Susan, from what I saw you were packing the other day it would have looked amazing on you!”

I had never been this bold or brazen about commenting on someone’s appearance before, but it was true; Susan would have looked stunning in the bikini I had chosen, I was slightly disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see it.

“Thank you, you’re kind but it just didn’t work out…”

Something wasn’t right. Susan was usually almost annoyingly bubbly and upbeat, but the woman in front of me looked unsure of herself and was actively avoiding eye contact. I needed to get to the bottom of this.

“Is everything ok, Susan?”

“Yes, everything is fine,” she said through a forced smile.

“Forgive me if I don’t believe you.”

She looked down at the floor. “I’d rather not talk about it, if that’s ok.”

I wanted to respect her wishes but I was both worried and intrigued. “This really isn’t like you Susan, what has happened?”

As she looked back up at me, I realised she was holding back tears. Suddenly she broke down. Instinctively I moved closer to her to comfort her and she rested her head on my shoulder blade just above my bosoms. I gave her time to work through the raw emotions, quite enjoying the sensation of her head against my chest but pushing that to the back of my mind and trying to focus on the matter at hand.

Once she had had a chance to calm down, I probed further.

“Tell me everything, Susan.”

“Well as you know, Carl and I have been married since we were young. Things have gotten very dry between us lately, I assumed it was work or stress related, but with the holiday coming I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try and spice things up again, you know?”

Admittedly I didn’t; I had never had a falling out with my fingers before. But I reciprocated with a, “yes, of course.”

“So that’s why I wanted the bikini. I thought the sight of me laying in the sun, almost naked with it would stir something up, you know?”

Susan was starting to stir something up in me, that was for certain. I was concentrating on what she was saying as much as possible, but my body seemed to be screaming back at me that it was time to grow! I forced the feelings back and continued to listen.

“But he saw me trying it on in the bedroom and then…”

She was trailing off and I could feel another emotional outburst coming. “And then?”

“And then he told me to get rid of it, that it made me look like a whore.” She broke down again, floods of tears pouring from her eyes onto my top. Any thoughts of Susan’s body and her close proximity to me were gone. In their place were a mix of sadness, concern and a building sense of anger. How dare he say that to her!

Once she had calmed down again, I continued.

“Who the hell does he think he is?”

“He’s always been a little conservative with what he likes me to wear but he’s never been that cruel before.”

“Well did he at least apologise after?”

“No, in fact he avoided me for most of the holiday after that, and whenever he looked at me, it was like he was looking at something that sickened him.”

I don’t think I’d ever formally met Carl, but at this moment in time I felt like I hated him more than I’d ever hated anyone before. No wonder Susan covered herself up if that was his attitude!

“How long has this been going on for, the holiday surely isn’t the only time?”

“Well, like I said, we’ve been a bit dry for a while, he’s been ignoring my advances, and there was that one time he slapped my hand away from him…”

“Wait, he hit you?!”

“No! No, just a slap on the wrist, that’s all it was, I swear.”

I was absolutely livid. I could feel a knot in my chest that seemed to be expanding and contracting along with my breathing and my brain felt sınırsız escort like it was being boiled. I wanted to do something about this, I NEEDED to do something about this. I had never felt so strongly about something like this, and, quite apart from being concerned about the strong emotions I was suddenly feeling, my mind went into overdrive constructing a plan of action.

“It’s ok Susan, it’s ok,” I said cradling her head. “You need a little pampering time to yourself, it always makes me feel better. You can use my bathroom, the bath has a jacuzzi function in it, feel free to use it to your heart’s content. There’s fresh towels on the radiator and in the airing cupboard.”

“That’s so kind Sian,” she said through small sobs, “but I couldn’t possibly…”

“Yes you can hun.”

She seemed almost as caught off guard by my use of ‘hun’ as I was. I guess she was rubbing off on me, but whatever the case, it was enough to get her to agree. I took her to the bathroom and showed her where everything was and how everything worked and made her promise not to leave the bathroom until she felt better.

“You’re such a good friend, Sian, thank you so much.”

“Everything will be better, I promise.”

I closed the bathroom door and started the next part of my plan. I was going to confront Carl.

* * * * *

“Sian isn’t it? Susan’s friend. What are you doing here, where’s Susan?”

I had marched straight over to Susan’s house, completely incensed, so incensed in fact I had completely forgotten to change out of my lounge clothes.

“May I come in, Carl?”

“Yeah, I guess, where’s Susan?”

I strode past Carl as he closed the door. “We need to talk.”

“Do we?” he said with almost a grin. “I mean this is the most we’ve ever spoken as I recall.”

“Susan told me about what happened on your holiday.”

“What do you mean ‘what happened’? Nothing happened.”

“So, you calling her a ‘whore’ is nothing?”

“Oh jeez, she’s not spouting off about that is she?”

I couldn’t believe how unaffected he seemed. His wife had been in tears and he was acting like it was a complete non-issue!

“No, Carl, she wasn’t ‘spouting off’ as you put it. She was in tears, heartbroken even.”

“So what, you’re here on a crusade to vanquish the terrible husband now? I know you think you’re saving the world in that little lab of yours, but that doesn’t give you the right to poke your nose into other people’s business, especially not mine or my wife’s.”

“You might be able to get away with talking to Susan like that, but I’m not Susan. You should be ashamed of the way you’ve treat her!”

“Get the hell out of my house,” came Carl’s curt response.

“Not until you guarantee me that you will start treating your goddess of a wife like she deserves!”

“Goddess? Ha! What are you in love with her or something? I said get out!”

I stood fast, unwilling to move from my position until I knew that Susan was going to be treated the way she deserved. With a surprisingly quick movement I felt Carl grab my arm and start dragging me towards the door.

“Get the hell off me!” I shouted.


In a brief moment of realisation, I felt the knot in my chest unravel and a burning sensation start to take over my whole body. I was growing. But not just my breasts, or my hips, or my ass: my whole body. I could feel every cell of my being expanding and growing, quickly breaking Carl’s grip as he stood and gawped at the sight before him. Luckily my clothes had been baggy, otherwise I would have been naked in front of this asshole, but they stretched enough to keep me covered. By the time I was finished, I was still in the same proportions as I had been but twice the height and by extension twice the width. I had to bend to prevent myself from going through the ceiling. The suddenly now very small looking Carl was still staring in disbelief. I grabbed him by his collar and easily lifted him from the ground closer to my face.

“If I ever hear a single bad word about you from Susan ever again, you are going to wish I crushed you here and now, do you understand me?”

He practically yelped in response. I dropped him sending him to the floor with a clatter, not quite realising how high off the ground I had been holding him. He scrambled to his feet and bolted to another room in the house, slamming the door behind him and locking it. As if that would have stopped me with my current size.

Content I had made my point, I focused my mind on returning to my normal size. It took a moment, but I finally started to shrink, feeling calmer as I did so. Where my clothes had been baggy before, they practically dwarfed me now, and I had to grab a handful of the waist of my lounge pants to stop them from falling down. Luckily I hadn’t been wearing a bra or underwear so I hadn’t inadvertently ruined more clothes.

As I was walking back to my home, I reflected on my sudden giantess transformation, for lack of a better term. I had been so, so angry and it had built up and built up inside me until Carl made the mistake of trying to manhandle me and it all released. My body had reacted to the external threat by growing in size to overcome it. Once again, the answer closest to science seemed to make the most sense, but I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something else?

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