The Transformation of Jennifer

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Jen Taylor is, probably, my best friend and on our way to a shopping spree in Montreal a while back she disclosed the story of her “first time” to me. It was a seven-hour drive so I made sure I got all the details. This is my first posting to Literotica and I thought I would try something a little different. I wrote her story in the first person just as she told it to me. I did have to embellish some parts and fill in a few blanks here and there. I changed the names and places, but it’s basically the story of her transformation as she relayed it to me.

Looking back, I remember the year 1992. My mother was driving me to the Elsbrook Religious Retreat that was tucked away in the upper valley of the Mitchel Forest. I was eighteen and on my way to my first real paying job.

I sat quietly, staring out the window at the beautiful scenery that unfolded at every turn in the road. “I wonder what else I’ve missed in my life,” I thought, as I reflected back. I was adopted as a baby and raised in a very strict, religious household. My parents moved about every other year so I never got to know anyone I could call a true friend. My days were focused on catholic school, church, reading the bible and homework. There was no time for any after school activities. Alcohol was strictly forbidden in the home and sex, well… it was never mentioned except to convey how evil it was. Going to college was out of the question because, as my mother said, “It’s nothing but a drunken sex party.” After High School she wanted me to become a religious counselor and guide people down the path to righteousness.

I, somehow, had it in the back of my head to become a secretary. The one thing I could do was type. I took typing in ninth grade and by my senior year in high school I could do 115 wpm with 96% accuracy. I could go faster but the accuracy started to go down.

When I was fourteen my mother ‘volunteered’ me to work at the church rectory. It was mostly cleaning and cooking meals for the two priests. It was easy work but I, and the three other girls, had to wear a blue striped uniform, which I hated.

During my last year at the rectory I was dusting Father Gagnon’s office when he came in and sat at his desk.

“Why is it that whenever I need a letter typed the secretary isn’t here?” he mumbled.

I gave him a half smile and he shrugged his shoulders and chuckled back. He started pecking away with two fingers while trying to read a three page handwritten letter. I noticed after a few minutes, he hadn’t finished the first paragraph and that his use of the delete key was getting more prevalent.

“Father, would you like me to type that for you?” I laughed.

“I guess it’s obvious I’m not too good at this,” he answered before laughing along with me. “Do you know how to type?”

“I’ve had a little practice.”

He got up and gestured me to take his seat. I proceeded to complete all three pages in about five minutes and the only thing that held me up was Father Gagnon’s handwriting.

“Boy! If my secretary didn’t make such good coffee I’d get rid of her and hire you. Where did you learn to type like that?” he asked scanning over my work.

“I already proofed it and there’s no errors,” I told him. “I also taught myself speed reading.”

“You’re out of high school aren’t you?” He asked.

“I graduate June second.”

“There’s an opening for a secretary up at the Elsbrook Retreat for anybody that can type. Father O’Keefe is on the board of directors there and on my recommendation he’d hire you in an instant if you’d be interested.”

Wow, A real job! I thought to myself. “Yea, I might like that.”

“I’ll be seeing Father O’Keefe later today. It would be four months away from home so talk it over with your parents and let me know.”

Mother was very open to the idea. It was a chance for me to meet up with real counselors in a religious environment and suggested I take notes and learn everything I could about a career in counseling.

I okayed everything with Father Gagnon and the day after my graduation I was on my way to Elsbrook.

“Well, here we are,” said mother, waking me from my daydreaming.

After turning at the Elsbrook sign we drove another quarter mile down a dirt road to the main office. Mother came in with me to make sure I got checked in okay. I barely had one foot in the door when the girl behind one of the desks stood up. “Oh, I hope you’re Jennifer.”

I nodded my head and introduced my mother.

“Thank God you’re here. They wanted these lists typed up by the end of the day and I’m not sure I know how to set it up. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Kelly Bergstrom. They said you’d be coming in two days late and I’ve been sitting here with my fingers crossed,” she laughed.

I got checked in and got a briefing on my duties before mother gave me her ‘lecture’ and the spiel about talking with the counselors. She said she and my father would come up to visit when possible and with that she drove back down the dirt izmit escort road and headed home.

I went back into the office where Kelly was just hanging up the phone. “Welcome to Elsbrook,” she said with a smile. “I took the liberty of setting up your desk so everything you need should be in there. Anything else you might want is in the supply cabinet. Your computer’s up and running so you should be all set. How long would it take you to type this?” she asked, handing me the four-page list.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Well, lets see.” I brought up the computer, set up a document and started typing. After a few minutes I turned to Kelly. “About a half an hour,” I told her.

She burst out laughing. “Oh, this is great. You’re going to fit right in. This is my fourth year here and I’ve never seen anyone at that desk who could type. Why don’t you finish that list and then we can have the rest of the day off. I’ll show you around and we can get your stuff down to our cottage.”

I over estimated the job. It only took about twenty minutes and that included checking for errors. “We’re going to make a great team,” Kelly said still laughing. “Come on. Lets get your things to the cottage.”

The cottage was really nice. There were four small bedrooms with a living room and a small kitchenette. “That’s your room on the right and mine’s across from yours. The other two are for guests but we’ll only have visitors maybe twice during the season. They’re usually nuns up for the weekend so you kinda have to watch your language. The bathroom and shower are at the end of the hall. There’s another cabin just down the path. Elsbrook used to be a girl’s camp and that’s one of the cabins that came with the place. Eric, the kitchen boy stays in that one. There’re several more scattered around the grounds for people or families that like the rustic, outdoor feel. Otherwise, everyone stays in the lodge.”

Kelly and I sat and talked for an hour or so, pretty much going over our backgrounds. Kelly was twenty-two and was the retreat’s accountant. She lived about fifty miles away and said she likes it at Elsbrook because it’s a pretty spot and the work’s easy. I told her my story, which I mostly conveyed here earlier to the reader.

“Wow, you’re pretty religious!” Kelly said in a somewhat surprised manner.

“Well, I guess. It’s the way I was raised but in the last year or so I’ve gotten more confused. I’m realizing there’s more to life than sitting home reading the bible.” I just think there’re other things I’d like to explore but my mother keeps an eye on everything I do.”

“Your eighteen now and your mom’s not here so maybe you can break out a little. C’mon. I just saw Eric go by. I’ll introduce you to him.”

We walked the small path to the cabin and Kelly banged on the door. “Eric, It’s me, Kelly. I got someone I want you to meet.”

The cabin was little more than a shell with four bunk beds and four large screened windows. There was a small room off the back with two more screened windows and a blanket for a door. Eric appeared from behind the blanket putting on a shirt.

“This is Jen Taylor. She’s working in the office with me this year.”

Eric was a good-looking guy, about my age but seemed a little shy and reserved. “Pleased to meet you, Eric,” I said shaking his hand.

Then Kelly cut in. “Jen’s day off is Wednesday and I know yours is the same day. Can you give her a ride into town if she needs one? She doesn’t have a car with her.

“Yeah, sure. I usually don’t go until after the breakfast clean-up is done but after that you’re welcome to ride along.”

I thanked Eric before Kelly and I took a tour of the grounds. Everything was well landscaped and had a really peaceful feel to it. On the way back to the office we ran into one of the priests. His name was Father Bob. “We’re all on a first name basis here. It’s a little more friendly that way.” he told me.

“Father, do you think it would be all right if Jen and I went into town tonight after dinner?” asked Kelly.

“You know you’re not suppose to be off the property unless it’s your day off or an emergency,” he said looking over his glasses. “What’s in town?”

“Well, I guess you could call it an emergency. We have to pick up some female items that shouldn’t be discussed between a man and a woman.” Kelly smiled.

“Oh!” Father Bob shook his head and then laughed. Well, since we don’t have any guests yet I guess I can let it go this time. Just be back early.” Then Father Bob whispered. “Can you get me some cigars while you’re there?” Kelly rolled her eyes and threw he arms in the air. We all had a good laugh before we parted ways.

After dinner we went onto town. We picked up Father Bob’s cigars and two packs of wine coolers. She told me the ‘female items’ were just an excuse to go into town. We got back well before eight and settled in our humble little living room.

“You’re welcome to the wine coolers but if what you said about never having had a drink before, I’d go easy yahya kaptan escort if I were you,” warned Kelly.

We talked until after midnight and for some reason I felt very comfortable when confiding with her about our lives. She told me about all her boyfriends and their most intimate moments. From oral sex to a threesome she once got involved in. I hung on every word. Maybe it was the wine cooler but I found myself intrigued by everything she was telling me.

“Do you remember your first time?” I inquired.

“Ha! Everyone remembers their first time,” she remarked.

“I’ve been told that sex is very painful,” trying to get more information.

“I assume you’re a virgin,” Kelly smiled. I found the first time a little uncomfortable for about… well… fifteen seconds. After that it’s the most pleasurable thing you’ll ever do,” she laughed.

I was beginning to think that what little my mother had told me was all fabricated to deceive me. “Do you mind if I have another one of these coolers?”

“Yeah, go ahead but I’m shutting you off after that one.”

“Did you ever date?” Kelly continued.

“Just a couple of times but it was always chaperoned, you know, dances and things like that,” I answered.

“Do you ever masturbate?” Kelly questioned.

I gave her that embarrassed look. “Yeah, a little sometimes.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. They say ninety seven percent of all people do. I have no idea who the other three percent are. It’s even better when someone else plays with my clit,” she laughed. In fact I think I prefer it to a good fuck. The big O’s a lot better too.”

“The big O?” I asked.

“Yeah, the orgasm.”

“Oh, I just never heard that term.”

I could feel the two wine coolers catching up to me and told Kelly that I should probably be getting off to bed. She agreed. “We can talk more tomorrow,” she yawned and we both went to our separate quarters.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation that took place in the living room. I had never talked about sex with anyone but for some reason Kelly made me feel comfortable with it all. Her stories swirled through my head until my hand found its way between my legs. The wetness on my finger made it easy to find my clit hidden under its protective hood. I worked in a circular motion, applying more and more pressure as I tried to put myself into Kelly’s stories. I was being fucked. I was sucking a man’s cock, and in a threesome, all at the same time. I was lost in my bawdy thoughts until I felt something come over me. I couldn’t describe the feeling but the stronger it felt the more I enjoyed it. I rubbed faster and harder until, like a ton of bricks, it hit me. I rolled over and buried my face in my pillow so that my screams of pleasure couldn’t be heard. My shaking was out of control and I pulled at my hair with one hand while squeezing my cunt lips with the other. After a few minutes I regained my composure. I had just had my first orgasm and was amazed at the pleasure it gave me. I started to do it again but somehow sleep overtook my body. The next thing I knew, my alarm was ringing.

Kelly was already up and had taken a shower when I emerged from my room. She told me breakfast was at seven-thirty and that I had time to take a shower if I was a morning shower person. I do like a shower in the morning as it seems to wake me up and gets the day off to a good start.

“The cook’s prepare a pretty good meal,” I told Kelly, as we made our way from the dinning hall to the office.

“They were a great find and they live locally so if an off season event comes up they’re available. They’ve been here for three years now and Father Bob says to treat them nicely so that they’ll stay around,” Kelly laughed.

During the morning some of the staff came by to introduce themselves. Most seemed very nice though Father Joseph was very solemn and monotone in his speech. Father Dean was just the opposite. He was in his late twenties to early thirties, quite handsome and had a good sense of humor.

There were six counselors, four men and two women. They were referred to as Brother, followed by their first name, and Aunt, followed by their first name. Kelly told me the female counselors should be called Sister but they didn’t want to get the nuns bent out of shape.

It was around ten o’clock. Kelly was in the back room with Father Dean sorting out name tags for the guests when they arrived and I was putting file folders in my bottom desk drawer when a man’s voice barked out from the other side of my desk.

“I’ll need this typed up and eighteen copies by Monday morning,” he said, throwing a one-page document on my desk. Who does this guy think he is? I thought to myself. No introduction! No good morning! I glanced at the paper and then at him as he was walking away.

“Hi, I’m Jen Taylor. Do you want me to correct the errors also?”

“There are no errors,” he shot back. “I checked it carefully myself.”

“Well, gebze escort These quotes here are from Psalms 78 and you’re referencing Psalms 74.”

He smugly walked over to the bookshelf and took out the bible. He flipped the pages to the book of Psalms and I watched intently until a humbled looked came across his face.

“Oh, ah, I must have been writing in haste. Yes, make that Psalms 78.”

“They’ll be in your mail slot first thing Monday,” I said, staring at him.

He walked out the door, still no “How do you do”, just as Kelly and Father Dean came out of the back room.

“Bravo!” clapped Kelly. “That was great! It’s about time someone put him in his place.”

I turned my palms up and shrugged my shoulders. “Who the heck is he?”

“That’s Brother Francis. The guy’s full of himself and he –“

“Now Girls,” interjected Father Dean. “He is a counselor so lets show a little respect.”

“Well, he’s jealous of you,” Kelly quipped.

“Me? What did I do?” Father Dean questioned.

“You’re both the same age, but you see, you’re a priest and he’s only a counselor.”

Aw, Kelly, you’re crazy although sometimes he does rub me the wrong way. But you didn’t hear that from me!” said the good Father as he walked out the door.

There was a third desk in the office and Kelly explained it belonged to Molly, a woman that comes in on Monday and Wednesday. “She covers on the days you and I have off. Just four hours in the afternoon. Someone has to be here everyday from eight to five except at lunch so if it gets busy she can be a big help. She also comes in on Friday and does general cleaning and picking things up. She and her husband, Tom, run a gift shop in town. You’ll like her. She’s very nice. Oh! That reminds me…”

Kelly picked up the phone. “Hi Molly, are you coming by today? ………… Can you pick me up some supplies? ………….. Just a case. ……… Great, I’ll see you later on.

“What did you need?” I questioned.

“Wine coolers,” Kelly whispered.

I laughed, “Let me give you some money.”

“Naw, I’ll get this one. You can get the next one.”

There really wasn’t much to do until the guests arrived on Sunday so Kelly and I just sat around and talked. I met Molly after her chores were finished and she appeared to be quite pleasant. I figured her to be in her late twenties with a calm, laid-back way about her.

On her way out she turned to me. “I’ll see you Monday. It’ll be fun working with you,” she smiled. “Oh, Kelly. Tom’s off antiquing this weekend, but he’ll be back Monday if you want to stop by.

“Well, It’s Jen’s night off and I thought we might hang together.”

“Don’t cancel any plans on my account,” I told Kelly.

“No, no, I figure I can show you around town,” she said. “Don’t worry, Molly. I’ll get by soon enough.”

Molly took off and Kelly looked at her watch. “C’mon, we’re done for the day.”

We waited until everyone was in the dinning hall before retrieving the case of wine coolers that Molly had hidden under out cottage stairs. When we arrived at dinner Eric was already serving the meal.

“You’re Late again Kelly,” said Father Bob.

“Well, we’re very busy Father.” Kelly turned to me. “They don’t realize that this place doesn’t run without us.”

Father Dean held his head and laughed while Father Bob looked at us both. “You maybe right,” he smiled.

By Saturday I was getting quite comfortable with my new surroundings. Kelly and I were getting ready for a pretty easy day when Father Dean appeared with a panicked look on his face. Apparently the ‘Welcome to Elsbrook’ handouts never got printed and the guests were due to arrive the next day. Father Joseph was supposed to drop the work off at the printer two weeks ago but forgot.

Kelly found the last years cover and a map of the grounds while I started typing the twelve pages. Father Dean went into town to get more printer ink, staples and some cover stock. By two o’clock we were collating and stapling the pages, finishing up in time for the three o’clock staff meeting.

After the meeting Father Dean took Kelly and me aside. “I can’t thank you two enough for the work you put in today. Why don’t you go freshen up? I’m taking you both to dinner at the Beachcomber. I cleared it with Father Bob and the meal’s on me.”

We got to the restaurant and I laughed when Father Dean took off his collar in the parking lot. “I don’t think I’ll be needing this in there,” he said.

We ordered Maine lobsters all around. Kelly and I had wine and Father Dean got a large mug of beer. We joked and laughed and I got to thinking how this would never have been allowed if I were still at home. For the first time I was really enjoying myself, sitting at a table with my sometimes foul-mouthed friend and coworker and a priest who, off the clock, was just a regular guy. This is the way the world should be I thought as Father Dean ordered another round of drinks.

We got back to Elsbrook around ten but not before Father Dean put his collar back on. “Well, back to work,” he muttered with a smile.

Kelly and I made our way to the cottage without a flashlight and inside I gave her a big hug. “Thank you,” I said. “That was a nice time.”

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